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Critical Acclaim for The Hard Road!


What DVD Owners Say

What a great movie!!! More insight into the professional cycling world than I have ever found anywhere else!!! --J.M.

The film definitely made me want to follow the National scene more, not only the European Classics. The word should be out further that we have great world class cycling in the states and it should be attended and supported. --M.M.

I've watched in 10 times already!! --T.W.

I have watched it about 10 times. Great movie. --R.O.

I just finished your film and it is amazing. I was absolutely enthralled. Very impressed to say the least. You should produce more along similar lines. I cannot imagine a cycling fan not owning this film! --B. B.

I enjoyed every minute of the video and would recommend it to every cyclist. I admire NetZero's dedication and sacrifice. I must admit that I love cycling very much and oftentimes, while stuck in my office cubicle, would find myself dreaming of my next ride. But I shall never dream of riding at your level since I am not blessed with genes like yours and I shall be content with training with friends at dawn before heading for the office. Thanks for the opportunity of being able to take a glimpse of your world. We all love our sport but it's you guys who take the word "love" to the next level. -- E.

I love it and am currently encouraging everyone I ride with to get one. --T. P.

I ordered your film as soon as it was available and watch it when I need a reality check. You have captured the sport and told a captivating story. --M. P.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. A lot of great cycling action that you don't normally see. It had me riveted to the screen and I even had to quickly watch it again to pick up on some of stuff I missed the first time. --W. A.

I just can't even begin to imagine the sacrifices and suffering a professional has to go through to ride at that level.  --D. P. (Golden Masters Cat 3)

I have already watched it twice. AWESOME! --J. F.

It's a great film-- Hope he's going to Sundance or Cannes. --P. O.

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said, I am waiting for the sequel. Where are they now. I was was glued to it. --M. M.

I'm glad someone finally made this movie, and especially glad that it was made by someone who knows what he's talking about. --C. M.

Finally sat down and watched the DVD last weekend- excellent job! I particularly enjoyed the Athens footage - I've wanted to put a race like that in my downtown for years - excellent footage to sell the powers that be on! --M. H.

Can I say it was amazing? Excellent, simply excellent.
--B. B.

Just finished watching the DVD. Why hasn't somebody done this before. It's great! -- D. J.

I watched my DVD of The Hard Road for the first time last night. It was much, much, better than I expected. Before long, my wife, 8 yr. old daughter, and 10 yr. old son were watching with me. It's a terrific documentary of the NetZero team's season, and provides a wonderful look at behind the scenes of domestic racing. My family watched the entire movie, always rooting for the "red and silver guys" to win. Jamie Paolinetti looks to be as fine a film maker as he is fast as a cyclist. Thoroughly enjoyable, I'd recommend "The Hard Road" to all cycling fans. --M. R.

I loved this film! I watched it with a close friend who's into racing, and it was an experience I just can't describe in an email.  I never knew a thing practically about racing until I got to know this friend of mine, but in the short time I've known him, I've developed quite a facination for the whole thing, and your film was a really cool highlight. Thank you for investing what must have been a lot of time and energy into this labor of love! --R. S.

I already watched it (at work...) and wanted to let you know what an excellent film this is! VERY well done! Congrats, and thanks very much! --A. S.

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Velo News Magazine 

“Paolinetti intermixes exciting race coverage, (particularly from the U.S. Pro Championships) with a grind of long arduous road trips in the team van to illustrate the reality of the pro cyclists life. Digging deeper, he documents the difficulties of his teammates as they attempt to fulfill their dream of being a pro cyclist. The Hard Road hits the mark.”

Bicycling Australia Magazine - Martin Verdis

“I loved this movie. It was mesmerizing. Once I started, I just wanted to keep watching until the end. It is to road cycling what “BIG WEDNESDAY” was to surfing and “ON ANY SUNDAY” was to motocross.

Bicycling Magazine & Bicycle Guide – Former Editor -Garrett Lai

The Hard Road is a gritty inside story of a Pro team in America. For up and coming racers, it’s a preview of what may be ahead, For the rest of us, it’s a grim reality check, a reason to be thankful we ride for fun and not for a living. THIS IS THE REAL STORY OF AMERICAN BICYCLE RACING!”

Bicycling Magazine – Steve Madden – Editor

“Cool! Equal parts Bull Durham, A Sunday in Hell and The Real World.”

Triathlete Magazine – Jay Prasuhn – Senior Editor

“Jamie Paolinetti bridges the gap between Triathlon and cycling into a realm we can all appreciate; the struggle for success in sport. The film transcends sport as the cyclists simply strive to survive within a fringe sport while pursuing a dream. You may never have taken part in a road race in your life, but you just might find a bit of yourself in the film.”

The Ride Magazine

“The Net Zero racers are people who have an unlimited passion for the sport, and make amazing sacrifices to chase their dream. How many pro football players would work twelve hours a day, then come home and train another four. Anyone chasing the dream of being a pro cyclist should watch The Hard Road.”

V.P. Fox Sports Net - John Smelzer

The Hard Road tells the brutal truth about what it takes to make it at the highest level of sport. The secret, SACRIFICE, THEN SACRIFCE SOME MORE!”

Reality Film.Com

“Narrator Keith David’s rich, deep voice lends Paolinetti’s script plenty of power. Any movie watcher can be gripped by the story of this pro cycling team’s whirlwind season. The film proves Paolinetti to be a credible expert, as well as a credible filmmaker who can entertain viewers with a good story.”

Pez Cycling.com

“Though it’s listed as a documentary, it’s really a live-action/sports film with personal drama that is about real people. A dream version of what every cyclist would want in a reality TV show. There is cool footage of race action that shows the significance of team strategy and how great it is when things work out.”

The Daily Peloton.com

“Follow the racers behind the scenes of the biggest races in the U.S. for an inside look at the team’s camaraderie and triumphs, as well as their disappointments and hardships. Financial reward, a certain future, and social normalcy are just some of the things that must be sacrificed in exchange for a soul-deep engagement with something essential in themselves. If you love bike racing, you’ll love The Hard Road, but the best thing about it is there is much more in this film than just bike racing.”

L. A. Sports and Fitness Magazine

“When it comes to cycling, Jamie Paolinetti knows his stuff, and it shows in this feature film. Go behind the scenes of the biggest races and get to know the riders up close and personal.”

Competitor Magazine

The Hard Road takes you inside the world of pro cycling like no film ever has. Get an inside look at all the big pro teams, including some great footage of FRANKIE ANDREU and the U.S. Postal Team.”

Michael Ward of The Wallflowers

The Hard Road captures the true spirit of suffering for what you love. A GREAT FILM!”

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