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("FantaSTour 2003")

Registration Rules

Here are the guidelines you have to follow to enter your team for the "3rd Fabio's Fantasy Tour" Game ("FantaSTour2003"):

How To Register - Registration is now Closed

Once you have completed your line-up, and after choosing your 2 favourite Trade Teams, all you have to do is register.

How? Just by going to the Create Fantasy Team link below and entering the following:

1) Name
Your name and surname (NO vulgarities, NICKNAMES, nonsense or namesakes - I'd like to see Lance Armstrong, Jan Ullrich, Tony Blair and Tiger Woods taking part in the game, but I think they have got something else to do...). Your name is absolutely mandatory, no anonymous Virtual Teams will be accepted.

2) Team Name
Please avoid naming your virtual team after websites and existing commercial products: As this is just a game, there's no place for advertising or promoting your firm, enterprise, political statement, etc. So if you name your team with a domain name, I'm afraid I won't accept it, sorry. And don't forget that the funniest and most original name will win the "Best Team Name Award" contest (and probably get a prize for that) .

3) E-Mail
Your E-mail is obligatory, but it won't be used for any commercial purpose; neither will it be made public. In order to avoid fake entries, the Daily Peloton will email you back to check whether your e-mail address is correct.

4) Country
Obligatory. And YOUR HOMETOWN, if you want, but this is not obligatory. I could even make a kind of "country classification" based on your Virtual Teams.

5) Riders Choices
Select your riders from each one of the 4 drop down lists you can find in the "Create Fantasy Team" section, by clicking on the names of your favourite picks. You have to select the members of your Virtual Team the following way:

  • 1 Rider in the "A" Category;

  • 3 Riders in the "B" Category;

  • 3 Riders in the "C" Category;

  • 2 Riders in the "D" Category.

6) Trade Teams Choices
When on the the "Create Fantasy Team" page, just click on the names of your 2 selected Trade Teams (one for each category) and your choice will be made.

7) Reserves (for Riders only)
Another fundamental topic: We'll post a list of participating riders as soon as we get it. But that would hardly be a definitive one. DON'T FORGET that last minute changes are very likely to happen. We'll try to keep you informed and change names in the list as soon as we get to know of riders replacements, but in the meantime you'd better pick up to 2 RESERVES FOR EACH CATEGORY, that would replace any eventual non starter IN THE SAME CATEGORY.

The ORDER in which you list your reserves is important for eventual substitutions. Just click on the names of the substitutes in the drop down list. Don't forget to include rider replacements, as NO follow-up changes to your line-up will be accepted.

Important!!! No Late Changes Permitted
Be careful while entering your team, as your first line-up will be the DEFINITIVE one. No follow-up changes (apart from the replacements of eventual nonstarters WITH RESERVES YOU ALREADY INCLUDED in your first line-up, or any other correction EXPLICITLY REQUIRED by the Daily Peloton) will be admitted. In case any of your team members shouldn't take the startline, but you didn't include any reserve, you would play with a lesser number of riders.

8) Roster Preview
After you have chosen all of your riders and Trade teams, and fill all blank spaces in all mandatory fields, just click on "Preview" and you'll get access to a new page, where you'll have the chance to check your team rosters once again, in order to see if the riders/Trade Teams you picked are the right ones, and avoid any mistakes. Then a further click would send your team to the "Daily Peloton".

Please be careful to click on the right names when entering your team.

Maximum Number of Virtual Teams
Only a maximum of 300 Virtual teams will be accepted. In case this number is achieved, no more teams will be accepted. So please enter just ONE team per person and leave others the chance to take part in the game.

For the "3rd Fabio's Fantasy Tour" the one and only DEADLINE is:

  • Saturday, July 5th - 2PM Italian Time (CEST), which is:

  • Saturday, July 5th - 1PM UK/Ireland Time;

  • Saturday, July 5th - Midday GMT;

  • Saturday, July 5th - 8AM in the U.S. - NY and the East Coast (EDT);

  • Saturday, July 5th - 5AM in the U.S. - LA and the West Coast (PDT).

No teams sent AFTER the deadline (and no teams sent BEFORE entries are open) will be accepted.

Very Important!!!
Don't forget to check back to the Daily Peloton after registering your team. We'll let you know if there's something wrong in your selection, so that you may make any needed correction in time. We may post messages mentioning all corrections needed either in the Fantasy Game Message Board or (more likely) the Daily Peloton's Main Page (perhaps in the "Just In" section). Just have a look at both of them!!

You also have the chance to win a prize in this edition of the Fantasy Game! The overall winner will receive a DVD of Jamie Paolinetti's cycling documentary The Hard Road. The second and third place podium places, and the Best Team Name, will receive a Daily Peloton T-Shirt.

Hope many of you may take part in the 3rd edition of "Fabio's Fantasy Tour." Have fun and good luck!!!

Registration is now closed.


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