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  The Daily Peloton presents The Hard Road!



Own PRO on DVD!


$24.99 + $3.00 shipping
This is a "Region 0" all-region DVD.
No additional shipping fees for International orders.

To purchase PRO, please visit the PRO website and mention that the Daily Peloton sent you!

Viewer Comments

--The Hard Road is awesome, but PRO is even better! "The road goes from four lanes... to two... to one... to the Wall!" If that doesn't motivate you to get outside and ride your bike, I don't know what will?!! The editing of PRO is without question a step-up from The Hard Road. More efficient, more deliberate, tighter.

--The behind-the-scenes look at the teams' pre-race meetings is really interesting, and also helps the weekend warrior racer realize that Pros, for all their exceptional talents, are still just people.

--Both the The Hard Road and PRO offer the viewer more than a glimpse into the demanding world of the pro bike racer; and just what it takes, and what it means to race against the best in the sport.

--The movie was good, I actually didn't want it to end.

Film Synopsis

From the maker of The Hard Road, PRO takes you on an exclusive journey into the rarified world of professional bike racing, a world those outside the sport only dream of seeing. Travel straight to the heart of pro racing - the lifestyle, the obsession, the commitment, the struggle.

PRO is the tale of world class professional riders preparing for and racing the premiere race in the United States - the "must race" contest on everyone's list. Jamie Paolinetti's feature-length documentary stars Bobby Julich, Chris Horner, Freddie Rodriguez, John Lieswyn, Mike Sayers, Gord Fraser, Henk Vogels, Mark McCormack, Jonas Carney, Trent Klasna, Michael Creed, Erik Saunders, Tim Johnson, Frankie Andreu, Sean Kelly, and many others, who tell the tale of their sport and their careers through one-on-one interviews.

PRO delivers this incredible inside look within the context of "Philly Week" - the Wachovia Invitational in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Wachovia Classic in Trenton, New Jersey, and the Wachovia US PRO Championship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You see the rider hierarchy within the teams, the larger hierarchy of peloton, the race strategies and sacrifices, who will work and who will win. It takes you onto the race course, into the team meetings, to riders' homes and through frank conversations with these incredible athletes, you will see how they think and how they feel about their sport.

PRO follows the riders and teams through this race week, also covering the races in depth, but through the eyes of retired pro racer Jamie Paolinetti, who himself raced here a dozen times. Paolinetti says of US PRO "...there was just a different feeling in the air, a different excitement level, a different standard set for peoplesí performances Ė it was the Super Bowl, it really was."

Read an interview with Paolinetti about the making of this film here.

This film is a must see for every cycling fan!

Movie Reviews!

"Jamie Paolinetti and his colleagues have made not only a visually dynamic film that transports one to the race, but it clears the vacuum of what goes on by way of preparation in each team. More than behind the scenes, it is "the scene" as it unfolds during Philly week, when the best America has to offer meets on the field of battle with top European pro riders."

"You will hear one rider, who worked so hard at Philly this year, describe how he couldn't feel his hands or feet (who it is might surprise you, but perhaps not, when you think about it...), Erik Saunders' brilliant philosophy of race tactics, and how Fast Fred felt when he won his Giro stage this year."

"PRO will enlighten and captivate you, whether you are an avid American race circuit fan, or don't even know most US domestic racers' names. The mix of race action and rider interview in this film could not be more comprehensive - it is almost to the point of uncanniness."

Read more here.


"I am confident that every person who watches this movie will know what itís like to be at this great event riding with a big time pro team." --Jamie Paolinetti


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