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Maglia Verde Winners
by Fabio


Winners of the King of the Mountain (KOM) Competition 
(Green jersey - Maglia verde) since 1933


Any rider whose nationality is not explicitly mentioned is Italian.

In 1956 three different prizes for each of the 3 Mountain Ranges (Appennines in central Italy, Dolomites in Trentino and the Stelvio Pass) climbed were awarded. 

1933 BINDA Alfredo 
1934 BERTONI Remo 
1935 BARTALI Gino 
1936 BARTALI Gino 
1937 BARTALI Gino 
1938 VALETTI Giovanni 
1939 BARTALI Gino 
1940 BARTALI Gino 
1946 BARTALI Gino 
1947 BARTALI Gino 
1948 COPPI Fausto 
1949 COPPI Fausto 
1950 KOBLET Hugo (Switzerland) 
1951 BOBET Louis (France) 
1952 GEMINIANI Raphael (France) 
1953 FORNARA Pasquale (Belgium) 
1954 COPPI Fausto (France) 
1955 NENCINI Gastone 
1956 Trofeo degli Appennini: BAHAMONTES Federico (Spain) 
Trofeo delle Dolomiti: GAUL Charly (Luxembourg) 
Trofeo dello Stelvio: MAULE CLETO 
1957 GEMINIANI Raphael (France) 
1958 BRANKART Jean (Belgium) 
1959 GAUL Charly (Luxembourg) 
1960 VAN LOOY Rik (Belgium) 
1961 TACCONE Vito 
1962 SOLER Angelino (Spain) 
1963 TACCONE Vito 
1964 BITOSSI Franco 
1965 BITOSSI Franco 
1966 BITOSSI Franco 
1967 GONZALES Aurelio (Spain) 
1968 MERCKX Eddy (Belgium) 
1969 MICHELOTTO Claudio 
1970 VANDENBOSSCHE Martin (Belgium) 
1971 FUENTE Manuel (Spain) 
1972 FUENTE Manuel (Spain) 
1973 FUENTE Manuel (Spain) 
1974 FUENTE Manuel (Spain) 
1975 GALDOS Francisco (Spain) and OLIVA Andres (Spain) 
1976 OLIVA Andres (Spain) 
1977 FERNANDEZ OVIES Faustino (Spain) 
1978 SUTTER Ueli (Switzerland) 
1979 BORTOLOTTO Claudio 
1980 BORTOLOTTO Claudio 
1981 BORTOLOTTO Claudio 
1982 VAN IMPE Lucien (Belgium) 
1983 VAN IMPE Lucien (Belgium) 
1984 FIGNON Laurent (France) 
1985 NAVARRO Josė Luis (Spain) 
1986 MUNOZ Pedro (Spain) 
1987 MILLAR Robert (GBR) 
1988 HAMPSTEN Andrew (USA) 
1989 HERRERA Lucio (Columbia) 
1990 CHIAPPUCCI Claudio 
1991 GASTON Inaki (Spain) 
1992 CHIAPPUCCI Claudio 
1993 CHIAPPUCCI Claudio 
1994 RICHARD Pascal (Switzerland) 
1995 PICCOLI Mariano 
1996 PICCOLI Mariano 
1997 GONZALES P. Jose' Jaime "Chepe"(Colombia) 
1998 PANTANI Marco 
1999 GONZALES P. Jose' Jaime "Chepe" (Colombia) 
2000 CASAGRANDE Francesco 
2001 GONZALEZ MARTINEZ Fredy (Colombia) 


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