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Giro Jersey Classifications
by Fabio


The Jerseys 

The Pink and Blue Jerseys are for time classifications, the Green and the Cyclamen are for Points.



The "Intergiro" (Intermediate sprints) gives both time for the Overall Rankings and the Blue Jersey, and Points for the Cyclamen Jersey. 

Pink Jersey ("Maglia rosa") for the Overall Classification; 

Green Jersey ("Maglia verde") for the Mountain Classification; 

Cyclamen Jersey ("Maglia Ciclamino") for Points Classification; 

Blue Jersey ("Maglia Azzurra") for Intermediate Sprints Ranking. 


The Sprints Rankings 

Line stages: To all the competitors will be assigned the time obtained by the winner of the Intergiro; further, the six first runners on the result list will gain the following bonuses : 30'' the first, 25'' the second, 20'' the third, 15'' the fourth, 10'' the fifth and 5'' the sixth. The first three riders will also gain bonus time for the Overall ranking (see below); 

Time Trials: The first six on the result list will be credited with the real time used to cover the distance from the starting point to the passage of the Intergiro; all the other competitors will be credited with the time of the seventh. 

There also two Teams Classifications: 
TIME (the one important for earning a spot at the Tour de France) and POINTS; 


Time Bonuses in each Stage (except time-trial)

Stage Finish: 

  • 1st - 12 seconds 
  • 2nd - 8 seconds 
  • 3rd - 4 seconds 

Intergiro (Intermediate sprints):  

  • 1st - 6 seconds;  
  • 2nd - 4 seconds;  
  • 3rd - 2 seconds;  


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