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Young Gun Profile & Interview - Adam Hansen
By Staff
Date: 7/8/2006
Young Gun Profile & Interview - Adam Hansen

Young Gun Profile & Interview - Adam Hansen
The 25 year old Aussie from Cairns, Queensland answers a few questions... Adam is currently riding for Aposport Krone Linz cycling team in the Hervis Tour of Austria and is in 21rst place after Stage 3. Interview, vital statistics and palmares.


What is your favourite cycling race? And why? To ride of course, and dream to race or win in the future etc.?

It has to be the Tour De France. Just for the experience, the amount  of people watching, the WOW affect, excitement, I think everything involved in that race would be like stepping into another world. But for me to race and do well, maybe Paris-Roubaix. I think that suits me better. I think I could handle the course well, thinking of Croc Trophy. But I must remember the competition too right?!?!

Who are your best friends (training partners? etc.), in the peloton?.

My closest friend would be Markus Eibegger, more like family. I lived with him and his family when I first came to Europe. Markus is great value! Funny as hell!

What is the worst, craziest and most interesting thing or situation which you have ever experienced so far in your career as a cyclist?

I think this would have to be the Crocodile Trophy race. Some Mad Crazy Euro guy (my manager!) decides to create a race in the worst condition in the outback of Australia. Then he convinces European's to come from cold
climates and race in this grueling super hot desert race, day after day after day for two weeks! Some days have 140km of corrugations! Only found in Australia's Outback! And the riders COME BACK! There is no race like
it, nothing even close.

What are your best and worst characteristics on the bike, as a rider?

Best, never give up. Race until I drop. Give it 111%. I just love to race.
But this is also a worse thing too. I'm smart enough to know that I should wait for final moves, but I love to mix it up and be where the action is, when I should be sitting in, resting and waiting. Its not that I didn't know better, but just love to race! I get bored sitting in waiting sometimes!

What are your best and worst characteristics (Off the bike)?

Maybe I'm too focused, too serious, but this is good also?

Who are your role models?

Jens Voigt and Vino. - I love their racing style! Dr. Lothar Heinrich, wish I had his brain. I love to research, learn things, find new training methods. I'm very serious about training and doing it the perfect way. Dr. Heinrich coaches me, he is a man full of knowledge and experience.

What do you like to do in your free time, when you are not on the bike?

I'm renovating my place at the moment, installing wooden floors, rendering walls, painting, installed our kitchen the other day. This is filling up most of my time. Love the internet! Started to play around with Carbon Fiber a while back. Going out having coffee (comes with the job!)

How did you first get in touch with cycling, and found out that this was to be your sport?

I did running, then Tri's then cycling. I think I'm a better Triathlete. But its not as exciting as cycling, so my heart is with cycling.

Tell us a bit about your team and team mates.

Team is great, very understanding SD, Enjoys having Australians on the team. We have riders from Czech Republic, Slovakia, myself (Australian living in Czech) and the rest are Austrian's. A few of them are funny as hell, got your quite ones also (like myself). Age range from our team is from 18-32. So there plenty of experience to learn from, they love throwing advice to you, which is always good to learn something new.

Any advise for other riders in Australia that would like to follow in your footsteps and race in Europe?

Think the most important thing would be is not to give up. Keep trying and give yourself enough time to achieve your goals, start small and achieve high. Find a coach you can trust. Finding a good manager to sell you is very important.

Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge for helping and supporting you to achieve your goals?

My number 1 fan, my mother. When I was at school she supported me so much, drove me to races, paid entry fees and gave me all her time. No athlete could do it without there parents and I couldn’t do anything without my mother, Thanks mom!

Thanks Adam and good luck in tour of Austria.

Adam Hansen
Age: 25 years
Date of birth: May 11, 1981
Place of birth: Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Professional: 2004-?

2003: Arboe Merida/Graz (Austria)
2004: Corratec Austria/Arbö (Austria)
2005: ELK Haus/Simplon (Austria)
2006: Aposport Krone Linz (Austria)

2003: 2º in Sankt Peter am Wallersberg (Austria)
2004: 1º in Burgenland Rundfahrt (Austria)
2004: 2º in Flachgauer Radsporttage (AUT)
2004: 1º in Grosser Preis um den Deutschlandsberg (AUT)
2004: 1º in Purgstall, Rundstreckenrennen b) (Austria)
2004: 1º in Sankt Peter am Wallersberg (Austria)
2004: 3º in Voitsberg b) (Austria)
2004: 2º in Kirschblütenrennen (Austria)
2004: 2º in Lavanttaler Radsporttage b) (Austria)
2004: 2º in Fohnsdorf (Austria)
2005: 1º in Wien - Lassnitzhöhe (Austria)
2006: 2º in NK op de weg, Elite, Australië, Mount Torrens (Australia)
2006: 2º in Giro del Mendrisiotto, Mendrisio (Switzerland)
2006: 2º in Salzkammergut-Giro (AUT)
2006: 1º in Lavanttaler Radsporttage (Austria)
2006: 3º in Stage 4 Giro del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Cividale del Friuli (Italy)
2006: 19 G.C 36th Settimana Ciclistica Lombarda

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