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T-Mobile - Statement: Jorge Ludwig
By Staff
Date: 7/4/2006
T-Mobile - Statement: Jorge Ludwig

T-Mobile - Statement: Jorge Ludwig
Team manager Ludwig: “Investigating affair” not ruling out further steps.

Jörg Ludewig in alleged doping-link from 1998
On Monday the T-Mobile Team obtained information that links pro cyclist Jörg Ludewig to the alleged soliciting of doping substances in 1998. "Even if Ludewig wasn’t riding for the T-Mobile Team at that time, the suspicion alone is reason enough for us to investigate the affair,“ says team manager Olaf Ludwig.

The 30-year-old Jörg Ludewig, who joined the T-Mobile Team on a one year contract in 2006, rode for the Team Bayer Worringen in 1998. During this period he allegedly requested, in written form, banned substances, and showed a readiness to turn to doping. The T-Mobile Team now have the relevant written correspondence at hand. "We don’t have any direct evidence of doping and we realise that the incident dates back eight years,“ says Christian Frommert, director of sports communication at T-Mobile International. “However, even evidence of the intention to use doping substances gives us reason to investigate the facts around the affair. To what extent this will overlap with the team’s agenda to clean up cycling remains to be seen, continues Frommert.

T-Mobile not ruling out further steps
The T-Mobile Team are in contact with Jörg Ludewig and don’t rule out taking further steps.

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