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Criterium Dauphiné Libéré - Stage 6 Live
By Staff
Date: 6/10/2006
Criterium Dauphiné Libéré - Stage 6 Live

Criterium Dauphiné Libéré - Stage 6 Live

Welcome to the live ticker... Locutus doing the commentary today.

The riders have 3 major climbs today each featured previously in tours de France; the Galibier -  2556 metres, the Croix de Fer - 2067 metres and the 2nd Cat Mollard at 1638 metres and the final climb to the summit finish 1rst Cat la Toussuire  1700 metres.

Levi Leipheimer of Gerolsteiner is in the Maillot Jaune et Bleu of race leader, AG2R's duo Francisco Mancebo in the green Maillot Vert of points leader and Christophe Moreau in the Red/with white polka dots climbers Jersey. Finally Denis Menchov or Rabobank wearing the Blue jersey of combined points leader...he's wearing the jersey in default as he is in third in the combo points after Leipheimer and Moreau.

The early break of the day was Martinez, Barredo, Brard  and serial escapist Gilbert the quartet was joined by Wegmann, Arrieta, Di Grégorio, Vaugrenard, Gustov, Fedrigo, Hernandez, Fofonov, Arroyo by the 15 km road marker. With 169 kms on the stage today and now entering the first climb up the Galibier it looks to be a long day in the saddle to be attacking this early.

The lads didn't last too long out in the wind and were brought back after Moreau tried to join them resulting in Gerolsteiner quickly chasing Christophe and the break down.

Stage 6: Briançon / La Toussuire - 169 Km

By the 25 km the peloton was split with Kashechkin, Pinotti, Charteau, Valverde, Arroyo, Horner, Arrieta, Sevilla, Gilbert, Leipheimer, Goubert, Menchov, Moreau as they climbed the Galibier. On the descent Moreau attacked and tried to get an advantage and in short order he gained 40 seconds and was gone.

Moreau's flyer gained momentum and LeMevel and Arrieta bridged up at the 69 kms with the pace 2:40 behind. The trio were joined by a chase group swelling the break to 15 riders:  Hesjedal, Barry, Martinez, Baranowski, Hushovd, Le Mevel, Noval, Hincapie, Arroyo, Pereiro, Moreau, Joly, Mazzoneli, Rous, Nibali... this could be the break of the day with some heavy hitters. The group at this point had 1:40 on the peloton at this point.

Alas, the group was swallowed up by Saint-Colomban-des-Villards as they approached Col du Glandon led by the Rabobank lads.

Astarloza and Weilinga were the next to attack, Weilinga dropped Astarloza and the peloton blew apart as they proceeded up the Glandon... Mayo, Leipheimer, Azevedo, Piepoli, Zabriskie, Kristov, Caucchioli, Valverde,Arroyo, Moreau, Sévilla, Kohl and Menchov are in the lead group as Levi leads the chase for Weilinga with only 20 second gap.

Arroyo attacked on the climb and gained a minute with Oscar Sevilla in between with 30 seconds on the Leipheimer and the leaders... Dave Zabriskie left the leaders behind by

km 108 - 5 km to the climb of Croix de Fer the lead group on the chase includes: Wielinga, Mayo, Leipheimer, Azevedo, Piepoli,  Caucchioli, Valverde, Moreau, Kohl and Menchov.

Valverde Attacks on the climb and Iban Mayo joins him...splitting the lead group as a Sevilla catches Arroyo and they go over the summit with 1:20 gap. A lot of work for not a lot of lead time.

Starting the climb of the 2nd Cat Col du Molard, Arroyo, Sevilla, Valverde and Mayo are together with 1:30 lead on the yellow jersey group of Leipheimer and all the usual suspects: Disco's Popovych and Hincapie, Chavanel, Piepoli, Ricco, Caucchioli, Le Mevel, Horner, Juffre, Mancebo, Moreau, Kohl, Menchov, Di grégorio, Zabriskie, Sorensen, Wielinga, Manzano, Voeckler, Rous, Iglinskiy, Azevedo.

0644 PDT. 34 km left. Four men are on the attack: Valverde and Arroyo (Caisse d'Epargne), Sevilla (T-Mobile), and Mayo (Euskeltel-Euskadi). They have a 1' 20" gap on the chasing peloton. They are currently blistering the descent heading into the final climbs of the course.

Moreau (AG2r) is leading a group of GC leaders in the chase of the Valverde group. Leipheimer is looking good so far. There are 27km left, and the gap is 1' 15". These men are flying today, with the pace leading the race into the final section of the course sooner than expected.

0652 PDT. Menchov and Leipheimer are in the group with Moreau and Mancebo. Menchov (Rabobank) is lagging behind. The gap is yo-yo-ing, now back up 1' 28". This descent is extremely twisting and technical.

19 km left. The four leaders are rolling along getting ready for the final climb. The Leipheimer group is growing all the time, with men catching up from the descent. Davitamon riders are working with Leipheimer to bring back the break. It looks like Chris Horner has his boys working with Gerolsteiner. In the front, Arroyo blows immediately on the climb.

C Ho is actually setting the pace for Leipheimer himself! He is pulling hard, helping out his fellow Yank. Up front, Valverde and Sevilla are setting the pace, and Mayo is looking good. Horner now leads the chasers onto the final climb, and men immediately start to blow out the back.

Hincapie drops off the back of the chase group. Leipheimer moves up to counter Piepoli. Menchov is on Levi's wheel. Sevilla is dropped!

11km to go Mayo and Valverde moving well together with a 1"25 gap to Leipheimer, Piepoli, Azevedo, Menchov and Kohl. Menchov is setting the pace chasing.

10 km to go Leipheimer, Azevedo, and a couple of others are away, and Menchov is chasing. Moreau, Kohl, and Sevilla are with Leipheimer.

9 km left. Menchov is really struggling today. Voeckler is sitting on his wheel. Valverde and Mayo are looking good. They will fight for the stage win, it looks like. Azevedo is setting the pace in the Leipheimer group.

7km left for the two leaders. The gap is about 1' 20" still. Piepoli of Saunier/Duval Piepoli raises the pace in the chase, and only Leipheimer and Moreau can follow. Sevilla struggles but catches on.  Valverde and Mayo are cranking it up this climb looking very strong.

Mayo Attacks!! Mayo has dropped Valverde!  Up front, Moreau is now taking over the pacesetting. Mayo is riding solo to a likely victory! He is getting close to the top of the climb. This is a great return to form for the Basque superhero!

4km left. Mayo has 20" on Valverde and 1' on the Leipheimer.

3km left: Iban Mayo is a man on a mission looking unbeatable flying up the climb. Behind, Menchov has hung with the Hincapie group. He's looking a bit better, but he's still way behind Leipheimer.

2km to go: Mayo has increased his lead to 1:20 on the Leipheimer, Valverde at :50 in-between as Mayo goes under the 1km flag.

Moreau, Piepoli, and Leipheimer are still hammering up the climb. Valverde is looking strong, and he is still clear of the Leipheimer crew.  Mayo is in the final kilometer! Menchov has now been dropped again by the Leipheimer group.  Mayo is going to win the stage. he's in the final 500 meters. He's smiling!

He sits up, waving his arms! He's pumping the sky! Mayo wins it!

Valverde come in 2nd, 1' 22" back. Moreau and Leipheimer and Piepoli came in 3rd, 4th, and 5th at 1' 37" back.

5' have passed, and Menchov still isn't in. He'll lose over 3' to Leipheimer. The Hincapie group of about 8 men comes in about 5' 20" back.

So a day of vindication for Mayo! He dropped everybody when it counted! He's ready again for the Tour.

So Moreau and Kohl both profited from Menchov's very bad day. They will both end up on the podium, if they can make it through tomorrow okay.

1. Leipheimer
2. Moreau
3. Kohl.
4. Azevedo

Leipheimer looks good on the podium in his Yellow and Blue Jersey. He has a commanding lead now. He's going to be very happy with this win after letting it slip away last year. So Americans have won Paris-Nice and probably the Dauphine. Nice for the post-Lance era.

Landis and Vinokourov are riding like pack filler right now, but they have clearly made the decision to not waste energy in this race and peak in July. For his part, Mayo has been playing it cool, and just went out to test himself today. Clearly, he's still got it!

Hincapie is riding well. He's 10th on GC, and not burning up too much. Leipheimer might pay for this effort in July. We'll see. But he has to feel good about this win.  It will rank up there with his Tour of Germany win last  For his part, Menchov looks like he might be suffering from some illness or injury. He'll focus on getting healthy for the Tour His form is good otherwise.

This concludes our live coverage... Discuss the race in progress tomorrow with fans and riders from around the world in the  Daily Peloton Chat Room  and  debate the outcome of tomorrow's stage, race tactics and your favorite riders on the Daily Peloton Forums.
Full official results  and photos to follow.

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