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HP Women's Challenge Begins Today
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 6/15/2002
HP Women's Challenge Begins Today

HP Women's Challenge
15-23 June  - Idaho

The HP Women's Challenge begins today with the first of nine stages. This invitational includes 7 road races, a criterium and an ITT, covering 543 miles.

The Stages

Stage One today runs 69.5 miles from Boise up to Idaho City, with two sprints and 600 feet of climb. It has been won in the past by Linda Brenneman and Anna Millward (three each) while Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli holds the course record at 2:40:25.

Stage Two: 16 June - Lowman to Stanley, 58.5 miles, 2500 feet of climb
This stage features the Banner Summit with its gorgeous panorama views, and ends in a sprint near Redfish Lake, named after the salmon that make their yearly run from the Pacific Ocean. Lisa Brambini soloed to victory in 1989 as did Jeanne Longo-Ciprelli in 1999. Longo also holds the record for this stage at 2:25:03.

Stage Three: 17 June - ITT,  Lowman to Stanley, 25 miles
The time trial runs out and back on the same sprint finish as the day before, wiht 400 feet of climb to the turnaround point. This is another beautiful area of Idaho adjacent to the primitive Sawtooth Mountain Range and its many hot springs.

Stage Four: 18 June - Stanley to Ketchum, 62.3 miles
This stage features 2436 feet of climb to the mid-way point (Galena Pass at 8700 feet), with 2900 feet of descent into Ketchum. Inclement conditions are common in this area. Alison Dunlap has won this stage 3 times and holds the 62-mile course record at 2:27:13.

Stage Five: 19 June - Shoshone to Pomerelle, 87.9 miles
This course is flat for about 65 miles, then climbs 3400 feet to the ski resort finish. 

Stage Six: 20 June - Burley to Magic Mountain, 60.7 miles
Relatively flat until about mile 45, this stage also finishes at a ski resort. The final three miles feature a 7% grade. Amber Neben of T Mobile holds the course record at 2:47:08.

Stage Seven: 21 June - Twin Falls to Buhl, 67 miles
This race runs along the Snake River and cliffs sporting waterfalls, through the quaint town of Buhl, onto a loop west of town, and ending back in Buhl. The course is a fast one with relatively little elevation to tackle, though the course does run between 3400 and 3600 feet. This particular course is new this year.

Stage Eight: 22 June - Statehouse Criterium, Boise, 38.4 miles
This is a 48 lap criterium with right and left hand turns and two sprints.

Stage Nine: Emmett to Hyde Park, 56.5 miles
This is also a new course this year. It is a sprinter's course with five hundred feet of climb just before the halfway point. It ends with five laps in Boise's historic Hyde Park District.

The Teams

Nicole Demars
Jenny Eyerman
Leah Goldstein
Gina Grain
Stacey Peters
Joan Wilson
Manager: Jeremy Storie
Mechanic: Bill MacPhearson

British National
Caroline Alexander
Emma Davies
Rachel Heal
Melanie Sears
Sara Symington
Manager: Richard Wooles
Mechanic: Ernie Feragrieve

Canadian National
Lyne Bessette
Cybil Diguistini
Sandy Espeseth
Sue Palmer-Komar
Anne Samplonius
Manager: Eric Van den Eynde
Mechanic: Bruce Wenting

Maatje Benassi
Karen Dodge
Alison Littlefield
Rydeen Stevens
Manager: Ryan Littlefield
Mechanic: Chris Poepping

Heather Albert
Kristin Armstrong
Brooke Babbitt
Priska Doppmann
Mary Ann Fleckenstein
Sima Trapp
Manager: Brooke Blackwelder
Mechanic: Christopher Davidson

Intermountain Orthopedic
Brenda Black
Lisa Magness
Meredith Miller
Liza Rachetto
Melissa Sanborn
Crystal Yap
Manager: Rene Wenzel
Mechanic: Mike McCarthy

Vera Carrara
Barbara Lancioni
Valentina Polkhanova
Svetlana Samokhvalova
Kym Shirley
Silvia Valsecchi
Manager: Walter Zini
Mechanic: Ryan Dorris

Lithuanian National
Jolanta Polikeviciute
Rasa Polikeviciute
Zita Urbonaite
Erika Viliunaite
Modesta Vzisnauskaite
Diana Ziliute
Manager: Valerijus Konovalovas
Mechanic: Mike Kincade

Patty Davis
Naomi Gollogly
Susan Hefler
Mary Kneeland
Manager: Susan Hefler
Mechanic: Christopher Esayain

Mercy Fitness Center
Gabriela Castaneda
Megan Elliott
Sarah Konrad
Mary McLaurin
Maria Molino de Ortiz
Roz Reekie-May
Manager: Tracy Gillespie
Mechanic: Donna Morney

New Zealand
Toni Bradshaw
Johanna Buick
Nicky Solomon
Sarah Ulmer
Robyn Wong
Susie Wood
Manager: Jeff Alexander

Christy Kopasz
Lorien Lightfield
Kasey Rose
Janelle Smith
Jenny Tobin
Emily Westbrook
Manager: Chris Abbruzzese
Mechanic: Eric Messenger

Andrea Hannos
Melissa Holt
Amy Jarvis
Genevieve Jeanson
Manon Jutras
Gail Longenecker
Manager: Andre Aubut
Mechanic: Mike Giraud

Judith Arndt
Kimberly Bruckner
Catherine Marsal
Anna Millward
Petra Rossner
Ina-Yoko Teutenberg
Manager: Giana Roberge
Mechanic: Ian Sherburne

Sponsor Services
Solrun Flataas
Jorunn Kvaloe
Wenche Stensvold
Pia Sundstedt
Anita Valen
Monica Valen
Manager: Stig Kristiansen
Mechanic: Jean David Gagne

T Mobile
Kim Anderson
Katrina Berger
Dotsie Cowden
Mari Holden
Amber Neben
Lara Ruthven
Manager: Jim Miller
Mechanic: Dave Pitts

Information courtesy of HP Women's Challenge

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