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Young Guns - Roundup for Monday, June 05th, 2006
By Fabio
Date: 6/5/2006
Young Guns - Roundup for Monday, June 05th, 2006

The past three days made for a great week-end of Young Gun racing on Italian, French and Spanish soil, with some "regional" titles and the Copa da España overall win at stake, amongst other things. And also with glory for two Aussies, who climbed to the top step of the podium in as many different races. Here's some brief news and results from the main events in all three nations.

We start in Italy with a small tribute to the Aussie protagonists of two great solo wins: Ashley Humbert and Matthew Lloyd. The former, born in 1982 and riding as staigiare with back in the days of 2004, gave the mighty Podenzano Brunero a prestigious victory in Saturday's Parma-La Spezia race, thus opening his season account. Humbert learned the lesson fron his recent sprinting misfortunes, and didn't wait for another sprint finish. This time the man sped off on his own with just a few kilometres left, and held onto a lead of three seconds over Poland's Michal Golas and Italy's Simone Stortoni (Team Lucchini-Delio Gallina).

Twenty-four hours earlier, his colleague from South Australia Matthew Lloyd had scored in the 1.2-sanctioned Trofeo Alcide De Gasperi, named after the first president of the Italian Republic and finishing into his hometown Trento at the end of a 162-km. journey starting at Bassano del Grappa in the Veneto region. It was a fast race, with the average speed over 40 kph, and with the Aussie making the winning move in the last of three laps of the final urban circuit in downtown Trento. Lloyd crossed the line four seconds clear of Russia's Alexander Filippov (Lupi Sammarinese), while cyclo-cross sensation Davide Malacarne (Zalf-Désirée Fior) took the other podium spot as he won the bunch sprint a further eight seconds behind.

1st Parma-La Spezia (156 km)
1. Ashley Humbert (Aus - Podenzano Brunero) (av. speed: 42.200 kph)
2. Michal Golas (Pol - Norda-Atala) - at 03"
3. Simone Stortoni (Ita - Lucchini)
4. Sergio Laganà (Ita - Mcs Bedogni)
5. Giuseppe De Maria (Ita - Brunero Camel)
6. Piergiorgio Camussa (Ita - Progetto Alplast)
7. Aliaksei Polushkin (Blr - Palazzago)
8. Vladimir Autka (Blr - Promociclo)
9. Matteo Gregianin (Ita - Podenzano Brunero)
10. Luca Zanasca (Ita - Podenzano Brunero)

52nd Trofeo Alcide De Gasperi (Bassano to Trento, 162 km)
1. Matthew Lloyd (Aus - South Ais) - 04h02'20" (40.209 kph)
2. Alexander Filippov (Rus - Lupi Sammarinese) - at 04"
3. Davide Malacarne (Ita - Zalf Desiree Fior) - at 12"
4. Maurizio Girardini (Ita - Zalf Desiree Fior)
5. Francesco Gavazzi (Ita - Unidelta)
6. Simone Stortoni (Ita - Lucchini)
7. Emanuele Fornasier (Ita - Marchiol Ima Famila Liquigas Site)
8. Gregory Da Ros (Ita - Marchiol Ima Famila Liquigas Site)
9. Muradjan Khalmuratov (Uzb - Lucchini)
10. Zoltan Remak (Slo - Nivo Betone Express)

On with a sprinter to watch out for in years to come. Maybe even in months to come, as Oscar Gatto is set to start his career in the pro peloton with Team L.P.R. in the next few months. Waiting to take such big step, the man keeps himself busy racking up one win after another in the Under 23 class. This past week-end Gatto took his season tally up to eight by finishing off the excellent (both chasing and leadout) job done by his Zalf Désirée Fior in the GP Roncolevá in the Veneto region. A comfortable sprint victory that made for an excellent comeback to the races for Gatto, who took some time off after his Giro delle Regioni campaign. Federico Masiero made Zalf's triumphal ride complete by taking the runner-up spot, while Manuel Belletti of the local team Trevigiani-Dynamon filled the remaining podium spot.

49th Gran Premio di Roncolevà (151 km)
1. Oscar Gatto (Ita - Zalf Désirée Fior) - 03h22’ (44.815 kph)
2. Federico Masiero (Ita - Zalf Désirée Fior)
3. Manuel Belletti (Ita - Trevigiani Dynamon)
4. Matteo Busatto (Ita - Fausto Coppi Gazzera Videa)
5. Roberto Longo (Ita - Fwr Bata Seep)
6. Fabio Artico (Ita - Cycling Team Friuli)
7. Rudy Saccon (Ita - Basso Piave Tms Spinazzè)
8. Ilario Contessa (Ita - Mantovani Guerrato Ilcev)
9. Andrius Buividas (Lit - Feralpi Denti)
10. Luca Dugani Flumian (Ita - Permac Bristot Bibanese)

The mighty Zalf-Desirée Fior, an Under 23 powerhouse that can boast past members like a certain Ivan Basso and a certain Damiano Cunego, scored an impressive 1-2 also in the fifth Giro della Provincia di Padova, which happened to be also the Veneto Regional Under 23/Elite-2 Championship, and was held around the town of Stanghella near Padua over a challenging parcours of 150 km. that contained six categorised climbs, making for a very hectic and hard-fought race. Once more the Zalf Desirée boys proved up to the challenge, mainly courtesy of Alessandro Bazzana's and Carlo Corrá's performances. It was the latter that made the winning move in the very last kms of the race. Carlo Corrà held onto a small lead over his team-mate (that in fact had no intention to steal the win from him) to take the win (his first one so far this season) and the regional title. Giorgio Orizio of the local squad Promosport 93 clinched the other podium spot as well as the Veneto Champion title in the Elite-2 Class.

5th Giro della Provincia di Padova (km. 150)
1. Carlo Corrà (Ita - Zalf Desiree Fior) - 03h37'02" (41.44 kph)
2. Alessandro Bazzana (Ita - Zalf Desiree Fior) - at 02"
3. Giorgio Orizio (Ita - GS 93 Promosport) - at 05"
4. Alessandro Bianchin (Ita - Basso Piave Spinazzè) - s.t.
5. Roberto Antonio Richeze (Arg - Oleodinamica Panni) - s.t.
6. Manolo Zanella (Ita - Zalf Desiree Fior) - at 20"
7. Marco Vivian (Ita - Trevigiani Dynamon) - at 26"
8. Cristiano Fumagalli (Ita - Filmop Sorelle Ramonda Parolin) - s.t.
9. Marco Borgato (Ita - Fausto Coppi Gazzera Videa) - s.t.
10. Roberto Ferrari (Ita - Trevigiani Dynamon) - s.t.

Italian riders took the spoils also in a couple Tuscan races: the Trofeo Sportivi Certignano, an event of 130 km. reserved for Under 21 contenders and running in the Arezzo area, and the Coppa Capannolese taking place around the Pisa province town of Capannoli, on the western side of Tuscany. Ivan Basso's fellow townsman - the Giro winner and this young rider are both from the hamlet of Cassano Magnago near Varese - Stefano Catizzone (also a former National Cyclo-cross Champion in younger categories) of the Gruppo Sportivo Mastromarco SDS won a two-man sprint over Lorenzo Caneschi (Mancini Danton) to clinch victory in the Certignano contest, featured by an all-Italian Top 10.

Ukrainian sensation Dimitri Grabovskyy couldn't repeat Friday's successful performance on Tuscan soil, and didn't place higher than seventh in the tough (122 starters, only 25 finishers) race at Capannoli. But his Finauto-Team Casini bosses still have some good reason to be happy, thanks to Grabovskyy's Italian teammate Marco Stefani, who pipped his breakaway mate Matteo Gregianin to the line to open his 2006 account. And did that on his home roads too! Aristide Ratti, still looking for his first success of the season, won the sprint for third place over Luca Zanasca at 22 seconds.

The other Italian triumph over the week-end came at Palazzolo Milanese, a small town on the outskirts of Milan that saw Palazzago's Alessandro Formentelli clinch victory in the 33th edition of the local Under 23 race (Trofeo Lindo e Sano) from Zoccorinese's Enrico Montanari. Ukraine managed to hit the podium also this week-end however, courtesy of Vitali Buts and his third place finish in this competition.

14th Trofeo Sportivi Certignano (130 km)
1. Catizzone, Stefano (Ita - Mastromarco) - 03h04' (42.391 kph)
2. Caneschi, Lorenzo (Ita - Danton Caparrini)
3. Giuntoli, Gabriele (Ita - Mcs Bedogni)
4. Mucelli, Davide (Ita - Cargo Embassy Larigiano)
5, Masciarelli, Francesco (Ita - Acqua & Sapone)
6. Frusto, Henry (Ita - Mcs Bedogni)
7. Pecoraro, Giuseppe (Ita - Mastromarco)
8. Liquori, Marco (Ita - Pol. Valdarno)
9. Fichera, Mariano (Ita - Danton Caparrini)
10. Lanzoni, Luca Alberto (Ita - Mcs Bedogni)

33rd Coppa AC Capannolese (145.3 km)
1. STEFANI, Marco (Ita - Finauto-Team Casini) - 03h37' (40.175 kph)
2. GREGANIN, Matteo (Ita - Podenzano-Brunero) - s.t.
3. RATTI, Aristide (Ita - Finauto-Team Casini) - at 22"
4. ZANASCA, Luca (Ita - Podenzano-Brunero) - s.t.
5. MIRENDA, Gianluca (Ita - Finauto-Team Casini) - at 56"
6. NEGRI, Fabio (Ita - Mastromarco) - s.t.
7. GRABOVSKYY, Dimitri (Ukr - Finauto-Team Casini) - s.t.
8. BENENATI, Cristian (Ita - Finaut. Finaut. D'Et.ffe T. Casini) - s.t.
9. BONUCCELLI, Davide (Ita - Maltinti Solgomma) - at 01'15"
10. LAGANA', Sergio (Ita - Bedogni) - s.t.

33rd Trofeo Lindo e Sano - Palazzolo Milanese (145 km)
1. Alessandro Formentelli (Ita - Us Palazzago Saclà Maiet Colnago) - 03h09' (46.032 kph)
2. Enrico Montanari (Ita - Zoccorinese Finauto D'Etoffe)
3. Vitaly Buts (Ukr - Feralpi Denti)
4. Luca Barla (Ita - Uc Bergamasca 1902)
5. Norberto Castelli (Ita - Uc Bergamasca 1902)
6. Matteo Scaroni (Ita - Pagnoncelli Ngc Perrel)
7. Luca Pilone (Ita - Pool Cantù 1999 Ngc Medical)
8. Marco Giani (Ita - Velo Club Mendrisio PL Valli)
9. Nazareno Rossi (Ita - Velo Club Mendrisio PL Valli)
10. Valentino Borghesi (Ita - Uc Val di Non)

Russian riders did better than their western neighbours though, as one of them succeeded in finishing atop the podium of a young gun event in Italy: hours after being runner-up to Matthew Lloyd at the prestigius Trofeo De Gasperi Alexander Filippov, racing for a local team from the nearby Republic of San Marino (the most ancient Republic on the planet), soloed in to the line at Santermete to claim the 35th Coppa della Pace-32nd Trofeo Fratelli Anelli, a UCI-1.2 ranked event of 165 km. boasting past winners like Paolo Savoldelli (in 1995) and Romans Vainsteins (1997).

35th Coppa della Pace - Santermete (RN)
1. Filippov, Alexander (Rus - Sammarinese-Gruppo Lupi)
2. Biondo, Maurizio (Ita - Concrete S. Marco Caneva)
3. Sobal, Yauhen (Blr - Sammarinese-Gruppo Lupi)
4. Bicelli, Marco (Ita - Unidelta)
5. Rossi, Enrico (Ita - Pagnoncelli)
6. Gavazzi, Francesco (Ita - Unidelta)
7. Golas, Michal (Pol - Norda-Atala)
8. Shpilevski, Boris (Rus - Sammarinese-Gruppo Lupi)
9. Rivera, Francesco (Ita - M. Pantani Rosini)
10. Tondo, Pierpaolo (Ita - Gragnano)

We move to the young gun scene in France, where the regional championships taking place all over the country stole the show throughout the week-end. Here's the winners for each local race.

Pierre Lebreton (Team Rémy Meder Haguenau) repeated victory in the Alsatian Champs at Lutterbach, beating his breakaway companion Laurent Spiesser to the line. Damien Mougel of ASPTT Mulhouse came in third at 03'11".

1. Pierre Lebreton (Team Rémy Meder Haguenau) - 03h46'26"
2. Laurent Spiesser (ASPTT Mulhouse) - at 15"
3. Damien Mougel (ASPTT Mulhouse) - at 03'11"
4. Cyril Vitry (Team Rémy Meder Haguenau)
5. Martin Matrat (Team Rémy Meder Haguenau)
6. Thomas Meyer (Team Rémy Meder Haguenau)
7. Eric Steinbrucker (ASPTT Mulhouse)
8. Laurent Mougenot (ASPTT Mulhouse)
9. Frédéric Hencky (Lutterbach)
10. Maxime Robert (Thann)

Christophe Masson of Velo Club Roubaix was the winner in the Nord-Pas de Calais championship, held at Boeschepe and dominated by the CC Nogent-sur-Oise athletes. Franck Perque won the Picardie champion title.

Team Bigot's Freddy Ravaleu took the win in the Poitou-Charentes event over 156 km., with team-mate Salva Vilchez and Stéphane Bellicaud of Deux-Sèvres Cyclisme also making the podium at 52 and 54 seconds respectively.

1. Freddy Ravaleu (Team Bigot 79) - 03h39'16"
2. Salva Vilchez (Team Bigot 79) - at 52"
3. Stéphane Bellicaud (Deux-Sèvres Cyclisme) - at 54"
4. Romain Bourrinet (Deux-Sèvres Cyclisme) - at 05'17"
5. Christophe Thébault (Team Bigot 79) - at 05'28"
6. Vincent Dedieu (Cycle Poitevin) - at 05'34"
7. Levêque (Angoulême VC) - at 06'44"
8. Romain Laudy (AC Jarnac) - at 05'29"
9. Cédric Lucasseau (Team Bigot 79) - at 06'02"
10. Gildas Duret (Deux-Sèvres Cyclisme) - at 09'28"

CRC Limousin's Damien Villemont dominated the Championnat du Limousin at Nedde, ahead of Mickaël Dhinnina,Pierre Akardjoudje and Emmanuel Herbreteau.

Similarly to Alsatia's Lebreton, Pascal Perrin was up to a successful defence of the regional title he gained twelve months before. The ASPTT Nancy rider finished off an excellent teamwork to clinch the Lorraine title at Haraucourt the past Sunday. Bronze medal winner David Delafaite made ASPTT Nancy's day even better, while Grégoire Balland took the runner-up spot sandwiched in between them.

Stéphane Cougé (VC Rouen) was the best of Normandy at Montbertrand (Calvados department) this Sunday. He kept another top sprinter, Tony Cavet, from taking the win.

On with the Orléanais Champs, running around the town of Droué and (predictably) dominated by the riders from the UC Châteauroux team, that got half a dozen men in the 12-strong winning breakaway, and three out of the top four places in the leaderboard. The escapees kept the peloton, led by the CG Orléans and Blois CAC 41 chase machines, at bay, to the delight of Nicolas Rousseau, that crossed the line in first place ahead of teammate Alexandre Naulleau, with CG Orléans' Yvan Sartis avoiding a one-team podium.

1. Nicolas Rousseau (UC Châteauroux-Fenioux)
2. Alexandre Naulleau (UC Châteauroux-Fenioux)
3. Yann Sartis (CG Orleans)
4. Jérôme Bonnace (UC Châteauroux-Fenioux)
5. Guillaume Judas (VS Chartres)
6. Jérôme Montagne (VS Chartres)
7. Sylvain Cheval (UC Châteauroux-Fenioux)
8. Nicolas Maire (UC Châteauroux-Fenioux)
9. Florient Roussy (UC Châteauroux-Fenioux)
10. Tony Huet (UC Châteauroux-Fenioux)

The contest at Tourouzelle (Languedoc-Roussillon) saw Mathieu Fabry (Team Calvisson) claim the regional title, with Frédéric Géminiani (UC St-Chély d'Apcher) and Georges Lestage (VC Cévenol) also figuring on the podium.

Three weeks before hosting the French Nationals, the young guns from the the Pays de la Loire region tested their home roads in the regional champs, held at Avessac. It was a hectic race of 137 km. eventually having Timothée Lefrançois (U Nantes-Atlantique) as the first participant across the line, his teammate Christophe Diguet also on the podium, and Anthony Roux (Vendée U) in between.

1. Timothée Lefrançois (U Nantes-Atlantique) - 03h27'05"
2. Anthony Roux (Vendée U)
3. Christophe Diguet (U Nantes-Atlantique)
4. Yoann Lucas (U Nantes-Atlantique)
5. Sébastien Turgot (Vendée U)
6. Antoine Dalibard (OCC Laval)
7. David Danion (UC Sablé)
8. Stéphane Fouillet (EC Mayenne)
9. Dimitri Champion (Vendée U)
10. Frédéric Delalande (U Nantes-Atlantique)

Nogent sur Aube was the crime scene where Benoît Daeninck (UV Aube) won the "interregional" title of Franche-Comté, Bourgogne & Champagne-Ardenne over 11 laps of a circuit of 13.6 kms. In an impressive display of power from the SCO Dijon team, Daeninck finished ahead of team-mate David Arassus and David Burgy (SCO Dijon), with Benoît Drujon (UVCA Troyes), Cyril Delvitto (SC Sarreguemines), Mathieu Converset (CC Etupes), Steve Chainel (CC Etupes) and Benoît Geoffroy (SCO Dijon) also in the top spots.

1. Benoît Daeninck (UV Aube)
2. David Arassus (UV Aube)
3. David Burgy (SCO Dijon)
4. Benoît Drujon (UVCA Troyes)
5. Cyrille Delvitto (SC Sarreguemines)
6. Matthieu Converset (CC Etupes)
7. Steve Chainel (CC Etupes)
8. Benoît Geoffroy (SCO Dijon)

The Paris area saw the Ile-de-France champs going at Crécy la Chapelle (Seine-et-Marne department), and Sébastien Boulangue (CA Mantes-la-Ville) as the winner, with Mickaël Brochard and Boulangue's temmate Michael Rocher as the other top three place getters.

1. Sébastien Boulangue (CA Mantes-la-Ville) - 03h36'43"
2. Mickaël Brochard (Argenteuil Val de Seine) - at 06"
3. Mickaël Rocher (CA Mantes-la-Ville) - s.t.
4. Cédric Jeanroch (UC Bords de Marne) - s.t.
5. José-Paulo Da Cunha (AC Boulogne-Billancourt) - s.t.
6. Nicolas Bazin (US Domont) - at 25"
7. Frédéric Mille (CA Mantes-la-Ville) - at 01'31"
8. Cédric Lebris (AS Corbeil-Essonnes) - s.t.
9. Sylvère Prévot (CM Aubervilliers) - s.t.
10. David Jungels (UC Bords de Marne) - s.t.

The new title holder in Brittany, home to countless talented riders in the history of French cycling, is Julien Gonnet, the fastest guy in a four-a strong breakaway group also containing his Côtes d'Armor-Maître Jacques teammate Arnaud Lesvenan, that was the only escapee eventually falling short of the podium though.

1. Julien Gonnet (Côtes d'Armor-Maître Jacques) - 03h27'
2. Cyril Bouhoux (UCL Hennebont) - s.t.
3. Guillaume Le Floch (Super Sport 35-ACNC) - s.t.
4. Arnaud Lesvenan (Côtes d'Armor-Maître Jacques) - s.t.
5. Tristan Le Yondre (Super Sport 35-ACNC) - at 40"
6. Christian Lebreton (VC Rennais) - s.t.
7. Jean-Marc Bideau (Super Sport 35-ACNC) - at 01'03"
8. Roger Cren (VCP Lorient) - s.t.
9. Cyrille Le Gall (UC Briochine) - at 01'21"
10. Stéphane Roselier (Hennebont Cyclisme) - s.t.

Christian Serisier had the better legs in the two-man sprint determining the outcome of the Auvergne contest, while his teammate Sébastien Fournet-Fayard had to settle with second place. "Best of the Rest" was Stéphane Rabany (VC Ambert), driving the first chase group over the line at 40".

1. Christian Serisier (EC Montmarault-Montluçon) - 02h50'40"
2. Sébastien Fournet-Fayard (EC Montmarault-Montluçon) - s.t.
3. Stéphane Rabany (VC Ambert) - at 40"
4. Christophe Laborie (EC Montmarault-Montluçon) - s.t.
5. Florian Vachon (EC Montmarault-Montluçon) - s.t.
6. Jérôme Peyrard (VC Ambert) - s.t.
7. Denis Roudier (AC Cusset) - s.t.
8. Jean-Baptiste Blanc (VC Maurs) - s.t.
9. Mickaël Bergerard (VC Ambert) - s.t.
10. Dominique Di Manno (VC Ambert) - at 58"

On and on with the Rhône-Alpes title at stake at Fontanes this past Sunday.The winner was the strongman Benoît Luminet of CR4C Roanne, who soloed to glory at the end of a journey of 155.2 km. His mighty team wrapped up the podium with Loïc Herbreteau and Léo Fortin in the other top 3 spots, and got five men in the race top 10.

1. Benoît Luminet (CR4C Roanne) - 04h07'47"
2. Loïc Herbreteau (CR4C Roanne) - at 25"
3. Léo Fortin (CR4C Roanne) - at 29"
4. Blaise Sonnery (Chambéry Cyclisme Formation) - at 31"
5. Cyril Bessy (CR4C Roanne) - at 57"
6. Sébastien Ivars (Charvieu-Chavagneux IC) - at 01'32"
7. Frédéric Périllat (Charvieu-Chavagneux IC) - at 01'41"
8. Gaylord Cumont (EC Saint-Etienne Loire) - s.t.
9. Nicolas Dulac (CR4C Roanne) - at 01'46"
10. Cyril David (Chambéry Cyclisme Formation) - at 03'40"

Last but not least, please hail the brand new champion of Aquitaine, Willy Perrocheau, title winner at Chapelle Faucher (Dordogne) on Sunday, June 4th 2006. The man riding with the CC Marmande outfit outsprinted Jean-Luc Delpech (Bretagne-Jean Floc'h) and Yannick Marié (AVC Libourne), with Yohan Poirier (CC Périgueux) and Mathieu Somprou (Lescar VS) as the other top five finishers. Former professional rider Christophe Agnolutto snatched eighth place only.

1. Willy Perrocheau (CC Marmande) - 03h40'17"
2. Jean-Luc Delpech (VC Monpazier) - s.t.
3. Yannick Marié (AVC Libourne) - s.t.
4. Yohan Poirier (CC Périgueux Dgne) - at 04"
5. Mathieu Somprou (Lescar VS) - s.t.
6. Sébastien Morvan (UC Artix) - at 58"
7. Sylvain Blanquefort (VC Langon P) - s.t.
8. Christophe Agnolutto (VC Pau) - at 01'17"
9. Franck Permenas (CC Marmande) - at 02'19"
10. Jérôme Paul (CC Périgueux Dgne)

Sunday's young gun cycling on Spanish soil was mainly about the final leg of the Copa de España Elite y Sub-23 Series, the Memorial Rodríguez Inguanzo. "Stage" winner was Miguel Ochoa of the Saunier Duval Espoirs team (giving the "red bird" squad bosses another reason to celebrate while better-known Koldo Gil was stamping his authority on the Euskal Bizkleta overall) that soloed in for the win after attacking his fellow fugitives David Abal (Team Würth Espoirs), Jorge Martín Montenegro (Soctec), Oriol Llesuy (CCM) and Pedro García (Garcamps-Comunitat Valenciana). Fran Gutiérrez of Cafés Baqué was crowned overall winner of the whole series instead, while despite not finishing Sunday's final "stage" Cecilio Gutiérrez (Andalucía-Paul Versan Espoirs) became overall champion in the Under 23 class.

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