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Young Gun News Roundup - Saturday, June 3rd 2006
By Fabio
Date: 6/3/2006
Young Gun News Roundup - Saturday, June 3rd 2006

The month of June is back, and so is our coverage of the "future stars" of the professional peloton. We take a look at the Yong Gun (Under 23 & Elite 2) scene in countries like Italy, France, Spain to find out, and keep a close watch on, the guys with the potential to make the headlines in years to come. Today we've got results from the five Young Gun races running on Italy's National Holiday (the 2nd of June).

A day with plenty of Italian racing. And plenty of "Ukrainian winning", with the reigning World RR Champion - in the Under 23 Category - Dimitro Grabovskky (definitely a man to watch out for. He's more than likely to become a star of the professional peloton) making a new addition to his tally as he won the small bunch sprint determining the outcome of the Firenze-Modena one-day contest, going from one side of the Italian Appennines to the other. Francesco Rivera racing for the team named after Marco Pantani plus a member of the strong Polish contingent in the race captured the remaining podium places, while the French sensation Aurčlien Passeron - another guy with a future - took sixth.

But it wasn't about Grabovskyy only. The Ukrainian Army stamped their authority on two more events Friday.Yury Yazetchuk of the Palazzago Team scored in the "race of the truth" at Alemanno San Bartolomeo near Bergamo. In a great display of Ukrainian power against the clock, Yazetchuk beat his compatriot Voldymyr Zagorodniy by over twenty seconds. "Best of the rest" behind the next Honchars and Popovychs was Italy's Luca Zanasca of the Podenzano team (which has nothing to do with Italy's former professional rider and two-time National Champion Massimo Podenzana, by the way) with Ashley Humbert from OZ as the only English-speaking contender in the top 10 spots of yesterday's contests.

The winning machine from Ukraine completed their hat-trick thanks to Sergey Rudaskov, brilliant solo winner of the 131 km event running around the town of Villasanta near Milan. The 20th Trofeo Francesco Luppino leaderboard was dominated by the GS Gavardo-Tecmor athletes, that got also Italy's Matteo Montaguti on the race podium. Sandwiched in between was Gabriele Graziani, riding with the Feralpi outfit. Grabovskyy's team-mate Vitaliy Kondrut made the top five.

Both Switzerland and Italy had their slice of glory anyway. Giannandrea Marioli scored for the host country in an event taking place at Acqua Vogliera, in the Terni area of the central Italian region called Umbria, with Francesco Di Paolo of Aran-Cantina Tollo (one of the traditional "powerhouses" of the Italian young gun scene) taking second; but Russia's Alexander Shutelev avoided an all-Italian podium. Simon Schaerer, arguably one of the next stars of Swiss cycling, dominated the 54th Trofeo Bettoni at Larrio (Bergamo province), with the Italians Marengo and Tizza driving the pack across the line more than a minute behind.

Our young gun coverage will continue over the next days, with news and results from some of Europe's top cycling nations, and notably from the "Baby Giro", the Under 23 version of Italy's Grand Tour, back to the roads of the peninsula after a "sabbatical year".

09th Firenze-Modena/Trofeo Ceramiche Artistiche Lea (169 km.)
1. Grabovskyy, Dimitro (Ukr - Finauto-Team Casini)
2. Rivera, Francesco (Ita - Marco Pantani-Rosini) - s.t.
3. Walczak, Damian (Pol - Norda-Atala) - s.t.
4. Stefani, Marco (Ita - Finauto-Team Casini) - s.t.
5. Dabrowski, Jaroslav (Pol - Norda-Atala) - s.t.
6. Passeron, Aurčlien Erik (Fra - Embassy Cargo) - at 02'
7. Mirenda, Gianluca (Ita - Finauto-Team Casini) at 05'
8. Wojciek, Dybel (Pol - Norda-Atala)
9. Bertozi, Marco (Ita - Team Massi)
10. Sintsov, Anton (Rus - Seano)

54th Trofeo Bettoni (Larrio, 140 km)
1. Schaerer, Simon (Swi - VC Mendrisio Valli) - 03h25'41" (40.839 kph)
2. Marengo, Marco (Ita - Roeder) - at 01' 11"
3. Tizza, Francesco (Ita - Pagnoncelli)
4. Giani, Marco (Ita - VC Mendrisio Valli) - at 01'12"
5. Anzalone, Maurizio (Ita - VC Mendrisio Valli)
6. Barla, Luca (Ita - Bergamasca Cremasca-Colpack)
7. Corti, Marco (Ita - Bergamasca Cremasca-Colpack)
8. Piemontesi, Fabrice (Ita - Viris Vigevano)
9. Usai, Stefano (Ita - Palazzago)
10. Zagorodni, Volodymyr (Ukr - Pagnoncelli)

42nd Coppa ONT I.T.T. (Almenno San Bartolomeo)
1. Yazetchuk, Yury (Ukr - Palazzago) - 20'32"36
2. Zagorodniy, Volodymyr (Ukr - Pagnoncelli) - 20'53"11
3. Zanasca, Luca (Ita - Podenzano) - 21'02"88
4. Humbert, Ashley (Aus - Podenzano) - 21'29"37
5. Barla, Luca (Ita - Bergamasca Cremasca-Colpack) - 21'36"67
6. Tizza, Francesco (Ita - Pagnoncelli) - 21'44"11
7. Marietta, Cristian (Ita - Team Tata) - 21'52"11
8. Salvi, Efrem (Ita - Bergamasca Cremasca-Colpack) - 21'52"65
9. Usai, Stefano (Ita - Palazzago) - 21'58"22
10. Schaerer, Simon (Swi - VC Mendrisio Valli) - 22'02"77
11. Marengo, Marco (Ita - Roeder) - 22'07"78
12. Bisolti, Alessandro (Ita - Palazzago) - 22'08"76
13. Piemontesi, Fabrice (Ita - Viris Vigevano) - 22'19"53
14. Corti, Marco (Ita - Bregamasca Cremasca-Colpack) - 22'27"32
15. Camussa, Piergiorgio (Ita - Alplast) - 22'28"74
16. Crippa, Alex (Ita - Palazzago) - 22'39"19
17. Giani, Marco (Ita - VC Mendrisio Valli) - 22'50"12
18. Anzalone, Maurizio (Ita - VC Mendrisio Valli) - 22'67"80
19. Incardona, Federico (Ita - Cicli Preda) - 23'27"59
20. Gamberoni, Matteo (Ita - Schivardi) - 23'53"22

20th Trofeo Francesco Luppino (Villasanta - 131 km)
1. Rudaskov, Sergey (Ukr - GS Gavardo-Tecmor) - 03h29'00" (37.608 kph)
2. Graziani, Gabriele (Ita - GC Feralpi-SC Feralpi Denti) - at 18"
3. Montaguti, Matteo (Ita - GS Gavardo-Tecmor) - s.t.
4. Galbiati, Luca (Ita - Team Aurora Named-Tad Pharma) - at 01'25"
5. Kondrut, Vitaliy (Ukr - Finauto-Team Casini) - s.t.
6. Cazzago, Davide (Ita - GS Gavardo-Tecmor) - at 01'38"
7. Fognini, Fausto (Ita - Pool Cantů 1999) - at 01'45"
8. Redaelli, Mario (Ita - Team Aurora Named-Tad Pharma) - s.t.
9. Infantino Abreu, Rafael (Col - GC Garlaschese) - s.t.
10. Montanari, Enrico (Ita - Finauto-Team Casini) - at 02'35"

2nd Trofeo Calscioli Costruzioni (133 km.)
1. Marioli, Giannandrea (Ita - Centri della Calzatura) - 42.903 kph
2. Di Paolo, Francesco (Ita - Aran-Cantina Tollo)
3. Shutelev, Alexander (Rus - Cog Odoardi-Lunik)
4. Orozco, Armando (Col - Valdarno)
5. Taborre, Fabio (Ita - Aran-Cantina Tollo)
6. De Bonis, Francesco (Ita - Monturano)
7. Nardecchia, Umberto (Ita - Centri della Calzatura)
8. Innocenzi, Daniele (Ita - Monturano Cascinare)
9. Scafuro, Vittorio (Ita - Fracor Modolo-Pratomagno)
10. Centra, Paolo (Ita - Fracor Modolo-Pratomagno)

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