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Interview with "Young Gun" Edvald Boasson Hagen
By Staff
Date: 5/19/2006
Interview with "Young Gun" Edvald Boasson Hagen

Interview with "Young Gun" Edvald Boasson Hagen
Thor Hushvod is he the "Old Edvald Boasson Hagen"

By Onderarms Van Petegem

Hi Edvald, congratulations on your birthday today. We hope you have a truly wonderful day, with all your family and friends, after your success at Thuringen. You really top and tailed that race with wins in the first and last stage and a great performance in the time trial also, it was truly an impressive performance. (Editors note: The interview was April 17th Edvalds birthday.)

 Edvald on the top step on stage 1 of the Internationale Thüringen-Rundfahrt -U23.  Edvald won the first and fifth stages finishing in third place on the general classification.

Edvald: Thanks for that, it was a real nice period.

Onderarms: Was Thuringen (And the two Danish classics) your first season objectives?, (I'm sure you're pleased with the outcome!!).

Edvald: Yeah, Thuringen is one of the only U23 stage races we do with the team this year. So it was kind of an objective to me to see where I stand compared with riders of the same age. It was as well important for the team to see if they had taken a step further since last year. And they really did, they was in great shape and performed a very good job to help me to my wins.

Onderarms: What are your statistics, height, weight, power at anaerobic threshold, and VO2max?

Hagen mounts his Celeste Bianchi.

Edvald:Ufff, Think I am 1m 81 with 75 kg The rest I would have to ask my trainer for the info.

Onderarms: Do you have a strong track background also, as you were the junior Norwegian champion in the 3000 metre pursuit?

Edvald: Actually no. We don't have a decent track in Norway. I competed once and got Norwegian Champion. No big deal really.

Onderarms: What was your personal best (Time) in the 3000 metres pursuit; and if you concentrated on the track do you think you could have been close to Michael Ford's 3:19:7 world record?

Edvald: I am sorry, but I really don't remember the time. Track racing is unknown in Norway. The championships are on an open track in the Trondheim area.

Onderarms: What type of rider do you see yourself as in the future? You are still very young, so maybe too early too specialize, but where do you think your strength on the road will be in the future?

Edvald: Now I get the possibilities in Team Maxbo Bianchi to explore all kinds of races. So far I like most ITT, I feel very comfortable with it. But I feel good in the hills and on the cobbles too. I think I am quite an all-round guy, what my specialty will be, we will find out in the coming 2-3 years; and even then it can change.

Trophies and Jerseys for 2006 for the Maxbo/Bianchi

OVP:  You have three teams interested in you at the moment (So the rumour say!!), Rabobank, Quickstep and Credit Agricole, have things progressed beyond the interest level?

Edvald: Yeah, some teams have shown interest. But these are things I don't lie awake in the night about. I have it good with my team, feel confident, and they are patient and there is no stress.
They have a good program and good people working with it. I also know all the riders and the leaders. I know if I perform well, the big teams will stay interested. Don't forget that I was a junior rider last year, so I have lots of time.

OVP:  Would you like to ride for another year with Team Maxbo before you sign with one of these teams and continue your development, or perhaps move on to the Rabobank development squad?

Edvald: I will certainly stay another year with Team Maxbo Bianchi. What happens afterwards, I really don't know yet or no decisions have been made yet. I want to concentrate on this season, it's my first in the Elite class, and want to perform as good as possible.

OVP: Have you had any contact with Thor Hushovd? (And his coach Atle Kvalsvoll), has he been able too give you some advice, or maybe guide you a little?

Edvald: My trainer has some contact with Atle Kvalsvoll. Personally I have never talked with neither Atle or Thor.

OVP: Were you impressed with your competitors in Thuringen, Lars Boom and Will Walker (The Rabobank boys), Tony Martin etc?!! It was some real potential heavy-weight's you we're up against.

 Edvald: They are really strong guys with a lot of experience. I was glad to be able to compete with them. It gives my results an extra kick with those riders on the list.

OVP: What is remaining on your schedule for this 2006 season?

Edvald: My team leader and my trainer want to take it easy with me. I agree with them. Too many races can rather build down than build up. Now, my next objective is Ringerike GP UCI 2.2 in Norway, followed by the national championships. After that it is moving on to the European Championships, where I will do both the ITT and the road race for Norway. After a little break, we will see what fits best for me in the teams program to be in best shape at the Worlds.

OVP: Is there any possibility of a stagiare ride for one of the three teams aforementioned?

Edvald: Not yet, or not this year at least, maybe next year.

OVP: Will you ride both the time-trial and the road race at the under 23 World championships in Salzburg?

Edvald: If I get selected, yes. If I continue like this, stay fit and don't get injured, I will certainly be qualified within the qualifications rules of the Norwegian Federation.

OVP: Thank you so much for taking the time Edvard, we wish you all the best of luck in your further career. Once again we also like to wish you a truly Happy Birthday.

Edvald: Thanks to you to!

We would also like to thank Gino Van Oudenhove, Edvald's manager very helpful in arranging the interview.

Birth Date (Fødselsdato): 17 May 1987 (Age: 19)
Home town: Rudsbygd
Began Cycling (Begynnte med sykling) : 1995

Palmares (Meritliste)
 Internationale Thüringen-Rundfahrt -U23
1rst - Stage 1
7th  - Stage 4
1rst - Stage 5
3rd General Classification final.

2nd Colliers Classic

1. Stage Niedersachsen Rundfahrt (GER)
1. Stage Peace Race (CZE)
1. Stage Tour of Wales (GBR)
1. (x3) U6 Dagers (SWE)
1. Overall U6 Dagers (SWE)
1. Stage Danish Cup (DAN)
1. Norwegian Championships RR
1. Norwegian Championships TT
1. NC Grenland
1. NC Horten
2. Overall Niedersachsen Rundfahrt (GER)
2. Overall Tour of Wales (GBR)
2. Sollihull (GBR)
3. Stage Peace Race (CZE)
3. Stage Niedersachsen Rundfahrt (GER)
3. Norwegian Championships CT
4. Stage Peace Race (CZE)
6. World Championships TT (AUT)
8. Overall Peace Race (CZE)
12. World Championships RR (AUT)

1. Mountainclass. GP Patton (LUX)
1. Mountainclass. Ledegem-Kemmel-Ledegem (BEL)
1. Mountainclass. Trofee Vlaamse Ardennen (BEL)
1. Vrasene (BEL)
1. Norwegian Championships RR
1. Norwegian Championships 3000m
1. NC Horten
1. NC Mjøs
1. NC Eidsvoll
2. Norwegian Championships TT
2. Stage Peace Race (CZE)
2. NC Østfold
2. Norwegian Championships CT
3. Trofee Vlaamse Ardennen (BEL)
4. Ledegem-Kemmel-Ledegem (BEL)
5. Overall Peace Race (CZE)
14. World Championships TT (ITA)
23. World Championships RR (ITA)

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