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Redlands Stage Two: Mens and Womens Top Five
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 3/14/2002
Redlands Stage Two: Mens and Womens Top Five

Stage:2 Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Highland Circuit Race 

Mens Results

Number of km 82.00 

Average speed of winner 43.18 kmph

 1 Chris Horner  1:53:56 Prime Alliance 

 2 John Lieswyn   1:53:58 7UP / NutraFig

 3 Roland Green  1:53:58 Canadian Cycling

  4 Chad Gerlach  1:54:00 Sierra Nevada-Cannondale

 5 Tom Boonen 1:54:00 U.S.Postal Service

Womens Results

Number of km 59.50

Average speed of winner 36.35 kmph

 1 Lyne Bessette  1:38:13 Saturn

  2 Genevieve Jeanson  1:38:17 Rona Cycling Team

  3 Mari Holden  1:38:24 Cannondale-USA

 4 Alison Dunlap  1:39:30 Luna Team

  5 Trish Choo  1:39:57 Helens/Trek/VW

Jury of Commissaires Communique #2:

Rider #148, Roland Green, Canadian National Team, is fined $200 for 
wearing a World Champion Jersey (Mountain Bike) on the podium at the 
conclusion of Stage 2. A world champion jersey may only be worn in 
the discipline in which it was earned. See USCF Rule 1L8 and UCI 
Uniform Regulations, Ch. 1. This fine must be delivered to the Chief 
Referee prior to the end of the race and shall be payable to 
Redlands Police Department Bicycle Safety Program.

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