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Women's Cycling News Roundup 12 May 2006
By Staff
Date: 5/12/2006
Women's Cycling News Roundup 12 May 2006

Women's Cycling News Roundup
Joe Martin Stage 1, Sunny King Criterium, Tour of the Gila Final, Kelly and Beutler to ride for Aaron's Corporate Cycling Team, Colavita/Cooking light adds Meshy Holt

Joe Martin Stage Race
Stage 1 - Joe Martin goes to Colavita/ Cooking Light

The first stage of the Joe Martin Stage race was contested today in windy but sunny conditions.
The Joe Martin race is a unique stage race in that the first two stages are road stages followed by the Individual time trail on stage 3. This make for very aggressive racing as the day’s first winner is also the one that pulls on the leader’s jersey.

From the gun riders attempted to get away and it was Victory Brewings Leigh Hobson that was able to escape the grips of the peloton first. She was joined by Colavita/Cooking Lights Brooke Ourada and the two worked an advantage of over a minute into the head wind that the riders faced most of the day.

The main obstacle of the day was a 10 mile climb up Mt. Gaylor which caused the most pain to the rider’s legs. Both Hobson and Ourada forged ahead with their break, while behind the Webcor team sent their climbing specialist on the attack. Eventually a group of 4 went clear containing, Rachel Heal of Victory, Kori Seehafer of Lipton, Erinne Wilock of Webcor and Colavita/Cooking Lights Dotsie Bausch. They crested the top of the climb ahead and were followed 30 seconds latter by a group of 25 that contained Kate Bates, of Neurenburg as well as several riders from Victory, Lipton, Cheerywine and a trio of Colavita/Cooking Light riders including Tina, Pic, Sue Plamer Komar and Brook Ourada.

After a 20 mile chase by Cheerywine the 4 leaders were caught and the final 15 miles of the race saw attack after attack attempted. Colavita/Cooking Light did a great job keeping Tina Pic in the mix. With 1 km to go it was Sue Plamer Komar dueling with Kori Seehafer of Lipton to see who could lead their sprinter out faster. Their drag race in the last kilometer split the field and Laura VanGilder launched her sprint on the up hill drag to the finish.

Tina Pic was able to come by VanGilder for the win with Dotsie Bausch closely following for third. Rolling across the line, spent from their efforts but still ahead of the main field were Seehafer in 4th and Colavita/Cooking Lights Plamer Komar in 5th. Tomorrow riders face a double stage with a 70 mile road race in the morning and an uphill time trial in the evening.

Pro Women
1 Tina Pic (Colavita-Cooking Light)
2 Laura Van Gilder (TEAm Lipton)
3 Dotsie Bausch (Colavita-Cooking Light)

4 Kori Seehafer (TEAm Lipton)
5 Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita-Cooking Light)
by Jim Williams

Sunny King Criterium
The Aaron’s Pro Women continued to show their presence on the NRC scene this past weekend in Anniston, AL with another podium finish. For an area generally known for its deep NASCAR roots, everyone was pleasantly surprised with the number of fans and their sincere interest and enthusiasm in the racing taking place.

The Aaron’s Pro Women’s Cycling Team gathered Friday in the familiar springtime Atlanta residence of the Hutchison-Krupat’s. Saturday morning they took off for another quick ride in the Hank Aaron Jaguar over to Anniston, AL. In the Sunny King Criterium’s first year as a Women’s NRC race, the competition was extremely fierce. While the size of the field was somewhat smaller than the previous weekend all of the heavy hitters were present and there was no lack of excitement or competition.

The Aaron’s Women showed their presence early in the race with attacks from Candice Blickem and Catherine Powers fast and often. Following a combination of attacks from Shannon Hutchison-Krupat and Mackenzie Dickey Katherine Carrol of Victory Brewing put in a hard attack up the inside of the finishing straight that would prove to be the initiation of the deciding break.

Aaron’s sent Candice Blickem in pursuit of Victory's Katherine which created a significant separation in the field that resulted in a group of 9 riders that contained Catherine and Candice of Aaron’s as well as great representation from Victory, Cheerwine and Colavita. In addition to Catherine and Candice, Victory’s Katherine Carrol was joined by their top sprinters Laura Yoisten and Lauren Franges while Colavita had their aces Tina Pic and Gina Grain and Cheerwine had Kelly Benjamin and Charm Breon.

The Aaron’s Women had taken notes from the prior weekend in Roswell and tactically rode the break perfectly all the way. In the final lap Candice made sure the pace was high and that Catherine was in good position as they approached the final turn.

As the crowds waited in anticipation, it was Tina Pic putting her wheel into the final turn just ahead of Catherine’s and as they stood up and gave it their all up the finishing stretch Tina held on to the slight advantage over Catherine to take the win with Catherine in second with Laura Yoisten rounding out the podium. As the field came in Aaron’s sprinters Shannon and Mackenzie wanted to make sure that they put the final Aaron’s stamp on the race with a 1-2 in the field sprint.

1 Tina Pic (Colavita Oil/Cooking Light)
2 Catherine Powers (Aarons Corp Furnishings)
3 Laura Yoisten (Victory Brewing)
4 Shannon  Hutchison-Krupat (Aarons Corp Furnishings)
5 MacKenzie Dickey (Aarons Corp Furnishings)
courtesy: Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat

Colavita/Cooking Light adds Meshy Holt to Roster
The Colavita/Cooking Light Women’s Cycling Team is excited to announce that New Zealand rider Melissa (Meshy) Holt has joined the team for the remainder of the season. Holt, who has previously raced in North America with the Rona team and last year rode for Team SATS out of Denmark, started this year with a 2nd place finish at the Geelong Tour, which kicked off 2006 international racing season in February.
She followed that up with a 4th place finish at the Commonwealth Games Time Trial. Holt is a very strong time trialist and can ride for a high finish at stage races, while also being a strong all around rider that excels in the North American crypt style of races. “We are very excited to add a rider of Meshy’s quality to our team, as both her ability and leadership on the bike are world class,” said team director Jim Williams. Holt will make her debut at the Triple Crown race series starting with the Lancaster criterium.
Meshy Holt (New Zealand)
DOB: December 11, 1976
Height: 171cm
Weight: 64kg
Melissa Holt, known to the cycling world as Meshy was introduced to cycling in April 1998 as a subject in a PhD cycling training study. She cycled for four months indoors on a wind-trainer while completing a Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Otago. The following year she began competing in local cycling events and joined a club. In 2000 she ventured to North America for 4 months to race and enjoyed the experience so much that she continued to compete on the professional women’s cycling circuit.
A life long sports fan Meshy has participated in many sports from a young age. Before cycling she had been a Provincial Representative in soccer, netball, athletics and waterpolo.

Kelly and Beutler to ride for Aaron’s Pro Women’s Team at Triple Crown
The Aaron’s Pro Women’s Cycling Team that has been making their mark on the National Racing Calendar events will be adding World Cup contenders Helen Kelly and Annette Beutler for the Triple Crown Series, including the Philadelphia International Classic.

Coming off of a very successful first half of the World Cup season, Beutler currently ranks 7th in the individual standings. Aaron’s Team Director, Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat commented, “Helen, Annette and the Aaron’s team have been anxious to ride with each other all season long. We have been working diligently to find time where Helen and Annette’s World Cup schedule would allow them to race with the Aaron’s Pro Women’s Team. The timing worked out perfectly for us, as everyone is very excited to have them join our squad for the Triple Crown series!”

Helen and Annette will be joining recent NRC podium finishers, Catherine Powers (2nd place at Sunny King last weekend) and Shannon Hutchison-Krupat (3rd at Athens the weekend before), as well as the perennial motor in the North American peloton, Candice Blickem and young up and coming sprinter and all out workhorse Mackenzie Dickey.

The Aaron’s Pro Women’s Cycling Team is sponsored by Bianchi Bicycles, Hincapie Sportswear, Hank Aaron Jaguar, Mavic Wheels, Rudy Project eyewear and helmets, Maxxis Tires, PowerBar and Outback Bicycles.
Aaron’s Corporate Furnishings is dedicated to providing quality brand-name home or office furniture available to rent or lease. They offer free office consultations and same day delivery in most areas while providing short-term rentals at guaranteed low prices. For more store locations and more information, please visit For more information about Aaron’s Cycling Team, please visit

The Tour of the Gila
Stage 5 of  The Tour of the Gila, the Gila Monster RR was won by Kristin Armstrong of TEAm Lipton  in a solo finish with Rachel Heal of Victory Brewing second on the day and Anne Samplonius finishing third.
Armstrong's led the G.C. with Webcor/Platinum's Erinne Willock second, Rachel Heal of Victory Brewing third and Dotsie Bausch of Colavita/Cooking light 4th.

 Women's Tour of the Gila
Stage 5 Gila Monster Road Race
  1 3:25:00 @ 00:00  Armstrong, Kristin Team Lipton  -00:15
  2 3:25:51 @ 00:51   Heal, Rachel Victory Brewing -00:20
========== 1:15 =============
  3 3:26:15 @ 01:15    Samplonius, Anne Team Biovail -00:05

  4 3:26:28 @ 01:28   Willock, Erinne Webcor Platinum 
  5 3:27:03 @ 02:03   Bausch, Dotsie Colavita Cooking Light
  6 3:27:11 @ 02:11   Vasse, Aimee Colorado Premier Traini 
  7 3:28:48 @ 03:48   Seehafer, Kori Team Lipton 
  8 3:28:48 @ 03:48   Powers, Alison Rio Grande/Sports Garag 
  9 3:28:48 @ 03:48   Sherwin, Kate Victory Brewing 
10 3:28:50 @ 03:50   Hobson, Leigh Victory Brewing 

11 3:28:53 @ 03:53   Phillips, Jessica Argon 18/Champion Syste
12 3:28:53 @ 03:53   Hold, Betina Webcor Platinum 
13 3:28:53 @ 03:53   LaSasso, Kristen Team Lipton 
14 3:28:53 @ 03:53   Asplund, Marisa Colorado Premier Traini 
15 3:28:57 @ 03:57   Monica, Maria McGuire Cycling Team
16 3:29:03 @ 04:03   Gersbach, Jennifer Colorado Premier Traini 
17 3:29:06 @ 04:06   Ourada, Brooke Colavita Cooking Light
18 3:29:06 @ 04:06   Avril, Penny Touchstone Climbing 
19 3:30:17 @ 05:17   Wrubleski, Alexandra Team H&R  -00:10
20 3:30:52 @ 05:52   Gonzalez-Ferrat, Gabriela Team Biovail  +00:20

21 3:30:52 @ 05:52   Weldon, Suz TRIA 
22 3:30:55 @ 05:55   Billington, Kathleen TRIA  +00:20
23 3:31:50 @ 06:50   Sanders, Kristin Cheerwine 
24 3:32:00 @ 07:00  Harper, Beverley Touchstone Climbing
25 3:32:50 @ 07:50  Alders, Erin McGuire Cycling Team 
26 3:32:50 @ 07:50  Monroe, Megan Colorado Premier Traini 
27 3:32:56 @ 07:56  Evans, Nicole FFKR
28 3:32:58 @ 07:58  Rachetto, Liza Team Lipton 
29 3:33:00 @ 08:00  Bourbeau, Stephanie Team Biovail 
30 3:33:00 @ 08:00 Curi, Katheryn Webcor Platinum 

Tour of the Gila
Women's Pro General Classification Final
  1 12:51:00 @ 00:00 203 Armstrong, Kristin Team Lipton
=========== 2:27 =========
  2 12:53:27 @ 02:27 253 Samplonius, Anne Team Biovail 
  3 12:54:02 @ 03:02 270 Willock, Erinne Webcor Platinum 

  4 12:55:19 @ 04:19 223 Heal, Rachel Victory Brewing 
  5 12:56:43 @ 05:43 206 Bausch, Dotsie Colavita Cooking Light
  6 12:58:54 @ 07:54 259 Seehafer, Kori Team Lipton 
  7 12:59:11 @ 08:11 245 Phillips, Jessica Argon 18/Champion Sys
  8 12:59:31 @ 08:31 225 Hold, Betina Webcor Platinum 
  9 12:59:58 @ 08:58 232 LaSasso, Kristen Team Lipton 
10 13:00:05 @ 09:05 246 Powers, Alison Rio Grande/Sports Garage

11 13:01:07 @ 10:07 224 Hobson, Leigh Victory Brewing 
12 13:01:19 @ 10:19 205 Avril, Penny Touchstone Climbing 
13 13:01:48 @ 10:48 266 Vasse, Aimee Colorado Premier Training 
14 13:02:00 @ 11:00 220 Gersbach, Jennifer Colorado Premier Train
15 13:02:09 @ 11:09 260 Sherwin, Kate Victory Brewing 
16 13:02:14 @ 11:14 221 Gonzalez-Ferrat, Gabriela Team Biovail
17 13:02:16 @ 11:16 244 Ourada, Brooke Colavita Cooking Light 
18 13:02:31 @ 11:31 271 Wrubleski, Alexandra Team H&R Block
19 13:02:53 @ 11:53 204 Asplund, Marisa Colorado Premier Training 
20 13:03:48 @ 12:48 268 Weldon, Suz TRIA 

21 13:04:24 @ 13:24 222 Harper, Beverley Touchstone Climbing 
22 13:06:09 @ 15:09 238 Monica, Maria McGuire Cycling Team
23 13:06:45 @ 15:45 217 Evans, Nicole FFKR Sandy,
24 13:07:33 @ 16:33 239 Monroe, Megan Colorado Premier Training
25 13:08:00 @ 17:00 254 Sanders, Kristin Cheerwine 
26 13:09:04 @ 18:04 209 Bourbeau, Stephanie Team Biovail 
27 13:09:23 @ 18:23 247 Rachetto, Liza Team Lipton 
28 13:09:30 @ 18:30 214 Curi, Katheryn Webcor
29 13:09:35 @ 18:35 208 Billington, Kathleen TRIA 
30 13:10:06 @ 19:06 249 Reither, Jenn TRIA 

31 13:10:24 @ 19:24 201 Alders, Erin McGuire Cycling 
32 13:10:28 @ 19:28 202 Allpress, Sharon TRIA
33 13:11:28 @ 20:28 207 Beltran, Michelle Cheerwine 
34 13:12:11 @ 21:11 236 Matlock, Lisa JR Engineering 
35 13:12:52 @ 21:52 265 Van Gilder, Laura Team Lipton
36 13:15:15 @ 24:15 248 Rais, Amber Webcor-Platinum 
37 13:16:39 @ 25:39 250 Robbins, Kirsten Victory Brewing 
38 13:18:40 @ 27:40 235 Manefield, Jennifer Cheerwine 
39 13:18:59 @ 27:59 237 Miller, Meredith Team Lipton 

40 13:19:46 @ 28:46 231 King, Christen Argon 18/Champion System
41 13:21:05 @ 30:05 264 Stephenson, Jennifer Team Biovail 
42 13:21:38 @ 30:38 272 Ziegler, Jane Velo Bella-Kona 
43 13:24:15 @ 33:15 228 Hutton, Carol Argon 18/Champion System
44 13:24:48 @ 33:48 267 Wangsgard, Nicky Colorado Premier Training
45 13:26:07 @ 35:07 216 Erffmeyer, Gwen JR Engineering 
46 13:33:24 @ 42:24 219 Weddle, Noel Velo Bella-Kona 
47 13:34:45 @ 43:45 230 Joynt, Jen Velo Bella-Kona 
48 13:35:04 @ 44:04 241 Murdoin, Kele Velo Bella-Kona 

49 13:42:02 @ 51:02 255 Sanders, Valeria TRIA 
50 13:45:54 @ 54:54 261 Shimada, Hiroka Velo Bella-Kona 
51 13:51:04 @ 00:04 218 Flores, Carla Argon 18/Champion System 
52 14:16:53 @ 25:53 252 Ross, Pat Touchstone Climbing 
53 14:48:38 @ 57:38 233 Looney, Sonya Titus/CU Cycling

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