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Pre-Giro Chat with Saunier Duval's Matteo Algeri Part 1
By Staff
Date: 5/5/2006
Pre-Giro Chat with Saunier Duval's Matteo Algeri Part 1

Pre-Giro Chat with Saunier Duval's Matteo Algeri Part 1
On May 4th the Daily Peloton readers met to chat with Matteo Algeri D.S. of Saunier Duval and Marco Pinotti, Aaron Olson, and ... Giberto Simoni dropped by to say hello... the transcript Part 1 of the 2 hour discussion of the Giro and the teams goals. With Photos from Bart Hazen

Matteo Algeri Saunier Duval/Podir D.S.
Photo c. Bart Hazen

13:56:40 Matteo: Logs in 
     cavallo: Hello Matteo:
 Matteo: hello everybody!!
 Matteo: hello from Belgium!
     AlonsoT: Hey Matteo:
     Jakob Logs in 
     Andy: hey jakob
 Matteo: Aaron Olson has just entered the room..he is here
 Matteo: Hey Alonso!
     Jakob: Hi Andy
     AlonsoT: where are you from cavallo?
     cavallo: its Vaughn, Alonso
     cavallo: Hi Aaron...
     AlonsoT: Vaughn!! didn't recognize that call sign.
     AlonsoT: thanks for setting this up!
     alex_holden: yea a big thanks to Vaughn
Matteo: Hey everybody!! from Aaron
  cavallo: well thanks to Matteo:
  Bart Logs in 
  alex_holden: yea thanks Matteo:
Matteo: you're welcome
Matteo: Marco Pinotti has joined us too...

   AlonsoT: where are you Matteo:?
Matteo: I'm in Charleroi, Belgium
Matteo: ready for the 1st stage of the Giro
  Andy: poi dov'é Marco?
Matteo: strange eh...Giro d'Italia in Belgium

Marco Pinotti photo c. Bart Hazen
Matteo: Marco (Pinotti) is here

     Andy: ah capisco
      zarathustra Logs in 
      Bart: why strange :D
      cavallo: I hope the TT isn't over any cobbles
      Mr_Tonno_Torino Logs in 
      alex_holden: Matteo:- do you guys have any interest in a guy like Tyler Hamilton?
Matteo: I think no cobbles...just the last few metres..
     shag Logs in 
Matteo: Why not...
Matteo: if you can ride for free!!!
Matteo: eheh

      Andy: how's the training been going Aaron?
      alex_holden: with him and millar and pinotti that would be a good TTT
      doug Logs in
      cyclenut Logs in
      Jakob: Branislau Samoilau, not Tyler.
      AlonsoT: Matteo: how much have you guys been practicing TTT?
      alex_holden: just curious.....

Matteo: Aaron: better and better. Good progress this season, and after Georgia, a much better level
Matteo: Several times in the last 2 months...
Matteo: 4/5 times

       Andy: it must be a great motivator for both of you riding with Gibo...
 Matteo: we got a good test during an italian race called "Coppi & Bartali"
       cavallo: And Gibo's Time trial, improved?
 Matteo: Andy, yes, Gibo is the reason why riding here..
      kk Logs in 
   shag: Aaron: for your first grand tour, this Giro is quite a doozy! What are your thoughts heading in?
Matteo: Cavallo, I hope so...
     Gordon_McCauley Logs in
     alex_holden: is it true that one of the stages finishes on a ski slope? bruyneel says there is no road there.....
     cavallo: Hey Gordy
Matteo: Gibo got good tests from tunnel experience San Diego
      AlonsoT: Matteo:, how do you guys think you'll do in the TTT compared to Disco and CSC?
      Gordon_McCauley: Hey guys
      Andy: hey gordy

Matteo: Our goal is to finish within 1 minute from CSC and Disco
Matteo: Pinotti says 1 minute ahead!!!
Matteo: ehehe
   AlonsoT: good luck to you guys!
Matteo: tx
   alex_holden: that's the right way to think
   Gordon_McCauley: I think that is realistic
Matteo: Yeah realistic...but sometimes is nice to dream!!!
   Bart: ciao Matteo: & marco
    cyclenut: there are no time adjustments in the TTT for the Giro, right (like the weird adjustments made in the Tour)
Matteo: correct
   Dave_Shields Logs in 
Matteo: Bart? r u the Bart I know?
Matteo: eheh

Marco Pinotti's Plasma TT bike. Photo c. Bart Hazen

Andy: Lampre have been training for TTT too... they may be as strong as Disco and CSC. Didn't Napolitano crash in the TTT at Coppi and Bartali?
           cyclenut: hey dave, it's me cathy mehl,  AlonsoT: Hi Cathy! Dave_Shields: Hey Cathy. What a day at     Brasstown, huh? cyclenut: hi alonso--from nevada?? AlonsoT: yep
Bart: yeah Matteo
         kk: Hey Pinotti. What are your personal ambitions for the giro?
 Matteo: yes, he crashed...
 Matteo: Pinotti: good TT and help as much I can Gibo!

    cyclenut: Matteo, i am a huge fan of aaron olson. how do you think he's adjusted to life with a spanish team? He was great in California and Georgia
       Gordon_McCauley: I think Disco will need to gain time in the TTT, With all due respect to the Disco boys at the giro...Simoni will be very very good...I've ridden trentino with him and it really is something to see
       AlonsoT: Matteo:, is SD going ito the Giro with full team support and sacrifice for Gibo, or will the other guys have a chance to go for stage wins?
     Dion Logs in -  House Logs in 

Matteo: Aaron has a great future in a Pro tour team because he has many qualities
       alex_holden: Matteo:- are you guys missing Chris Horner??? he's been on great form lately with the win in Romandie
     mapeifan Logs in - Leclerc Logs in 

Matteo: He is good working for the team, but also he can get into the break-aways easily..
       cyclenut: Yes, Aaron likes to be off the front!
      doug: so does marco :)
 Matteo: Chris is a great rider, every team would want such a rider
 Matteo: and he is a real good guy too..
    cyclenut: Horner is a good representative for US Riders--and he likes to see other US Riders go to Pro Tour teams          
       alex_holden: yes,,, It was nice to see him win @ romandie with a strong ride

Peter Mazur Photo c. Bart Hazen

    Andy: Who do you guys think will do well in the future for Saunier Duval? Mazur is still young, for example...
Matteo: Mazur, Riccò and Marchante
Matteo: this is the future ..

    AlonsoT: Riccardo Ricco looks good
    Dave_Shields: Matteo:, what races do you think Aaron has the best shot at winning?
    alex_holden: Matteo:- do you think we will see a rematch between Gibo and Damiano?
     shag: Will Simoni try to relax the first half of the Giro and not worry about a minute here or there - thinking huge gains will be there for the taking in the third week?
     cyclenut: the rematch needs to have a different ending this time!!
 Matteo: Aaron can be really competitive in the hilly stages
 Matteo: I think so Alex

     alex_holden: I can't wait to see that! cyclenut: I'm with you alex!!  Gordon_McCauley: I was team-mates with aaron 3 years ago.....he's an awesome team player and fun to have around.
   cyclenut: plus Aaron has a cute girlfriend that rides for T-Mob!

Matteo: aaron says yes, and thank you
Matteo: eheh

   cyclenut: Is Aaron there with you? If so, tell him Cathy says hi!!

 Matteo: but don't forget about Savoldelli, Basso and....Danielson
 Matteo: well, actually the third week is the hardest and most important...
     AlonsoT: Matteo:, have you guys checked out Stage 17? Andy: or any of the other climbs?
Matteo: Gibo always did his best during the last part of the Giro
Matteo: yes, this morning we saw the final 2km.

  Mr_Tonno_Torino: What do you think Rujanos chances are?
Matteo: I think Rujano has more difficulties because he is no more a surprise..everyone knows him
   Leclerc: yeah but he did drop everyone on the Finestre stage last year, so he's probably a threat?
   Andy: Rujano was the surprise last year, so who do you think will be the surprise this year
  Matteo: Danielson will be the surprise

    alex_holden: Matteo:- our team rides Scott CR1's.... what are your thoughts of the bikes... and marco too... do you like them as much as I do
Matteo: Absolutely yes!! SCOTT CR1 is the best bike I ever seen

Gibo's special Giro Scott CR-1 Photo c. Bart Hazen

Matteo: hey guys, you have to watch at the Gibo Giro special bike..
     AlonsoT: what bikes are you using for the TT's?
     Gordon_McCauley: they are on Scott plasma's
      alex_holden:  will Gibos bike meet the UCI weight limit this time (editors note: Gilberto had a late start in the Tour of California when his bike was under official weight.)
Matteo: yes...perhaps we will leave the bottle full of water on it!!ahaha

         House: I don't suppose your team has any size 54 TT bikes laying around that you would like to give to a decent triathlete? :
Matteo: Logs out
      denaro Logs in 
Matteo: Logs in
Matteo: sorry ...
Matteo: I'm here again

       House: Matteo: did I offend?
       cavallo: Matteo: no prob happens
        AlonsoT: it was House's fault,

    cyclenut: Matteo:, you really think danielson is ready for the giro?
Matteo: not...eheh I had just a little problem with notebook
    Leclerc: Danielson has Lance-stars in his eyes still
Matteo: of course Danielson is the Georgia was so strong
     cyclenut: but he still seems unsure of himself, still waiting to be told what to do
    House: just kidding Matteo:, I made a joke about getting a TT bike from your team and then you got bumped! 
    alex_holden: what about il falco?
Matteo: by the way House, we really have TT bikes from last year to sell...alloy frame, not carbon..
      House: Matteo: how do I find out about those?
Matteo: write me in private: 
House: thanks!
    alex_holden: savodelli is looking good on his TT form.... he could take the prologue... like romandie
     Cyclingfan Logs in 
     KingWeening: Matteo:, what do you think Saunier can do in the TTT compared to CSC/Discovery ?
     SevenAlaris Logs in 
Matteo: already answer this question; our goal is to loose no more then 1 minute
       KingWeening: ok thanks, just got here didnt read it yet
Matteo: no problem King
     SevenAlaris: Hi sorry but I got here late and probably missed most of the questions
       Leclerc: Matteo:, do you think Cunego will be his 2004 self again this season?
       AlonsoT: Matteo:, any extra precautions with the guys so they don't get sick like Basso last year and Paolo a couple of weeks ago?
         cyclenut: How do you think Gibo has responded to being on your team, a team that clearly wanted and believes in him?
       alex_holden: Mountain stages too long Bruneel thinks, I think it is stage 17?

Pre-Giro d'Italia Chat with Saunier Duval/Prodir's Matteo Algeri
On May 4th the Daily Peloton and a few readers met to chat with Matteo Algeri D.S. of Saunier Duval and Marco Pinotti, Aaron Olson, and ... Giberto Simoni dropped by to say hello... the transcript Part 1

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