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Rund um den Henninger-Turm Live Ticker
By Staff
Date: 5/1/2006
Rund um den Henninger-Turm Live Ticker

Rund um den Henninger-Turm Live Ticker
Join us for the running report of the race in progress

A long breakaway of Lubor Tesar (Wiesenhof-Akud) and Jens Mouris (Team Regiostrom Senges). Then a chasing group with Sinkewitz, Voigt and Wesemann and Milram leads the bunch together with Gerolsteiner as we join the race in progress. Bart Hazen is our commentator this morning.

The riders to watch for today are Erik Zabel, Davide Rebellin, Alessandro Petacchi, Fabian Wegmann, Jens Voigt, Steffen Wesemann, Stefan Schumacher, Patrik Sinkewitz, Cristian Knees, Kurt-Asle Arvesen, Heinrich Haussler, Ricardo Serrano, Stefano Garzelli, Igor Astarloa, Danilo Hondo and some others.

Jens Voigt & Patrik Sinkewitz in the lead they have 1.40 on the chasers. Voigt is riding for CSC and Sinkewitz for T-Mobile. Both have ridden well this month. Sinkewitz rode quite a few top 10 ranks in Basque Tour, Fleche, Liege and those kinds of races, while Voigt worked hard for Basso, Schleck and Kroon in the Spring Classics.

Next week Voigt will start in the Giro as well as helper for Ivan Basso.
CSC has announced the Giro team:
Ivan Basso
Carlos Sastre
Bobby Julich
Jens Voigt
Giovanni Lombardi
Inigo Cuesta
Volodymir Gustov
Michael Blaudzun
Nicki Sörensen

Last year this race was won by Erik Zabel. The gap is now 1.55 on the chasers, but it isn't clear if these chasers are a chasing group or the peloton. Sinkewitz, the winner of the Tour of Germany 2 years ago, does most of the work in front especially on the climbs.

70 km to go: The cooperation in the bunch is not that good at the moment. Rebellin is now trying to put some pace in it as he leads.

65 km to go: If T-Mobile wins the Henninger Turm with Sinkewitz or an other rider it will be there first big win of the year in 2005 they had a kind of similar year but then Vinokourov won Liege-Bastogne-Liege and Zabel, now Milram, the Henninger Turm

"It’s a matter of prestige for us“, says Team manager Olaf Ludwig, who won the race’s 1994 edition himself. According to him, the team is under added pressure: "Everybody expects us to control the field and react to each attack“, Ludwig says. "You have to be alert at every second”

Today they had to do 10 climbs. 9 of them they have passed already so 1 climb to go. 14 riders are going on the contra-attack now. The names or not known yet but among them for sure Davide Rebellin who has been at the front the last several kms ready to roll.

60 km to go: Voigt & Sinkewitz have 1.50 on the 14 chasers and 2.15 on the peloton.

Patrik Sinkewitz in particular is full of ambitions for the race on his Hessian home turf. In the past week, the 25-year old placed fifth at both the Amstel Gold race and La Flèche-Wallone and finished fourth at Liège-Bastogne-Liège. "The wins will come in time“, says the local hero, pointing at the magenta riders’ strong team performance in the Ardennes. "The team worked together excellently. We put he tactics into action and were always in the thick of things with two riders in the important moments of the race”.
Having barely missed out on podium spots, however, is bugging Sinkewitz. In Liège in particular, where he was clearly one of the strongest riders in the finale, he came tantalizingly close. After a courageous ride, he had to make do with fourth place.

55 km to go: If we are to believe some gossip it's possible that Paolo Bettini will ride next year for T-Mobile.
Because Quick Step is building a strong team around Boonen it isn't that strange.

Brandt and Leukemans (Davitamon/Lotto), Gerolsteiner's Rebellin and Schumacher, Ale-Jet Petacchi (Milram), Ivanov, Kirchen and Wesemann (T-Mobile), Astarloa (TBL), Niermann (Rabobank), Ascani (NSM), Grabsch (Phonak), Garzelli (Liquigas), Trampusch (WIE)

The locomotive of Alessandro Petacchi, Marco Velo will miss the Giro D'Italia due to a broken collarbone. Velo crashed 2 weeks ago in the Niedersachsen Rundfahrt.

The peloton is closing the gap as Unibet and Lamonta lead the peloton; they have chased down the Pettacchi group and continue the chase. The Gap is at 1:55 to Voigt and Sinkewitz.

Torsten Schmidt (Wiesenhof-Akud) tries to escape.  Schmidt gets the company of Liquigas rider Matej Mugerli.

Voigt and Sinkewitz approach the last climb of the day the Mammolshainer Berg.

44 km to go: Gerolsteiner is leading the pace of the bunch for Rebellin, Wegmann, Haussler or Schumacher
40 km to go: Sinkewitz is leading Voigt as they climb the Mammolshainer Berg for the last time today.

Schmidt and Mugerli still in the chase between the 2 leaders and the peloton. But the 2 chasers are almost caught by the bunch. Seems a slow torture for the lads as they chase the leaders and are the rabbit for the hounds.

Attack: Rebellin attacks again and 4 riders join him, Rebellin's group swells to six and Mugerli and Schmidt are reeled in by the attack.

Kirchen, Tschopp, Rebellin, Kolobnev, Mugerli and Serrano are the 6 chasers behind Sinkewitz and Voigt. Kirchen rides always in last wheel to protect the break of Sinkewitz.

Brandt, Garzelli, Grabsch, and Schumacher join the Rebellin chase group making it ten chasers and a whole lot more horsepower to reel in the escapees.

Apparently not enough horse power as the peloton led by Unibet and Lamonta are closing the gap to the group of ten with the gap to Jens and Patrik at 1:30. The ten are reeled back in and the peloton is disorganized by the event.

The riders are now in Frankfurt in a few kilometers they will cross the finish line. Then they have some local laps to go, The bunch is about 60 riders strong.

20 kms to go: Milram and Gerolsteiner now lead of peloton. The gap of the 2 leaders is 40 seconds.

14 km to go as they have to do 3 local laps of 4.5 kms.

The peloton is coming on strong with Lamonta and Gerolsteiner in charge at the point. The gap 30 sec and Sinkewitz is still driving the pace, he wants this victory on his home turf.

Now Voigt drives the duo forward 2 laps of 4.5 km to go the gap is 25 seconds and Voigt and Sinkewitz put all they have in the effort.

5 riders in the contra attack now as the gap goes down to 20 seconds. This only seems to anger the peloton as they surge forward and envelopes quintet.

Kolobnev tries and escape with Ivanov
5 km to go: 10 sec left for Voigt & Sinkewitz
1 Lap to go 4 leaders Sinkewitz, Voigt, De Maar and Ivanov

Young Dutchman De Maar gives it a try, Ivanov attacks! Peloton at 5 sec.

3kms to go: Gerolsteiner leads the peloton, Ivanov with 50 mt on De Maar, Voigt and Sinkewitz, and 100 mt on the bunch

Voigt chases down Ivanov. 4 leaders now; peloton at 30 mt it looks like it will come to a sprint with about 50/60 riders Ivanov attacks again; the others are caught by the bunch,  Ivanov gives up.

1 km to go: gruppo compatto... Petacchi leads the peloton for Zabel  The sprint has started and the winner is

Stefano Garzelli
German champion Gerald Ciolek is 2nd, Hondo 3rd, Eric Zabel 4th, Leukemans 5th

This is the 2nd victory for Liquigas this year, the first was Vincenzo Nibali in Coppi & Bartali

Stefano Garzelli day before Liège-Bastogne-Liège
Photo copyright Bart Hazen

A tremendous effort by Voigt and Sinkewitz in a 75 km break.
This concludes the live ticker. Thanks for joining us today. (results below)

Pre-Giro Chat Reminder:
Guests: Saunier Duval/Prodir Directeur Sportif Matteo Algeri and rider Marco Pinotti

Thursday May 4th Discuss the upcoming Giro d'Italia and Saunier Duval/Prodir plans for the race, SD/P Camps.
Chat location: Daily Peloton Chat Room
Time: 12 noon Pacific Coast USA Standard Time/ 9 PM Central European Time. (Please adjust for your local time)
Coaching Chats Wednesdays at 11am Pacific time with Ryan Barrett.

1 92 Ita19730716 Garzelli, Stefano Liq Liquigas 04:34:20
2 212 Ger19860919 Ciolek, Gerald Wie Wiesenhof -
3 165 Ger19740104 Hondo, Danilo Tlm Team Lamont

4 1 Ger19700707 Zabel, Erik Mrm Team Milram
5 24 Bel19770701 Leukemans, Bjorn Dvl Davitamon-L
6 45 Ger19810721 Schumacher, Stefan Gst Gerolsteine
7 111 Ita19830629 Ascani, Luca Nsm Naturina
8 44 Ita19710809 Rebellin, Davide Gst Gerolsteine
9 133 Rus19810504 Kolobnev, Alexandr Rab Rabobank
10 73 Esp19780804 Serrano, Gonzalez Ri Kai Kaiku
11 173 Ger19730604 Korff, Andre Tmo T-Mobile
12 62 Bel19810812 Renders, Jens Jac Chocolade J
13 162 Ger19730505 Glasner, Björn Tlm Team Lamont
14 125 Sui19830130 Morabito, Steve Pho Phonak Hear
15 67 Bel19820513 Wijnants, Maarten Jac Chocolade J
16 34 Aut19800120 Rucker, Stefan Elk Elk Haus -
17 218 Aut19780811 Trampusch, Gerhard Wie Wiesenhof
18 196 Ita19720814 Serpellini, Marco Uni Unibed.Com
19 131 Ned19840215 De Maar, Marc Rab Rabobank
20 25 Bel19820709 Van Hecke, Preben Dvl Davitamon-L

21 86 Bel19810812 Renders, Sven Lan Landbouwkre
22 192 Bel19790204 Coenen, Johan Uni Unibed.Com
23 122 Ger19750619 Grabsch, Bert Pho Phonak Hear
24 75 Esp19820228 Losada Alguacil, Alb Kai Kaiku
25 151 Esp19760329 Astarloa, Igor Tbl Barloworld
26 106 Uzb19810114 Lagutin, Sergey Nic Navigators
27 77 Esp19751121 Oarbeascoa Ispi, Ru Kai Kaiku
28 154 Rus19811202 Efimkim, Alexander Tbl Barloworld
29 121 Esp19800119 Fernandez Olivi, Pho Phonak Hear
30 124 Sui19820701 Tschopp, Johann Pho Phonak Hear
31 71 Esp19780124 Berasategui Sae, Kai Kaiku
32 132 Ned19811127 Eltink, Theo Rab Rabobank
33 172 Lux19780703 Kirchen, Kim Tmo T-Mobile
34 134 Ger19751103 Niermann, Grischa Rab Rabobank
35 207 Aut19820107 Matzbacher, Andreas Vbg Team Vorarl
36 22 Bel19770506 Brandt, Christoph Dvl Davitamon-L
37 91 Sui19770705 Calcagni, Patrick Liq Liquigas
38 33 Aut19821223 Rohregger, Thomas Elk Elk Haus
39 177 Ger19710311 Wesemann, Steffen Tmo T-Mobile
40 175 Ger19750909 Ludewig, Jörg Tmo T-Mobile

41 17 Ger19710917 Voigt, Jens Csc Team Csc
42 191 Esp19720229 Castresana, Angel Uni Unibed.Com
43 78 Esp19800711 Oroz Ugalde, Juan Jo Kai Kaiku
44 164 Ger19810822 Hoffmann, Erik Tlm Team Lamont
45 3 Ita19740103 Petacchi, Alessandro Mrm Team Milram 0:13
46 141 Jpn19830918 Doi, Yukihiro Sks Skil - Shim 0:13

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