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Mercury News
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 6/13/2002
Mercury News
After the most successful First Union week in Team history, The Mercury Cycling Team is #1 in the latest NRC Team Standings. In the Individual Standings, Mercury occupies 3 out of the first 6 spots lead by Gord Fraser, the victor in the First Union Trenton event.

2002 NRC - Team Standings (MEN)

Rank Team Name Team Points 1. Mercury 1891 2. Prime Alliance 1794 3. Navigators 1258 4. U.S.Postal Service 1196 5. Saturn Cycling Team 1170

2002 NRC - Individual Standings (MEN)

Rank Name Country Team Total Points

1. Chris Horner USA Prime Alliance 851

2. Gord Fraser CAN Mercury 589

3. Danny Pate USA Prime Alliance 495

4. Mark Walters CAN Navigators 492

5. Henk Vogels AUS Mercury 476

6. Chris Wherry USA Mercury 447

16. Scott Moninger USA Mercury 233

28. Derek Bouchard-Hall USA Mercury 146

29. Adham Sbeih USA Mercury 143

31. Plamen Stoyanov BUL Mercury 136

Derek Bouchard-Hall Retires.

Mercury rider Derek Bouchard-Hall has announced his retirement as a professional cyclist. Bouchard-Hall will continue with the team as an assistant director.

Bouchard-Hall's last race was the First Union USPRO Championships in Philadelphia, which has always been his "favorite race due to its enormous crowds and beautiful race course. Though victory narrowly eluded us, our team competed brilliantly and I savored every moment of my final race - which was roughly the 1000th of my career."

Bouchard-Hall cited two reasons for his retirement: "First, years of cycling has caused the major artery (iliac) supplying bloodflow to my left leg to thicken and narrow - resulting in decreased strength and chronic pain in that leg. A January 2000 surgery corrected the problem, but my continued cycling has caused it to emerge again. The condition, which is estimated to occur in 1% of all professional cyclists, should not affect my general health in the future in any way." "The second reason for my retirement is that I always have aspired to another career after cycling - one that enables me to be home more often, is less abusive on my body, and is more demanding of my intellect.

At the age of 31, now is a good time for me to start my second career." he will start an MBA in a few months time at the Harvard Business School. "New skills and interests that I developed since my days of studying civil engineering have led me to that path," he added. He aims to finish his studies in two years time, and after that "the future is intriguingly uncertain." During his professional career, Bouchard-Hall has ridden for Shaklee (1994-1998) and Mercury (1999-2002). He was a member of the US Olympic team pursuit in the 2000 Games, as well as winning the URPRO Criterium championships that year. In 1999, he was a gold medallist in the team pursuit in the Pan-Am Games.

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