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By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 4/20/2006

An interview with Tracie Oehler, the owner and developer of Crotchguard.  An memorable name for a new product that approaches rider comfort and protection from a whole new angle.

What exactly is Crotch Guard?

Tracie: Simply put, Ultra Pure Crotch Guard is a microbial oil product designed to moisturize the skin, helping to promote healthy skin conditions, and eliminate any bacterial based irritations.

Ok, so what does “microbial” mean? And how does Crotch Guard protect the skin?

 Tracie: To answer your first question, microbes are tiny organisms that cause disease, or in a cyclists case, a variety of irritations most commonly known as saddle sores.  
As any cyclist knows, the inner thigh and crotch area is constantly rubbing against the saddle during the pedal stroke.  This friction can create a breakdown of the top layer of skin, in some cases it actually rubs the skin raw.  Now the crotch area is a warm, dark environment, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, add the perspiration factor and the bacterial level increases dramatically.  When the natural protective barrier of skin is broken down these tiny microbes can penetrate into the layers of the skin and create havoc, typically resulting in rash, or in severe cases infection.

Ultra Pure Crotch Guard is an anti-microbial formula.  This preventive quality actually prohibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin, eventually eliminating any bacterial based irritations.  Many products on the market have anti-bacterial properties, but as I will explain, Crotch Guard has an entirely different approach.

How long has Crotch Guard been available?

Tracie: I spent two years of research, developmental testing, FDA filings and registrations, and because the base formula is developed overseas, filings with the US Customs Departments as well. I am pleased to announce that we finally received clearance from the FDA in November of ’04.  So we have actually only been available to the American public for a short period of time.  Your readers are among the first in the country to learn of the healing and moisturizing benefits of Ultra Pure Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil! 

I have to ask, who came up with the name “Crotch Guard”?  I mean besides the obvious, that we won’t likely forget the name… etc.

Tracie: Actually, I am totally responsible. You must remember I am dealing with a sensitive topic.  I believe the name Crotch Guard gets right to the point, no questions necessary.  Now, I understand the name Crotch Guard might be considered bold, but by definition the word “crotch” is “a meeting point between two limbs”.  It’s very simple.  I designed Crotch Guard specifically for athletes who are serious cyclists.  If you are in this category of athlete, trust me, YOU GET IT!  And yes, I have heard a number of jokes… on some level the name Crotch Guard was meant to get a laugh.

But, please don’t take this product lightly, yes, the name might seem humorous to most but, our manufacturing process involves the latest technology that is available in skin care development.  We only use the highest quality of raw materials, to ensure the level of purity in all our products, which explains the years of research, FDA filings and registrations.

Well, I don’t Tracie, I’ve been using Crotch Guard for over a month and I’m happy to get away from the other products.  It works great by the way. 

Tracie: Thank you.

So, explain what makes Crotch Guard work and the technology behind it.

Tracie: The manufacturing process is essential for the quality of the final product, but the science behind the oil to skin relationship is key to the success of Crotch Guard.  Let me explain:

I have taken a different approach than many of the other products available. Grade school science class taught us that the skin is the largest organ of the body.  Its sole function is to protect.  I created Crotch Guard to act in conjunction with this basic task.

Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil is specifically designed to match the natural lipids in human skin.  Lipids play an important role in strengthening your skin’s natural barrier function. The body creates lipids using a combination of cholesterol and fatty acids to fill in the gaps and spaces between the skin cells and the areas between the layers of skin.  Just like the cement mortar fills in the spaces between the bricks and layers of bricks in a brick wall.  This mortar/lipid component ultimately supports the entire structure. 

Strengthening the skin from within also reduces the friction factor, a vital aspect to cyclists or any athlete. 
Based on this technology, the body and skin understand the molecular structure of Crotch Guard, and this method of action is what makes Crotch Guard so unique. 

How else is Crotch Guard different from products like chamois creams?

Tracie: There are many reasons Crotch Guard differs from the competitive products.

As I explained, Ultra Pure Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil is based on a proven scientific foundation.  It is specifically designed for the skin as an organ.  Most other products are just designed as a topical support which creates a thick coating to distance the skin from rubbing against other surfaces.  But, unfortunately they have not considered the actual “skin” as an organ.  Based on the ingredients alone, most of these products will eventually block the pores of the infected areas, and cause further irritations from the dyes and fragrances they contain.

Ahhh, so no artificial dyes, no fragrances, colorings or chemicals that would cause some kind of an allergic reaction, or make us smell like a daisy field?  I hadn’t even noticed, but I started avoiding chemical dyes and colorings in any of my skin products years ago.  Personally, if a scent is completely natural I might use it but not if it is chemical based.  I’m not particularly an allergic type, but why put stuff like that on your body when I wouldn’t put it in my body. 

Tracie: Exactly.

I have to say I like the fact that I can just spray it on and go, seems like the skin just absorbs it.

Tracie: Yes, Guard Skin Care Oil absorbs quickly and completely into the surface of the skin.  And even though it is an oil based product, it does not leave a greasy film on the surface of the skin.  If you were to break down the molecular structure of your body’s lipids, and break down the molecular structure of Ultra Pure Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil, then compared them under a microscope, you will find that they mimic each other.  As I explained, the oil is designed this way.  You see, the body understands the elements of Crotch Guard, recognizes it and accepts it as its own.  This is why it completely absorbs into the skin, unlike the thick chamois creams. 

Oddly enough, this is the most beneficial aspect of my product, and my largest hurdle!  Even though they are completely protected for up to 8 hours, many cyclists are so familiar with their shorts being gooped up with thicker products they are hesitant of Crotch Guard.  I had one customer from Texas who was training for the Ironman in Hawaii.  Eventually, he trusted me, and finally committed himself to Crotch Guard. After his event, he called to share his excitement of being completely protected in a very “clean and natural” way.
CLEAN and NATURAL protection – I LOVE THAT! That single statement made the two years of stress during research and development totally worth it.

Tracie, you’ve used “Ultra Pure” in your description of Crotch Guard, so what does “Ultra Pure” specifically represent about Crotch Guard?  Does it include mineral oils that I’ve heard can dry out your skin?

Tracie: No, I do not use mineral oils of any kind.  Mineral oils consist of thousands of compounds which are practically impossible to control and define.  The patented process during the manufacturing reduces the oil into the purest state possible.  So pure, in fact the oil can be claimed as organic and hypo-allergenic, I prefer the phrase “Ultra Pure”.

Doesn’t alcohol also dry the skin?  I noticed on the Crotch Guard website that there is none in your product.

 Tracie: That’s right, Crotch Guard does NOT contain alcohol.  Alcohol is another irritant to the skin.
But most importantly, Ultra Pure Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil does NOT contain water.  Many of the petroleum based products contain water, a lot of it actually.  Just check the ingredient panel.  Water content can be very damaging in a skin care product for many reasons.  Eventually, the product will melt away, and once this breakdown occurs – the protective barrier is lost.

Also, once water is added to a product, it becomes necessary to add preservatives to increase the shelf life.  Crotch Guard does not contain preservatives of any kind.  Most of these artificial preservatives are irritants, why would I, as a customer, want to apply irritants to already irritated skin?
And most importantly, water creates damage from a process known as TEWL.

Ok, so what is TEWL?

T = Trans
E = Epidermal
W = Water
L = Loss

When water evaporates from the surface of the skin, it actually draws additional moisture from the skin increasing the amount of dryness and chapping.  Any hairdresser, doctor or dentist who constantly have their hands in water can attest.
Once the skin is cracked and chapped, tiny microbes and bacteria will penetrate creating redness, rash and quite possibly infection. And those are the main causes of saddle sores.

Ahhh, ok!  So if your using a product with water in it, it could actually be causing more problems?  And like riding on a dry windy day your skin can get chapped with the loss of moisture, right?   

Tracie: Yes, and as we spoke in the past, I would absolutely recommend using the product to protect the skin on your face before a ride on a cold and windy day. 

I started using it as an after shave and on my face and I swear that some of my crows feet around my eyes and other wrinkles have seemed to get smaller… what’s up with that?  I mean should I be using it on my face?  It’s pretty far north of my crotch.

 Tracie: Remember, Crotch Guard is a moisturizing “skin care product”.  The anti-bacterial properties promote healing and make it suitable for a variety of applications.  The act of scraping a razor against the skin while you shave will cause irritation, which explains those little red bumps that occur. The base formula in Crotch Guard will absolutely restore the skin back to a healthy condition.
And about those eyes, by understanding the method of action we just spoke about, you will understand why the oil absorbs completely, which is why those fine lines and wrinkles have filled themselves in.

Remember that customer who was training for the Ironman? He also had irritations on the back of his neck, and under his armpits from his wetsuit.  Now that he understood the technology behind the oil he applied Crotch Guard to those areas as well and had a tremendous event.  It really is an amazing product.

If someone has chapped or irritated skin now, is it ok to use Crotch Guard?  Or wait until it heals?  Will Crotch Guard help heal it faster?  Will Crotch Guard protect a rider from boils? 

Tracie: To maintain healthy skin conditions, the anti-bacterial properties of Ultra Pure Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil will prevent the growth of bacteria and eventually the spread of further irritations when used in a consistent manner.  As I mentioned, the product will also promote healing from already present irritations.

Remember, the skin is a very complex organ.  A boil is a skin infection involving an entire hair follicle.  Hair bearing areas on the body where your most likely to sweat or experience friction will create bacteria that can enter through a scratch or other break in your skin.  When this occurs, white blood cells rush to the site to fight the infection.  This leads to the inflammation and the formation of pus filled bumps under the skin. When an irritation has become infected, as the case in boils, it is always wise to check with a medical professional before applying a new treatment. 

After all this time, I’m amazed at how much I have left in the bottle.  I’m really surprised that so little product can do so much in eliminating friction. 

Tracie: The oil has a very silky texture and spreads easily to cover quite a bit of surface area.  Once applied the protective qualities can last up to 8 hours. That is a little product for a lot of protection!  I recommend re-applying after a shower to maintain the anti-bacterial benefits of the oil. 

Ok, I have a 4 ounce bottle, and it really is lasting a long time, how long can I expect my bottle to last?  And what is the cost?

Tracie: I offer the 4 ounce bottle on my website for $19.95.  This bottle is capped with a fine mist finger-tip spray pump.  I personally chose this closure for many reasons.  Crotch Guard has a fresh, silky feel and in mist form has a great cooling effect against the surface of the skin, especially if the skin is irritated.  This spray top also has a controlled out-put of product, so I can guarantee the 4 ounce bottle should last up to 3 months.  I think that is a quite a value for under $20.

Try Crotchguard
I think so too Tracie. We discussed getting the readers of Daily Peloton some Crotch Guard to try when we last talked.  How are we going to do that?

Tracie: I would like to introduce Ultra Pure Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil to your readers and to the visitors of by offering a FREE SAMPLE KIT through my website at

This sample kit consists of 2 foil lined packets each containing 2ml of product.  The packets contain a cotton towel-ette wipe saturated with Crotch Guard.  The oil spreads easily and will cover the entire area of the crotch that comes in contact with the saddle.  I am certain these athletes will see and feel a difference in skin conditions after just one treatment, so I designed each packet for a single use application.  Just click on the “Product Catalogue” page and follow the instructions.

I am very interested in hearing the thoughts and comments from your readers once they have tried Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil.  I will personally answer all inquiries that come through the “Contact Us” link on the website.

I am certain that the healing and moisturizing benefits of Ultra Pure Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil will help each athlete ride longer and ride stronger…

Indeed Tracie… etc

This is Serious Protection for Serious Cyclists!!

Watch for a product review in the near future of Crotchguard, protecting your near and dear crotch.

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