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Rund um Köln
By Staff
Date: 4/17/2006
Rund um Köln

Rund um Köln
Milram's Christian Knees wins his first Pro Victory. Kopp, Reus and Gesink followed... Another day for the young guns to lead at the finish.

 25 year old Milram's Christian Knees won today in the Rund um Köln in a solo attack in the final kms in the 202.8 km race. It was Christian Knees first Professional victory to celebrate after he attacked on the last 7 kms twice and finally escaped to gain a gap on two kms before the finish. Knees persistence in the attacks finally gained him four seconds which he held to the finish line over Kopp who finished second.
Today's race follows the recent trend of the classics this year with the young riders in the 25 year old group taking some of the major wins of the season. Knees joins Cancellara, Boonen et al in a year that looks like we may be seeing a "Changing of the Guard" in the peloton.

Last years winner David Kopp of Gerolsteiner resisted falling victim to the Rabobank duo Gesink and Reus who held the edge at the sprint; Knees was undaunted by the Dutch duo in his attacks. Andre Gorff of T-Mobile led Italian Leonardo Giordani and the Peloton in for 5th and sixth.

Luke Roberts led Team CSC in seventh place.

”Luke did well and was right where he was supposed to be, when the first serious split took place. He lacked that last bit in keeping up, when four riders escaped at the end, but he did get a top-10 spot for his efforts,” said sports director Kim Andersen, who was also able to note a positive comeback for Lars Bak and Stuart O'Grady.
”Both Lars and Stuart did well too considering the pace was very fast from the start, and that it was anything but a flat route. I actually think it went considerably better than expected with them both recovering from serious crashes. They got some good exercise, which will help them get ready for the two Danish races at the end of the month,” added Kim Andersen.

1 43 Ger19810305 Knees, Christian Mrm Team Milram 04:52:43
 2 1 Ger19790105 Kopp, David Gst Gerolsteine 04:52:48 00:00:05
 3 235 Ned19850311 Reus, Kai Rb3 Rabobank Ct 04:52:51 00:00:08

 4 232 Ned19860531 Gesink, Robert Rb3 Rabobank Ct 04:52:55 00:00:12
=============== 1:48 ===================
 5 14 Ger19820417 Korff, André Tmo T-Mobile Te 04:54:31 00:01:48
 6 101 Ita19770527 Giordani, Leonardo Nsm Naturino-Sa 04:54:31 00:01:48
 7 21 Aus19770125 Roberts, Luke Csc Team Csc 04:54:42 00:01:59
 8 78 Bel19840627 Verbiest, Evert Jac Chocolade J 04:54:42 00:01:59
 9 17 Ger19810115 Schreck, Stephan Tmo T-Mobile Te 04:54:42 00:01:59
 10 67 Aut19820107 Matzbacher, Andreas Vbg Team Vorarl 04:54:42 00:01:59

 11 115 Ger19830729 Meschenmoser, Christ Sks Skil-Shiman 04:54:42 00:01:59
 12 58 Ger19750908 Wackernagel, Lars Wie Team Wiesen 04:54:47 00:02:04
 13 7 Ger19780424 Scholz, Ronny Gst Gerolsteine 04:54:51 00:02:08
 14 55 Ger19820430 Sieberg, Marcel Wie Team Wiesen 05:02:53 00:10:10
 15 118 Ger19781211 Weissinger, Rene Sks Skil-Shiman 05:02:53 00:10:10
 16 56 Ger19840822 Klinger, Tim Wie Team Wiesen 05:02:55 00:10:12
 17 65 Aut19850820 Lener, Christian Vbg Team Vorarl 05:02:55 00:10:12
 18 46 Ger19690825 Poitschke, Enrico Mrm Team Milram 05:02:55 00:10:12
 19 8 Aut19740530 Wrolich, Peter Gst Gerolsteine 05:02:57 00:10:14
 20 11 Ger19770831 Burghardt, Marcus Tmo T-Mobile Te 05:02:57 00:10:14

 21 178 Ger19740721 Parinussa, Stephan Tsp Team Sparka 05:04:25 00:11:42
 22 57 Ger19850411 Gajek, Artur Wie Team Wiesen 05:04:26 00:11:43
 23 148 Ger19790409 Weigold, Steffen Tlm Team Lamont 05:04:27 00:11:44
 24 47 Ger19780118 Siedler, Sebastian Mrm Team Milram 05:04:27 00:11:44
 25 226 Ned19850613 Timmer, Albert Low Team Löwik 05:04:49 00:12:06
 Nombre De Partants..:174
 Arrivés Hors Délais.: 0
Abandons............: 149


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