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Promoting Cycling in Boulder Colorado Stazio Crits
By Staff
Date: 3/15/2006
Promoting Cycling in Boulder Colorado Stazio Crits

Join In THF's Effort to Promote Cycling
Boulder, Colorado March 15, 2006

In November 2005, the Tyler Hamilton Foundation joined forces with Denver Boulder Couriers events to help promote cycling in Colorado. By supporting DBC events, the THF is able to promote the sport of cycling across all levels of ability. The first event is the long standing preseason Boulder Tradition, Criteriums @ Stazio series which began March 5 and is scheduled to continue each weekend through May. A portion of the proceeds from the Criteriums @ Stazio and three additional road races in April will help the THF support the mission to empower people through cycling.

Given the time of year, and in an effort to be as inclusive as possible, the organizers of these events decided back in November that each of the races would be unsanctioned. This would allow those who were not yet strong enough to be part of an organized team, or able to afford a racing license to be invited to come and participate in scheduled events that included all levels of racing from young children up to seasoned professionals. In addition, Criteriums@Stazio series will be taken over in 2007 by the city of Boulder, so it was appropriate to lay the groundwork.

On March 5, 2006, Tyler Hamilton pulled on his THF kit, got on his Parlee Z3c, and joined in the event by participating in the final criterium of the day. He was joined by other professional cyclists from Boulder happy to support a good cause and participate in a great training series before the racing season begins. Together they inspired the young juniors who waited to see them ride and encouraged future participation by both spectators and beginner cyclists. The day was a complete success, as THF and DBC were able to accomplish their goal of spreading enthusiasm for the sport.

Unfortunately, THF and DBC have not been able to build on the momentum from March 5th. This wonderful charity series has become somewhat controversial in the days since. Media reports promoting the success of the event prompted the international governing body for cycling, the UCI, to contact the event organizers and inform them that they would enforce the following rule that prohibits UCI licensed professionals from participating in the event:
Rule 1.2.019 :
No License holder may participate in an event that has not been included on a national, continental, or world calendar or that has not been recognized by a national federation, a continental confederation or the UCI. A national federation may grant special exceptions for races or particular events run in its own country.

Historically, the UCI has not flagged participation in charity events nor has the USAC enforced any penalties on UCI licensed holders for their participation in unsanctioned charity events. To do so, would impact the livelihood of the cyclists and the event promoters, as well as the good work of many charities across the country. It would also impact cycling on a local level across the country, if professional cyclists risked being suspended for up to one month and fined 100 Swiss Francs for supporting a charity or local ride.

Despite his belief that he has been wrongly banned, Tyler Hamilton has been respectful of the process throughout his recent ordeal. His participation in the Criteriums@Stazio and the upcoming road races in April are in support of the Tyler Hamilton Foundation’s mission to promote cycling. It is unjust and unfair that any cyclist be penalized for participating along with him and in these events.

This recent development affects all cyclists, and stands to jeopardize a long standing tradition of fund raising through cycling. Do not let local events that make difference in the lives of so many, young and old throughout our country be threatened. Do not stand by while cyclists who've done no wrong are threatened with suspensions. Let your voice be heard. Here is how you can help:

Send a letter to the USAC advocating for the THF events and all unsanctioned charity events throughout the country. Let them know you support the efforts of the professional cyclists that participate. Let them know you believe in promoting cycling in the USA and need their help to do so. One the major activities of USA Cycling ensure the ongoing development and safe participation in the sport of cycling. They have not accomplished that goal through this recent action and they need to hear from their constituents.

Gerard Bisceglia, USAC Chief Executive Officer Email: Phone: 719-866-4603
Sean Petty, USAC Chief of Staff Email: Phone: 719-866-4783
Jim Ochowicz: USAC Board President Email: Phone: 415.364.6947
Mailing address: USA Cycling, 1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

  • Participate in these events or similar events in your area. Everyone is welcome. Never done it before? This is a great environment to try it out!
  • Go to DBC Events for details Sponsor a Junior Cyclist. Junior cyclists from the ages of 1 – 18 receive complimentary registrations. Send a check for $10 per race to THF and directly sponsor a junior cyclist. (Send checks to THF, PO 20727, Boulder, CO 80308) In your local area, send a check to the charity and designate your gift for a junior cyclist
  • If you have a Junior Cycling Team or event put information out at the THF Booth and spread the word. Outside of Colorado, send us the information and we will post it
  • Start a Junior Cycling Team! Put a sign up sheet at the THF Booth or at an event in your area and get it started
  • Get out a cheer for everyone at all levels. The more spectators cycling events have the better it is for the sport so get out there and live out loud!

This is about believing. It is about believing in our communities, and our rights as individuals. It is about believing in the power of the bike. Join us in our efforts to make a difference.

From a group of concerned cyclists:
Arizona Cindy Brown, Arizona Curtis Brown, Arizona Pat Brown, Colorado Pat Bush, California Ann Cimellaro, Arizona Craig Coppola, Arizona Toshi Corbett, California Brandon Cutler, Arizona Curt Czarsty, Arizona Nick Damner, California Fred Darche, Arizona Chris Davenport, Colorado Stephanie Dawa, Arizona Dan and Marsha Dobric, Arizona Jimmy Dunlap, Colorado Jenn Eastley, Colorado Doug Emerson, Colorado Terry Fina, New York Shannon Fogg, Arizona Matt Frederick, Arizona Lyle Fulkerson, Massachusetts Barbara Grealish, Colorado Chris Grealish, Colorado Haven Hamilton, Colorado Geoff Hamilton, Colorado Tyler Hamilton, Colorado Bill & Lorna Hamilton, Massachusetts Sarah Keats, Arizona Debbie Kelly, California Patrick Kelly, California David Kellem, Massachusetts John Landry, Arizona Nick Launderie, Arizona Jennifer Linehan, Massachusetts Vikki Majors, Arizona Terry Malouf, Colorado Daniel Martin , Arizona Deirdre Moynihan, Colorado Danielle Nickels, Arizona Georgia Pass, Arizona Angie Peterson, Arizona Ted and Jeri Rabban, Arizona Andrea Ryerson, California John Ryerson, California Mark Schwab, Colorado Kelly Serbin, Arizona Clark Sheehan, Colorado Richard Shireman, Arizona Paul Tagley, Colorado Ahmad Terry, Colorado Michele Van Slyke, Arizona Larry Vuolo, Massachusetts Brad Vigil.

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