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Central Valley Classic Time Trial Women's Report
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 3/11/2006
Central Valley Classic Time Trial Women's Report

Report from Central Valley Classic Time Trial
Aaron’s Pro Women’s Cycling Team

Early spring races in Fresno, CA generally prompt visions of sun, orange groves and vineyards, right? Well, it seems as though the inclement weather is following the early Aaron’s team events yet this time it somewhat worked in their favor as it changed an all out hill climb into a flat and long, winding time trial. The Aaron’s Women’s team officially kicks off their team’s season at the April 8th Jacksonville, FL race, yet Catherine Powers of the Aaron’s squad decided that she wanted to make sure that they had some representation in the early CA races and test her form.

Catherine and Team Director Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat arrived to the host housing Thursday night and were greeted by the incredibly hospitable hosts Matt and Susan who also gave fair warning of the weather forecasts for the next day. As Jeremy was assembling Catherine’s bike with her climbing gear Matt came with the news that the race course had been moved since there was snow at the top of the scheduled course! So Catherine and Jeremy headed out to the new course as the clouds got darker and sleet came down, followed by intermittent rain and even a little bit of flurries.

Race organizers and promoters did an amazing job of smoothly transitioning the race courses and actually had selected an incredibly smooth 16 mile time trial. The course rolled very gradually through vineyards, orange groves and by streams ending with a little over a 1k climb to the finish, which was well received and suited to Catherine.

After an extensive warm up Catherine rolled to the line with a minute to her time and rolled out and settled into a solid pace and rhythm that she held solidly for the entire course. As Catherine passed the 1k to go sign she stood out of the saddle and powered her way to the finish for a solid 7th place.

Team Biovail Report:
Team Biovail has enjoyed a few weeks of warm weather training so it came as a bit of a surprise to have the uphill TT changed to a flatter course at lower elevation due to snow on the original course at only 1500ft. Since the TT was to finish at 4000ft, the course change was welcomed by all, however, despite the event website calling for riders to use their originally planned equipment (ie: road bikes), we can only surmise that not everybody received the message as most riders arrived with their original equipment, however some teams did come with full aero setup. The new TT course would be a flat/rolling, point to point course.

Bundled up in the TT: Anne Samplonius  photo c. Scott Gerrie Team Biovail

Anne Samplonius was the only Biovail rider to make her way up to Fresno for the race. On her road bike without an aero setup, Anne finished a respectable 9th place. Just to give you an idea, there was only one rider ahead of her that did not have a full aero TT setup! That was Kristin Armstrong of Team Lipton; Sue Palmer-Komar finished 12th on her road bike.

Saturday's race is the Kearney Circuit Race; it is 90 miles long and will be in cool and overcast weather with a chance of rain and yes, even SNOW here in California! This should be an interesting day out on the road so watch for the next race report coming to you soon.

Results 1-20 (full results below)
1 Christine Thorburn (Webcor Platinum) 39.55
2 Kristin Armstrong (Team Lipton) 0.52
3 Erinne Willock (Webcor Platinum) 1.25

4 Felicia Gomez (Webcor Platinum) 1.51
5 Leigh Hobson (Victory Brewing Team) 2.12
6 Chrissy Ruiter (Victory Brewing Team) 2.31
7 Catherine Powers (Aaron's ) 2.41
8 Betina Hold (Webcor Platinum) 2.54
9 Anne Samplonius (Team Biovail) 2.58
10 Amber Rais (Webcor-Platinum) 3.16
11 Lisa Hunt (the olympic club) 3.21
12 Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita/Cooking Light) 3.22
13 Sima Trapp (Colavita/Cooking Light) 3.24
14 Cat Malone (Webcor-Platinum) 3.27
15 Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing Team) 3.29
16 Beverley Harper (Touchstone Climbing) 3.31
17 Rebecca Larson (Cycle Science) 3.48
18 Moriah Macgregor (Dizzy Chicks) 3.52
19 Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing Team) 4.05
20 Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/Cooking Light) 4.15

Central Valley Classic Time trial supplemental information:
Due to ice and snow on the origional Tollhouse TT course, race promoters moved the course to a flat16 mile TT east of Fresno. Cheers to the promoter for keeping the omnium three stages. Race Director Mike Schumake issued a request in the interest of "Sportmanship and Fair Play" that teams use the same equipment in the new, flat TT that riders planned to use in the climbing TT.
Team directors from Colavita/Cooking Light, TEAm Lipton, Colorado Premier Training-Colnago, Webcor-Platinum, and Victory Brewing met before the start, and discussed two different viewpoints. One was to honor the promoter's request, though it was not an enforceable rule, and another was that the teams should use all resources available to them. Colavita/Cooking Light, Team Lipton, and Colorado Premier Training- Colnago decided to use full non-TT setups, despite having TT bikes, helmets, and wheels available to them. Most riders of Victory Brewing and Webcor-Platinum chose to use their full equipment, which was within the scope of the rules.

"Aero" column (X) indicates the use of aero equipment as noted by the referee. Does not affect the overall results.

Pro / Elite 1/2 Women
Place-Time-First Name-Last Name-Team-Bib-Aero
1-0:39:55-Christine-Thorburn-Webcor Platinum-33w-X
2-0:40:47-Kristin-Armstrong-Team Lipton-9w-
3-0:41:20-Erinne-Willock-Webcor Platinum-34w-X
4-0:41:46-Felicia-Gomez-Webcor Platinum-31w-X
5-0:42:07-Leigh-Hobson-Victory Brewing Team-25w-X
6-0:42:26-Chrissy-Ruiter-Victory Brewing Team-26w-X
7-0:42:36-Catherine-Powers-Aaron's ProCycling Tea-69w-X
8-0:42:49-Betina-Hold-Webcor Platinum-32w-X
9-0:42:53-Anne-Samplonius-Team Biovail Pro Cycling-67w-

11-0:43:16-Lisa-Hunt-The Olympic Club-68w-X
12-0:43:17-Sue -Palmer-Komar-Colavita/Cooking Ligh47w-
13-0:43:19-Sima-Trapp-Colavita/Cooking Light -49w-
14-0:43:22-Cat-Malone-Webcor-Platinum 36w-X
15-0:43:24-Lauren-Franges-Victory Brewing Team-23w-X
16-0:43:26-Beverley-Harper-Touchstone Climbing-17w-
17-0:43:43-Rebecca-Larson-Cycle Science-73w-
18-0:43:47-Moriah-Macgregor-Dizzy Chicks-74w-X
19-0:44:00-Kirsten-Robbins-Victory Brewing Team-30w-X
20-0:44:10-Dotsie-Bausch-Colavita/Cooking Li45w-

21-0:44:12-Sarah-Tillotson-Colavita/Cooking Lig-42w-
22-0:44:18-Kori-Seehafer-Team Lipton-10w-
23-0:44:40-Nicole-Evans-Ffkr Archi\ Sportsbase-77w-
25-0:44:43-Kele-Murdin-Velo Bella-Kona-20w-X
29-0:45:06-Alisha-Lion-Velo Bella-Kona-89w-X
30-0:45:13-Penny-Avril-Touchstone Climbing-16w-

31-0:45:50-Grace-Fleury-Team Lipton-3w-
32-0:46:14-Martina-Patella-Mcguire Cycling-92w-
33-0:46:21-Katie-Lambden-Team Lipton-5w-
34-0:46:29-Susan-Hedstrom-Mcguire Cycling-94w-
35-0:46:49-Meredith-Miller-Team Lipton-7w-
37-0:46:53-Brooke-Miller-Pabw Powered By Tibco-63w-
38-0:46:54-Pat-Ross-Touchstone Climbing-15w-
39-0:47:01-Laura-Downey-Americas Dairyland-70w-
40-0:47:19-Audrey-Lemieux-Colavita/Cooking Lt-43w-

41-0:47:26-Natalie -Klemko-Americas Dairyland-71w-
43-0:47:50-Hiroko -Shimada -Velo Bella-Kona-21w-
44-0:47:55-Liza-Rachetto-Team Lipton-8w-X
45-0:48:02-Holly-Borowski-Mcguire/USA Armed Forces-61w-
46-0:48:15-Erin-Elders-Mcguire Cycling Team-56w-X
47-0:48:17-Starr-Brown-Mcguire Cycling Team-58w-
48-0:48:21-Kristen-Lasasso-Team Lipton-6w-
49-0:48:32-Lara-Kroepsch-Team Lipton-4w-
50-0:48:46-India-Sanjuan-Touchstone Climbing-14w-

51-0:48:54-Jennifer-Joynt-Velo Bella-Kona-22w-X
53-0:49:20-Cynthia-Carroll-Mcguire Cycling-93w-
54-0:50:16-Brenda-Lyons-Victory Brewing Team-29w-
56-0:53:30-Laura-Bowles-Victory Brewing Team-28w-
57-0:56:18-Jane-Ziegler-Velo Bella-Kona-19w-X
58-0:57:54-Brooke-Ourada-Colavita/Cooking Light -44w-

117-0:00:00-Katharine-Carroll-Victory Brewing Team-27w-
118-0:00:00-Laura-Vangilder-Team Lipton-1w-
119-0:00:00-Laura-Yoisten-Victory Brewing Team-24w-

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