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Vuelta Independencia Nacional Stage 8
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 3/4/2006
Vuelta Independencia Nacional Stage 8

Vuelta Independencia Nacional Stage 8

Vuelta Independencia Stage 8
La Vega to Santo Domingo 115 km.

Joel Fernandez of AEG/Toshiba/JetNetwork Wins in Santo Domingo
In the eighth stage of the Vuelta Independencia XXVII Nacional, which began in La Vega and arrived in the capital of Dominican Republic after covering 115 km.
Joel Fernández of the USA Continental team AEG/Toshiba, escorted by the Dominican Cesar Cruz and Franklin Molina of Venezuela all finished with the same time of 2.41:07 besting the other two escapees, Frank Santori and Rafael German. Still in command wearing the leaders yellow jersey Venezuelan Richard Ochoa finished with the main group at 37 seconds.
Tomorrow's stage 9 a 120 km race on a circuit in the capital city of Santo Domingo that barring major incident should see Richard Ochoa finish the race as leader and KOM. Ochoa only 2 points behind Jorge Perez in the Sprints may go for a triple crown but Perez won't release his lead lightly.

Richard Ochoa in Yellow photo c. Zciclismo

En Santo Domingo Vence Joel Fernandez De AEG (USA) en Giro
Santo Domingo (zciclismo) En la octava de la XXVII Vuelta Independencia Nacional que se inicio en La Vega y llego a la capital de Republica Dominicana luego de recorrer 115 Km. la ha ganado Joel Fernández del AEG Estados Unidos escoltado por el dominicano Cesar Cruz y Franklin Molina de Venezuela todos con el mismo registro de 2.41:07. Al comando continua el venezolano Richard Ochoa quien llego a la meta en lote principal a 37 segundos.

Stage 8 podium Cesar Cruz, Joel Fernandez, Franklin Molina photo c zciclismo

Stage 8 La Vega to Santo Domingo 115 km.
1. Joel Fernandez AEG Estados Unidos 2.41:07
2. César Cruz Bicicentro La Veja m.t.
3. Franklin Molina Venezuela m.t.

4. Frank Santori Guadaloupe m.t.
5. Rafael German Mauricio Baez m.t.
6. Jorge Gallegos Ecuador a 37”
7. Wendy Cruz Fênix Banreservas m.t.
8. Nicolas Dumont Guadaloupe m.t.
9. Vladimir Estevez Aro & Pedal m.t.
10 Julio Peralta Fênix Banreservas m.t.

G.C. (Individual por Tiempos)
1. Richard Ochoa Venezuela 23.15:33
2. Christopher Frederick AEG Estados Estados a 2´27”
3. Jorge Perez Bicicentro La Vega a 3´35”

4. Wendy Cruz Férnix-Banreserva a 3¨38”
5. Augusto Sanchez Aro & Pedal a 4´51”
6. Arcalde Herve Martinica a 5´28”
7. Alexandre Lecocq Guadaloupe a 5´59”
8. Jorge Gallegos Ecuador a 6´00”
9. Nicolas Dumont Guadaloupe a 6´16”
10 Victor Moreno Venezuela a 6´53”

Teams: (Equipos)
1. Venezuela 69.59:00
2. Bicicentro La Vega a 3´47”
3. Fénix Banreservas a 11´30”

Points Jersey: REGULARIDAD:
1. Jorge Perez Bicicentro La Vega 27 pts
1. Richard Ochoa Venezuela 25 pts
2. Augusto Sanchez Aro & Pedal 21 pts.

KOM (Montana puntos)
1. Richard Ochoa Venezuela 29 pts.

2. Augusto Sanchez Aro & Pedal 23 pts.
3. Jorge Perez Bicicentro La Vega 13 pts.

Intermediate Sprints (Metas Volantes)
1. Victor Moreno Venezuela 28 pts
2. Jorge Perez Bicicentro La Vega 21 pts
3. Gil Cordovez Fénix Banreservas 21 pts.
Jose Manuel Zabala Cardenas

IX: Santo Domingo (Circuito) 120 Kms

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