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Vuelta Independencia Nacional Stage 6
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 3/3/2006
Vuelta Independencia Nacional Stage 6

Vuelta Independencia Nacional Stage 6
Stage 6 finished in Mao the "City of Beautiful Evenings" with Jorge Perez winning the second stage in his national tour. Perez with two French breakmates Lecocq and Dumont gained 2:30 over the chasing peloton. AEG/Toshiba/JetNetwork's Christopher is still in yellow.

Jorge Perez (Bicicentro La Vega) Repeats
Jorge Pérez of Bicicentro LaVega initiated the attack in the  Mocha to Mao and finished in a time of 3.03:13 in 132 Km sixth stage. A duo of Frenchmen Alexandre Lecocq and Nicolas Dumont (both of the regional team of Guadaloupe) arrived together with Alexandre beating his teammate to the line by 4 seconds for second place.

Race leader Christopher Frederick (AEG/Toshiba/JetNetwork USA) arrived with the main group at  2¨30 " safely tucked in the peloton with Richard Ochoa and Arcalde Herve his two challengers at the commune of  Mao referred to locally as the "City of the beautiful evenings." Victor Moreno of Venezuela won the bunch sprint for 4th place.

Jorge Perez with his win today ties Begnino de La Cruz for leadership in the Sprints competition. Perez also increased his lead in the KOM and now has a solid hold on the jersey.

The Podium Stage 6 photo c. zciclismo

Jorge Perez Repeats en La Vuelta Independencia Nacional
Mao (zciclismo) El dominicano Jorge Pérez de Bicicentro La Vega cristalizo la fuga que lo llevo desde Moca a Mao en un tiempo de 3.03:13 en los 132 Km pautados para la sexta etapa, en la segunda plaza el francés Alexandre Lecocq a 3 segundos y a siete segundos arribo el también francés Nicolas Dumont ambos del comité regional de Guadaloupe. De líder sigue Christopher Frederick del AEG Estados Unidos quien con retraso de 2¨30” junto al pelotón llego a la ciudad de los bellos atardeceres.

MOCA – MAO 132 Km.
1. Jorge Perez Bicicentro La Vega 3.02:13
2. Alexandre Lecocq Guadaloupe a 03”
3. Nicolas Dumont Guadaloupe a 07”

4. Victor Moreno Venezuela a 2´30”
5. Jose Rodriguez Aro & Pedal m.t.
6. Deivy Capellan Mauricio Baez m.t.
7. Frederick Segura Venezuela m.t.
8. Augusto Sanchez Aro & Pedal m.t.
9. Rafael German Mauricio Baez m.t.
10 Wilson Paneluisa Ecuador m.t.

1. Christopher Frederick Estados Unidos 20.32:20
2. Richard Ochoa Venezuela a 06”
3. Arcalde Herve Martinica a 1´26”

4. Wendy Cruz Fênix BanReservas a 1´31”
5. Jorge Perez Bicicentro La Vega a 1´58”
6. Alexandre Lecocq Guadaloupe a 2´39”
7. Jorge Gallegos Ecuador a 3´00”
8. Victor Moreno Venezuela a 3´01”
9. Christofer Herbis Areperos a 3´06”
10 Daniel Garcia Venezuela a 3´17”

1. Venezuela 52.29:43
2. Ecuador a 4¨20”
3. Fênix BanReservas a 4´39”

Sprints Jersey: POR PUNTOS:
1. Jorge Perez Bicicentro La Veja 20 pts.
2. Begnino de la Cruz Espiga Real 20 pts.
3. Augusto Sanchez Aro & Pedal 18 pts

Intermediate Sprints: METAS VOLANTES:
1. Victor Moreno Venezuela 18 pts.
2. Gil Cordoves Fénix 17 pts..
3.Deivi Capellan Mauricio Baez 17 pts.

King of the Mountains: MONTAÑA:
1. Jorge Perez Bicicentro La Vega 20 pts.
2. Richard Ochoa Venezuela 11 pts
3. Nicolas Dumont Guadaloupe 10 pts.
Fotos: zciclismo
Hasta la próxima: Jose Manuel Zabala Cardenas

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