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GP Lugano (1.1)
By Andy McGrath
Date: 2/28/2006
GP Lugano (1.1)

GP Lugano

Podium: Kirchen, Bettini, & Kuchynski photo c. Fotoreporter Serotti

Reigning Olympic champion Paolo Bettini (Quick Step) took his second win of the season in Switzerland this weekend; the Classics star attacked a breakaway viciously on the Carona climb - 6km at 5.2% gradient with an opening section of 10% - 15km from the finish, and nobody in the fragmented peloton behind could bring him back, despite rivals Davide Rebellin, Kim Kirchen and Franck Schleck among those behind.

Solo Cricket photo c. Fotoreporter Serotti

Earlier this month, Bettini won the Trofeo Soller in Mallorca. Indeed, it was Tour of Poland winner Kirchen (T-Mobile) who won the twenty-two man sprint for second, ahead of Belarussian Alexandr Kuschynski (scoring a very nice podium placing for small Continental team Ceramica Flaminia) and Davide Rebellin (Gerolsteiner), runner up in the previous day's GP Chiasso.

photo c. Fotoreporter Serotti

Quick Step Report
Bettini bolted into a breakaway 28 kilometres from the finish. After having reached the top of the last up hill section with an advantage of 35 the Olympic Champion launched himself towards the finish line of Lugano ahead of the main group lead by Kim Kirchen. Bettini crossed the finish line 52 ahead of the rest of the group.

Our team was fantastic today Bettini said, with this his 2nd win of the season - at the bottom of the final ascent I had 4 other team members around me. Scarselli, Wielinga, Vasseur and Van de Walle all did a fantastic job that I went on to finish. Im in good form and must admit that Im having a great start to the season. I am motivated and want to make the most of this and the great form that I am in order to try and get a few more victories under my belt.

1 11 ITA19740401 Bettini Paolo QSI 4h 18 '31"
2 64 LUX19780703 Kirchen Kim TMO a 52"
3 165 BLR19791027 Kuchynski Aliaksandr FLM st.t

4 44 ITA19710809 Rebellin Davide GST st.t
5 85 KAZ19760815Z197 Fofonov Dmitriy C.A st.t
6 177 ITA19760216 Tonti Andrea ASA st.t
7 157 ITA19800711 Pietropolli Daniele TEN st.t
8 5 FRA19790630 Chavanel Sylvain COF st.t
9 137 ITA19740204 Mazzanti Luca PAN st.t
10 41 ITA19790223 Moletta Andrea GST st.t

photo c. Fotoreporter Serotti

11 181 ITA27239 Giunti Massimo NSM st.t
12 3 ITA19780108 Bertagnolli Leonardo COF st.t
13 7 BEL19830114 Monfort Maxime COF st.t
14 76 LUX19800415 Schleck Frank CSC st.t
15 86 FRA19800911 Le Mevel Christophe C.A st.t
16 104 ITA19770211 Illiano Raffaele CLM st.t
17 84 FRA19790604 Charteau Anthony C.A st.t
18 36 ITA19841114 Nibali Vincenzo LIQ st.t
19 81 ITA19790806 Bellotti Francesco C.A st.t
20 152 ITA19800806 Bosisio Gabriele TEN st.t
21 141 ESP19760329 Astarloa Igor BAR st.t
22 83 ITA19750822 Caucchioli ietro C.A a 01'03"
23 2 FRA19750430 Moncoutie David COF a 01'09"
24 125 POL19800411 Niemiec Przemyslaw MIE a 02'54"
25 116 SUI19821015 Dietziker Andreas LPR st.t
26 232 ITA19781013 Fanelli Ivan AMO a 03'11"
27 97 FRA19800102 Pineau Jrome BTL st.t
28 32 SUI19770705 Calcagni Patrick LIQ st.t
29 26 FRA19731229 Rinero Christophe SDV st.t
30 103 ITA19690117 Barbero Sergio CLM st.t

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