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A Virtual Ride of Tour of California Stage 7 Part 2
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 2/25/2006
A Virtual Ride of Tour of California Stage 7 Part 2

"Virtual Ride" of the Tour of California Final Stage in Redondo Part 2
Stage 7 is a 10 laps of a 7.65 mile circuit through the Southern California community of Redondo Beach this Sunday afternoon at 1pm. The course has elements that will test the riders with a few tight chicanes and transitions from six lanes to two providing opportunities for breakaways to develop during the final stage of the first Tour of California.

In the first part of the pictorial of the preview we left off the course as it enters Riviera Village the location of the intermediate sprints for the Sprint Jersey...the course snakes through the posh village with its espresso shops, art galleries and gourmet ristorantes reminiscent of a Mediterranean commune. Click on thumbnails to see a larger photos

As the point sprint finishes and the riders come around the curve the road opens to a straight as an arrow road flanked by Palms swaying in the sea breeze... an open invitation for a group of riders who have gained a gap to make a run for the finish...

After the straight section the road makes a few curves the course passes the park it once passed on Catalina on its return to the finish. The park no doubt will be a favorite with the fans and paparazzi as the race will pass this section twice...again the road rolls up and down and will now bring the riders to a more interesting part of the course as the riders make a wide swing onto Catalina Avenue North and back to the finish.

As the riders leave this section and enter North Catalina in a sweeping turn to the right they will be confronted by some older asphalt that has been repaired this week but the road is rough and cracked and sure to have some loose asphalt as they now approach a left turn that will squeeze the peloton down to a two lane switchbacked lane in an industrial district...first sprinters or groups through this section will be in position to contest the finish...

A hard left at the intersection in the picture on the right... compresses the peloton from three wide lanes to two

A hundred metres on some rough road and a hard right. In the distance another hundred metres at the end of this block the riders will make a 90 degree left turn ... onto a section of road that is as rough as what they just rode.

This is the approach to the final turn before the riders make their approach to the long straight away to the start finish... enlarge the pictures to see the road surface... this corner will be a highly contested ballet of speed on two wheels ... a good place for photo opportunities...

The turn is made as the riders pass this local landmark wall mural and view the palm tree lined finish area in the next km.
To be continued with the last km that the riders will attack to win Stage 7 of the Tour of California
Entire gallery of Stage 7 virtual ride.

All photos C. Roman Trevisanut &

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