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Tour of California Stage 3 Time Trial, San Jose
By Staff
Date: 2/22/2006
Tour of California Stage 3 Time Trial, San Jose

Tour of California Stage 3 Time Trial
Just in: Provisional results of today's TT in San Jose, Landis scorches the field to take the Gold leaders jersey, Zabriskie, Julich, with Hincapie and ONeil as new leaders. Photos of the California "Cycling Crazy"roadside fans and Podium girls..

Domingo Gonzales just finished at 39:33.60 set the time to beat as the first rider of the day.

Davidenko was the first to set a new time of  39.081. Shortly after Mariano Friedick (Toyota/United Pro) passed two of his minute men to set the best time of 38:48.02.
Lars Ytting Bak,  passed three riders to better Mariano's time by :47 to post a 38:00.27.

Fast Freddy Rodriquez (38:41. ) and the current World  Time Trial Champion  Michael Rogers were next to weigh in with Rogers posting  38.16.90 leaving Lars Bak as the best time to beat.

Unofficial and provisional Results
1. Floyd Landis (Phonak)              35:58.91.
2. David Zabriske (CSC)               36:24.53
3. Bobby Julich (CSC)                   36:33.89
4. George Hincapie (Discovery)    36:53.95
5. Nathan O'Neil (Health Net)      36:55.74

Shake up of the G.C. as expected after today should put Landis in Gold with Zabriskie second and Julich in Third as your G.C. Leaders at the end of today. (Official Top Ten after Stage 2 below.)
Other rider times available at this time are listed below. Full Official results will follow when available.

Typical road side fans in California photo c. Andrew Rogers & Daily Peloton

Top ten G.C. from yesterdays Stage 2:
1.       57 USA 19730629 HINCAPIE George DSC           7.20'28"
2.       31 USA 19731024 LEIPHEIMER Levi GST           7.20'32" 4"
3.         2 USA 19711118 JULICH Bobby CSC                  7.20'37" 9"
4.       11 USA 19751014 LANDIS Floyd PHO                   7.20'38" 10"
5.         9 USA 19790112 ZABRISKIE David CSC            7.20'41" 13"
6.       21 AUS 19770214 EVANS Cadel DVL                     7.20'44" 16"
7.       23 USA 19711023 HORNER Christopher DVL       7.20'47" 19"
8.       54 USA 19780313 DANIELSON Thomas DSC        7.20'49" 21"
9.         7 USA 19760522 VANDEVELDE Christian CSC   7.20'49" ...
10.     52 CAN 19751218 BARRY Michael DSC                7.20'50" 22

Typical road side fans in California photo c. Andrew Rogers & Daily Peloton

Other Riders results as available at this time:
Fabian Cancellara  CSC)              37:01.19
Vladmir Gusev                              37:01.75.
Levi Leipheimer (Gerolsteiner)      37.13.97.
Tom Danielson (Discovery)           37.41.10
Jason McCartney (Discovery)       37:43.18.
Hadyn Roulston  (Health Net)       37:45.03
Stuart O'Grady (CSC)                  37:45.20
Chris Horner (Davitamon/Lotto)    38.06.43.
Michael Rogers                             38.16.90
Gilberto Simoni (Saunier Duval/P)  39:57.84.

George and the podium girls photo c. Andrew Rogers & Daily Peloton

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