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Cycling News Roundup 12 February 2006
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 2/12/2006
Cycling News Roundup 12 February 2006

Cycling News Roundup 12  February 2006
Tour of Cuba, Skil/Shimano, Cycling in the Media: Pure Sweet Hell, New Product Hammer Nutrition, Paris Dakar.

7 days to the start of the Tour of California!

Tour of Cuba
Michel Fernandez of Cuba Triumphs in Tinajones
A crash marred the finish of the stage in the  last 300 meters, Michel Fernández of Cuba beat Jackson Rodríguez of Venezuela, the Slovene Borut Bozic and the Cuban Pedro Pablo Pérez, who followed the winner in
this order, all with time of 4:32.02 hours for the 206 km stage.

c foto: Angel Yu

El Cubano Michel Fernandez Triunfo en la Cuiudad de Los Tinajones
Camaguey (zciclismo) En un final accidentado luego de una caida en los ultimos 300 metros, el cubano Michel Fernández rebasó en soberbio embalaje a los tres primeros del giro: Jackson Rodríguez de Venezuela, el esloveno Borut Bozic y el cubano Pedro Pablo Pérez, quienes siguieron al ganador en
ese orden, todos con tiempo de 4:32.02 horas.

HOLGUIN - CAMAGUEY 206 Km. Promedio : 45.436 KM/H
1- Michel Fernández Pista/Cuba 4:32.02
2- Jackson Rodríguez Venezuela m.t.
3- Borut Bozic Perutnina/Eslovenia m.t.
4- Pedro Pablo Pérez Cuba m.t.
5- Luis Macías Chivas/México m.t.
6- Tobías Muller Volvo/Alemania m.t.
7- David Capellán República Dominicana m.t.
8- Joseph Papp Partizan/EE:UU m.t.
9- Simone Biasci Partizan/Italia m.t.
10 Wendy Cruz (Dom) CAICO/Puerto Rico m.t.

1- Pedro Pablo Pérez Cuba 17:35.32
2- Michel Fernández Cuba Pista a 10
3- Bozic Borut Perutnina, Eslovenia a 17
4- Jackson Rodríguez Venezuela a 25
5- Simone Biasci Partizan, Italia a 33
6- Wendy Cruz Caico, Puerto Rico a 35
7- Petrus Woestenberg Altipower, Holanda a 36
8- Alien García Ciego de Ávila a 37
9- Reinier Cardoso Ciudad de La Habana a 38
10- Yasmani Martínez La Habana a 38

Points (Por Puntos):
1- Pedro Pablo Pérez Cuba 74 pts.
3- Michel Fernández Pista/Cuba 55 pts.
2- Borut Bozic Perutnina/Eslovenia 49 pts.

Mountain Points (Montana)
1. Arnold Alcolea Cuba 13 pts.
2. Jackson Rodriguez Venezuela 12 pts.
3. Yorman Contreras Venezuela 09 pts.

1- Jackson Rodríguez Venezuela 17:35.57
2- Alien García Ciego de Ávila a 12
3- Yasmani Martínez La Habana a 13a 13
Hasta la próxima: Jose Manuel zabala Cardenas

Official Start lists Teams Trofeo Laigueglia:
Quick Step-Innergetic for al Trofeo Laigueglia (14/02)

Paolo Bettini,
Davide Bramati
Ad Engels
Nick Nuyens
Filippo Pozzato
Ivan Santaromita
Leonardo Scarselli
Davide Vigano
Sport director: Serge Parsani

La Lampre-Fondital for al Trofeo Laigueglia:
Ballan Alessandro
Bennati Daniele
Bono Matteo
Commesso Salvatore
Corioni Claudio
Figueras Giuliano
Loosli David
Petrov Evgueni
Direttore sportivo: Piovani Maurizio

Team Miche è il Trofeo Laigueglia:
Directeur Sportif: Marco Tozzi

Rider News:
Skil/Shimano Cycling Team
Arno Wallaard misses start of the season because of hernia
Medical examination made clear that Arno Wallaard (The Netherlands) of the Skil-Shimano cycling team is suffering a hernia. His doctor has confidence that with small surgery this injury can be cured. This surgery is scheduled for the 10th of March at the Albert Schweizer Hospitality in Dordrecht.
During the Tour de Qatar, pain in Wallaard's back increased which made examination of this physical problem necessary. Now that the cause of the complaints has become clear, Wallaard is already concentrating on his recovery.
“I have good prospects of complete recovery which will enable me to transmit maximum power on my bike again. Therefore I am already looking beyond surgery and I have confidence to come back to racing
relatively soon”, explains Arno Wallaard.
The doctor who will perform the surgery, expects that Wallaard will be able to make short and extensive rides on his bike again ten days after surgery. It is expected that it will take approximately two months before Arno Wallaard can return to competition.

Arno Wallaard mist start van het seizoen vanwege hernia
Bij Arno Wallaard van het Skil-Shimano wielerteam is na medisch onderzoek een hernia geconstateerd. Zijn behandelend arts heeft vertrouwen dat met een relatieve kleine ingreep het probleem kan worden verholpen. De operatie staat gepland voor 10 maart in het Albert Schweizer Ziekenhuis in Dordrecht. Tijdens de Ronde van Qatar verergerden Wallaard's rugklachten waardoor nader onderzoek noodzakelijk werd. Nu de oorzaak van de klachten duidelijk is geworden, kijkt Wallaard alweer vooruit naar zijn herstel. “Ik heb goede vooruitzichten op volledig herstel wat mij in staat stelt om weer het maximale vermogen op de pedalen over te brengen.
Daardoor kijk ik al weer verder dan de operatie en vertrouw ik erop dat ik weer relatief snel in koers zal zijn”, legt Arno Wallaard uit. De behandelend arts verwacht dat Wallaard tien dagen na de operatie weer korte en
extensieve ritjes op zijn fiets kan maken. Naar verwachting duurt het circa twee maanden
totdat Wallaard weer in competitie zal zijn.

United Arab Emirates Cycling Championships
Khalid Ali of Dubai’s Al Nasr claimed the top honours in the men’s category of the UAE Cycling Championship held at Al Hail road in Fujairah on Friday.
Omar Al Mansouri of Al Arabi Club of Umm Al Quwain and team-mate, Ahmed Ali finished second and third respectively. Twenty-five cyclists from eight clubs competed in the race and covered the 100k race in 2hrs 34mins.
Mohammed Al Marwi of Emirates Club of Ras Al Khaimah, meanwhile, captured first position in the youth division clocking the same time as in the men’s. Rashid Ali and Hamdan Shambiah, both of Al Nasr, finished second and third respectively. Thirty cyclists, representing 11 clubs, participated in the championship

Cycling in the Media:
Pure Sweet Hell Reviewed in Issue 7 of Cool Eh

Masochistic fun: one of the many euphemisms that can be pegged to Cyclocross. What began in the early 1900s as off-season training for European road and mountain bikers has come into its own as a fringe spectacle. Known as ’cross to insiders, the sport’s rules are drawn by the Union Cycliste International, the governing body enforcing all sanctioned cycling sports including The Tour De France.
The women’s race takes 45 minutes; for the men it increases to 60. A full, six-hour race day will deliver six diverse contests. At the starting line 40 to 100 starters are usually divided up by skill level. The course, always a blend of pavement and dirt, usually measures a mile or two. There are 16-inch or taller wooden planks that sit vertically throughout the course to push racers to charge through the air at full speed.
A racer’s dream ‘cross conditions are: endless sand pits, knee deep mud bogs and giant, cambered turns around knobby-rooted trees. The object is for the racer to complete the most laps within the set time frame. And if it’s painful to watch, its even more bruising to do. Today, stateside, the sport is snowballing thanks to a solid base of pedaling diehards feeling the good hurt day after day, making a run at the traditionally dominant Europeans.

A couple of Santa Cruz, California-based insiders, Brian Vernon and Willie K. Buillion, collaborated to shoot a documentary feature with dual agendas. The helmers sought to intrigue those not in the know while embracing the already converted. Their threeyear rendering is titled Pure Sweet Hell.

Anybody who has piqued interest in the bicycle film canon has noted the unrivaled output by Jørgen Leth. His cycling films alone (A Sunday in Hell, Stars and Water Carriers, The Impossible Hour) are bread and truffle butter to the mainstay of the cycling community, only available to riders down with local bike merchants, who stash them in secret.
Apropos of this cultish following, the directors’ title paid subtle homage to Leth’s timeless, genre-transcending titles and formats. Says Vernon, “The ‘Hell’ was a nod—a subtle one . . . For us, the three Jørgen Leth films are the measuring ground. His films are made with style, so it wasn’t just bike porn.” The two also took handy esoteric cues from classic surf films, churning out an experimental, music-enriched 58 minutes of visual pungent poetry. Think Rimbaud meets William H. Burroughs.
Read the complete article by Matthew Nestle.

Hammer Nutrition New Organic Energy Bar

Hammer Nutrition introduces an organic health and energy bar that takes sports fueling to new dimensions of taste and nutrition. The easy-to-eat, gluten-free Hammer Bar comes in two flavors: chocolate chip and almond raisin. Both flavors are USDA Certified Organic-a high-water mark in the industry-and non-dairy Certified Kosher. In addition, the almond raisin Hammer Bar is Certified Vegan.
Hammer Nutrition bars are moist, easy to chew and digest - a key point for endurance athletes on the move - and have the delicious underlying flavor of dates. The almond raisin bar is slightly nutty to the taste, with a texture to match, and the chocolate chip bar uses dark chocolate chips (consisting of Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Chocolate Liquor, Organic Cocoa Butter, and Non-GMO Soya Lecithin) to give it maximum, authentic chocolate flavor.
The Hammer Bar incorporates several factors that place it among the healthiest and most fuel-efficient energy bars available, including: Alkalizing Protein, crucial for reducing the acidity in the body that comes from sustained energy output. This translates into potentially greater endurance and is achieved by using whole food sources, which are naturally healthier.
Healthy Carbohydrates for consistent, reliable and long-lasting energy. Furthermore, the Hammer Bar is sweetened only with whole food sweeteners, including organic dates, organic raisins and low Glycemic Index organic agave nectar to support stable blood sugar levels.
Essential Fatty Acids in the bar mean that it enhances endurance, cardiovascular health, immunity, mental clarity and hormone balance. Rich in ultra-healthy EFAs, phytosterols and sterolins, the Hammer Bar is a deliciously easy way to supply your body with these all-important nutrients Nature’s super foods pack the Hammer Bar in the forms of sprouted flax and quinoa, Hawaiian spirulina, and wheat and barley grass juice to provide phyto-nutrients to support overall health, immunity and resistance to disease.
Enzymes help the body digest the Hammer Bar and utilize its nutrients at a cellular level. In fact, the Hammer Bar is made fresh in small lots and stored at room temperature to preserve the natural qualities and enzyme activity of the ingredients.
The new Hammer Bar sets a new standard in its class of health and energy bars, and can even be used as an effective emergency meal replacement, supplying some of the highest quality food a person can consume. Ultracycling Hall of Famer Steve Born relied on this bar for almost all of his solid fuel during a 1016-mile nonstop ride.
About Hammer Nutrition and E-Caps: Hammer Nutrition and E-Caps exists to help all athletes reach their highest levels of performance and health. In 1987 Hammer Nutrition and E-Caps became the first manufacturer of a full range of nutritional and supplemental products for athletes before, during and after training and competition. Since then our formula of 100% natural products has proved ever more successful. Our products never have and never will contain added simple sugars, artificial colors, stimulants, hormones, steroids, or banned substances. All of our products are safe, legal and optimally healthy. Alongside superior product quality stands superior customer service.

Vitamin 75% off: Click to buy your vitamins at Wholesale Prices!

Paris Dakar

“Paris-Dakar by bike”

Under the credo of “Life is not the dreams you have, but the dreams you realize” starts at September 10th, 2006 at the base of the Eiffel Tower the first edition of “Paris-Dakar by bike”. The finish will be 10 weeks and 7,000 km (4,350 miles) later at 18 November in Dakar, the most western point of Africa.
During this unique race/expedition the participants will cover the complete distance between both cities, mostly paved, at their own strength by bicycle. The riders can cover the distance as fast as possible or take it easy and do it at their own speed. The route covers the countries France, Andorra, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and
Senegal. The riders will have to cross the Pyrenees, the Atlas-mountains of Morocco and the huge Sahara desert.
The trip is divided into 58 cycling days and 12 days to rest.
Paris-Dakar is more than just a “normal” bike ride. It’s a combination of the physical challenge, the appreciation of the natural beauty, the view of the cultural inheritance and above all a mental freedom. Next to that, the bike journey is open for cyclists from all around the world to create an exceptional atmosphere, during
as well as after the bike ride.
Read the website of the organization for more information.

Rob and Wilbert are two participants of Tour d’Afrique 2004. This epic bicycle ride through the whole of Africa opened our eyes for the intriguing continent. During that race/expedition we were competitors; we were competing who could survive Africa on a bike a fast as possible. We became also close friends. During a cycling weekend in Germany we got the great idea to start a company which we called “Bike Dreams”. Our aim is to organise great challenging bike-rides with a lot of attraction.
We have a lot of cycling experiences all around the world. As a guide for regular cycling holidays, as a racer in cyclosportive events, as a lonely cyclist in exotic countries, as a pilot on a tandem as well as participants of other challenging cycling tours.
Nowadays we run our own Bike Dream : Cycling from Paris to Dakar. It’s just a beginning

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