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Winter Thinking - David Richter
By Staff
Date: 11/21/2005
Winter Thinking - David Richter

Daily Peloton is pleased to welcome pro rider David Richter to the contribution team. Riding last season with Subway Express and now joining Monex, David has happily offered to contribute a regular journal of rider life and leisure to the site.  Read the first journal entry as he humorously shares some off season thoughts and goings on; check back regularly for additional entries.

Winter Thinking
By David Richter

During this off-season Iíve been working on conspiracy theories.  Iím convinced that lotteries are fixed.  Have you ever met a lottery winner?  Why do lottery winners not quit their shitty jobs?  Iím working on a complete manifesto on this issue, but in the mean time donít waste your dough on a lottery ticket.  Why is NASCAR so big, now?  Itís been around for decades, but all of a sudden itís huge.  Iíll tell you whyÖitís fixed!  Itís still real, but itís professional wrestling real.  Itís Laguna Beach real.

Podium at the Bermuda Grand Prix Hill Climb

Now, thereís nothing wrong with this new form of real.  Itís entertainment.  Thatís why Iím proposing that professional cycling in America get more ďreal.Ē  We can fix a few, or all of the races.  We can build our own stars.  There can be ďgood guysĒ and ďbad guys.Ē  Good guys could turn bad, and vice versa.  We would become big celebrities and make celebrity money.  But there would be the occasional crash that youíd have to take.  Massive crashes would be required.

We need to get on this wagon, now.  We canít let some lame sport like speed skating or volleyball beat us to the punch.  We already have Dave Towle.  This dude was born to announce this type of stuff.  I canít believe the WWE hasnít stolen him yet.  Dave would run the show.  Heíd be the commissioner.  All team radios would be on the same frequency, Daveís frequency and heíd call the shots. 

Dave Towle ("The Commish") at Sea Otter with Tina Pic

Conspiracy Theories or the "Honey do list"

 Beside conspiracy theories, Iíve been on the internet a lot.  I think that those two things go hand in hand. 
See, I have nobody to bug during the dayÖeveryoneís at work, so I fire up the computer. 
The longer that I stay on the net, the dumber the shit I look at.  I find myself on Ebay, checking out baseball cards or on Itunes listening to music that sucks.  The internet sucks, so I recently decided to tackle the home project list that my wife gave me.  I put in a French gutter.  This required a lot of digging, lifting, moving, etc. 
So French gutter installing is great cross-training. 

Dave pulls on the leaders jersey at Bermuda Grand Prix.
Everything went great, so I decided to step it up to installing a new storm door.  Now if I could do this, I could practically build a house.  Well, my house is close to a hundred years old and it's not straight or square.  So this door install was not easy.  But I had just knocked out a French gutter, so how could I stop there?  I called Home Depot and hired a pro to do it, but the wife thinks that I installed it.  Now she practically wants me to build a house.  Home projects suck, so now I just hide on my bike all day.

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