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Red Bull Road Rage 2005 Part 1
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 11/6/2005
Red Bull Road Rage 2005 Part 1

Red Bull Road Rage
Irst Annual Red Bull Road Rage in Malibu California, Mtn Biker Myles Rockwell, stumps the road contenders. Results and a report on the first day of practice  on the Tuna Canyon descent. Rockwell, McCook, Lopes top three. McCook (Jelly Belly) wins Speed Trap.

Myles Rockwell a mtn biker riding a straight up road bike with no special modifications won the TT and Pack Race at the inaugural Red Bull Road Rage. A happy Rockwell commented, “It’s nice to shut everybody up. Everyone thought it was going to be McCook or Lopes, but it’s nice to be the underdog. I didn’t really prepare in any special way. I did a couple of spin classes and that’s it,” exclaimed Myles after completing his winning time trial run in just 4 minutes and 24 seconds, earning the coveted crown as the fastest downhill descender.
In spite of a crash, a determined David McCook Jelly Belly’s hard man sprinter finished second and rode the fastest time of the day through the Avid Speed Trap at turn 40.
Equipment: Mountain vs. Road

SIXONESIXONE was available to outfit riders with body armor. Dave McCook is pictured on the left being fitted with the latest of sixonesixone's protective maillots. Although road riders don't usually wear protective gear many after riding the course decided to give it a try.
The body armor gave a decidedly warrior look to the riders especially Eric Saunders who looked like he was outfitted as Warf of TV's Star Trek fame. The riders said the body armor did not limit there position or flexibility on the bike.

David Richter (Subway) suiting up in body armor.

Devon Vigus and Dave McCook suiting up.

Lopes, Carter and Riffle suited up with Jerseys over body armor.


Todd Tanner of Scott USA in full body armor. Todd was the first pro rider to wear the mantle of USA National Downhill champ ten years ago.
Todd is the director of Marketing for Scott Bikes USA said, "That when I heard about Road Rage, I just had to do it."
Todd proved to be a factor in the race finishing the ITT in 4:40:05 to finish 7th riding a bike that had been built for him only that week, no time to get grooved in on the bike pre-race save the the few the practice runs on Friday.

Todd chose a modified version of the Scott SUB 10 for the race. The SUB (Speed Utility Bicycle) series bicycle is a suburban speed machine designed to use either 26” or 700 C wheels with disc brakes. It accommodates a rack and fenders without disc interference, although Todd forgo the fenders and rack for Road Rage.  Todd's finish says a lot about his skills and the quality of a bike that is marketed as a suburban runabout.

Todd Tanners Scott Sub 10, full size picture here.

Detail head set and fork.

Detail: Rear Triangle.

Todd, practice run on turn number 47.


Avid BB-T Disc Brakes:  
Avid was on hand to fit any of the bikes with their BB-T road model disc brakes for any of the riders who wanted to test the advantage they could gain with the discs. Avid plans to present to the UCI a proposal to allow disc brakes into the rule book this year. Avid touts that disc brakes offer more control in braking, no heat buildup transfer from rim to tire, and superior braking and should be UCI legal for road racing. 18 of the riders opted to use the Avid brakes for the race.
Photo: Marty Nothsteins Giant fitted with Avid BB-T brakes.

 The challenge: bait top road and mountain bike racers to a shoot a shootout on a descent on a closed road to determine the best descent specialist. Two former World Downhill Champs (Miles Rockwell and Eric Carter) and Eric Carter current World 4X Downhill Champ. A former and current USA National Downhill champs, Todd Tanner (Scott Bikes) and Duncan Riffle (Yeti). Roadies include a maillot jaune winner Canadian Steve Bauer, Marty Nothstein (Navigators) former World Champ, top USA and Californian roadies David Clinger, Erik Saunders, David Mc Cook (Jelly Belly), Carl Decker, Devon Vigus, David Richter (Subway), and 3 time California State Crit Champ John Wilke among others.

Duncan Riffle (Yeti)

Duncan Riffle-YetiBike!

The Course: A highly technical descent of 2.5 miles and 2000 ft elevation drop from the top of the canyon through 49 curves with cliff-hanging berms and 120 degree turns around rock faces at speeds up to nearly 60 mph through the historic Tuna Canyon in Malibu, California. The course is one narrow lane with rock faces to your right and clear drops to your left into the canyon pit below; the course leaves little comfort for error.
The road built during World War Two by the US Army to move armaments to the coast if California was attacked; a one lane, one way road, newly resurfaced that could be closed for the race, provided the first venue for the Road Rage. Unfortunately, spectators were not allowed on the course due to the one lane nature of the highway with no shoulders for the safety of the riders.

Turn 24, Practice runs on day one of Road Rage. Large picture

Race Format:
Time Trial:
24 riders invited to compete in first an Individual Time Trial; First run the riders are given start positions for the final deciding timed descent to contest the TT winner. Prize List 1, 2, 3: $3000., $2000., $1000.

Steve Bauer, practice run on Saturday.

Pack Race: The top sixteen riders of the ITT are selected to be bracketed in groups of four. The fastest two riders of the TT move to a semi final with the 8 fastest competing in elimination to choose the final four to compete for the Red Bull Road Championship.
Prize list: 1st place: $ 3,000

Dean Myer on turn 24 practice run.
Avid Brakes Speed Trap: A speed trap on one of the few sections of road that is straight, a contest for top speed through the trap for $1000.00. But note, reaching the speed trap at speed is a full on sprint of less than 100 meters and following the time trap there are only 50 yards from the trap to brake for two180 degree hairpins.

Race Announcer: Bobke…Current OLN commentator and 2005 Tour De France host Bob Roll emceed the event and was blown away. “They’re doing something totally different here. This took courage, balance and power - a lot of things that you don’t normally associate road racing with. I think there is a definite niche for this as long as we can find roads like this throughout the country.”

Marty Nothstein (Navigators) Practice run 4 on turn 47, 1km from the finish.

Time Trial:
1.  $3,000 - Mountain biker Myles Rockwell of Durango, CO         (Time: 4:24.7)
2.  $2,000 - Road cyclist David McCook of Mountain View, CA    (Time: 4:25.9)
3.  $1,000 – Mountain biker Brian Lopes of Mission Viejo, CA      (Time: 4:28.6)
4.  John Wike          4:33.1
5.  Mark Weir         4:36.1
6.  Erik Saunders     4:36.1
7.  David Clinger      4:37.9
8.  Dean Myer          4:38.6
9.  Todd Tanner        4:40.5
10. Duncan Riffle      4:42.2
11. David Richter      4:43.4
12. Eric Carter          4:43.9
13. Joe Lawwill         4: 45.4
14. Steve Bauer         4:46.2
15. Carl Decker        4: 46.5
16. Marty Nothstein  4:46.8
17. Greg Herbold      5:13.6
18. Devon Vigus       5:15.2 **
19. Dave Collins       5:28.8

**Devon Vigus did a 4:35.9 in the first heat; crashed in the second heat and finished.
Some of the riders thought the format for the ITT could be changed to best time of three runs as is done in skiing.

Myles Rockwell was superbly consistent with only .02 seconds difference in his ITT and final success in the Pack race as part of the final four.

Pack Race:
1st place: $ 3,000 - Mountain biker Myles Rockwell of Durango, Colorado (Time: 4:24.68)

Avid Speed Trap:
Winner: $ 1,000 - Road cyclist David McCook of Mountain View, California (58 miles per hour.)

Local rider John Wike leads through the corner. Wike set a Speed Trap high for the two days in the practice runs of 59 mph on Saturday; unfortunately the ride did not count as pay day was on Sunday.

End of Day one. Time to Party at Dukes in Malibu. Start of the race at 8am on Sunday.
More to come with photos Saturday and Sunday and rider comments on race day.
First day Photo Gallery here.

More to come...
All Photos copyright and Vaughn Trevi.


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