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4th Amstel Curacao Race
By Staff
Date: 11/6/2005
4th Amstel Curacao Race

Tom Boonen plowed through the humid Curacao air to win the 4th Amstel Curacao Race on Saturday in a solo finish in his new rainbow jersey. He rode with a breakaway group until 3km to go, when he decided it was his time "to go." Paolo Salvodelli came in 2nd and Pieter Weening was third.

Local reports indicate young Boonen put more kilometers in on local dance floors this weekend than he did in the race, not to mention additional kms scuba diving, but it was still the winning combination for the young world champion nicknamed "Staf."

The field was composed of pros and approximately one hundred Dutch and Antilles amateurs. First amateur was Dutch U23 champion Sebastiaan Langeveld, who finished fourth. The Sprint prize was won by Thomas Dekker and Jaime Perestrelo, a local rider. The best Caribbean rider was Chris Ghiorse from the British Virgin Islands. He came in 13th. The best local rider was Iwan Jonker in 23rd spot.

The most aggressive rider was Bart Brentjens; KOM was Kevin Hulsmans. Best junior was Rowald Kelkboom from Aruba.

Best rider above 40 was master world champion of the road Ron Vroom and best above 50 was master world champion of the road Ron Smit.

(Place, Name, Nationality, Team, Age)

1 Boonen Tom Belgium Quick Step 25
2 Savoldelli Paolo Italy Discovery Channel 32
3 Weening Pieter The Netherlands Rabo Bank 24
4 Langeveld Sebastiaan The Netherlands Van Vliet EBH 20
5 Dekker Thomas The Netherlands Rabo Bank 21
6 Dekker Erik The Netherlands Rabo Bank 35
7 Brentjes Bart The Netherlands Giant 37
8 Vroom Ron The Netherlands Dasia 42
9 Bakker Barry The Netherlands Kooyman Techniek 30
10 Summeren van Johan Belgium Davitamon Lotto 24
11 Joosten Theo The Netherlands Dasia 49
12 Zwinkels Hein The Netherlands Westland wil vooruit 29
13 Ghiorse Chris BVI National Team BVI 41
14 Huismans Kevin Belgium Quick Step 27
15 Smit Ron The Netherlands Dasia 54
16 Zwinkels John The Netherlands Westland wil vooruit 25
17 Oomen Roger The Netherlands Individual Participation 32
18 Gottlieb Robert USA Duval USA 46
19 Zandbeek van Ronan The Netherlands TWC Pijnenburg 17
20 Kelkboom Rowold Aruba Sikken Cycle Team 17
21 Toorenburg Mitjenka Aruba Tri Bike Aruba 31
22 Zuidgeest Jos The Netherlands Van Rossum Wierlersport 53
23 Jonker Iwan The Neth. Antilles TEC 33
24 Magdalena Aichel The Neth. Antilles SSCC 37
25 Dirksz Lucien Aruba Sikken Cycle Team 27
26 Thoonen Marcel The Neth. Antilles Kooyman Techniek 45
27 Smit Loek The Neth. Antilles TEC 42
28 Perestrelo Jaime The Neth. Antilles Pedel Pushers 30
29 Heirbaut Karel Belgium ASP 55
30 Keesen Laurens The Neth. Antilles Belissima 42
31 Kibbelaar Guido The Neth. Antilles Belissima 41
32 Marchena Osvaldo The Neth. Antilles TEC 36
33 Glaudemans Gert The Neth. Antilles BDO Accountants 35
34 Vreugdenhil Ronald The Netherlands Westland wil vooruit 28
35 Ruiter de Geert The Netherlands Triathlon TC Luiten 39
36 Arendell Ryuel The Neth. Antilles SSCC 16
37 Jacquorie Chrit Germany LAHME HUFE AKEN 31
38 Reijmer Peter The Neth. Antilles Kooyman Techniek 32
39 Ster van der Leon The Netherlands de Hoekse Renners 29
40 Hessels Coen The Netherlands de Jonge Renner 29
41 Gruppen Ronnie The Neth. Antilles TEC 32
43 Sweerts Emelie The Neth. Antilles Belissima 39
44 Verdaesdock Louis The Netherlands Sauna Diana 42
45 Anthonia Lysander The Neth. Antilles Sorsaka Bikers 23
46 Loo van der Paul The Neth. Antilles FDCC 37
47 Angela Leomar The Neth. Antilles Pedel Pushers 38
48 Rosalina Richard The Neth. Antilles SSCC 16
49 Thoen Manus The Netherlands Mustang 49
50 Dijk van Wil The Neth. Antilles Belissima 37

Race Palmares

2005 - Tom Boonen
2004 - Oscar Freire
2003 - Peter van Petegem
2002 - Michael Boogerd

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