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Red Bull Road Rage 2005 Race Preview
By Staff
Date: 10/18/2005
Red Bull Road Rage 2005 Race Preview

Red Bull Road Rage: Fast, Steep, and Scary.
By Ben Lyon   

As the bears fatten up for hibernation, their season nearing its end, what do the cyclist do? 
Sure, many joke and point out the extra Christmas pudding of select riders to entertain their Seasonal Affective Disorder. Whether it’s due to having no races to follow or the lack of warm weather and sunshine is causing a severe case of boredom induced criticisms we all hope to keep entertained some how.
Unlike our fattened up grizzly friends cyclists do as the geese do and head south; some to Mexico others far away as South Africa, but along their journey there they make a few stops,  and one layover is in Malibu for Red Bull Road Rage. After a long summer’s work its time for the guys to get on the bike for a Red Bull style kick in the pants.

What is this thing you ask?
Well, the Red Bull Road Rage is a crossing of paths, pro road riders mixing it up with pro downhill riders for a mad man’s take on who is a descending titan.  It is a 2.4 mile downhill road race where speeds that would leave the average Joes’s bibs a little wet are combined with 120 degree turns and steep roadside drops, all to see which rider can descend like a champ. 

 Will Roadies or Mtn Bikers Rule?
Will a roadie beat out the DH guys for top spot?  Who has the leg power to get the speed and the vision for smooth lines so they may outwit every millisecond that comes their way? On November 5th someone will give us an answer. Is that it? Heck no, this is Red Bull so obviously there will be an after party where those who built themselves up and can cut themselves loose, and relive the highlights of the day. Trust us, it will be good.
The Usual Suspects?

So who is going? Well, a number of people are, from the top notches of the downhill scene like Cedric Gracia and Brian Lopes to the wattage junkies of the peloton like Baden Cooke and Erik Saunders, even  47 year old Tour de France stage winner Steve Bauer is game to show the kids how its done.  With a diverse list of riders, there are also a number of invitees including George Hincapie, Il Falco,  Robbie McEwen David Zabriske, and many more, all of which may turn up to earn their Red Bull wings.

So before these guys fly on to nest in their summer homes and work out their plans for the “recovery” season, they have a few litres of adrenaline left to purge and a hunger for some competitive fun that needs filling. Pull up the website ( and keep checking back at here at DP for the latest word.  What better way to spike some excitement into what otherwise would be a boring month of rain, B rated movies, and trainer rides than to throw a full face helmet and pads on some roadies, a road bike under some downhill riders and see you are the true kings of speed.  It’s like some sort of twisted sports and social science experiment, so definitely has our vote!

The Cyclists Have Been Chosen. The Event Is Drawing Near.
25 Of The World’s Best Will Race On November 5th At The First Red Bull Road Rage in Malibu, California on October 18, 2005

Top cyclists from around the world have accepted the invitation to race down the legendary Tuna Canyon and find out who is the fastest descender at the inaugural Red Bull Road Rage, co-sponsored by Giant Bicycle. Riders will take on a 2 mile course with a 2,000 foot elevation drop, cliff-hanging berms and 120 degree turns around rock faces at speeds up to 60 mph through the historic Tuna Canyon in Malibu, Calif.

With nearly half of the riders being California locals, out of towners like Marty Northstein from the East coast and Cedric Gracia of France, will need to  be  on  their  game if they want to win the gold at the end of the day! Here’s a sneak peak at the competition!

Who are these brave riders who accepted the invitation and challenge?
From the Road Cycling world, we have:
Steve Bauer                   (Ontario, Canada)
Marty Nothstein            (Orefield, Pennsylvania Navigators)
David Clinger                (Woodland Hills, California)
Erik Saunders                (Twentynine Palms, California)
David McCook              (Mountain View, California)
Devon Vigus                  (Castro Valley, California)
Eddy Gragus                  (Ft. Collins, Colorado)
Carl Decker                    (Bend, Oregon)
David Richter                 (Seattle, Washington)
Kayle LeoGrande           (Upland, California)
Butch Stinton                  (Simi Valley, California)
Dean Meyer                    (Covelo, California)
Pete Lopinto                   (Boulder, Colorado)
Sean Watkins                  (Encinitas, California)

And from the Mountain Biking scene there's:
Brian Lopes                     (Mission Viejo, California)
Eric Carter                       (Temecula, California)
Cedric Gracia                  (Pau, France)
Marla Streb                     (Los Osos, California)
Dave Cullinan                 (Santa Ana, California)
Mark Weir                      (Novato,California)
Mike King                       (SanDiego, California)
Shaums March                (Highlands, British Columbia)
Colin Bailey                    (Big Bear, California)
Todd Tanner                    (Sun Valley, Idaho)
Duncan Riffle                  (Santa Barbara, California)

The Race:
World class athletes will descend upon Tuna Canyon for practice on Friday, November  4th from 1 noon until 5pm. Saturday.
November 5th will be race day! The first race will begin at 9:45am.
Once the race has begun, it will consist of two formats:
Time Trials, where individuals race against the clock; and
Pack Race, a boarder-cross-style race format, where the top 16 riders from the Time Trial will be placed into 4 man heats and throw it on the line.
Final Heats: The top two riders in each heat will advance through the bracket and after three times down the hill, the fastest one in the pack will be crowned.
For more information, please visit


            After the event Daily Peloton will have a full review of the action, so check back..


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