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World Championships U23 Men's Road Race Live Report
By Staff
Date: 9/24/2005
World Championships U23 Men's Road Race Live Report

Welcome to live coverage of the World Championships U23 Men's Road Race!

Today the Under 23 men race 8 laps of a 168 km course in Madrid. Earlier today the Elite Women rode 6 laps of this course, and tomorrow the Elite Men will ride it for 13 laps. The road race course has been modified to eliminate the final, very sharp turn which many riders predicted would be very selective, and actually quite dangerous.

As we join the race in progress, we have now 24 leaders with 2'15" on the peloton. They are now in the 3th lap of 8

The leaders are: Aliaksei Polushkin (Belarus), Marc De Maar (Netherlands), Kasper Klostergaard Larsen (Denmark), Stefan Trafelet and Danilo Wyss (Switzerland), Tiago Machado (Portugal), Andrei Mustonen (Estonia), Ivan José Castillo Piven and Arthur Alberto Garcia Rincon (Venezuela), Daniels Ernestovskis (Latvia), Juan Pablo Suarez Suarez (Colombia), Brandon Crichton (Canada), Alexander Gottfried (Germany), Mathieu Ladagnous (France), Jean Marc Marino (France), James Meadley (Australia), Gediminas Bagdonas (Lithuania), Dumitru Creciun (Republic of Moldova), Vladimir Tuychiev (Uzbekistan), Tyler Butterfield (Bermuda).

In the first lap there was a crash of Andrew McQuaid. He abandoned already. Andrew is the son of the new UCI president Pat McQuaid. Is that a sign of bad things for the UCI?

Also the Finnish rider Juha Matti Alaluusa (Skil-Moser) abandoned.

In the leading group we are missing the Squadra Azzurri...

The leaders are working well together. The route is not as difficult as they say - actually it's a boring circuit.

Two riders didn't start today, both Slovenian riders Spilak and Kerkez. They tested positive during a control and were not allowed to take the start.

In this race there are also 2 pro riders who took the start. They are Phillipe Deignan (Ag2r) and Mauro Santambrogio (LPR). Also Gerald Ciolek, the German Champion (who beat Zabel in a sprint), Martin Pedersen and Anders Lund (Team GLS) are here but they are not full professionals at the moment. But they are all favourites for the world title.

The Venezulan riders are riding very well today. All three riders of Venezuela attacked already which resulted in 2 of their men in the breakaway. One detail - their "chief" is riding between the leaders and the peloton. So they didn't calculate it that well...Their chief is Miguel Chacon.

More action in the peloton now. It's time now for that, otherwise they won't get the 24 leaders back.

Machado, Polushkin and Rincon in the lead now. Not a good coöperation anymore in the leading group.

The women's race this morning was rather strange - 'til the halfway point in the race, there were no real attacks. Sommariba tried couple of times. The Dutch women with Beltman and Gunnewijk tried too and Brändli, Doppmann, Neben, Thorburn were active. But the Germans dominated the race and Schleicher won after a weird sprint. Everyone seemed scared of the German team. Poor Nicole...

Here are the women's brief results:

1 SCHLEICHER Regina GER 3:08:52
2 COOKE Nicole GBR 3:08:52
3 WOOD Oenone AUS "
4 RASMUSSEN Dorte Lohse DEN "
5 BELTMAN Chantal NED "
6 BRONZINI Giorgia ITA "
8 VALEN Anita NOR "
10 WORRACK Trixi GER "
11 ZILIUTE Diana LTU "
12 DOPPMANN Priska SUI "
15 ANDREASEN Mette Fischer DEN "
17 ARMSTRONG Kristin USA "
18 THORBURN Christine USA "
19 BRÄNDLI Nicole SUI "
20 RUANO SANCHON Maria Teodora ESP "
21 WILLOCK Erinne CAN "
22 JASINSKA Malgorzta POL "
24 VAN DER MERWE Marissa RSA "
25 PITEL Edwige FRA "

Back to the U23 race, Rincon of Venezula now takes his turn at the front of the leading trio, who are working well together and the 21 riders left in the break are very disorganised.

For tomorrow, I have one name in my mind and he is a fast guy from Italy. Who could that be? Not Paolini, not Bettini, not Pozzato, not the other gregarios, but do you know a rider by the name of Alessandro Petacchi?

1457 CEST - The U23 riders are now turning into the 4th lap. Five laps to go.

The three leaders now have a useful gap - their gap is around 25 seconds now to the 20 chasers. In the chasing group there is now also an Italian rider. Tiziano Dall'Antonia has made the jump from the peloton. The peloton at 1'40" to the finish passage.

Dall'Antonia again...I don't know who their head rider is. Next to Dall'Antonia they have Sestili, Zampilli, Santambrogio and Curtola. Normally Santambrogio is the fastest rider, but you never know.

Geraint Thomas, the British rider on the comeback trail after a horrendous accident earlier this year, is just off the pace of the peloton, but considering his injuries I would imagine he is just pleased that he has recovered so well.

He was riding in Australia, training before a race, when he hit a piece of metal in the road. He was badly hurt with internal body injuries and had to have his spleen removed. So we are glad to see him today.

By coincidence Charlie Wegelius, who will ride tomorrow for the British team, also had his spleen removed some years ago after a motorbike accident. It was because of this he failed a haemocrit test, but he has a medical certificate to explain his high haematocrit level.

The 3 leaders have 24 seconds on 23 chasers with Dall'Antonia, De Maar, Van Avermaet and the others I mentioned before. The peloton at 1'50". Between the chasers and the bunch are also some lonely riders but no names yet, except for the USA rider Cozza.

Young Dutch rider Robert Gesink is leading the pace of the bunch ahead of Gianni Meersman from Belgium. Meersman is going to ride in 2007 for the Discovery Channel team.

Tomorrow Dominque Perras (Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada) of Canada will be racing in place of Michael Barry, who is ill. This will be Perras' third Worlds appearance - he is the 2003 Canadian Champion. So the Canadian team will be Dominque Perras, Ryder Hesjedal and Canadian champion Francois Parisien. I don't know what happened with Charles Dionne, who was listed with the Canadian team. The only thing I know is that he is not in good shape at the moment and that he is going to ride for Saunier Duval next year.

1516 CEST - The three leaders are putting on a good show at the front. They have a gap of 35 seconds to the chasers and realise that this is their only chance of glory now and must be fully committed, though it will be an uphill battle to hold off the chasers.

Saunier-Duval are also rumoured to be interested in David Millar, whose ban ends next June. Milllar is apparently in good shape and they would be interested in signing him for a couple of reasons:, the company, I believe, is British-based, and also Scott bicycles have a big presence in UK bike shops at the minute.

It is only a rumour, but commercially for the team in terms of publicity it would make sense, but we will find that out next June. At present Olson, Dionne, Koldo Gil, Rinero and Pagliarini have signed for Saunier-Duval. As well, Javier Mejias and the Colombian Fernandez will come to the ProTour team (they are coming from their U23 squad). Koldo Gil to SD, ha! Saiz was a fool to sign Vino...

1525 CEST - The three leaders now have 1'35" advantage on the peloton which sweeps through the majestic streets of Madrid.

Crossing the finish line now, 4 laps to go.

Regina Schleicher, gold medal winner this morning, pointed out the effort of all her teammates to get her in position for the final sprint, but regretted that at nine in the morning there was nobody on the street watching the race. That's very often the case in races in the US too - the women are in the morning, sometimes very early.

The 3 leaders have 45 seconds on the chasers and 1'20" on the peloton.

Routley and Rajablou have abandoned. I guess podofdonny can tell us all about these two riders.

Yes, indeed, one is Irish, the other is Canadian. Actually I dont think one is Irish - their squad is Connor, Deignan, McQuaid and O'Brien. Philip Deignan is probably their best bet.

Can Polushkin get the world title for Belarus and repeat the same as last year? Last year the title was won by the now Fassa rider Konstantin Sioutsou. He was more than 1'00" faster then T. Dekker (Rabobank now) and Mads Christensen (Quick Step). I see that the whole top 7 of last year became pro. Pozzovivo, the 4th placed rider, is now riding for Panaria, Nibali 5th for Fassa, Breschel the 6th for CSC and Visconti the 7th for Domina Vacanze.

Rajablou is the rider from Iran. There are only two Iranians in the race today, so now down to one. Didier, Concannon, Klink and Polyshchuk have abandoned too. But no further details of some of these relatively unknown riders. Only Laurent Didier I've heard of. Rajablou's best result this season was a 5th in the 28e Prix de Bussigny.

1548 CEST - So the race slowly coming back together, the three leaders have 22 seconds, and the peloton is 28 seconds behind them.

Well, not so slowly: the three escapees are caught and a flurry of attacks immediately start.

Wake up call for Dall'Antonia, he attacks. The peloton has caught the riders in the pursuit. Or maybe not - leaders with 1'04" on the bunch? Polushkin, Dall'Antonia, Marino for sure are ahead. Grabovskyy is the 4th leader.

Traffelet and Van Avermaet in the pursuit at 15 seconds.

Behind them the peloton is just about all together again.

Van Avermaet and Traffelet have joined the 4 leaders. So 6 leaders, behind them Persson tries to bridge. John Devine (USA) and a Finnish rider have abandoned.

Now 7 leaders - Lucas Persson has managed to bridge. Montenegro, Schär, Mortensen, Rabon and 2 others in the pursuit.

1614 CEST - Now about 14 riders in the lead. The group with Rabon and Mortensen joined the 7 in front. The gap to the peloton about one minute.

Again eight riders in the pursuit, with among others Gesink, Reus, Meersman, Ingels, Verbist - a Dutch/Belgian offensive. So the two Swiss riders in the front group trying to urge the break on, they realise they have a chance to gain from their numerical advantage, but it's very scrappy at the front of the race and 9 riders now form the leading group. Attack by Dall'Antonia.

Dall'Antonia gains a small advantage over the chasers - Schär of Swizterland, Grabovskyy and Marino. The gap of Dall'Antonia is growing.

Tiziano Dall'Antonia, the man with the most beautiful name in the peloton, in my opinion, has won 5 races this year. The Italian Title in the TT and 4 other one-day races in Italy. He rides for the mighty Zalf Desirée Fior team.

1627 CEST- 2 laps to go (42,5 km). The 3 chasers at 25 seconds. Then the others of the early breakaway at 46 seconds, a group with Reus at 50 seconds, and the first peloton at 1'00".

In the first peloton a lot of Belgian and Dutch riders. The 2nd peloton, which is led by the Danes (for Lund/Pedersen), at 1'35".

I'm still wondering why Dall'Antonia has not had an offer so far from a professional team. He has ridden a very good season so far. But who knows, perhaps he will have a lot of offers when he becomes the new World Champion. Maybe it's better to say IF.

The strong Belarusian Branislau Samoilau comes out of the group and joins the chasers. So two laps to go and the race wide open, the Italian, making the most of his time trial skills, is making a brave effort.

Dall'Antonia looks a bit like Alessandro Ballan. Same length, same style.

1639 CEST - Four chasers now: Dimitri Kozontchouk, Jean Marc Marino, Grabovsky and Michael Schär. More riders are close to joining the chasing group. The 1st peloton is there too.

Behind the flying Italian it looks like the peloton will soon regroup - Dall'Antonia has 1'00" on the chasers or actually it's the first peloton. Dall'Antonia looks like he has a touch of cramp!

1642 CEST - 32 km to go.

Jacobs, Ingels, Marino, Grabovsky, Boom and Kozontchouk in the contra-attack. More riders are coming back, among them William Walker.

31K to go, Dall'Antonia leading his closest chasers by 45 seconds. All I see is Rabobank Continental riders over there.

Parkeggio for Dall'Antonia - his right leg.

Dall'Antonia is very likely to become a professional rider in the Panaria ranks this next season, by the way.

Grabovsky sees Dall'Antonia now - he tries to bridge the gap. He looks as strong as a bull!

Samoilau making a huge effort to catch the leading two men, the race has the feel of a time trial at the front.

Considering the race the Spanish riders haven't shown anything so their own country.

Grabovsky has caught Dall'Antonia, so 2 leaders with Samoilau as closest chaser - Grabovsky and Dall'Antonia now lead the race. Grabovsky and Dall'Antonia could well make a formidable duo at the front. Grabovsky is the regining European TT champion, and runner-up to Ignatiev in Wednesday's race.

Grabovskyy will be riding for the Italian team Finauto, coached by former pro rider Luca Scinto, next season.

The two leaders have 40 seconds on Samoilau and 45 seconds on a first group, containing 3 Belgians, Santambrogio, Deignan and some others.

1657 CEST - Last lap - the bells ring as Samoilau is caught. 50 seconds for the 2 leaders.

So this race bears some resemblances to the 2001 Worlds race, that saw an Italian and a Ukrainian on a breakaway in Lisbon. It was Popovych and Caruso then, it's Grabovskyy and Dall'Antonia now.

Then Popovych sped off on his own and powered to a well-deserved gold medal back in he days of 2001. Will Grabovskyy do the same in this last lap today?

Crash of Timothy Gudsell. The peloton at 1'21" as the New Zealand rider waits for a new bike.

I hope not - I prefer Tiziano as the new World champion. But realistically, considering the cramps of the Italian, it's very likely that the Ukrainian gets the rainbow jersey.

The first chasers are about 50 seconds down on the two leaders. And among the riders of the first chasing group are two Aussies, and Irishman, and a Kiwi (Wednesday's bronze medallist Latham). Oh, the Spanish riders awake - but too late.

Grabovsky and Dall'Antonia working well together now. The Italian wasn't having a good time a few minutes ago, but thankfully he was joined by the best rouleur in the peloton, and the pair is marching towards a possible two-man sprint. Gabrovskyy is doing the most work in front. I think Dall'Antonia is playing a game with Dmytro...

I guess he must have said, "I can't anymore, I've terrible cramps" or something like that ...At the moment Dall'Antonia takes the lead in a descent as Sarabia of Mexico tries to bridge to the two leaders. After three and a half hours of racing, the average speed remains around a good 42.5 kph.

The two leaders are about to make it to an uphill section, where Grabovskyy could try to attack the Italian.

By the way, Rabobank wins the Delta Profronde in the Netherlands with Bram de Groot. Another Rabo rider, Theo Eltink, was 2nd and Davitamon rider Frederic Amorison was 3rd.

Grabovskyy and Dall'Antonia get to the ascent.

The Mexican Sarabia is climbing very well, but behind the peloton has regrouped and is charging up the hill.

The leading duo is losing time on the hill. Jacobs, Sarabia, Boom and Schär in the contra attack on the two. The difference is less then 30 seconds.

Sarabia Diaz gets caught by the bunch (the three riders, that is). 14 seconds left for the 2 leaders.

Six leaders now - Gabrovsky, Dall'Antonia, Jacobs, Boom, Sarabia and Morabita.

Watch out for Lars Boom, he's a skilled cyclo-cross rider, but can do very well on the road too! Lars Boom immediately puts the pressure on. The peloton at 22 seconds.

The chasers gained close to a minute on Grabovskyy and Dall'Antonia in the space of 4 kilometres! 27 seconds now.

Attack Grabovskyy. Unbelievable - he attacks again! Grabovskyy's showing a lot of class. But notably some great legs today.

Not that it's the first time he has. 9 seconds for Grabovskyy. He is out of the saddle and making a huge effort.

Peloton close to the chasers. 7.5 km to go. Steve Morabito, the Swiss in the first group, rides for Velo Club Mendrisio in the Italian-speaking part of the country. He's a good climber, but can be a fast sprinter too when needed. Deignan of Ireland driving the peloton on, which splits under the pressure with just 7 kilometres to go.

But the uphill is breaking the bunch into pieces. The situation is fluid, though Grabovskyy remains in the lead. 20 seconds for him. A solid lead for the Ukrainian, now winding thru the Colonia Pena Grande area of Madrid. But will it be enough?

Boom now in 2nd spot. 12 riders have formed a chasing group behind Boom. Both Grabovskyy and his next pursuer Boom belong to the class of 1985.

Boom caught. Grabovskyy on his way to the world title.

Australia's Chris Sutton is also part of the first chasing bunch. But catching Grabovskyy is getting harder and harder for them. 35 seconds for the Ukrainian.

AG2R's own Irishman Deignan now driving the chase - Deignan and Sutton in pursuit. Boom closes them down - the chase is disorganised.

Walker in the contra-attack. 2 kilometres to go.

And the gap still hovering around 34-35". Walker chased down by Evgeny Popov (we believe it's Walker). The Russians are finally showing off, but it could be a bit too late for them.

Grabovskyy has done a tremendous ride today - he has been on the attack all day! Flamme Rouge!

Grabovskyy is powering down the finishing straight. 600 mt to go...He swings around the last turn. He is winning this race in solo glory.

And the new world title belongs to ... DMYTRO GRABOVSKYY of Ukraine!

He raises one arm to wave, he raises both arms in triumph - if any rider deserved gold it is Grabovskyy!

Grabovskyy's winning time: 03h56'22". Average speed: 42.642 kph. Walker 2nd and Popov 3rd, Westphal 4th, Sutton 5th, Dall'Antonia 6th. Deignan finished 9th.

It's possible, looking at today's U23 results, that you can avoid a sprint - that's promosing for the Elite men tomorrow. Or are the Italians going to dominate? To lead Petacchi to the title?

I think the Spaniards will make one helluva race in order not to come down to a sprint.

So Ukraine again provide a world champion, and this was truly a great ride by the youngster. Australia with two men in the top 5 show they will continue to provide world class athletes to the peloton in future years.

Thanks for joining us for another great day of racing in Madrid, and be sure to be with us tomorrow for live coverage of the Elite Men's Road Race! Full results to come.

Commentary today by Fabio, podofdonny, and Bart Hazen of


1 Grabovskyy Dmytro Ukr 3:56:23
2 Walker William Aus +0:26
3 Popov Evgeny Rus
4 Westphal Carlo Ger +0:33
5 Sutton Christopher Aus +0:34
6 Dall’Antonia Tiziano Ita
7 Meersman Gianni Bel
8 Morabito Steve Sui
9 Deignan Philip Irl
10 Jacobs Pieter Bel
11 Boom Lars Ned
12 Reshetnikov Anton Rus
13 Poulhies Stéphane Fra
14 Cavendish Mark Gbr
15 Ingels Nic Bel
16 Pedersen Martin Den
17 Ciolek Gerald Ger
18 Sarabia Diaz Ignacio Mex
19 Chtioui Rafaâ Tun
20 Cardoso Filipe Duarte Sousa Por
21 Buividas Andris Ltu
22 Milan Jimenez Diego Esp
23 Oliveira Helder José Alves Por
24 Mandri Rene Est
25 Creciun Dumitru Mda
26 Munozg Giraldo Julian David Col
27 Zampilli Rino Ita
28 Krys Hubert Pol
29 Fus Lukas Cze
30 Golas Michal Pol
31 Rubiano Chavez Miguel Angel Col
32 Benetseder Josef Aut
33 Rojas Gil Jose Joaquin Esp
34 Gottfried Alexander Ger
35 Sestili Luigi Ita
36 Zeits Andrey Kaz
37 Kocjan Jure Slo
38 Pudans Herberts Lat
39 De Maar Marc Ned
40 Arashiro Yukiya Jpn
41 Ramos Querales Jose Antonio Ven
42 Ladagnous Mathieu Fra
43 Tamayo Martinez Diego a. Col
44 Langeveld Sebastian Ned
45 Kiserlovski Emanuel Cro
46 Belkov Maxim Rus
47 Meier Christian Can
48 Velits Peter Svk
49 Gesink Robert Ned
50 Roth Ryan Can
51 Kreuziger Roman Cze
52 Fankhauser Clemens Aut
53 Machado Tiago Por
54 Suarez Suarez Juan Pablo Col
55 Lindgren Johan Swe
56 Chuzhda Oleg Ukr
57 Hutarovich Yauheni Blr +0:52
58 Trafelet Stefan Sui
59 Butterfield Tyler Ber
60 Kozonchuk Dmitry Rus
61 Reus Kai Ned
62 Samoilau Branislau Blr
63 Wyss Danilo Sui +1:01
64 Buchko Andriy Ukr
65 Ignatiev Mikhail Rus
66 Kunitski Andrei Blr
67 Rodrigues Vitor Hugo Rocha Por +1:47
68 Nordhaug Lars Petter Nor +2:06
69 Tanaka So Jpn +2:11
70 Konovalovas Ignatas Ltu
71 Volungevicius Justas Ltu +2:21
72 Larsen Kasper Klostergaard Den
73 Van Avermaet Greg Bel
74 Stybar Zdnek Cze +2:32
75 Latham Peter Nzl
76 Richeze Ariel Maximiliano Arg
77 Craven Dan Nam +2:37
78 Lasis Normunds Lat
79 Racenajs Kristofers Lat
80 Velits Martin Svk +2:51
81 Schäfer Stefan Ger
82 Dmitriyev Valeriy Kaz
83 Miara Krzysztof Pol 1 +2:58
84 Moreno Bazan Javier Esp
85 Curtolo Alberto Ita +3:24
86 Eibegger Markus Aut
87 Mendez Raabe Henry Crc
132 Zscombok Daniel Hun
133 Mustonen Andrei Est
134 Wolf Michael Usa
135 Berger Harald Aut

15 Mortensen Martin Den DNF
18 Santambrogio Mauro Ita DNF
36 Ilesic Aldo Ino Slo DNF
38 Svab Miha Slo DNF
58 O’Brien Paidi Irl DNF
59 Kriit Kalle Est DNF
62 Prous Priit Est DNF
66 Garcia Rincon Arthur Alberto Ven DNF
68 Eisaks Kalvis Lat DNF
87 Kugler Josef Aut DNF
89 Lacombe Kevin Can DNF
95 Farrar Tyler Usa DNF
104 Haiszer Akos Hun DNF
105 Kusztor Peter Hun DNF
112 Sanderson Nicholas Aus DNF
117 Montenegro Jorge Martin Arg DNF
123 Alaluusua Juha-Matti Fin DNF
128 Sidoti Breno França Bra DNF
133 Bagdonas Gediminas Ltu DNF
139 Renäng Viktor Swe DNF
141 Page Kieran Gbr DNF
146 Cioban Denis Mda DNF
150 Raimbekov Bolat Kaz DNF
160 Seyed Rezaei Khormizi Seyed Iri DNF
88 Crichton Brandon Can DNF
64 Castillo Piven Ivan José Ven DNF
57 McQuaid Andrew Irl DNF
43 Polyshchuk Maksym Ukr DNF
51 Klink Troy Jourdan Nzl DNF
54 Concannon Miceal Irl DNF
92 Routley Will Can DNF
94 Devine John Usa DNF
115 Haedo Lucas Sebastian Arg DNF
116 Marina Victorio Arg DNF
125 Nieminen Mika Fin DNF
145 Vold Svein Erik Nor DNF
159 Rajablou Mohammad Iri DNF
164 Kiserlovski Robert Cro DNF
170 Didier Laurent Lux DNF
98 Belka Mathias Ger DNS
165 Ben Nasser Hassen Tun DNS
41 Dyudya Volodymyr Ukr DNS

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