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World Championships U23 Men's Time Trial LIVE REPORT
By Staff
Date: 9/21/2005
World Championships U23 Men's Time Trial LIVE REPORT

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the 2005 World Road Championships; the planet's top cycling competition reserved for national teams has a new crime scene this time: sunny Spain, and notably is highly-populated capital, Madrid, where the fastest legs (and wheels) around are supposed to battle it out over some rainbow thingies from Wednesday thru Sunday.

The event kicked off this morning with the Elite Women ITT, held over a 21.9-km. distance and won by Swiss talent Karin Thürig, with local idol Joane Somarriba taking the silver and ... Armstrong ending up on the podium. Only it was Kristin, not Lance, and only it was the lowest step of it she had to stop at. A good result anyway, in a race top 10 featured by two more U.S. contenders, Amber Neben and Christine Tornburn, while German sensation Judith Arndt didn't place higher than fourth, and the winning country (Switzerland) had three riders in the top 15 spots too. Here's all the results (numbers in brackets refer to the average speed set by each riding girl).

1. THÜRIG Karin SWI 28'51"08 (45.544) (WORLD CHAMPION!!)
2. SOMARRIBA ARROLA Joane SPA - at 05"80 (45.392)
3. ARMSTRONG Kristin USA - at 39"27 (44.534)

4. ARNDT Judith GER - at 56"68 (44.100)
5. NEBEN Amber USA - at 57"06 (44.091)
6. ZABIROVA Zoulfia KAZ - at 01'01"84 (43.973)
7. MELCHERS-VAN POPPEL Mirjam HOL - at 01'02"71 (43.952)
8. THORBURN Christine USA - at 01'13"33 (43.693)
9. BUBNENKOVA Svetlana RUS - at 01'38"92 (43.082)
10. PUCINSKAITE Edita LIT - at 01'41"38 (43.024)
11. SOEDER Christiane AUT - at 01'45"61 (42.925)
12. PITEL Edwige FRA - at 01'55"39 (42.698)
13. DOPPMANN Priska SWI - at 01'57"05 (42.659)
14. WOOD Oenone AUS - at 02'00"15 (42.588)
15. BRÄNDLI Nicole SWI - at 02'09"34 (42.378)
16. GUDERZO Tatiana ITA - at 02'12"71 (42.301)
17. LJUNGSKOG Susanne SWE - at 02'13"34 (42.287)
18. SANDIG Madeleine GER - at 02'16"01 (42.226)
19. PALMER-KOMAR Susan CAN - at 02'28"57 (41.944)
20. RUANO SANCHON Dori SPA - at 02'31"04 (41.889)
21. CARRIGAN Sara AUS - at 02'36"88 (41.759)
22. ZUGNO Anna ITA - at 02'37"06 (41.755)
23. SLYUSAREVA Olga RUS - at 02'39"35 (41.705)
24. MATUSIAK Bogumila POL - at 02'40"77 (41.673)
25. JAUNATRE Marina FRA - at 02'46"61 (41.545)
26. HOLT Melissa NZL - at 03'06"25 (41.120)
27. HANSEN Trine DEN - at 03'10"28 (41.033)
28. GREER Felicia CAN - at 03'11"01 (41.018)
29. SERUP Linda DEN - at 03'11"51 (41.007)
30. MAES Natacha BEL - at 03'17"09 (40.889)
31. KRASOVA Kateryna UKR - at 03'48"47 (40.234)
32. TREIER Grete EST - at 03'56"99 (40.060)
33. SHPYLYOVA Iryna UKR - at 04'29"21 (39.414)
34. TUSLAITE Daiva LIT - at 04'44"80 (39.109)
35. SCHOBER Bernadette AUT - at 04'59"57 (38.825)
36. WORRACK Trixi GER - at 05'15"95 (38.514)
37. EPPERS REYNDERS Agnes Kay BOL - at 05'46"36 (37.951)
38. SKAWINSKA Anna POL - at 05'53"99 (37.812)


But now it's time for the mighty legs of the Under 23 male competitors to show their mettle. The 37.9-km. race against the clock, consisting of a first lap of 18.8 kms followed by a slightly longer (19.1 km.) one, got underway around 0100 PM local time (CEST), courtesy of a young gun arguably unkown to close to all cycling fans worldwide, Malaysia's own, NG Yong Li, who made history as being the first ever cyclist Malaysian to ride in the World Under-23 Championships. On the other side of the startlist, Dmytro Grabowski of Ukraine is scheduled to be the last rider to tackle his ITT challenge around 16h20 CEST.

As we join the race in progress, Ignatiev is still in the lead with 47m24.28. Latham and Spilak still 2nd and 3rd at the moment. Most of the favourites are starting in the 4th block of riders, such as Reus, Dall'Antonio, Cornu, Martin, Gabrovsky. At 16.00 the 1st rider of the last (4th) block will start - Tyler Farrar.

Dall'Antonio is the present Italian U23 champion in this discipline. Ignatiev is currently riding for the Continental Team of Lokomotiv. He is also the present Olympic Champion in the points competition, I believe.

The Colombian Aranzazo comes in at a provisional 28th spot, at more than 4.00 off Ignatiev.

Mendes finished 27th now, 5.27 off the Russian power. Mendes is Portuguese. And the Colombian Aranzazo was also at more than 5.00.

Mortensen, the Dane, comes in at 48.14 and is the new number 3 at the moment. Spilak down to 4th.

Chtioui comes in in 51.52 and it's not a good time - last year Chtioui was 2nd at the World behind Kreuziger, in the Juniors, that was.

Tyler Farrar, the new Cofidis rider, starts.

Now it's Florian Morizot (France) who starts.

So far it's still a Russian, leading a Kiwi, with a Dane currently filling the other podium spot, but most of the top contenders still have to take the start.

Spain's Ruiz Cubillo is the next starter. Ruiz is a rider from the youth department of Communidad Valenciana. Maciej Bodnar comes in at 14th spot. Bodnar is currently riding for the CT team Moser-Ah-Trentino, or Skil-Moser if you want.

Next starter: Slovenia's Svab, Miha Svab. And now the 3rd of the U23 Thüringen Rundfahrt starts. Fabio already mentioned the name - Miha Svab is from the same team as Janez Brajkovic. They are both from the KRKA-Adria Mobil team. But Brajkovic has been riding for the Disco's since July. But earlier this year Brajko rode for this team as well.

Lasse Bochman (Glud & Marstrand) starts, and then Maxim Belkov starts. Bulgaria's Sloytchev sets the 24th best time (51'48"). Mark Jamieson (Aussie) starts.

Now European Champion Frantisek Rabon (PSK-Whirlpool) starts. This Czech rider has a lots of victories this year but the most of them in Czech, Poland, Slavakia, Slovenia and so on.

Rabon is more a sprinter type. Meanwhile, Italy's Rivera sets the 40th time!! Finishing more than six minutes down to Ignatiev. Quite a poor performance for him ... even by Italian standards.

Branislav Samoilau (Belarus) starts now. Samoilau won about 10 races this year and 8/9 of them in Italy.

Definitely a better rider than Rivera, Who, by the way, was very upset after he crossed the line.

Samoilau won the 2.2 race the Vuelta a Lleidia in Spain this yea.r

Holland's superstar Kai Reus now at startline. Kai won the world title in Hamilton 2 years ago. This year he won the GP Pino Cerami, 2 stages in Normandie, 2 stage in the Circuito Montanes and 2 stages in the Thüringen Rundfahrt. Further, he has a lot of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places.

Here comes the other Italian... Tiziano dall'Antonia takes the start!

And next Saturday he will be riding the U23 road race too. For his results of 2005 (Reus that is) see: Last year he was 2nd in the Time-Trial in Verona.

Now the one last rider, Dominque Cornu (Belgium) starts.

Also the German favourite Tony Martin has started already. Martin is currently a trainee with Gerolsteine and won lots of races this year. For Gerolsteiner he won the mountain TT in the Regio Tour

So there's just one guy left: Dmytro Grabovskyy of Ukraine. He is the current European Champion in this discipline.

After 7.6 km Rabon has a disappointing time.

Next year Gabrovskyy will be riding for Italy's Under 23 team Finauto, coached by legendary domestique Luca Scinto.

Samoilau is 14th at the 7.6 km intermediate, 36 seconds behind Ignatiev.

Finauto is the name of the team that is led by the former Mapei rider Luca Scinto. Giovanni Visconti (Domina Vacanze) is coming from this team as well.

His time: 10'34" at the first time check. Quite a slow start for the man from Belarus.

10'47"22 is the man's (poor) time. The wind is still playing an important role.

Tyler Farrar has the 32nd time at the first time check (thus far)

Reus had the 37th time at 46 seconds off Ignatiev after 7,6 km. Doing even worse...

Dall'Antonia usually rides for Zalf, the same squad the likes of Damiano Cunego and Ivan Basso were racing with when in the U23 ranks.

Zalf Desiré Fior, good team. The gap between Cornu and Dall'Antonia is less than half a second at the first check. Gabrovsky 2nd at 7 seconds off Ignatiev after 7,6 km. Rabon was not good at the time checks.

About Reus, it isn't that strange he is not that good. Last week during the Tour de L'Avenir he abandoned during a crash.

Ignatiev's lead doesn't look in jeopardy at the moment. Two years ago, at the Hamilton Worlds, the Russian did better than the Ukrainian by 21 seconds. Both guys moved to a different category, but it looks like the gap between them stayed the same, more or less.

At the "end of the first lap" check , Italy's Dall'Antonia sets the 7th time. Belgian Cornu does much better: 4th time (23'48"49).

30 secs down on Ignatiev. And here comes Grabovskyy ...his time 23'22"81. His place: 2nd.

Gabrovsky (23:22.81) and is 4 sec slower then Ignatiev after 1 lap. But he cut the gap down to less than five seconds!

The World Title will be a clash between Ignatiev and Gabrovsky. So, folks, we have a race!

Off the subject just slightly, the sensational Jose Rujano will join Quick Step on January 1st.

Florian Morizot comes in and is 20th at the moment. Dall'Antonia 7th at 1.19 of Ignatiev at the 3rd time check, but he should be kicked down to 9th as Cornu and Grabovskyy cross the 28.5-km. time check line.

Cornu loses a lot of time and is now 6th at 1.17. In the end Dall'Antonia can do better.

Gabrovsky at the same time check and is slower then Ignatiev by 22".

The Russian will be the new World Champion - the Ukrainian lost plenty of time to the Russian in the 2nd half, and even his silver medal looks in danger now. Good news for Kiwi Latham then.

Ruiz Cubillo comes in at 51:59 and is 32th, Bochmann now 6th at the finish at 1.42. Australia's Mark Jamieson has the 8th best time thus far.

Miha Svab comes in at 51:56 and is 32th at the moment - poor time for him. Brajkovic is a better specialist than he is, that's for sure.

Jamieson comes in now, 48.50 and is 5th. Meanwhile, Belkov is 24th at 3.00 off his mate Ignatiev. Belgium's Cornu is currently tackling an uphill section and so is Grabovskyy.

Cornu does it on the 49 and Gabrovsky at the 52. That's the difference in speed they make on this climb

Both battling it out over some medal. But the golden one is more and more firmly around Ignatiev's neck...

Rabon comes in and is 18th, 2.25 slower than Ignatiev.

Dall'Antonia caught Reus - that will give the Italian a morale boost.

The Dutch guy is not having the best race of his career, for sure. Also not his best race of this season.

Also Tony Martin is disappointing - 50:14 his time (25th). Branislav Samoilau just interviewed by Italian TV, Samoilau said he sure had a very lousy performance today, but thinks he can do (much) better in Saturday's RR.

Now Dall'Antonia comes in. 49:06 and he is 8th at the moment. Reus is 31th at 3:20, 31st place.

Cornu and Gabrovsky still expected at the finish.

So it's just 2 riders left - and we know for sure if Ignatiev is the new World Champion. So the fuss is all about who's gonna get the other medals

Here comes Cornu the Belgian. 49:10.62 and he is 10th. A disappointing time too.

Gabrovsky comes in and is 2nd with 47'58".


Gabrovsky 2nd and Latham 3rd, Mortensen 4th. Spilak 5th, Jamieson 6th and people in New Zealand can rush out to the street to celebrate Latham's bronze medal result!

This win might well help the young gun from Saint Petersburg find a place in a Pro Tour team perhaps...And do some more street racing. 'Cause the man has shown his skills more on the track cycling side of the matter thus far.

Tyler Farrar ended up in the top 10, straight behind ninth place getter Tiziano Dall'Antonia. The other US contender, Steven Cozza, was 42nd.

While Lars Pria of Romania was "lanterne rouge" getter as he finished last, more than 09'20" down on the winner.

Now the Russian Anthem for Ignatiev - there is something going wrong - it's the wrong anthem.

It sounded like the German anthem to me, Bart. They stopped after the first notes, anyway.

It was indeed the German Anthem instead of the Russian one.

That's our live coverage of the World Championships for today. A reminder that tomorrow, US residents are offered the Elite Men's Time Trial, live streaming, at And we will be here tomorrow with live coverage, so see you then - thanks for joining us today!

Commentary today by Fabio, and Bart Hazen of

U23 Men's Time Trial Results

1 Ignatiev Mikhail Rus 47:24.28 -
2 Grabovskyy Dmytro Ukr +0:34.62
3 Latham Peter Nzl +0:37.33
4 Mortensen Martin Den +0:50.52
5 Spilak Simon Slo +1:12.18
6 Jamieson Mark Aus +1:26.18
7 Kunitski Andrei Blr +1:38.64
8 Bochman Lasse Den +1:42.17
9 Dall’antonia Tiziano Ita +1:42.20
10 Farrar Tyler Usa +1:44.28
11 Cornu Dominique Bel +1:46.34
12 Sanchez Prado Eladio Esp +1:49.29
13 Vanheule Bart Bel +2:13.47
14 Danniker Sergey Kaz +2:15.78
15 Schär Michael Sui +2:15.98
16 Sarabia Diaz Ignacio Mex +2:16.36
17 Martens Paul Ger +2:19.47
19 Walker William Aus +2:22.40
20 Coppel Jerome Fra +2:24.00
21 Rabon Frantisek Cze +2:25.96
22 Bodnar Maciej Pol +2:27.38
23 Lindgren Johan Swe +2:31.33
24 Gudsell Timothy Nzl +2:42.13
25 Renäng Viktor Swe +2:48.82
26 Morizot Florian Fra +2:49.16
27 Konovalovas Ignatas Ltu +2:49.17
28 Martin Tony Ger +2:50.49
29 Belkov Maxim Rus +3:00.78
30 Machado Tiago Por +3:09.62
31 Roth Ryan Can +3:11.49
32 Kreuziger Roman Cze +3:12.92
33 Reus Kai Ned +3:20.67
34 Samoilav Branislav Blr +3:33.12
35 Sambris Ruslan Mda +3:41.72
36 Van Dulmen Thom Ned +4:11.04
37 Clancy Edward Gbr +4:22.33
38 Stoytchev Bogdan Bul +4:23.84
39 Chtioui Rafaâ Tun +4:27.88
40 Roldan Ortiz Alfonso Col +4:29.14
41 Svab Miha Slo +4:32.30
42 Cozza Steven Usa +4:33.65
43 Ruiz Cubillo José Luis Esp
44 Meier Christian Can +4:40.15
45 Greenwood Ben Gbr +4:43.92
46 Bagdonas Gediminas Ltu +4:44.66
47 Dyudya Volodymyr Ukr +5:00.73
48 Potsakis Panagiotis Gre +5:07.66
49 Seyed Rezaei Khormizi S. Iri
50 Mendes José Por +5:13.43
51 Tuychiev Vladimir Uzb +5:17.84
52 Ozols Janis Lat +5:22.05
53 Aranzazo Escobar William Col +5:55.07
54 Rivera Francesco Ita +6:07.53
55 Munoz Giraldo Julian David Col
56 Ng Yong Li Mas +6:17.66
57 Rajablou Mohammad Iri +6:36.89
58 Ben Nasser Hassen Tun +8:20.79
59 Pria Lars Rom +9:20.66

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