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We Need Pictures!
By Staff
Date: 9/5/2005
We Need Pictures!

We Need Pictures! Of the jerseys, of course. Hurry, before Thor finishes the fish!

That was an email we received in response to our commentator silliness regarding the Vuelta a Espana jerseys in the last two live reports (here and here). So here are some photos of the Vuelta jerseys!


Here of course, is Roberto Heras in the gold leader's jersey on Stage 6. (c) Unipublic.


Here was points leader Thor Hushovd in the fishy jersey (Points Leader) on Stage 6.  (c) Unipublic.


This is the red mountains jersey, worn here by Joaquin Rodriguez on Stage 6.  Don Quixote would want one of those. (c) Unipublic.


Here is Heras looking a bit concerned with the All Around jersey on
Stage 8 - it definitely clashes with the Liberty Seguros-Wurth blue...  (c) Unipublic.


Here is Hushovd again in the fishy jersey, Stage 8.  (c) Unipublic.


And here is Denis Menchov in the All Around (or Combination classification) jersey yesterday, Stage 9.  (c) Unipublic.

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