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60th Vuelta a Espana Stage 8 Live Report
By Staff
Date: 9/3/2005
60th Vuelta a Espana Stage 8 Live Report

Welcome to live coverage of Stage 8 of the Vuelta a Espana!

Stage 8: Tarragona/Rambla Nova - Lloret de Mar, 189.0 km

So today is that flattish 189 km roll from Tarragona to Lloret de Mar. There is a Cat 3 climb in the middle of the stage, but that should cause no problems for the sprinters and their teams. This should be another day for men like Petacchi, Zabel, Hushovd, Steels, and Van Heeswijk.

Bart Dockx (Davitamon-Lotto), Angel Gomez (Saunier Duval-Prodir), and Javier Florencio (Relax-Fuenlabrada) are on a long break right now.

1558 CEST - 50 km left Their lead was over 10' at one point, but Fassa Bortolo, Credit Agricole, and T-Mobile came to the front to chase. The lead is now around 4' 30".

A Balears rider is at the team car - Ivan Gutierrez - looks like a seatpost problem. He crashed a bit earlier today.

Liberty and Phonak at the front of the pack at the moment.

Liberty Seguros is obviously keeping an eye on things for Heras. But why is Phonak up there? Despite having a strong team on paper, this has been a miserable Vuelta so far. Landis had to withdraw, suffering from the effects of a training crash before the Vuelta started.

The peloton is strung out as it goes through a tunnel in another picturesque Spanish town. Meanwhile, the three escapees are working well together at the front.

The gap keeps coming down, though... it is now 3' 30". They are pushing the pace, apparently not wishing to give up their lead - out of the saddle, even. We shall see.

1608 CEST - 2'43" the gap.

Phonak still at the front of the pack - they ain't lolly-gagging any more.

Yesterday, Petacchi was in a group of about 20 riders that finished 3' 10" behind the peloton. He clearly did not like that uncategorized climb near the end and is searching for some better form. Still, he's already won two stages and looks set to try to make it three today.

Illes Balears moving up nearer the front of the pack.

Illes Balears is putting a lot of faith in Mancebo, who is still looking like a real threat at only 1' 26" back in 6th on GC. He's got the attention of his rivals too... they think he can be the man to beat if Heras shows any weakness.

The three escapees are still putting a lot of effort in up front.

1617 CEST - 35 km left. 2'52" the gap.

Petacchi actually punctured yesterday, and that's why he was off the back... he punctured in the final 10km. His mate Ongarato picked up the slack and took 3rd still, which shows you the firepower those Fassa boys have for the sprints.

Lampre-Caffita is in mourning today, after the unexpected loss of their press officer Fernando Cortinovis. Our condolences go out to the team and Mr. Cortinovis' family.

He had worked with Lampre since 2000. “Today we lost a very special person, who has always worked with the team with a positive, humble and dedicated spirit," said the President of Lampre Group Mario Galbusera. "Fernando was sincerely close to our family and we will remember him forever."

Back to the race, Van Heeswijk still had a very impressive final sprint yesterday. That burst showed that he is back all the way, and that he could challenge Petacchi even if the Italian gets everything right today. And Zabel, as always, was 2nd and very strong.

Sharp point to the peloton as it drives along, but the gruppo is together under sunny skies.

Many will be thinking about the long time trial tomorrow. It's a 48 km roll around Lloret de Mar, but it has a nasty Cat 3 climb in the middle. Overall it's a rolling course too, so Heras should actually fare well.

1628 CEST - 27 km left. The gap for the three in the break is down to under 2' now. Fassa Bortolo still seem convinced today is their day, and Credit Agricole is working for the points leader Hushovd. Today is the last day for time bonuses at the finish line, by the way... the Vuelta only has those in the first week.

It was this way last year too, but it's relatively new.

Fassa at the front - no surprise there. They are trying to get what glory they can before all those climbs hit next week.

Next week has four (count 'em, FOUR) uphill finishes on the top of an above category climb. The final week is quite a bit easier, and might have a few days for the sprinters. Next week is the kicker, starting Monday.

Meanwhile, the riders who live in Girona can stop off and check their mail...

1639 CEST - 24 km left The gap is now under 1'. The pace is picking up a bit as the sprinters try to ward off any new attacks. This will be a fast roll into town.

1643 CEST - 18 km left. The break is over. It's all back together. The three were looking weary at the front - they were out there a long time.

So we'll see if "Sprinter" Heras decides to go for more time bonuses by contesting the finish today. Petacchi and Hushovd and Zabel will be quaking with fright over that prospect. Or maybe not.

Another Relax rider has gone on the attack. It looks like Luis Pasamontes. Good to see Relax being aggressive as a non Pro Tour team. This break will come to naught, though, I'm pretty sure. The peloton is flying along.

Now another little attack by four men. Pasamontes is caught, but one of his mates goes in this new attack. Fassa Bortolo and Credit Agricole still all over the front of the pack.

This finish today will be tricky on the finishing circuit. A couple of tricky turns for the peloton. Fassa Bortolo will want the train in full flight by then.

4 km left. The scrum for position amongst the sprinters is in full bloom... the elbows are out and flying. Now Phonak's Perdiguero is taking a flyer off the front. Fassa Bortolo and the pack are keeping the hammer down.

Perdi is keeping a slim advantage. He's hoping that the corners ahead will work to his favor. He might not stay away that long, though.

2 km left Here come the tricky corners... Sacchi and Tossatto are in there for Fassa, leading out Petacchi. Zabel is on Petacchi's wheel. Where is Hushovd? Final kilometer. Now here comes Hushovd and his boys. Here is the final corner. Hushovd is now in front of Petacchi. Boonen is in there... here comes Petacchi and Hushovd... and it's Bettini, not Boonen mixing it in there I think. Petacchi wins it! Petacchi and Hushovd had quite a little rumble there, and Hushovd did well but Petacchi was just too good.

Well, "T-Bone" Boonen was up there, but Bettini was the one who came in 3rd. Boonen wasn't bad... he came in 5th, a good sign that his form is coming back now.

In that sprint, Hushovd got in front of Petacchi and behind the Fassa leadout. Petacchi just waited, and then came around Hushovd in the final 50 meters. Here are the results: 1. Petacchi (Fassa Bortolo), 2. Hushovd (Credit Agricole), 3. Bettini (Quick Step), 4. Ventoso (Saunier Duval), 5. Boonen (Quick Step), 6. Haussler (Gerolsteiner), 7. Zabel (T-Mobile), 8. Coyot (Cofidis), 9. Burghardt (T-Mobile), 10. Gonzalez (Phonak).

Well Van Heeswijk was out of it, in 33rd at 5' back. He might have lost position in those tight corners. Should be no change in the overall.

With the Italian squad working for him, Petacchi has got to be the favorite for the World Championship now. Remember, a few years back it was Petacchi leading out Mario Cipollini as the Lion King won the World title. Now it's Petacchi's turn.

That's it for now. More results to come, and be sure to tune in for the time trial tomorrow!

Commentary today by Locutus.


1 Petacchi, Alessandro Ita Fas 4:19:14
2 Hushovd, Thor Nor C.a m.t.
3 Bettini, Paolo Ita Qst m.t.
4 Ventoso, Francisco José Esp Sdv m.t.
5 Boonen, Tom Bel Qst m.t.
6 Haussler, Heinrich Ger Gst m.t.
7 Zabel, Erik Ger Tmo m.t.
8 Coyot, Arnaud Fra Cof m.t.
9 Burghardt, Marcus Ger Tmo m.t.
10 Gonzalez, Santos Esp Pho a 3
11 Velo, Marco Ita Fas m.t.
12 Yus, Unai Esp Btl m.t.
13 Barry, Michael Can Dsc m.t.
14 Glomser, Gerrit Aut Lam m.t.
15 Casper, Jimmy Fra Cof m.t.
16 Zaballa, Constantino Esp Sdv a 5
17 Lastras, Pablo Esp Iba m.t.
18 Piil, Jakob Den Csc m.t.
19 Vila, Francisco Javier Esp Lam m.t.
20 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Iba m.t.
21 De La Fuente, David Esp Sdv m.t.
22 Jufre, Josep Esp Ref m.t.
23 Perez, Luis Esp Cof m.t.
24 Botcharov, Alexandre Rus C.a m.t.
25 Van Bon, Leon Ned Dvl m.t.
26 Beltran, Manuel Esp Dsc m.t.
27 Osa, Unai Esp Iba m.t.
28 Jurco, Matej Svk Dom m.t.
29 Sanchez, Samuel Esp Eus m.t.
30 Gerosa, Mauro Ita Liq m.t.
31 Aerts, Mario Bel Dvl m.t.
32 Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp Sdv m.t.
33 Van Heeswijk, Max Ned Dsc m.t.
34 Osa, Aitor Esp Iba m.t.
35 Martin Perdiguero, M. a. Esp Pho m.t.
36 Lombardi, Giovanni Ita Csc m.t.
37 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc m.t.
38 Heras, Roberto Esp Lsw m.t.
39 Sevilla, Oscar Esp Tmo m.t.
40 Gonzalez, Aitor Esp Eus m.t.
41 Danielson, Tom Usa Dsc m.t.
42 Menchov, Denis Rus Rab m.t.
43 Atienza, Daniel Esp Cof m.t.
44 Hoste, Leif Bel Dsc m.t.
45 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Ecv m.t.
46 De Groot, Bram Ned Rab m.t.
47 Bertagnolli, Leonardo Ita Cof m.t.
48 Geslin, Anthony Fra Btl m.t.
49 Horrillo, Pedro Esp Rab m.t.
50 Blanco, David Esp Ecv m.t.
51 Gonzalez, Freddy Col Ref m.t.
52 Serrano, Marcos Esp Lsw m.t.
53 Ardila, Mauricio Col Dvl m.t.
54 Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Sdv m.t.
55 Bernabeu, David Esp Ecv m.t.
56 Duclos-Lassalle, Hervé Fra Cof m.t.
57 Ziegler, Thomas Ger Gst m.t.
58 Noval, Benjamin Esp Dsc m.t.
59 Finot, Frédéric Fra Fdj m.t.
60 Pecharroman, José Antonio Esp Qst m.t.
61 Steegmans, Gert Bel Dvl m.t.
62 Plaza, Ruben Esp Ecv m.t.
63 Zanotti, Marco Ita Liq m.t.
64 Vicioso, Angel Esp Lsw m.t.
65 Pradera, Mikel Esp Iba m.t.
66 Simoni, Gilberto Ita Lam m.t.
67 Korff, André Ger Tmo m.t.
68 Pérez, Francisco Esp Iba m.t.
69 Mugerli, Matej Slo Liq m.t.
70 Devolder, Stijn Bel Dsc m.t.
71 Pasamontes, Luis Esp Ref m.t.
72 Scarponi, Michele Ita Lsw m.t.
73 Mercado, Juan Miguel Esp Qst m.t.
74 Nardello, Daniele Ita Tmo m.t.
75 Garcia Acosta, José Vicent Esp Iba m.t.
76 Casero, Rafael Esp Sdv m.t.
77 Beloki, Joseba Esp Lsw m.t.
78 Martinez, Egoi Esp Eus m.t.
79 Joachim, Benoît Lux Dsc m.t.
80 Cortinovis, Alessandro Ita Dom m.t.
81 De Weert, Kevin Bel Qst m.t.
82 Elias, Jose Miguel Esp Ref m.t.
83 Pereiro, Oscar Esp Pho m.t.
84 Trenti, Guido Usa Qst m.t.
85 Laiseka, Roberto Esp Eus m.t.
86 Caruso, Giampaolo Ita Lsw m.t.
87 Sacchi, Fabio Ita Fas m.t.
88 Kolobnev, Alexandr Rus Rab m.t.
89 Azevedo, José Por Dsc m.t.
90 Burgos, Nacor Esp Ref m.t.
91 Peña, Aketza Esp Eus m.t.
92 Vandevelde, Christian Usa Csc m.t.
93 Garcia, Jorge Esp Ref m.t.
94 Gutierrez, José Ivan Esp Iba m.t.
95 Gerdemann, Linus Ger Csc m.t.
96 Haselbacher, René Aut Gst m.t.
97 Le Mevel, Christophe Fra C.a m.t.
98 Marzano, Marco Ita Lam m.t.
99 Ordowski, Volker Ger Gst m.t.
100 Calvente, Manuel Esp Csc m.t.
101 Horrach, Joan Esp Iba m.t.
102 Elmiger, Martin Sui Pho m.t.
103 Fernandez, Bingen Esp Cof m.t.
104 Szmyd, Sylvester Pol Lam m.t.
105 Moerenhout, Koos Ned Dvl m.t.
106 Baranowski, Dariusz Pol Lsw m.t.
107 Garcia Quesada, Adolfo Esp Ecv m.t.
108 Lara, Francisco José Esp Tmo m.t.
109 Klier, Andreas Ger Tmo m.t.
110 Dean, Julian Nzl C.a m.t.
111 Gonzalez, Gorka Esp Eus m.t.
112 Aldag, Rolf Ger Tmo m.t.
113 Ongarato, Alberto Ita Fas m.t.
114 Calcagni, Patrick Sui Liq m.t.
115 Dueñas, Moises Esp Ref m.t.
116 Kohl, Bernhard Aut Tmo m.t.
117 Casero, Angel Luis Esp Ecv m.t.
118 Mcgee, Bradley Aus Fdj m.t.
119 Poilvet, Benoît Fra C.a m.t.
120 Peña, Victor Hugo Col Pho m.t.
121 Montgomery, Sven Sui Gst m.t.
122 Lopez, David Esp Eus m.t.
123 Matzbacher, Andreas Aut Lam m.t.
124 Leblacher, Eric Fra C.a m.t.
125 Gonzalez De Galdeano, Igor Esp Lsw m.t.
126 Hayman, Mathew Aus Rab m.t.
127 Latasa, David Esp Ecv m.t.
128 Kern, Christophe Fra Btl m.t.
129 Charteau, Anthony Fra Btl m.t.
130 Johansen, Allan Den Csc m.t.
131 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Ecv m.t.
132 Cuesta, Iñigo Esp Sdv m.t.
133 Cañada, David Esp Sdv m.t.
134 Botero, Santiago Col Pho m.t.
135 Roy, Jérémy Fra Fdj m.t.
136 Ljungqvist, Marcus Swe Liq m.t.
137 Irizar, Markel Esp Eus m.t.
138 Gutierrez, Ignacio Esp Pho m.t.
139 Peschel, Uwe Ger Gst m.t.
140 Sorensen, Nicki Den Csc m.t.
141 Van Goolen, Jurgen Bel Qst m.t.
142 Florencio, Xavier Esp Ref m.t.
143 Pascual Rodriguez, Javier Esp Ecv m.t.
144 Vogondy, Nicolas Fra C.a m.t.
145 Fedrigo, Pierrick Fra Btl m.t.
146 Tosatto, Matteo Ita Fas a 43
147 Backstedt, Magnus Swe Liq a 1:10
148 Gates, Nick Aus Dvl m.t.
149 Steels, Tom Bel Dvl m.t.
150 Fuentes, Juan Esp Lam m.t.
151 Scheirlinckx, Staf Bel Cof m.t.
152 Mcleod, Ian Rsa Fdj a 1:31
153 Bernucci, Lorenzo Ita Fas m.t.
154 Veneberg, Thorwald Ned Rab a 2:09
155 Wegelius, Charles Gbr Liq m.t.
156 Miorin, Devis Ita Liq m.t.
157 Guesdon, Frédéric Fra Fdj m.t.
158 Voeckler, Thomas Fra Btl m.t.
159 Russ, Matthias Ger Gst a 2:35
160 Scheuneman, Niels Ned Rab a 3:00
161 Strauss, Marcel Sui Gst m.t.
162 Nozal, Isidro Esp Lsw m.t.
163 Edaleine, Christophe Fra Cof m.t.
164 Gene, Yohann Fra Btl a 3:14
165 Nuritdinov, Rafael Uzb Dom a 3:33
166 Ghisalberti, Sergio Ita Dom m.t.
167 Peron, Andrea Ita Cscm.t.
168 Chavanel, Sébastien Fra Btl a 4:03
169 Gomez, Angel Esp Sdv a 4:17
170 Van Hecke, Preben Bel Dvl a 4:17
171 Bellotti, Francesco Ita C.a a 4:42
172 Garrido, José Antonio Esp Qst a 5:05
173 Verbrugghe, Rik Bel Qst m.t.
174 Vastaranta, Jukka Fin Rab m.t.
175 Flecha, Juan Antonio Esp Fas a 5:06
176 Vaugrenard, Benoît Fra Fdj m.t.
177 Sanchez Pimienta, Julian Esp Fas a 6:50
178 Ivanov, Ruslan Mda Dom m.t.
179 Baldato, Fabio Ita Fas m.t.
180 Dockx, Bart Bel Dvl a 8:18

General Classification after Stage 8

1 Heras, Roberto Esp Lsw 33:22:47
2 Menchov, Denis Rus Rab a 12
3 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc a 1:07
4 Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp Sdv a 1:09
5 Blanco, David Esp Ecv a 1:11
6 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Iba a 1:26
7 Yus, Unai Esp Btl a 1:37
8 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Ecv a 1:39
9 Mercado, Juan Miguel Esp Qst a 1:39
10 Scarponi, Michele Ita Lsw a 1:58
11 Danielson, Tom Usa Dsc a 2:03
12 Gonzalez, Santos Esp Pho a 2:05
13 Vila, Francisco Javier Esp Lam a 2:08
14 Simoni, Gilberto Ita Lam a 2:11
15 Beltran, Manuel Esp Dsc a 2:13
16 Jufre, Josep Esp Ref a 2:19
17 Martin Perdiguero, M. a. Esp Pho a 2:29
18 Perez, Luis Esp Cof a 2:30
19 Sevilla, Oscar Esp Tmo a 2:32
20 Bernabeu, David Esp Ecv a 2:32
21 Sanchez, Samuel Esp Eus a 2:45
22 Piil, Jakob Den Csc a 2:49
23 Vandevelde, Christian Usa Csc a 3:00
24 Ardila, Mauricio Col Dvl a 3:03
25 Serrano, Marcos Esp Lsw a 3:13
26 Garcia Quesada, Adolfo Esp Ecv a 3:33
27 Bertagnolli, Leonardo Ita Cof a 3:39
28 Plaza, Ruben Esp Ecv a 4:14
29 Beloki, Joseba Esp Lsw a 4:52
30 Atienza, Daniel Esp Cof a 4:55
31 Osa, Unai Esp Iba a 5:00
32 Dueñas, Moises Esp Ref a 5:15
33 Burghardt, Marcus Ger Tmo a 5:24
34 Botcharov, Alexandre Rus C.a a 5:27
35 Gonzalez, Aitor Esp Eus a 5:29
36 Martinez, Egoi Esp Eus a 5:30
37 Szmyd, Sylvester Pol Lam a 6:05
38 Caruso, Giampaolo Ita Lsw a 6:09
39 Calvente, Manuel Esp Csc a 6:11
40 Osa, Aitor Esp Iba a 6:12
41 Lara, Francisco José Esp Tmo a 6:18
42 Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Sdv a 6:21
43 Noval, Benjamin Esp Dsc a 6:24
44 Horrach, Joan Esp Iba a 6:49
45 Barry, Michael Can Dsc a 6:49
46 Glomser, Gerrit Aut Lam a 6:52
47 Pecharroman, José Antonio Esp Qst a 7:15
48 Vicioso, Angel Esp Lsw a 7:26
49 Pasamontes, Luis Esp Ref a 7:35
50 Casero, Angel Luis Esp Ecv a 7:50
51 Elias, Jose Miguel Esp Ref a 7:52
52 Zabel, Erik Ger Tmo a 8:47
53 Pérez, Francisco Esp Iba a 8:50
54 Leblacher, Eric Fra C.a a 9:17
55 Lastras, Pablo Esp Iba a 9:19
56 Le Mevel, Christophe Fra C.a a 9:29
57 Peña, Victor Hugo Col Pho a 9:35
58 Aldag, Rolf Ger Tmo a 9:52
59 Aerts, Mario Bel Dvl a 10:35
60 Mcgee, Bradley Aus Fdj a 10:51
61 Baranowski, Dariusz Pol Lsw a 11:07
62 Cañada, David Esp Sdv a 11:43
63 Kern, Christophe Fra Btl a 11:47
64 Azevedo, José Por Dsc a 12:21
65 Pradera, Mikel Esp Iba a 12:40
66 Joachim, Benoît Lux Dsc a 12:56
67 Gutierrez, José Ivan Esp Iba a 12:59
68 Bettini, Paolo Ita Qst a 13:15
69 Pereiro, Oscar Esp Pho a 13:46
70 Fernandez, Bingen Esp Cof a 14:24
71 Haussler, Heinrich Ger Gst a 14:51
72 Zaballa, Constantino Esp Sdv a 14:55
73 Geslin, Anthony Fra Btl a 14:58
74 Vogondy, Nicolas Fra C.a a 15:19
75 Botero, Santiago Col Pho a 16:02
76 Sacchi, Fabio Ita Fas a 16:09
77 Nardello, Daniele Ita Tmo a 16:35
78 Casero, Rafael Esp Sdv a 17:01
79 Moerenhout, Koos Ned Dvl a 17:09
80 Kolobnev, Alexandr Rus Rab a 17:27
81 Cuesta, Iñigo Esp Sdv a 17:55
82 Fuentes, Juan Esp Lam a 18:49
83 Hushovd, Thor Nor C.a a 19:09
84 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Ecv a 19:33
85 Poilvet, Benoît Fra C.a a 20:16
86 Ongarato, Alberto Ita Fas a 20:23
87 Florencio, Xavier Esp Ref a 20:29
88 Gonzalez, Freddy Col Ref a 20:37
89 Devolder, Stijn Bel Dsc a 21:04
90 Kohl, Bernhard Aut Tmo a 22:09
91 Van Goolen, Jurgen Bel Qst a 22:36
92 Bernucci, Lorenzo Ita Fas a 23:08
93 Trenti, Guido Usa Qst a 23:10
94 Ventoso, Francisco José Esp Sdv a 23:49
95 Fedrigo, Pierrick Fra Btl a 24:18
96 Hoste, Leif Bel Dsc a 24:44
97 Gutierrez, Ignacio Esp Pho a 24:52
98 Lopez, David Esp Eus a 24:56
99 Burgos, Nacor Esp Ref a 25:03
100 Petacchi, Alessandro Ita Fas a 25:18
101 Velo, Marco Ita Fas a 25:18
102 Wegelius, Charles Gbr Liq a 25:20
103 Horrillo, Pedro Esp Rab a 25:29
104 De Groot, Bram Ned Rab a 25:35
105 Cortinovis, Alessandro Ita Dom a 25:43
106 Ziegler, Thomas Ger Gst a 25:48
107 Garcia Acosta, José Vicente Esp Iba a 26:19
108 Van Hecke, Preben Bel Dvl a 26:29
109 Verbrugghe, Rik Bel Qst a 26:47
110 Van Heeswijk, Max Ned Dsc a 27:16
111 Sorensen, Nicki Den Csc a 27:46
112 Gerdemann, Linus Ger Csc a 28:03
113 Veneberg, Thorwald Ned Rab a 28:18
114 Matzbacher, Andreas Aut Lam a 28:27
115 Laiseka, Roberto Esp Eus a 28:29
116 Peron, Andrea Ita Csc a 28:30
117 Dean, Julian Nzl C.a a 28:36
118 Elmiger, Martin Sui Pho a 29:02
119 Voeckler, Thomas Fra Btl a 29:23
120 Boonen, Tom Bel Qst a 29:35
121 Peña, Aketza Esp Eus a 29:59
122 Latasa, David Esp Ecv a 30:22
123 Mugerli, Matej Slo Liq a 30:44
124 Charteau, Anthony Fra Btl a 31:24
125 Gomez, Angel Esp Sdv a 31:28
126 Coyot, Arnaud Fra Cof a 31:32
127 Lombardi, Giovanni Ita Csc a 31:34
128 Calcagni, Patrick Sui Liq a 31:41
129 Ordowski, Volker Ger Gst a 31:43
130 Van Bon, Leon Ned Dvl a 31:43
131 Hayman, Mathew Aus Rab a 31:44
132 Roy, Jérémy Fra Fdj a 31:52
133 Klier, Andreas Ger Tmo a 32:00
134 Miorin, Devis Ita Liq a 32:02
135 Marzano, Marco Ita Lam a 32:15
136 Peschel, Uwe Ger Gst a 32:44
137 Gonzalez De Galdeano, Igor Esp Lsw a 33:22
138 Zanotti, Marco Ita Liq a 33:22
139 Garcia, Jorge Esp Ref a 33:23
140 Bellotti, Francesco Ita C.a a 33:26
141 Gerosa, Mauro Ita Liq a 33:33
142 Tosatto, Matteo Ita Fas a 33:53
143 Ljungqvist, Marcus Swe Liq a 34:14
144 Mcleod, Ian Rsa Fdj a 36:17
145 Pascual Rodriguez, Javier Esp Ecv a 36:20
146 Gonzalez, Gorka Esp Eus a 37:05
147 De La Fuente, David Esp Sdv a 37:22
148 De Weert, Kevin Bel Qst a 38:00
149 Montgomery, Sven Sui Gst a 38:43
150 Steels, Tom Bel Dvl a 38:48
151 Ivanov, Ruslan Mda Dom a 39:19
152 Scheirlinckx, Staf Bel Cof a 39:46
153 Nuritdinov, Rafael Uzb Dom a 39:47
154 Backstedt, Magnus Swe Liq a 40:03
155 Sanchez Pimienta, Julian Esp Fas a 40:07
156 Steegmans, Gert Bel Dvl a 40:09
157 Haselbacher, René Aut Gst a 40:31
158 Duclos-Lassalle, Hervé Fra Cof a 40:31
159 Nozal, Isidro Esp Lsw a 41:28
160 Johansen, Allan Den Csc a 42:15
161 Korff, André Ger Tmo a 42:21
162 Strauss, Marcel Sui Gst a 43:31
163 Russ, Matthias Ger Gst a 43:36
164 Dockx, Bart Bel Dvl a 43:41
165 Gates, Nick Aus Dvl a 44:12
166 Scheuneman, Niels Ned Rab a 44:43
167 Guesdon, Frédéric Fra Fdj a 45:14
168 Irizar, Markel Esp Eus a 47:08
169 Ghisalberti, Sergio Ita Dom a 47:22
170 Chavanel, Sébastien Fra Btl a 47:58
171 Flecha, Juan Antonio Esp Fas a 52:26
172 Jurco, Matej Svk Dom a 52:55
173 Baldato, Fabio Ita Fas a 54:34
174 Casper, Jimmy Fra Cof a 54:47
175 Vastaranta, Jukka Fin Rab a 59:16
176 Edaleine, Christophe Fra Cof a 1:03:12
177 Finot, Frédéric Fra Fdj a 1:05:57
178 Gene, Yohann Fra Btl a 1:08:00
179 Vaugrenard, Benoît Fra Fdj a 1:21:20
180 Garrido, José Antonio Esp Qst a 1:25:17

Points after Stage 8

1 Hushovd, Thor Nor C.a 94
2 Petacchi, Alessandro Ita Fas 75
3 Zabel, Erik Ger Tmo 69
4 Menchov, Denis Rus Rab 45
5 Heras, Roberto Esp Lsw 43
6 McGee, Bradley Aus Fdj 42
7 Boonen, Tom Bel Qst 40
8 Van Heeswijk, Max Ned Dsc 35
9 Steels, Tom Bel Dvl 32
10 Martin Perdiguero, M. a. Esp Pho 29
11 Blanco, David Esp Ecv 28
12 Zanotti, Marco Ita Liq 28
13 Bertagnolli, Leonardo Ita Cof 26
14 Yus, Unai Esp Btl 25
15 Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp Sdv 24
16 Gutierrez, José Ivan Esp Iba 24
17 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 23
18 Verbrugghe, Rik Bel Qst 23
19 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Ecv 21
20 Bettini, Paolo Ita Qst 20
21 Ventoso, Francisco José Esp Sdv 19
22 Flecha, Juan Antonio Esp Fas 19
23 Ongarato, Alberto Ita Fas 18
24 Gonzalez, Santos Esp Pho 17
25 Jufre, Josep Esp Ref 17

Mountains after Stage 8

1 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Ecv 32
2 Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp Sdv 22
3 Heras, Roberto Esp Lsw 20
4 Menchov, Denis Rus Rab 16
5 Piil, Jakob Den Csc 15
6 Lastras, Pablo Esp Iba 13
7 Bertagnolli, Leonardo Ita Cof 12
8 Cuesta, Iñigo Esp Sdv 11
9 Blanco, David Esp Ecv 11
10 Verbrugghe, Rik Bel Qst 10
11 Martinez, Egoi Esp Eus 10
12 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Ecv 8
13 Mercado, Juan Miguel Esp Qst 7
14 Cañada, David Esp Sdv 7
15 Joachim, Benoît Lux Dsc 7
16 Florencio, Xavier Esp Ref 6
17 Moerenhout, Koos Ned Dvl 6
18 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 5
19 Elias, Jose Miguel Esp Ref 5
20 Leblacher, Eric Fra C.a 5
21 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Iba 4
22 Mcgee, Bradley Aus Fdj 4
23 Gonzalez, Freddy Col Ref 4
24 Gomez, Angel Esp Sdv 4
25 Gutierrez, Ignacio Esp Pho 3

All Around

1 Heras, Roberto Esp Lsw 9
2 Menchov, Denis Rus Rab 10
3 Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp Sdv 21
4 Blanco, David Esp Ecv 25
5 Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 38
6 Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Ecv 39
7 Bertagnolli, Leonardo Ita Cof 47
8 Piil, Jakob Den Csc 53
9 Mercado, Juan Miguel Esp Qst 55
10 Gonzalez, Santos Esp Pho 63
11 Mancebo, Francisco Esp Iba 66
12 Vila, Francisco Javier Esp Lam 71
13 Mcgee, Bradley Aus Fdj 88
14 Lastras, Pablo Esp Iba 91
15 Martinez, Egoi Esp Eus 96
16 Serrano, Marcos Esp Lsw 110
17 Cuesta, Iñigo Esp Sdv 134
18 Verbrugghe, Rik Bel Qst 137
19 Leblacher, Eric Fra C.a 151
20 Joachim, Benoît Lux Dsc 152
21 Jimenez, Eladio Esp Ecv 158
22 Florencio, Xavier Esp Ref 158
23 Moerenhout, Koos Ned Dvl 174
24 Poilvet, Benoît Fra C.a 198
25 Gomez, Angel Esp Sdv 207

Teams Classification after Stage 8

1 Liberty Seguros - Würth Team Lsw 100:11:47
2 Comunidad Valenciana Ecv a 48
3 Team Csc Csc a 3:09
4 Lampre - Caffita Lam a 4:46
5 Illes Balears - Caisse D'epargne Iba a 4:52
6 Phonak Hearing Systems Pho a 5:14
7 Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team Dsc a 5:55
8 Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone Cof a 7:22
9 Saunier Duval - Prodir Sdv a 8:36
10 Quick Step - Innergetic Qst a 9:09
11 T- Mobile Team Tmo a 9:21
12 Euskaltel - Euskadi Eus a 10:17
13 Credit Agricole C.a a 10:38
14 Relax Fuenlabrada Ref a 11:05
15 Bouygues Telecom Btl a 14:14
16 Davitamon - Lotto Dvl a 18:56
17 Rabobank Rab a 31:29
18 Fassa Bortolo Fas a 39:20
19 Team Gerolsteiner Gst a 48:48
20 Liquigas - Bianchi Liq a 1:06:07
21 La Francaise Des Jeux Fdj a 1:13:14
22 Domina Vacanze Dom a 1:14:49

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