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Tour de Toona Stage 3
By Marianne Werz O'Brien
Date: 7/27/2005
Tour de Toona Stage 3

Pro Men's Stage 3 RaceReport

The race started a little more eventfully than Bruno Langlois of Jittery Joes would have preferred. He got a flat during the parade lap around the mall and was forced to sprint after the caravan to catch back on. About a mile into the race Michael Norton of Nerac decided to stretch his legs, and got a gap of about ten seconds, but this didn’t hold up very long.

Chris Wherry, photo by mwo

Josh Dillon of Louis Garneau tried his luck next about ten miles in, gaining 1:40 on the chasers and stayed away for almost thirty miles. During his parade off the front Colavita and HealthNet massed on the front controlling the race.

By mile 45 the pace and hills had taken their toll, the field had been winnowed by a quarter. The race leader Greg Henderson, Jittery Joe racer Evan Elken, and Subways Ryan McKenzie took a chance which was quickly shut down by the field.

Two guys attacked at the feed and were admonished by US Pro Champion Chris Wherry. Obviously it is considered in bad form to attack at the feed, however Target’s Eneas Freyre and Jittery Joe’s Thad Dulin attacked immediately after the feed zone and remained away until the foot of Blue Knob.

HealthNet and Colavita set the pace up the mountain, with the peloton shattering along the way. By the top only nine riders remained in the lead group. Four Health Net riders – Justin England, Chris Wherry, Greg Henderson and Scott Moninger; two Aerospace Engineering racers- Hugh Moran and Ryan Trebon, plus RMCEF racer Andy Bajadali, Philip Wong of Fiordifrutti, and Anthony Colby of TargetTraining.

From Blue Knob the race was theirs, the rest of the peloton was out of contention. All that remained was sorting the podium. Unsuprisingly, based on the odds, HealthNet took first place with Chris Wherry taking over the Leaders Jersey.

Men's Race Report
Report by Adam Hodges Myerson, Team Nerac

I'm sitting here, sleepy eyed in front of the computer at 11 pm, after the first real mountain stage of the 2005 Tour de 'Toona. On Team Nerac, we're a small team with a small budget, and small ambitions to match.

We have one staff person here for a team of 5, which means the riders also have to help out a bit with some of the off-the-bike work. I got a great massage after the stage today, but then spent the rest of the evening washing and tuning my bike, doing laundry, and then trying to get some "other" work done on my laptop.

I do double duty on the team as a rider and manager, and my job on the bike is normally as the sprinter. Yesterday I was happy to get a respectable 9th place in the field sprint, but today my goal was just to make it to the final KOM with the field, climb at my own pace, and roll in within the time cut, saving my energy for Thursday and Friday's stages.

For the younger riders on the team who are here to get experience for the future, the race is all about learning how to ride at the front, hold their position, and make the splits at critical points in the race. If things go well, hopefully they may find themselves in a good move from time to time. If not, they learn valuable lessons that hopefully keep them from making mistakes in the future.

Things went well enough for me. The first KOM came a little sooner than I expected, and I was well out of position at the bottom. As a sprinter, it's key for me to start the climbs right at the front so I have some drifting room as the climb goes on. The field split over the first, steeper part of the climb, but I managed to get across before we actually hit the KOM, and held on over the top. The other guys weren't so lucky. One of our riders flatted in the first 5 miles of the race and never got back on, then flatted a second time with no support at the base of the second KOM.

Our remaining 3 guys all missed the split on the first KOM, but managed to ride in with a group within the time cut, with one exception. Poor Ari de Wilde started to cramp on one of the last rollers about a kilometer out from the finish, so sat up and soft pedaled in, just missing the time cut by 27 seconds. We're hoping to get him back in the race tomorrow if the officials show him any mercy.

I have to go to a wedding for a close friend on Saturday, so my Altoona only has 2 stages left no matter how well I may or may not be doing. But now that the GC has been solidly established and the hills are behind us until Saturday, I'm hoping the leader's team keeps it together for the next two days and we finish with some field sprints. Unfortunately, it's not up to me!

Pro Women's Stage 3 Race Report

Women’s Startline, photo by mwo

The women took to the road half an hour after the men under ominously threatening skies. The heavy clouds kept it cooler than yesterday, providing welcome relief, but the relief would be short lived. After a parade lap around the mall the riders headed out on the open road. The tempo mellow, the racers covered the blacktop. A TEAm Lipton racer caught behind took to the gravel to sprint up to the front of the peloton. The Webcor, T-Mobile and Quark teams were leading the pack.

Genevieve Jeanson, photo by mwo

The elastic first stretched ten miles into the race on a sweeping downhill where the women hit nearly 50 mph, and the field split into three major groups but they pulled back together on the next rise. A brief light misty rain started to fall as Colavita, and Honey Stinger took over the front of the peloton.

Things picked up as the race neared the first sprint points, with all the sprinters teams organizing to put their pocket rocket in proper position. Victory Brewing, TEAm Lipton and Colavita massed at the front of the pack. Then Ina Tuetenberg suddenly materialized from out of nowhere, afterburners firing she smoked them all!

When the dust settled it was Ina Tuetenberg, Laura VanGilder, and Gina Grain taking the top three spots for the first sprint.

Here comes the rain, photo by mwo

About 34 miles into the race the heavens opened and the rain poured down. It came down in sheets, a total gully washer. Visibility was limited just in time for a steep descent, where the racers scattered across the road. The peloton was split with about thirty riders in the lead group just in time for the first Queen of the Mountain points. The first women across the line were Lyne Bessette, Annette Beutler, Genevieve Jeanson, Leigh Hobson, and Erinne Willock.

The rains finally stopped thirteen miles later and the race came alive. There was attack after attack. Acceleration after acceleration! The peloton was strung out in a long thin line as people came out of the Dew Drop Inn with beer in hand to cheer on the racers! Then Magalie Lavier burst out of the field, and she went on a solo time trial that lasted twenty miles, gaining a gap of 1 minute forty before the peloton decided to reel her in.

Magalie Lavier, photo by mwo

A car pulls onto the course ahead of the chase group, but the race moto’s are ever vigilent, and quickly respond and escort the vehicle off the road.

Another QOM was approaching, and those points were too precious to the heads of state. Seven women were chasing hard, and working together well, Magalie was absorbed by the chase group and dropped instantly. Lyne Bessette, Erinne Willock, Christine Thorburn, Genevieve Jeanson, Kim Baldwin, Annette Buetler would all play cat and mouse for the remaining twenty miles of the race.

The Break, photo by mwo

Genevieve dug deep and sprinted off the front of this select group to claim the top points in QOM. Once the points are secure in her pocket she waited to reintegrate with the chasers and the next game of cat and mouse was begun. At 94.5 miles Christine Thorburn took a flier off the front, Genevieve responded and the two gained a ten second gap.

Leading the way home, photo by mwo

Lyne Bessette mounted a counter attack and single handedly drew them back. With 1k to go Webcor’s Erinne Willock sprinted off and everyone responded, then from the rear her teammate Christine Thorburn counter attacked with 200 meters to go. Genevieve Jeanson and Annette Beutler countered but Thorburn was too quick for them on this day, and she takes the overall lead.

After the podium presentations, wearing the leaders Yellow jersey Christine said, “I am very happy. This is a lot of responsibility but my team is up for it! This was a good stage; there was a little excitement with that rainstorm and hail. The weather made this race.” She said she was very fortunate to have teammate Erinne Willock in the final break because “Having two of us in the break is what really made this possible.”

Johnstown- Altoona Race Report
Report by Lauren Franges, Victory Brewing Team
Today was one of the hardest stages of Tour de Toona, and believe me my legs were feeling it. We raced for 96 miles with lots of climbing to make it hurt just a little bit more. After my crash yesterday I wasn’t sure how I was going to be feeling, but I wanted to try more then ever to make the group over the top of Blue Knob.

Lauren Franges, photo by mwo

I have really improved a lot on my climbing; in previous years I would have hit the bottom of the climb and said see ya later. Today was a different story, I stayed as long as I could with the climbers and then I had to settle into my own pace, and I was ecstatic to see the 200 meter sign indicating the top of the climb.

My group worked well together and we caught the first group just after the decent. Then it was time to go to the front and limit our loses, as there were 8 girls still off the front. I worked hard, almost getting dropped a few times but manage to survive.

Coming into 1 km to go there was still prize money places on the line, so my teammate Rachel went to the front and drove it so that I could go for the sprint. Tina Pic came around with 150 meters to go, but I held on for 10th place overall on the stage.

We were still working hard for the sprints and Gina is still sitting in 2nd place. Tomorrow is Holidaysburg…a fun course with something for everyone. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What a day...
Race Report by Chrissy Ruitter of Team Ford-Basis
A tough day it was.... tough to see and a tough climb at about 70 miles.... my oh my.

Chrissy Ruitter, photo by mwo

First I must mention... we only got lost getting to the race because it is cool to be fashionably late to things... being cool and all we were a little later then others.

Right before the first QOM it started to pour buckets upon buckets of rain. Someone, I think the clouds, decided to dump... and I mean dump rain on us.

We could hardly see, now I mean the Ford-Basis Team because I didn't talk to anyone else about the rain. At one point I thought we were going to slide right off the road into a bliss... or whatever it is called... because there was a river running down the street. Then as we climbed the river was running against us... not so nice, I agree.

So, the race... Well I had to get a bike change at about mile 2-22, not really sure when. Kat stopped for me, but dropped me on the way back to the group so we were both chasing... just not together. She is super super strong and I was a woos today, but we got back on... few. Then the rain... then another bike change because the spare was a tad to small. And when I say a tad I mean way to small. Nicole stopped this time... with her chasing and me sitting she got us back on... few again.

Kele got us some bottles in there (between mile 22.2 to oh 97.4, closer to the 22.2 mile marker)... thank goodness because even though I had my mouth open when it was raining it was hard to catch enough rain to re-hydrate.

Now the climb... Kristin shot up the road like a rocket just missing the speedy group by inches. Alisha was right there too (stitches in her knee and all from her crash at the TT) and I dropped like a rock or at least felt like it. Katherine (Kat), Kele, and Nicole were just back a tad from maaawaaa (that means me in a odd language if you forgot) but they were climbing easy.

And then the finish... there was still a group of speedy climbers off the front. Then a group of about 40 or so who came together before the finish and after the climb.

That was today, almost 100 miles of racing in a nut shell. With some rain, hotness, coolness, gues, drinks, and bike changes. AND if you ask someone else they probably thought the race was a lot different...

I mean I am sure they noticed the rain, but had a much different idea about what was going on. Some were the speedy climbers and may not have thought the climb was hard. Then the sprinters would have definitely mentioned the sprints... but I couldn't see that at all so can't say what happened.

So as for me that is what went down today...

Ford-Basis, photo by mwo

Until next time... have a good night.
don't let the spiders into your bed... they are biters,


Westsylvania / P.R.E.I.T. & Logan Valley Mall Point to Point Road Race,
Johnstown to Altoona
By Katie Lambden, TEAm Lipton

I’m not sure if I was the only one, but I woke up this morning with a touch of stage-race belly. This is what we call the vague tummy malaise that comes with hard racing and little recovery in between. We know we have to consume as much food as possible to refuel after the long hours on the bike, but sometimes it’s hard to eat. I scrounged around the kitchen, trying to think of something that sounded halfway appetizing to eat. I settled on oatmeal the way my dad makes it: with butter, salt, and pepper. Not bad.

Today’s stage is the one that usually separates the women from the girls. There’s no hiding in the pack on a climb like Blue Knob. I was nervous about whether I’d be able to climb at or near the front, but we all knew that’s where we needed to be to finish well. With 96 miles to race, getting over the two QOM climbs (one around mile 50 and the second – the infamous Blue Knob – at mile 75) with the front or at least the main group is essential.

We left Johnstown at 1:30 p.m., starting with 2 parade laps around the mall parking lot. Although there was a pretty stiff breeze, it felt really hot. When you’re riding in the middle of a group of 100 people, all generating some intense body heat, there’s no cooling breeze to be had. I felt like I was going to melt! Elisa told me afterward that she thought she was going to faint, too. It was stifling.

The pace was relatively mellow until we hit the first QOM. Right as we crested the hill, the sky opened and rain began pouring down. We started the descent, but there was so much water bouncing off the road that visibility was pretty awful. Afterwards, Kristen exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe I was going that fast without being able to see!” The especially scary bits were when a screaming fast downhill was followed by a sharp turn.

Thank goodness for the marshals standing at the curves in chartreuse T-shirts, waving their arms frantically at us to slow down. The pack had split into countless fragments, less from the climb than the hair-raising descent that followed. However, most of the pieces came back together eventually, after the feed zone at mile 54.

I remember feeling relief that I’d passed the first test of the day when my group caught back on to the front group after the thunderstorm passed. The relief was pretty short-lived, though, because there was a sprint at mile 64 and then it was time to prepare for QOM # 2. (Meanwhile, a Honey Stinger rider had attacked and gained 1’40” on the field fairly quickly.) We looked around and counted heads, and TEAm Lipton had five in the main (lead) group: Liza, Meredith, Kristen, Mackenzie, and I.

In the few kilometers leading to the entrance to Blue Knob Park, the pace picked up as riders jockeyed to get to the front for a momentary head start on the climb. Honey Stinger was swallowed up somewhere in this surge. My legs were feeling pretty dead, and I wondered how the heck I was going to make it up the climb if I was hurting before it even started.

As soon as the road pitched up, I saw Ina Teutenberg (points leader and winner of yesterday’s circuit race) pull off to the side and soft pedal. I felt a little pang of jealousy that her job for the day was over and she would ride the climb at her own pace. But then I looked back up the road and got to work.

I saw Liza and Kristen just in front of me and yelled out (with what felt like my last breath), “GO, Liza! Get up there!! Go, Kristen!” After a few hundred yards, my legs started waking up to the effort and I began to go a bit better. Meredith was with us too, and the four of us encouraged each other as we climbed.

We gradually worked our way up, gathering up riders that had started faster but faded. We reached the top in a group of 15 or 20. This group contained several strong riders, and I felt pretty confident that we would catch the group that had crested Blue Knob ahead of us.

Last year, in the exact same situation, I was dropped literally within 20 yards of my chase group’s catching the main field. My mistake then was not taking the time to eat after the climb, and bonking as a result after the effort of chasing. The memory of watching the field ride away from me that day, so frustratingly close yet impossible to reach, loomed large.

As soon as I had a chance after the climb, I ate another Power Gel. I was out of water, though, and missed the feed zone right after the climb, so I radioed our team director in the caravan that I needed water.

Kristen and I went back to the car, but the pace in the chase group picked up just then and we were stranded about 10 yards off the back. Dangling there, our tired legs succeeding only in maintaining, not closing, the gap to the chase group, we had a moment of near-panic. Thank goodness we were able to close the gap eventually…those moments of struggle and fear that all the work of the day might go to waste just aren’t any fun.

Our chase did end up catching the main field, but we heard that there was a lead group of six off the front, with a chase of 2 riders 50 seconds behind. All the strongest teams were represented in the break, and they had 2 and a half minutes on the field, so the field was pretty relaxed. With four riders in the main field, our team had the numbers to chase; however, we were all toasted from our earlier chasing efforts, and we figured that other teams (Ford Basis, Victory and Colavita) has more to gain by chasing since their riders were higher on GC than ours.

At any rate, the pace was steady as we cleared the 10K to go sign. However, gravity wasn’t finished toying with us today, and there were several rollers and little kicker climbs before the end. I soon knew I was in trouble, as I seemed to actually roll backwards down the climbs no matter how hard I pedaled! Pretty soon the gap to the last rider stretched too far and I was off the back.

I knew I had to catch back on – 93 miles of effort was not going to be wasted in the last 5K! I moved through the caravan and jumped back on the field about 2K before the finish. Incredibly, I recognized the sharp corner where 2 years ago in the cat 3 points race I rode off course, bumping through someone’s front yard before rejoining the race on the road. It’s funny how the brain works while under oxygen debt! I was just so thankful to be back in the field that the last few minutes of racing passed in a blur.

I made it. The team made it…we survived a very tough day and will be back to fight again tomorrow. The lead group of six made almost 4 minutes on the field, which should give a longer leash to breakaway efforts tomorrow. We may see a more aggressive race as a result.

Our lovely host Larry went on a frozen custard run tonight and brought back 3 tubs of the delicious treat for us. So we are going to be especially well fueled for tomorrow’s race right here where we’re staying in Hollidaysburg. Stay tuned to see if we’ve discovered the newest perfect recovery food!

Pro Women’s Stage 3 Results

1 101 THORBURN, Christine Webcor Builders Wome 4:18:40 20 4:18:40
2 25 BEUTLER, Annette Quark Cycling Team " 15 "
3 66 JEANSON, Genevieve The Bicycle Store " 10 "
4 113 BALDWIN, Kimberly T-Mobile " "
5 1 BESSETTE, Lyne Bianchi/GP/PCW " "
6 102 WILLOCK, Erinne Webcor Builders Wome " "
7 138 JAUANTRE, Marina MS2R - Honey Stinger 4:21:56 @ 3:16
8 114 ARMSTRONG, Kristin T-Mobile " "
9 30 PIC, Tina Quark Cycling Team 4:22:28 @ 3:48
10 89 FRANGES, Lauren Victory Brewing " "
11 136 LeFLOCH, Magali MS2R - Honey Stinger " "
12 115 SEEHAFER, Kori T-Mobile " "
13 127 HOBSON, Leigh Diet Cheerwine Cycli " "
14 60 LASASSO, Kristen Team Lipton " "
15 91 HEAL, Rachel Victory Brewing " "
16 22 RUITER, Chrissy Ford-Basis " "
17 62 MILLER, Meredith Team Lipton " "
18 80 VETTERLEIN, Lisa Velo Girls Pro Cycli " "
19 63 RACHETTO, Liza Team Lipton " "
20 29 LEMIEUX, Audrey Quark Cycling Team " "

ProWomen’s Overall Mountain Points

1 1 BESSETTE, Lyne Bianchi/GP/PCW 18
2 66 JEANSON, Genevieve The Bicycle Store 12
3 25 BEUTLER, Annette Quark Cycling Team 11
4 10 COWDEN, Dotsie Colavita/Cooking Lig 10
5 101 THORBURN, Christine Webcor Builders Wome 5
6 127 HOBSON, Leigh Diet Cheerwine Cycli 3
7 113 BALDWIN, Kimberly T-Mobile 1
8 102 WILLOCK, Erinne Webcor Builders Wome 1

Pro Womens Overall Sprint Points

1 119 TEUTENBERG, Ina-Yoko T-Mobile 28
2 90 GRAIN, Gina Victory Brewing 17
3 30 PIC, Tina Quark Cycling Team 12
4 25 BEUTLER, Annette Quark Cycling Team 11
5 19 FREEDMAN, Nicole Ford-Basis 11
6 101 THORBURN, Christine Webcor Builders Wome 10
7 66 JEANSON, Genevieve The Bicycle Store 8
8 113 BALDWIN, Kimberly T-Mobile 7
9 114 ARMSTRONG, Kristin T-Mobile 7
10 67 LONG, Magen The Bicycle Store 7
11 1 BESSETTE, Lyne Bianchi/GP/PCW 6
12 139 CREUX, Sophie MS2R - Honey Stinger 6
13 137 LAVIER, Magalie MS2R - Honey Stinger 5
14 102 WILLOCK, Erinne Webcor Builders Wome 5
15 138 JAUANTRE, Marina MS2R - Honey Stinger 4
16 31 VANGILDER, Laura Quark Cycling Team 4
17 63 RACHETTO, Liza Team Lipton 3
18 89 FRANGES, Lauren Victory Brewing 1
19 116 MACTIER, Katie T-Mobile 1

Pro Women’s Overall GC After Stage 3

1 101 THORBURN, Christine Webcor Builders Wome 7:10:33 7:10:33
2 66 JEANSON, Genevieve The Bicycle Store 7:10:36 @ 00:03
3 25 BEUTLER, Annette Quark Cycling Team 7:10:44 @ 00:11
4 113 BALDWIN, Kimberly T-Mobile " "
5 102 WILLOCK, Erinne Webcor Builders Wome 7:10:59 @ 00:26
6 1 BESSETTE, Lyne Bianchi/GP/PCW 7:11:02 @ 00:29
7 114 ARMSTRONG, Kristin T-Mobile 7:13:54 @ 03:21
8 138 JAUANTRE, Marina MS2R - Honey Stinger 7:14:30 @ 03:57
9 22 RUITER, Chrissy Ford-Basis 7:14:42 @ 04:09
10 13 PALMER-KOMAR, Sue Colavita/Cooking Lig 7:14:43 @ 04:10
11 30 PIC, Tina Quark Cycling Team " "
12 115 SEEHAFER, Kori T-Mobile 7:14:45 @ 04:12
13 89 FRANGES, Lauren Victory Brewing 7:14:49 @ 04:16
14 18 DANIELSON, Kristin Ford-Basis 7:14:50 @ 04:17
15 27 FLEURY, Grace Quark Cycling Team 7:14:52 @ 04:19
16 31 VANGILDER, Laura Quark Cycling Team 7:14:53 @ 04:20
17 99 GREER, Felicia Webcor Builders Wome " "
18 127 HOBSON, Leigh Diet Cheerwine Cycli 7:14:56 @ 04:23
19 54 STEPHENSON, Jennifer Team Biovail 7:14:57 @ 04:24
20 15 POWERS, Catherine Colavita/Cooking Lig 7:14:59 @ 04:26

Team Classification

1 Webcor Builders Women 12:59:48 @ 12:59:48 30
2 T-Mobile 13:03:04 @ 03:16 24
3 Quark Cycling Team 13:03:36 @ 03:48 31
4 MS2R - Honey Stinger 13:06:52 @ 07:04 47
5 Victory Brewing 13:07:24 @ 07:36 46
6 Team Lipton " " 50
7 Ford-Basis " " 63
8 Colavita/Cooking Light " " 97
9 Team Biovail " " 113
10 Diet Cheerwine Cycling 13:14:22 @ 1

Pro Mens Stage 3 Results

1 295 WHERRY, Chris Health Net presented 3:45:26 20 3:45:26
2 232 BAJADALI, Andy RMCEF " 15 "
3 345 MORAN, Hugh Aerospace Engineerin " 10 "
4 304 WONG, Philip Fiordifrutta " "
5 211 COLBY, Anthony TARGETRAINING " "
6 298 MONINGER, Scott Health Net presented " "
7 346 TREBON, Ryan Aerospace Engineerin " "
8 302 ENGLAND, Justin Health Net presented " "
9 301 HENDERSON, Greg Health Net presented 3:45:52 @ 26
10 228 HERBY, Christoph Snow Valley Presente " "
11 283 JOHNSON, Tim Jittery Joe's Kalaha " "
12 320 PAGE, Jonathan Colavita - Sutter Ho " "
13 223 CRANE, Matthew Snow Valley Presente " "
14 325 FRATTINI, Davide Colavita - Sutter Ho " "
15 349 MURPHY, Eric Aerospace Engineerin " "
16 278 JACQUES-MAYNES, Ben Kodak Galery/Sierra " "
17 221 HUGHES, Cameron Subway " "
18 274 PERRAS, Dominique Kodak Galery/Sierra " "
19 237 GARCIA, Jonathan RMCEF " "
20 332 JENSEN, Brian Bianchi/GP/PCW " "

ProMen’s Mountain Points Overall

1 345 MORAN, Hugh Aerospace Engineerin 15
2 275 MITCHELL, Glen Kodak Galery/Sierra 13
3 232 BAJADALI, Andy RMCEF 9
4 267 DILLON, Josh Louis Garneau Racing 7
5 269 BAER, Jason Louis Garneau Racing 5
6 302 ENGLAND, Justin Health Net presented 5
7 295 WHERRY, Chris Health Net presented 3
8 283 JOHNSON, Tim Jittery Joe's Kalaha 3
9 346 TREBON, Ryan Aerospace Engineerin 1

Pro Men’s Sprint Points Overall

1 244 HUFF, Brad Mercy Cycling Team 14
2 284 HOPKINS, Jeff Jittery Joe's Kalaha 13
3 301 HENDERSON, Greg Health Net presented 12
4 295 WHERRY, Chris Health Net presented 10
5 317 GILBERT, Martin Equipe Volkswagen Tr 10
6 232 BAJADALI, Andy RMCEF 9
7 345 MORAN, Hugh Aerospace Engineerin 8
8 272 STEWART, Jackson Kodak Galery/Sierra 8
9 304 WONG, Philip Fiordifrutta 7
11 264 KING, Robbie Louis Garneau Racing 6
12 286 DULIN, Thad Jittery Joe's Kalaha 5
13 267 DILLON, Josh Louis Garneau Racing 5
14 298 MONINGER, Scott Health Net presented 5
15 315 LACOMBE, Kevin Equipe Volkswagen Tr 5
16 346 TREBON, Ryan Aerospace Engineerin 4
17 302 ENGLAND, Justin Health Net presented 3
18 322 MCCORMACK, Mark Colavita - Sutter Ho 3
19 225 WAMSLEY, Kyle Snow Valley Presente 3
21 214 ACTON, Alejandro TARGETRAINING 3
22 248 NIELSON, Owen Manulife Financial/J 3
23 204 HODGES MYERSON, Adam Team prese 2
24 228 HERBY, Christoph Snow Valley Presente 1
25 189 DIONNE, Charles Webcor Builders Men 1
26 242 CAGLE, Chad Mercy Cycling Team 1

Pro Men’s GC Overall After Stage 3

1 295 WHERRY, Chris Health Net presented 6:01:43 6:01:43
2 232 BAJADALI, Andy RMCEF 6:01:58 @ 00:15
3 298 MONINGER, Scott Health Net presented 6:02:03 @ 00:20
4 345 MORAN, Hugh Aerospace Engineerin 6:02:04 @ 00:21
5 304 WONG, Philip Fiordifrutta 6:02:13 @ 00:30
6 346 TREBON, Ryan Aerospace Engineerin 6:02:17 @ 00:34
7 301 HENDERSON, Greg Health Net presented " "
8 302 ENGLAND, Justin Health Net presented 6:02:21 @ 00:38
9 322 MCCORMACK, Mark Colavita - Sutter Ho 6:02:25 @ 00:42
10 321 OLSON, Aaron Colavita - Sutter Ho " "
11 278 JACQUES-MAYNES, Ben Kodak Galery/Sierra 6:02:26 @ 00:43
12 211 COLBY, Anthony TARGETRAINING 6:02:27 @ 00:44
13 290 RANDELL, Andrew Jet Fuel Coffee-Symp 6:02:39 @ 00:56
14 323 HERRIOTT, Todd Colavita - Sutter Ho " "
15 320 PAGE, Jonathan Colavita - Sutter Ho 6:02:40 @ 00:57
16 349 MURPHY, Eric Aerospace Engineerin 6:02:41 @ 00:58
17 306 TIMMERMAN, Dan Fiordifrutta " "
18 332 JENSEN, Brian Bianchi/GP/PCW 6:02:42 @ 00:59
19 283 JOHNSON, Tim Jittery Joe's Kalaha " "
20 223 CRANE, Matthew Snow Valley Presente 6:02:43 @ 01:00

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