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Amy Gillett - A Tribute
By Podofdonny
Date: 7/19/2005
Amy Gillett - A Tribute

Amy Gillett

Amy Gillett, one of the riders of the National Australian women’s team, has died having been hit by a car during a training ride in Germany -

Five team members have been injured -

The Tribute of Bianchi

Yesterday a tragic accident shocked the world of cycling: Amy Gillett, a 29-year-old rider of the Australian women’s team, has died after she and five other riders were hit by a car during a training ride. The other athletes have been hospitalized. Three of them are reported to be in critical condition.

Bianchi wants to express its sympathy for Amy’s family and for the athletes and the whole staff of the Australian team riding Bianchi bicycles.

The Managing Director, Davide Brambilla, says: "This tragedy breaks our hearts and we grieve for Amy. It is a terrible loss for her beloved ones and we embrace all those who have been affected."

The Bianchi-Aliverti women’s team expresses its deep sorrow as well.

"This tragedy leaves us without words," says Fiorenzo Aliverti. "I offer my condolences and the condolences of the athletes and the staff of Bianchi-Aliverti to Amy’s family. I also think to the girls who were injured: one of them is Katie Brown who signed with our team two years ago."

The Australian team is admired very much in the world of cycling for its great team spirit. The first stage of Thueringen Rundfarth has been cancelled and a service of commemoration will be held today for Amy.

Amy Gillett was born in Adelaide on 9 January 1976. Rowing was her first sport and she joined the Australian team in Atlanta in 1996.

Later, Amy fell in love with cycling at first on the track - she won the national pursuit championship in 2002. Then, she started riding in road races. Amy was married to Simon, who was her former rowing coach.

Amy Gillett. Photo © Bianchi .

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