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Own Your Own Planet Ė Call Now
By Staff
Date: 7/12/2005
Own Your Own Planet Ė Call Now

Own Your Own Planet Ė Call Now!
By† Dave Shields

Lance Armstrong, Human Potential and making dreams come true.
An inspirational Paen.

Have you ever seen one of those late night infomercials where they offer you the moon and the stars for a small fee? Why donít they ever promise planets? After all, those are the celestial bodies most likely to be worth something.

I know of one guy who already has his own planet, and his name is Lance Armstrong.
Letís put it this wayÖ pick your favorite athlete Ė Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Mohammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Pele, Martina Navratilova. Now, can you think of a scenario under which that person could have dominated the Super Bowl of their chosen sport for three-quarters of a decade?
Is it conceivable that with every competitor focused on knocking them off their podium, year after year, that they could maintain complete control?

Obviously I donít know your answer, but would it make any difference if fate slammed your superstar of choice onto their deathbed in the prime of his or her career?
Do you think they could have first bested the Grim Reaper, and then have taken down the greats of their sport over and over and over?

The nature of life is that we become jaded to all sorts of things: accomplishment, disappointment, success, failure, good luck, bad luck. But what is so different between you and Lance Armstrong? As the result of his accomplishments he can seem like some sort of an institution.
From afar itís tempting to see his success as an inevitability. At the core, though, heís just another human fighting his own battles. How in the world does he keep winning them? Put yourself in his shoes. Could you dream of willingly facing the obstacles he sets up for himself? If you donít think there is more pressure on him than on any other competitor in the race, then you arenít looking very closely.

Lance proved today that he has nothing left to prove. He turned an exciting field of contenders into nothing but a bunch of also rans. In the seven most recent Tours de France heís broken the race wide open on the first big mountain stage six times. |
The one time he didnít do it in 2003, he may have made his strongest statement of all. He showed us that heís capable of digging so deep mentally that he can win even when his physical preparation has gone all wrong. Absolutely incredible!

Yes, Lance is on another planet, but the amazing thing is the name of the planet heís on. Itís called Earth. Iím not sure anybody has ever been so firmly rooted. Where does that put the rest of us?

Lance Armstrongís accomplishments are proof that human potential is only limited by that humanís dreams. This probably comes off as effusive praise if youíre reading it lightly, but do yourself a big favor. Think about how these lessons apply to your own life, fulfilling your potential and achieving your goals.
Take a moment and consider what steps youíre willing to take to make your wildest dreams come true. Are you taking them? Why not? If you discovered that your life was going to end tomorrow is there anything youíd wish you had done different?

Who can tell what the future holds? Better make those changes today.
Carpe Diem!

Dave Shields is the author of Amazonís #1 Selling Sports Novel, The Race. In June the book became the first sports themed novel ever to win the Ben Franklin Award for Best New Voice in Fiction. See more at

Editors note: David has been busy working on his follow up novel to the successful "The Race." Scheduled for publication in Spring of 2006. Get a taste of the continuing action as the young Utah native Ben Barnes continues his adventures in le Tour.

Read chapter one of Daveís upcoming sequel to The Race: The Tour.

*Paen: A song or hymn of praise, joy, or triumph, originally sung by Greeks in gratitude to Apollo

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