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Tour de France – Team News Stage 9.
By Podofdonny
Date: 7/10/2005
Tour de France – Team News Stage 9.

Tour de France – Team News Stage 9.

T Mobile, quiet day at the office, Ullrich falls, CSC , Voigt in Yellow Zabriskie out, Liberty Seguros, Igors out, Liquigas Bianchi in the thick of the action (again)

T Mobile

While Rasmussen, the man they call "the chicken." rode to stage glory and Jens Voigt, the popular, attacking German rider rode himself into yellow, the T Mobile Team appeared to have called a temporary truce with arch rivals Discovery, though Ullrich’s early fall may have dampened their attacking resolve. T Mobile website reports.

Quiet day for T-Mobile

For the T-Mobile Team, it was a quiet day overall, in contrast with yesterday´s heroics. It was not without its anxious moments, though. Team captain Jan Ullrich misjudged a corner on a descent, putting it down to a gust of wind, and came off after just 10km. Fortunately, he only seemed to suffer some cuts and grazes to his left knee and elbow. Three of the team, Sevilla, Kessler and Steinhauser waited for almost a minute to accompany Ullrich back into the peloton. T-Mobile sporting director, Mario Kummer, "these things happen, there´s always a danger of crashes. Jan is okay. He quickly got back on his bike and caught up with the others." Ullrich himself seemed slightly embarrassed about the incident afterwards and laughed it off. On a sadder note, at almost the same moment, David Zabriskie (CSC), winner of the opening time trial, was forced to abandon due to injuries caused in the stage four team time trial crash that saw him lose the yellow jersey.

For T-Mobile manager Olaf Ludwig, "Voigt put in a great performance. He deserves to be in yellow. However, if Discovery really wanted to protect yellow, they would have. Instead they focused on controlling things in the peloton." On the T-Mobile Team´s day, he added, "we had a good stage and we´re pleased. We tucked in behind Discovery and didn´t have much work to do."

Meanwhile Jan Ullrich very happy for Jens Voigt he wrote this evening -

At breakfast we already speculated on whether Jens will ride into the yellow jersey today - and if Lance is going to let him. Well, hats off to Jens! He won’t be keeping the jersey until Paris. But at last he got his just reward for his tireless attacks. He is an amiable rider, who really deserves this. Congratulations!

My day started in a less than perfect way. On the first descent, in a narrow curve, I was caught by a gust of wind, lost control of my bike, and overturned three or four times in a ditch. Looks like crashes are my lot this year. I have some light cuts and bruises, but other than that, I’m okay. Matze, Steini and Stephan stopped at once and helped me to quickly catch up with the field.

Yesterday evening, there was a lot going on at our team hotel. The German channels ARD and ZDF did a live interview with me and Klödi, other journalists joined us later. On a day like this it was even fun for me. But come the mountains, I think I’ll need more rest post-race, to relax and prepare for the next day.

This evening we’ll fly to Grenoble, tomorrow is a rest day, with just a little bit of training on the menu. After my crash, the rest day gives me some welcome recovery time.

Team CSC

The day started badly for team CSC when former holder of the yellow jersey, David Zabriskie, had to abandon the race due to the injuries, he sustained in his crash during the team timetrial.

"My body's not working well enough to be able to compete at this level. It's unfortunate, but there's nothing you can do about it," said Zabriskie

However the team responded in the best possible way with Jens Voigt’s fan.tastic ride that saw him take the yellow jersey

"We had a feeling, that the Discovery Channel riders wanted to save their strength after yesterday's tough stage, so Jens was going to make an attempt, if his legs were up for it. We've been very keen to re-capture the jersey, especially for Dave's sake, and this proves, we're a team, and that we keep on fighting and don't give up. This is extremely important for the morale and the atmosphere ahead of tomorrow's rest day," said Bjarne Riis.

In the overall standings Jens Voigt is 1.50 ahead of his break away partner of the day Christophe Moreau, while Bobby Julich, Ivan Basso and Carlos Sastre are still among the top 10 ahead of Tuesday's crucial stage to Courchevel. Team CSC increased their lead in the teams competition and now have 2.35 on Rabobank in second place and 4.50 on T-Mobile in third.

Liberty Seguros Wurth

Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano was forced to quit the race today when he crashed heavily after 4 kilometres of riding at about 50 kilometres per hour.

A Française des Jeux rider fell rightly in front of Galdeano, who could not avoid it twisting to avoid the crash fell back first onto the road. Though he tried to continue and even did a few kilometres more, the pain forced him to abandon and was evacuated in ambulance to the most nearby hospital, in Remiremont's locality.

Igor was submitted to an exhaustive medical examination , X-ray and ultrasound scans were done to him, but the result of all tests was negative. The rider suffered neither any fracture nor injury of his internal organs and was high of, travelling by a team car directly to the finish, where he came few minutes after the end of the stage. Nevertheless, strong lumbar haematoma that suffered was preventing him from walking and for such a reason he desisted to fly with his companions and travelled by car to Grenoble, from where tomorrow will travel back at home, in Vitoria.

In the same Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano's fall there met involved Alberto Contador, who suffered contusions and erosions in both elbows and left shoulder, as well as a blow in the thigh of the same side. Thankfully, he could continue in competition.

Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano:

" I feel very badly, not only for because of my back, but also for the bad luck that I have. In the last two years I have never reached my best form and was fooled by this tour.

. The first day I did a good time trial and I was thinking that finally I was returning to my best form , but two days ago I had troubles in the knee that yesterday forced me to lose time. I was waiting to be able to recover, but I have not had time, because I have fallen at the beginning the stage. The only thing that I still have to have is patience and to trust that some day this bad luck ends ".

Liquigas Bianchi

For the Celeste green of Liquigas Bianchi Team Cioni was the hero of the day, while Garzelli stayed with the Armstrong group-

The green-Celeste colours also in the ninth stage of the stage of the Tour. The long Cioni’s escape and Garzelli’s good placement pointed out Bianchi’s riders power.

Cioni’s attack started at the 13 kilometre mark when he reaches Danish Rasmussen: the two riders give life to an effective action and they get ahead on the chasing group. They collaborate until the 95 kilometer mark. «I choose the wrong escaping mate» jokes Dario David Cioni after the race. «Rasmussen rode with a vary fast rthyhm, nevertheless I’m happy to have tried. I’ve not taken part to any race between the Giro d’Italia and the Tour so my condition is growing up day by day».

. Stefano Garzelli, who took part in the sprint with the chasing group, obtains the 11th position.

At the end of the race the riders got a flight to Grenoble where they will take a day off before facing Courchevel’s climbs. Have nice rest day!

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