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The Crisis in Cycling
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 7/2/2005
The Crisis in Cycling

The Crisis in Cycling
by Dave Shields


Thereís a crisis going on, and nobody is doing anything about it. Isnít there somebody out there who can save us from ourselves? Shouldnít the government step in?

Tour de France addicts are being created at alarming rates. Media sources continue to feed the frenzy with no thought about the consequences. Millions of people are going to devour this event for the next three weeks, and then what. Nothing (at least, if you live in America). I can already see the confused masses shuffling off toward work, on-time for the first time in three weeks, on Monday, July 25. These unfortunate souls will be left to sufferÖ asked to re-integrate into polite society without so much as an acknowledgment that the problem ever even existed. Itís a cover-up that Nixon would be proud of. 

But for now, with the entire race in front of us, we get to stare at the banquet table, salivating. Which of the scenarios weíve dreamed up are going to play out? Is the three-headed Telecom monster going to be as fearsome as it should be? Who is going to throw the first big pedal wrench into the works? Will Floyd have the opportunity to point to a time clock ahead of Lance? Will he do it if he does? What behind the scenes machinations are going to turn every theory on its ear? Does Johann have Bjarne on speed dial? Who (other than my man, Zabriskie) is going to explode onto the scene with a performance that sets the world on fire? Iím telling you, the Tour de France has everything.  

CNN has invited me to do a series of interviews on their network as this yearís race unfolds. Iím also doing lots of segments with other media, radio in particular. In tiny sound-bites Iím expected to convey the essence of this misunderstood and complex sport. The surprising thing is, itís the easiest job in the world. Nearly everything about cycling is more interesting than casual observers assume. Yesterday I spoke with the hosts of a sports talk station in Nashville. I told them facts about how this event works, and listened to their stunned reactions. Once they got a taste of this forbidden fruit they attempted to dislocate their jaws in order to take in a bigger mouthful. Our interview went twice as long as initially scheduled. Iíve seen it over and over again. Itís a mystery to me how so many sports fans in America have been able to remain unaware of this event for so long.  

Yep, thereís a crisis going on, and Iíd like to encourage you to do everything you can to help. After all, misery loves company. July is the ideal time to get to work addicting your friends.


Dave Shields is the author of Amazonís #1 Selling Sports Novel, The Race. In June the book became the first sports themed novel ever to with the Ben Franklin Award for Best New Voice in Fiction.

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