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Tour de Suisse Stage 9 Live Ticker
By Staff
Date: 6/19/2005
Tour de Suisse Stage 9 Live Ticker

Stage 9: 19.06.05 Ulrichen - Ulrichen, 100.4 km

Well, absolutely no ceremonial run in end to this race. The organisers have saved the Queen stage for the final day, with no less than 3 Hors category climbs. The riders cross the Nufenen Pass, then the Gotthard Pass, with its legendary rough surface, and finally the Furka Pass. An epic stage to end this race. Of course, we use epic in the 21st century meaning of the word; in previous times a 100 kilometres would have been seen as a way for the riders to warm up a little.

Cycle Racing may or may not have been better in the good ol’ days but one thing certain, it was certainly longer! The longest stage in this year's Tour de Suisse at 208.2 kilometres would have hardly warmed the legs up of former Giants of the Road.

It took Robbie McEwen just 4 hours 42 minutes to win the longest stage this year, whereas the winner of the longest stage ever in the Tour de Suisse, André Brulé, took 11 hours 20 minutes to complete the 350 kilometres between Ascona and Geneva, in 1949. Indeed, the first winner of the Tour de Suisse, Max Bulla, won the race staged over 5 stages which averaged 250 km, 42 kilometres longer than this years longest stage.

Race promoters have realised that to make their product more spectator friendly for the TV audience, that shorter, more compact and dramatic stages in which most of the race can be seen the normal 2 hour programme time are the key. Throw in a mountain top finish and you have a sport, which unlike football cannot end in a nil-nil draw. The perfect example of this is Sunday’s final stage to the Tour de Suisse.

No ceremonial yawn, but 100.4 km of racing over dramatic landscapes and three mighty climbs - the Nufenen, Gotthard and Furka. It has every thing the TV audience need, dramatic scenery, heroic exploits, a stage of passion and colour.

One wonders what the riders of yesteryear would make of a stage that only covered 100 kilometres. Up to the 1930’s newspapers held sway in reporting races. The writers needed epic and wondrous feats of endurance and triumph to fill newspaper space and races just got longer and longer. In 1926 the Tour de France peaked at a massive 5745 km over 17 stages, averaging 337 kilometres a stage. The Belgian rider Firmin Lambot won the longest stage in Tour de France history in 1920 over 482 km, which took him 19 hours and 45 minutes. The race finished in a bunch sprint of 10 riders which incuded race winner Thys. The next day the peloton was to cross the Pyrennees, but since Henri Ory came in 9 hours 59 minutes and 30 seconds down (a 29 hour ride!) they had to postpone the start until the following day.

No such problems after yesterday's stage which saw Aitor Gonzalez move up the pecking order and Fabian Jeker drop out of contention.

A reminder of how the top men stand -

General Classification after Stage 8 - Top 10

1 Rogers Michael 127 Qst (Aus) 30:04:33
2 Ullrich Jan 1 Tmo (Ger) :20
3 McGee Bradley 161 Fdj (Aus) :22
4 Gonzalez Aitor 194 Eus (Esp) :36
5 Schleck Frank 47 Csc (Lux) 1:27
6 Gil Perez Koldo 76 Lsw (Esp) 1:38
7 Horner Chris 65 Sdv (Usa) 1:40
8 Zberg Beat 137 Gst (Sui) 2:32
9 Totschnig Georg 131 Gst (Aut) 2:41
10 Valjavec Tadej 38 Pho (Slo) 3:12

So can Michael Rogers, who will be joining the T-Mobile team next season, hold onto his yellow jersey? Certainly he will have to keep an eye on Ullrich and Mc Gee but on today's big climbs there are many others he cannot allow too much rope. Aitor Gonzalez did the ride of the day yesterday and is within striking distance of a podium spot. CSC are playing down Schleck’s chances, wile Koldo Gil deserves something out of this race for his attacking style.

Chris Horner had a superb stage victory and with Jeker now out of contention he too could cause havoc on the slopes. Zberg and Totschnig continue to battle and Gerolsteiner still have a lot to offer this race.

Live Ticker

After the start today in Ulrichen the riders almost immediately start the climb of the Nufenenpass (2478 Meter) then the continue on to the Gotthardpass (2109 meters), scene of the legendary duel between Armstrong and Simoni in 2001. The riders then face the Furkapass (2431 meters), which is just 200 metres smaller than the Tour de France favourite the mighty Col du Galibier at 2645 meters, then the riders descend to the finish.

97 km to go and Ronny Scholz (GST) has attacked at the foot of the climb after just 3 kilometres of racing. Very hot today and a lot of action on the first slopes of the first climb.

96 km to go - Francesco Bellotti (CA) and Roberto Laiseka (EUS), Iker Flores (EUS) join the front group along with Perez (Cofidis), 7 riders in total now have a 19 second gap. Vincenzo Nibali and Kim Kirchen and Schnider are also in the escape.

94 km to Go - 7 riders have 30''and three more are trying to bridge, Atienza, Bernucci and Glomser - we will have a group of 10 at the front.

93 km to go - 28 seconds the gap of the ten men to the peloton.

92 km to go, 37 seconds the gap. Meanwhile, more attacks at the front of the peloton - it is Jens Voigt (CSC), Rubens Bertogliati (SDV) and Unai Osa who put the pressure on.

90 km to go- 43'' the gap to the ten men - Unai Osa alone now just ahead of the peloton, as Nibali finds the going tough with the escapees, who are Kim Kirchen (FAS), Francesco Bellotti (C.A.), Daniel Atienza (COF), Luis Perez (COF), Sven Montgomery (GST) Roberto Laiseka (EUS).

Tadej Valjavec, attacks and joins Gil and Mayo they have 12'' on Rogers group.

89 km to go - 1'22''seconds the leading six have on Rogers. Gil, Mayo and Valjavec have caught up with Nibali, they have 40 seconds.

88 km to go - Guerini and T-Mobile take up the chase, Ullrich to the fore, the Gil group now has 42 seconds advantage.

87 km to go - the leading six have 1'07'' Gil group 33 seconds behind them. It's baking hot but the riders are passing pockets of snow. Guerini and Ullrich lead the peloton, Rogers about 6 riders back, Horner on his wheel, but of the 25 riders left Brad McGee is at the very back of the group.

86 km to go - 1'46'' the gap, Gil group slowly closing in on the front men, the peloton still losing time. Jeker again finds the going too tough and is dropped from group Rogers. Gil only has Nibali for company now, the two youngsters are making a huge effort to reach the leading six riders.

The leading six reach the top of the climb, Gil and Nibali now 36 seconds back. The peloton is 1'17'' back.

So the first climb of the day sees McGee not looking too good, Gil making yet another bold attack and moving up the GC classement - if he keeps away, Rogers' very exposed and Ullrich already having to use Guerini to control the situation. The weather's hot and the racing's hotter!

1532 CEST - 79 km to go, 1'17 the gap, and Gil has bridged to the leaders.

75 km to go - 1'05'' the gap to the now 8 leading men, and Valvajec is now trying to catch the leaders; he managed to stay away from the peloton on the climb and is now 42 seconds back, but chasing hard.

Koldo Gil was 1'38'' down on Michael Rogers at the start, and he has managed to join a very useful looking group; he has once again put the cat amongst the pigeons. 67 km to go, the gap is dropping - 46 seconds. The 8 leaders are working well together but the peloton, still T-Mobile led, is hammering on.

1543 CEST - 66 km to go, the gap down to 26''.

64 km to go, the gap 25 seconds, and Mayo acting as domestique today drops back off the peloton to get bottles for Aitor Gonzalez.

63 km to go, 24 seconds the gap - nasty piece of roadworks here, but the peloton is so reduced it should not be a problem.

62 km to go - the gap is 52 seconds - but there are a couple of groups trying to bridge to the leaders.

1550 CEST - 61 km to go - three men will bridge - Voigt, Zberg and Glomser have bridged. So now 11 riders at the front with around 54 seconds on group Rogers.

Zberg is 2'32 down, so he, along with Gil at 1:38, are a big danger to Rogers, Ullriich, McGee and Gonzalez. Horner too will slip down the classification if things stay the same.

1556 CEST - 59 km to go, 38'' the gap now, as they start the cobbled Gotthard Pass. It's tough, it's steep and it's pave... Jeker has recovered and attacked the peloton on the cobbles!

Jeker catches Glomser, and passes him with ease. Jeker catches Nibali and passes him with ease.

Jeker catches Bellotti and passes him with ease.

1600 CEST - 58 km to go - the leaders have 48 seconds - Jeker is trying to bridge. Jeker catches Kirchen and passes him with ease. Montgomery, Atienza, Perez, Gil, Voigt, still at the front.

57 km to go, 40'' the gap. Jeker still on a charge - he likes these cobbled climbs, it's a great ride by the local rider. Behind, Moreni now leading Rogers, Horner and Gonzalez on his wheel, Schleck also there.

But Jeker is pulled back by Group Rogers, his charge ran out of steam, Kirchen also reeled in.

1609 CEST - 56 k to go, 46'' the gap - Horner has Piepoli in support at the head of the peloton, Ullrich just behind Horner, Rogers ahead.

Gil forcing the pace at the front of the race, Atienza and Perez behind him, Zberg and Montgomery, Voigt and Laiseka still there.

55 km to go, 46'' the gap. The peloton strung out in the cobbled gutter as if it were Belgian - but these are tougher cobbles they go uphill.

54 km to go, 52'' the gap - dramatic landscapes of twisting roads and falling mountain streams and Perez attacks the escapees.

Perez is away - the cobbled road incredibly steep.

1617 CEST - 53 km to go - 1.00'' the gap. Ullrich at the very rear of Group Rogers - is he finding it too tough?

Luis Perez still leads, Beat Zberg tries to bridge to him.

52 km to go - 1'24'' the gap. Perez will be joined by Zberg.

Beat Zberg and Luis Perez now together: don't look down boys, it's a long drop.

Moreni still leading Rogers, Schleck, Horner, and Ullrich (back again) on his wheel. 51 km to go, 1'27'' the gap - huge crowds cheer Perez and Zberg on!

BUT WAIT! Gil has made it up to the top two men!!!!! Atienza will also bridge! Koldo Gil is just 17 seconds off virtual Yellow!!

51 km to go, 1'22'' the gap - Gil, Atienza, Perez, Zberg - now Laiseka has bridged too as they sprint for the top of the climb. Voigt is also back with the leaders.

50 km to go - GPM Gotthard - Luis Perez, Koldo Gil and old campaigner Roberto Laiseka.

1635 CEST - So Voigt, Koldo Gil, Atienza, Perez, Zberg, Montgomery, and Laiseka lead the race which has one more, and the last, climb of the race to go. Gil and Zberg are both threats to the yellow jersey, so the race is well and truly on.

42 km to go - 1'13'' the gap. A long, fast descent off the Gotthard.

41 km to go - very tricky, sharp corner causes the front riders to slow dramatically.

1640 CEST - 40 km to go, 56'' the gap. Moreni doing great work for Rogers, Ullrich on their wheels as the peloton lines out on the descent.

38 km to go, the gap 1'02'' - the riders streaming down the mountainside.

36 km to go, 1'07 the gap - Laiseka is caught by the peloton - maybe he had a mechanical to lose time like that.

1645 CEST - 1'10'' the gap. Zberg and Montgomery lead the escapees, Perez and Atienza, Voigt and Gil, and Beat Zberg attacks!

35 km to go, 1'14'' the gap. Zberg making a huge effort at the foot of the last climb. And Rogers ATTACKS!

Guerini chases him down with Ullrich, Horner there, Gonzalez and Valvajec. Guerini takes up the pace.

34 km to go, 1'15'' the gap - Gil and Perez have caught Zberg!

Gil and Zberg pushing for a higher GC spot as well as victory.

So the Furkapass at 2431 metres will decide who will be champion of the Swiss; can Koldo Gil push on to victory? Will Rogers be strong enough to hold off Ullrich, Horner Gonzalez and McGee? We will soon find out!

1656 CEST - Aitor Gonzalez has attacked! Guerini and Ullrich can't respond! Gonzalez on the rampage!

32 km to go, still Perez, Gil and Atienza, Aitor Gonzalez bridges!

Aitor Gonzalez now with Gil, Perez and Zberg. Horner and Piepoli have dropped Rogers!

Voigt is dropped by Rogers - but Rogers is on his own - ahead Beat Zberg is dropped by Gonzalez, Gil and Perez.

1700 CEST - 31 km to go - Gonzalez on his own! He has 28 seconds on Rogers. Ullrich and McGee both seemingly out of contention. Horner, Schleck, Piepoli ahead of Rogers too.

30 km to go - Gonzalez has 25'' on Rogers, Gil and Perez; about 10 seconds back Horner, Piepoli, Schleck and Zberg closing down. Rogers on his own. Ullrich in deep, deep trouble.

21'' the gap. Rogers responds - he is on his own, but he pulls back Zberg. NO - the gap is now given at 41''. Gonzalez is in virtual Yellow.

29 km to go, the gap 34 seconds - Rogers is making a big effort to get back to the Horner group.

1708 CEST - 28k to go - 47'' the gap - The Terminaitor is Back! He is pounding a cruel pace up this mountain - face determined.

Rogers has caught the Horner group, who have caught Gil and Perez. So Gonzalez on his own. Horner, Piepoli, Rogers, Schleck and Perez chasing. Guerini, Moos, Valvajec and Ullrich chasing them.

27 km to go, 39'' the gap to the Rogers group. Ullrich group 1'19 back.

Koldo Gil in trouble at the back now - he looks exhausted, as well he might be.

1714 CEST - 25 k to go, 53 seconds the gap - Gonzalez on his own at the front, Piepoli still setting the pace of group Rogers, Ullrich losing time, now 1'26 back. Just 5 riders in the Rogers group: Rogers, Horner, Piepoli, Schleck and Perez.

Now Horner leads the group;, behind him Rogers, then Schleck, Piepoli and Perez. 25k to go - 1'02'' the gap - Aitor Gonzalez continues his impressive comeback - up higher and higher to the snow line.

Huge crowds greet the Basque climber and Vuelta winner.

Horner still leading the Rogers group, Perez is desperately hanging on the back. 24 km to go Gonzalez over the top of the climb. Now, can Rogers make up the time on the descent?

1721 CEST - 1'06" Gonzalez's advantage over Rogers at the top of the climb. It's going to be close - Rogers will have help from Horner and Schleck.

Sorry, it's not Perez at all, but Atienza hanging on. Ullrich nearly 2 minutes back on Gonzalez over the top of the climb...

Apologies - technical difficulties the past couple minutes. 13 km to go, 56'' the gap - still on the long descent.

1731 CEST - 12 km to go, 54'' the gap - Rogers must reduce the gap to 37'' to keep the jersey.

11 km to go, 53'' the gap.

10 km to go, 55'' the gap. Ullrich 1'40 back. Gonzalez is giving a demonstration of descending...

1735 CEST - 9 km to go, 58'' the gap - still on the descent but it is less steep now.

7 km to go, 59 seconds - Gonzalez is making a huge, huge effort.

Schleck now leading the chasers, if he can keep Ullrich at bay he can get a podium spot.

Desperate chasing all down this mountain side. 5 km to go for Gonzalez.

Gonzalez will also get 10 seconds bonification and he has 1'03'' lead on Rogers. 3 km to go 1'02'' for Gonzalez. 1'52'' group Ullrich.

2 km to go 58'' to Rogers. Gonzalez looks like he will not only win the stage, but also the race. Rogers and Schleck chasing desperately

1 km to go for Gonzalez. 500 metres along this long, straight drag - Gonzalez wins!

And the gap is 46 seconds - Gonzalez takes the stage and the race! Ullrich 1'46'' down.

Rogers well not happy, throws his helmet on the ground - Ullrich as always, calm and polite. Schleck and Atienza were second and third, Rogers fourth.

The Rogers group was 59 seconds back (Atienza, Gil, Schleck, Horner), the Ullrich group (Guerini, Valjavec, Moos, Zberg) 1'44" back.

The final jersey classifications are Gonzalez (Euskaltel) in yellow, Albasini (Liquigas) as the final sprint winner, Gonzalez teammate Laiseka in the mountains jersey, and McGee of FdJ in the points jersey.

Top Ten Stage Results

1 Aitor Gonzalez EUS 3h03'52''
2 Frank Schleck CSC +46''
3 Daniel Atienza COF +48''
4 Michael Rogers QST +48''
5 Chris Horner SDV +48''
6 Leonardo Piepoli SDV +48''
7 Beat Zberg GST +1'42''
8 Alexandre Moos PHO +1'42''
9 Tadej Valjavec PHO +1'42''
10 Koldo Gil Perez LSW +1'42''

Jan Ullrich takes the final podium spot today, as Frank Schleck missed it by five seconds. His team's prognostications turned out to be right, if very close indeed. Beat Zberg is the best Swiss rider. Of course Rogers takes second overall, Schleck fourth and Horner fifth.

Winner Gonzalez commented to Swiss television that "I am happy to come back to the best level. After two difficult years, during which I had some health problems, this gives me pleasure."

That's it on our coverage of this cliffhanger Tour de Suisse, but watch for the final results as they come available. Thanks so much for joining us!

Stage 9 Results

1 Gonzalez Aitor 194 Eus (Esp) 3:03:52
2 Schleck Frank 47 Csc (Lux) :46
3 Atienza Daniel 102 Cof (Esp):48
4 Rogers Michael 127 Qst (Aus) m.t.
5 Horner Kris 65 Sdv (Usa) m.t.
6 Piepoli Leonardo 67 Sdv (Ita) m.t.
7 Zberg Beat 137 Gst (Sui) 1:42
8 Moos Alexandre 34 Pho (Sui) m.t.
9 Valjavec Tadej 38 Pho (Slo) m.t.
10 Gil Perez Koldo 76 Lsw (Esp) m.t.
11 Ullrich Jan 1 Tmo (Ger) m.t.
12 Guerini Giuseppe 3 Tmo (Ita) 1:50
13 Totschnig Georg 131 Gst (Aut) 4:08
14 Evans Cadel 11 Dvl (Aus) 4:17
15 Vila Errandonea Xabi 142 Lam (Esp) m.t.
16 Mc Gee Bradley 161 Fdj (Aus) m.t.
17 Voigt Jens 48 Csc (Ger) 6:24
18 Brochard Laurent 151 Btl (Fra) 6:28
19 Pellizotti Franco 91 Liq (Ita) m.t.
20 Osa Eizaguirre Unai 178 Iba (Esp) m.t.
21 Montgomery Sven 133 Gst (Sui) 6:29
22 Bellotti Francesco 82 C.a (Ita) 6:31
23 Schnider Daniel 36 Pho (Sui) 7:27
24 Baranowski Dariusz 72 Lsw (Pol) m.t.
25 Barry Michael 112 Dsc (Can) m.t.
26 Hernandez Jesus 77 Lsw (Esp) m.t.
27 Ludewig Joerg 187 Dom (Ger) m.t.
28 Martinez De Est Egoi 196 Eus (Esp) 10:26
29 Mayo Diez Iban 191 Eus (Esp) m.t.
30 Gusev Vladimir 44 Csc (Rus) 10:35
31 Loosli David 144 Lam (Sui) m.t.
32 Glomser Gerrit 143 Lam (Aut) m.t.
33 Perez Luis 107 Cof (Esp) m.t.
34 Raisin Saul 87 C.a (Usa) 13:30
35 Jeker Fabian 61 Sdv (Sui) m.t.
36 Frigo Dario 53 Fas (Ita) m.t.
37 Albizu Joseba 192 Eus (Esp) m.t.
38 Kirchen Kim 55 Fas (Lux) m.t.
39 Mc Cartney Jason 116 Dsc (Usa) 17:37
40 Laiseka Roberto 197 Eus (Esp) 19:44
41 Moreni Cristian 126 Qst (Ita) 19:47
42 Bertogliati Rubens 62 Sdv (Sui) 20:14
43 Veneberg Thorwald 28 Rab (Ned) 20:28
44 Kroon Karsten 26 Rab (Ned) m.t.
45 Scheirlinckx Staf 108 Cof (Bel) m.t.
46 Lastras Pablo 176 Iba (Esp) m.t.
47 Horrach Joan 175 Iba (Esp) m.t.
48 Talabardon Yannick 88 C.a (Fra) m.t.
49 Niermann Grischa 27 Rab (Ger) m.t.
50 Carlstrim Kjell 94 Liq (Fin) m.t.
51 Rast Gregory 35 Pho (Sui) m.t.
52 Elmiger Martin 33 Pho (Sui) m.t.
53 Scholz Ronny 134 Gst (Ger) m.t.
54 Gerdemann Linus 43 Csc (Ger) m.t.
55 Wrolich Peter 136 Gst (Aut) m.t.
56 Bodrogi Laszlo 81 C.a (Hun) m.t.
57 Julich Bobby 41 Csc (Usa) m.t.
58 Yus Kerejeta Unai 158 Btl (Esp) m.t.
59 Sinkewitz Patrick 122 Qst (Ger) m.t.
60 Van Den Broeck Jurge 111 Dsc (Bel) m.t.
61 Gonzalez Rios Jonath 174 Iba (Esp) m.t.
62 Albasini Michael 92 Liq (Sui) m.t.
63 Commesso Salvatore 141 Lam (Ita) m.t.
64 Bichot Freddy 163 Fdj (Fra) m.t.
65 Aebersold Niki 31 Pho (Sui) m.t.
66 Aldag Rolf 2 Tmo (Ger) m.t.
67 Nardello Daniele 5 Tmo (Ita) m.t.
68 Vasseur Cedric 101 Cof (Fra) m.t.
69 Righi Daniele 147 Lam (Ita) m.t.
70 Colli Daniele 95 Liq (Ita) 24:03
71 Clerc Aurelien 32 Pho (Sui) m.t.
72 Sprick Matthieu 156 Btl (Fra) m.t.
73 Den Bakker Maarten 23 Rab (Ned) m.t.
74 Beneteau Walter 152 Btl (Fra) m.t.
75 Vansevenant Wim 18 Dvl (Bel) m.t.
76 Hammond Roger 114 Dsc (Gbr) m.t.
77 Larsson Gustav Erik 57 Fas (Swe) m.t.
78 Gates Nick 12 Dvl (Aus) m.t.
79 Marzano Marco 145 Lam (Ita) m.t.
80 Coyot Arnaud 104 Cof (Fra) m.t.
81 Hinault Sebastien 84 C.a (Fra) m.t.
82 Valoti Paolo 188 Dom (Ita) m.t.
83 Urweider Sascha 37 Pho (Sui) m.t.
84 Voeckler Thomas 157 Btl (Fra) m.t.
85 Ivanov Serguei 4 Tmo (Rus) m.t.
86 Haselbacher Rene 132 Gst (Aut) 25:12
87 Pagliarini Luciano 98 Liq (Bra) m.t.
88 Cancellara Fabian 51 Fas (Sui) m.t.
89 Wegmann Fabian 135 Gst (Ger) m.t.
90 Gerard Arnaud 166 Fdj (Fra) m.t.
91 Lopez Garcia David 198 Eus (Esp) 27:33
92 Dockx Bart 17 Dvl (Bel) m.t.
Steegmans Gert 16 Dvl (Bel) Abd
Boven Jan 22 Rab (Ned) Abd
Hayman Mathew 24 Rab (Aus) Abd
Johansen Allan 45 Csc (Den) Abd
Nibali Vincenzo 56 Fas (Ita) Abd
De La Fuente David 63 Sdv (Esp) Abd
Gomez Angel 66 Sdv (Esp) Abd
Pinotti Marco 68 Sdv (Ita) Abd
Beloki Joseba 71 Lsw (Esp) Abd
Barredo Carlos 73 Lsw (Esp) Abd
Caruso Giampaolo 74 Lsw (Ita) Abd
Etxebarria David 75 Lsw (Esp) Abd
Ramirez Javier 78 Lsw (Esp) Abd
Lequatre Geoffroy 86 C.a (Fra) Abd
Farazijn Peter 105 Cof (Bel) Abd
Van Heeswijk Max 118 Dsc (Ned) Abd
Hulsmans Kevin 124 Qst (Bel) Abd
Knaven Servais 125 Qst (Ned) Abd
Zberg Marcus 138 Gst (Sui) Abd
Mainguenaud Frederic 154 Btl (Fra) Abd
Renier Franck 155 Btl (Fra) Abd
Auger Ludovic 162 Fdj (Fra) Abd
Guesdon Frederic 167 Fdj (Fra) Abd
Veikkanen Jussi 168 Fdj (Fin) Abd
Bertolini Alessandro 183 Dom (Ita) Abd
Furlan Angelo 185 Dom (Ita) Abd
Flores Iker 193 Eus (Esp) Abd
Schreck Stephan 6 Tmo (Ger) Np
Wesemann Steffen 8 Tmo (Ger) Np
Peron Andrea 46 Csc (Ita) Np
Zanotti Marco 96 Liq (Ita) Np
Boonen Tom 121 Qst (Bel) Np
Trenti Guido 128 Qst (Usa) Np
Cooke Baden 164 Fdj (Aus) Np

Final General Classification

1 Gonzalez Aitor 194 Eus (Esp) 33:08:51 :00
2 Rogers Michael 127 Qst (Aus) :22
3 Ullrich Jan 1 Tmo (Ger) 1:36
4 Schleck Frank 47 Csc (Lux) 1:41
5 Horner Kris 65 Sdv (Usa) 2:02
6 Gil Perez Koldo 76 Lsw (Esp) 2:49
7 Zberg Beat 137 Gst (Sui) 3:47
8 Mc Gee Bradley 161 Fdj (Aus) 4:13
9 Valjavec Tadej 38 Pho (Slo) 4:28
10 Piepoli Leonardo 67 Sdv (Ita) 6:01
11 Moos Alexandre 34 Pho (Sui) 6:17
12 Totschnig Georg 131 Gst (Aut) 6:23
13 Atienza Daniel 102 Cof (Esp) 6:24
14 Guerini Giuseppe 3 Tmo (Ita) 6:41
15 Evans Cadel 11 Dvl (Aus) 7:11
16 Bellotti Francesco 82 C.a (Ita) 11:26
17 Voigt Jens 48 Csc (Ger) 11:32
18 Osa Eizaguirre Unai 178 Iba (Esp) 16:11
19 Barry Michael 112 Dsc (Can) 16:20
20 Brochard Laurent 151 Btl (Fra) 16:55
21 Schnider Daniel 36 Pho (Sui) 18:14
22 Baranowski Dariusz 72 Lsw (Pol) 18:19
23 Hernandez Jesus 77 Lsw (Esp) 18:22
24 Pellizotti Franco 91 Liq (Ita) 19:20
25 Montgomery Sven 133 Gst (Sui) 19:40
26 Ludewig Joerg 187 Dom (Ger) 19:54
27 Jeker Fabian 61 Sdv (Sui) 21:22
28 Gusev Vladimir 44 Csc (Rus) 24:38
29 Vila Errandonea Xabi 142 Lam (Esp) 25:38
30 Sinkewitz Patrick 122 Qst (Ger) 28:10
31 Lastras Pablo 176 Iba (Esp) 28:40
32 Julich Bobby 41 Csc (Usa) 29:15
33 Kirchen Kim 55 Fas (Lux) 30:10
34 Gonzalez Rios Jonath 174 Iba (Esp) 30:33
35 Mayo Diez Iban 191 Eus (Esp) 30:48
36 Talabardon Yannick 88 C.a (Fra) 31:41
37 Raisin Saul 87 C.a (Usa) 31:57
38 Niermann Grischa 27 Rab (Ger) 33:05
39 Loosli David 144 Lam (Sui) 34:16
40 Nardello Daniele 5 Tmo (Ita) 34:32
41 Elmiger Martin 33 Pho (Sui) 34:37
42 Vasseur Cedric 101 Cof (Fra) 37:28
43 Beneteau Walter 152 Btl (Fra) 37:33
44 Perez Luis 107 Cof (Esp) 37:59
45 Van Den Broeck Jurge 111 Dsc (Bel) 38:07
46 Carlstrim Kjell 94 Liq (Fin) 39:30
47 Laiseka Roberto 197 Eus (Esp) 41:29
48 Glomser Gerrit 143 Lam (Aut) 41:30
49 Frigo Dario 53 Fas (Ita) 41:49
50 Sprick Matthieu 156 Btl (Fra) 42:08
51 Gerdemann Linus 43 Csc (Ger) 47:22
52 Wegmann Fabian 135 Gst (Ger) 47:41
53 Veneberg Thorwald 28 Rab (Ned) 48:43
54 Aebersold Niki 31 Pho (Sui) 49:29
55 Martinez De Est Egoi 196 Eus (Esp) 49:38
56 Scholz Ronny 134 Gst (Ger) 50:32
57 Marzano Marco 145 Lam (Ita) 52:15
58 Righi Daniele 147 Lam (Ita) 53:22
59 Horrach Joan 175 Iba (Esp) 55:41
60 Wrolich Peter 136 Gst (Aut) 55:43
61 Commesso Salvatore 141 Lam (Ita) 57:49
62 Albizu Joseba 192 Eus (Esp) 58:47
63 Moreni Cristian 126 Qst (Ita) 1:00:24
64 Colli Daniele 95 Liq (Ita) 1:03:14
65 Yus Kerejeta Unai 158 Btl (Esp) 1:03:57
66 Larsson Gustav Erik 57 Fas (Swe) 1:04:56
67 Bodrogi Laszlo 81 C.a (Hun) 1:05:03
68 Bertogliati Rubens 62 Sdv (Sui) 1:05:37
69 Coyot Arnaud 104 Cof (Fra) 1:06:28
70 Voeckler Thomas 157 Btl (Fra) 1:07:35
71 Aldag Rolf 2 Tmo (Ger) 1:07:37
72 Cancellara Fabian 51 Fas (Sui) 1:08:10
73 Clerc Aurelien 32 Pho (Sui) 1:09:56
74 Den Bakker Maarten 23 Rab (Ned) 1:10:07
75 Haselbacher Rene 132 Gst (Aut) 1:10:33
76 Vansevenant Wim 18 Dvl (Bel) 1:10:56
77 Urweider Sascha 37 Pho (Sui) 1:11:47
78 Dockx Bart 17 Dvl (Bel) 1:12:17
79 Rast Gregory 35 Pho (Sui) 1:12:52
80 Hammond Roger 114 Dsc (Gbr) 1:14:03
81 Scheirlinckx Staf 108 Cof (Bel) 1:14:13
82 Hinault Sebastien 84 C.a (Fra) 1:14:51
83 Ivanov Serguei 4 Tmo (Rus) 1:15:42
84 Albasini Michael 92 Liq (Sui) 1:16:32
85 Bichot Freddy 163 Fdj (Fra) 1:21:07
86 Kroon Karsten 26 Rab (Ned) 1:21:32
87 Mc Cartney Jason 116 Dsc (Usa) 1:25:55
88 Pagliarini Luciano 98 Liq (Bra) 1:28:53
89 Valoti Paolo 188 Dom (Ita) 1:29:10
90 Gerard Arnaud 166 Fdj (Fra) 1:29:19
91 Gates Nick 12 Dvl (Aus) 1:31:14
92 Lopez Garcia David 198 Eus (Esp) 1:54:14

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