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12th Tour of Slovenia Photo Gallery - Part Two
By Fabio
Date: 6/14/2005
12th Tour of Slovenia Photo Gallery - Part Two
12th Tour of Slovenia Photo Gallery - Part Two

Our Slovenian "photo safari" continues with the second half of the race: Saturday's stage three - the "queen stage" that determined the final outcome of the event, and Sunday's final leg into Novo Mesto, featuring the only Slovenian stage victory of the 2005 Dirka.

Click here for stage report and results

Marzoli saying "Hey, make some pasta for dinner when I'm back home"
(well, maybe not exactly so) at the phone minutes before the stage kick-off.

Have fun in the saddle, boys!
The Tour of Slovenia crew taking the start at Tarvisio, Italy.

From start to finish: stage winner Przemyslaw Niemec
crossing the line, his arms raised in triumph.

Baliani came close to addin' a new gem to Panarias
season tally, but found two Polish legs on his way.

Radoslav Rogina of Tenax took third for Croatia.

Brajkovic came in fourth as top Slovenian finisher.

Matic Strgar had his own way to cross the line ...

... but also Simon Spilak had some energies left for "acrobatic riding".
For the enjoyment of Uros Murn (L) and Radenska's Andrej Omulec (C).

Matej Stare is not that happy:
he has got to yield that polka-dot jersey!

Baliani, Niemec and Rogina on da podium.

Left to Right: A very welcomed presence on the podium, Brajkovic, Niemec,
kiwi Fraser McMaster, Marzoli, and another very welcomed presence.

Click here for results and report of the Dirka's final stage.

The "jerseyed guys" pose for a picture before the last stage kickoff.
Brajkovic is on the left, McMaster on the right, Niemec and Marzoli in between.

The stage got underway, as you can see in this unusual view of the bunch.

Another unusual way to look at the pack.

Riders from KRKA and Radenska Rog in action.

Tenax leading the peloton.

Janez Brajkovic and the rest of the field.

More from the pack, with kiwi giant Fraser Mc Master in second wheel.

A Perutnina Ptuj guy checking his advantage.

Here's the break: Pasquale Muto attacked at km. 53 and made the gap.

The four escapees: Mitja Mahoric, Pasquale Muto, yellow jersey holder
Niemec and, on the background, Robert Kiserlovski.

Przemyslaw leading the break to the km. 75 point.

The chasing field getting to Novo Mesto for the first time.

But the pack regrouped later, and it all came down
to a close field sprint, won by Bostjan Mervar (Perutnina Ptuj).

Mervar surrounded by Marzoli (runner-up), Jure Kocjan (third),
and those two usual (but always welcomed) presences.

The top three finishers overall: runner-up Fortunato Baliani (L), race winner
Przemyslaw Niemec (C) and Radoslav Rogina (R).

The winning trio on the podium, again.

It's nice to be a Tour of Slovenia winner, isn't it?

A Pole a pois. Niemec won the KOM classification too.

Fun in white: Janez Brajkovic, Robert Kiserlovksi and Miha Svab
celebrate their top three finishes in the Best Young Rider competition.

We couldn't find a better picture to end this galleries.
See ya the next season for another great edition of the Dirka po Sloveniji !

Photos by Mitja Smid Bricelj. All rights reserved.

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