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Horner Strikes First...
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 3/13/2002
Horner Strikes First...
**This release is intended for the internal distribution of the Saturn Cycling Team sponsors. It, therefore, may tend to focus on the Saturn Cycling Team members and/or team sponsors. ** Contact: Giana Roberge at or (262) 549-6801, Ext. 46 ******************************************************************** March 13, 2002 Redlands, CA Horner Tops the Men's Field in first stage of Redlands Bicycle Classic Saturn's Trent Klasna in second. The 203 Pro men at the Redland's Bicycle Classic kicked off the five day race today. Racing on the same 5 kilometer hill climb course as that of the women, the men raced windier conditions than the women had as the clouds rolled out and the sun slipped out for the afternoon. Similar to the women's results, it was a single outstanding ride that caught everyone's attention. Many competitors had neared the nine minute mark but it was Prime Alliance's Chris Horner who smashed the time to beat with an 8:48. Although many had stellar times, including Saturn's Soren Petersen, no one came close to Horner's impressive time as the numbers were checked off. However, it was defending champion, Trent Klasna last off the blocks who was the rider coming closest to Horner's time finishing in second with a time of 9:02, fourteen seconds behind Horner. Navigator's Chris Baldwin also had an impressive ride, showing good form with a time of 9:03, and finishing in fourth was Saturn's Petersen. Horner will have his work cut out for him in tomorrow's Highland Circuit race with the Saturn and Navigator's Teams making the bid for his Yellow Leader's Jersey. 1. Chris Horner - Prime Alliance - 8:48 2. Trent Klasna - Saturn Cycling Team - 9:02 3. Chris Baldwin - Navigators - 9:03 4. Soren Petersen - Saturn Cycling Team - 9:04 5. Rolland Green - Canadian National Team - 9:05
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