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Kashi Leuchs' Mtn. Bike World Cup Journal
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 5/31/2002
Kashi Leuchs' Mtn. Bike World Cup Journal

Hello there! The '02 season has finally kicked off for real. The past 2 weeks we have raced World Cups in Madrid and Houffalize. With only 5 World Cups this year, the pressure is really on...

Madrid... It was definitely a different race from the norm, with only small climbs of max 50m each. It was also very hot, and it made for some different results. Bart Brentjens took the lead from the start, then there was groups of 5 and 6 behind. I was mostly in the second of these groups, and only got dropped with one lap to go, when I was stung by an insect. I thought it was a bee, and as I am now pretty allergic to bees, I got scared and ripped my helmet off. Luckily it wasnít, but by the time I was back on the bike, I had been well dropped by the group, and passed by 2 more riders. I rode the final lap well, but still finished 15th. Susi was riding with me until 2 laps to go, when he took off, finally finishing 7th, so it was a decent start for our team. Helena also raced today, and had a good race finishing 61st.

Houffalize... The infamous tar seal starting climb caught me sleeping! I just didnít have the extra punch and within 1min I was back in 45th position, and out of the real race. The problem when you fall back this far early on, is that as soon as the track goes into single track, you have to wait your turn. I probably lost 1 min just standing around! After this, I decided to race my own race, and focus on good technique and riding smooth. So it ended up being a good training ride, and I still managed to catch quite a few riders finishing 23rd. The great news was that Susi had won! So, I got to drink Champagne and celebrate his victory. I knew he was going well, but to win a world cup is always amazing! Bart Brentjens retains the leader's jersey.

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