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88th Giro d'Italia Stage 9 Live Coverage
By Locutus
Date: 5/16/2005
88th Giro d'Italia Stage 9 Live Coverage

Welcome to Stage Ten of the 88th Giro d'Italia! Here is a look at today's stage, courtesy Fabio's terrific Giro overview:

Stage 9 (Monday - May 16, 2005)

Florence to Ravenna (139 Km)

Courtesy Dante Online.

After Sunday’s first "race of truth", and with the General Classification possibly quite different from the previous morning, the Giro resumes with a classic "transition stage", from Florence to the town of Ravenna, from Tuscany to the planes of Romagna, after crossing the Appennines (again). Or - speaking of poets - a "Dante Alighieri stage", as the route links the hometown of the man universally regarded as Italy's greatest poet ever, author of the "Divine Comedy" masterpiece (and high school torture for countless million Italians), to the place he spent the last days of his exile.

It all (as in today's stage, not Dante's story ...) gets started at Piazzale Michelangelo (Michelangelo Square, named after just another great Tuscan artist, where riders will have all the time to enjoy the great view of the city the place offers before getting in the saddle. After riding in front of the Gino Bartali Cycling Museum at Bartali’s own borough Ponte a Ema, the race moves northward, and meets the only difficulty of the day, Passo del Muraglione, a relatively tough climb (whose detailed profile can be found in this link) of 8.5 km., coming halfway through the ride and averaging a gradient of 5.92%, whose in-depth profile is available in this link. But the last, decisive part of the stage is all about pure riding on the flats, to the delight of AleJet and his sprinting colleagues, predictably stealing back the headlines as the race hit the finish line in the city of mosaics and Byzantine churches (you can even try a virtual tour here).

Courtesy Comune di Ravenna

The Giro comes to Ravenna for the fifth time. The four previous stage winners - all of them from the host country - were legendary Learco 'Human Locomotive' Guerra (1931), whose record of Giro stage victories is second only to Mario Cipollini’s, Cino Cinelli (1938), Pasquale Fornara (1955) and Marino Basso, that beat Franco Bitossi into second place in the Tour of Italy 1972 opener.

Click for larger image.

Race Coverage

Anita van Crey joins us today for commentary. As we join the race in progress, Mads Christensen (Quick Step) and Sven Krauss (Gerolsteiner) are currently on the attack. They have dropped Eric Baumann (T-Mobile), who is at 1:40", and the peloton is at 3' 40".

The riders have been over the only climb of the day already, and now it is downhill and flat all the way to the finish in Ravenna.

The Cat 2 Passo del Muraglia was won by Christensen, with Intergiro leader Krauss 2nd and Baumann 3rd. Now Krauss and Christensen are working together. Krauss is really after the Intergiro, of course, which comes 35km from the finish.

1523 CEST - The gap to the peloton is now 3' 22", with Baumann in no man's land at 1' 50". On the front, Liquigas and CSC are setting the pace. They will likely try to keep it close until the sprinters' teams take an interest in the last 40km or so.

Baumann overshot a corner on the descent and ended up in somebody's driveway. He didn't go down, just embarrassing is all. Fassa Bortolo is all over the front now, so I guess the sprinters' teams have already taken an interest.

Whoa! Christensen did a Baumann, and overshot a corner into somebody's driveway on this long descent! He didn't go down, but had to stop, turn around, and get started again.

The big sprinters are still in the race at this point, with the only name of note to withdraw Ivan Quaranta (Domina Vacanze) over the weekend. But a report from the race indicates that future GC hopeful Tom Danielson of Discovery has abandoned the race today. If this is true, it will be a big blow to Discovery as he is a great climber who was supposed to be by Savoldelli's side in the big mountains. We will try to confirm this. Danielson was complaining of knee pain, and said that it felt like it was on fire during his time trial ride yesterday, according to

Yeah, if Danielson is gone, that will really hurt Savoldelli's chances... he'll be all alone on the big climbs...

1529 CEST - The gap for the two leaders had now dropped to 2' 32". Many teams seem interested in the front of the peloton. Fassa Bortolo is driving it, but Rabobank and CSC and, of course, the Liquigas-Bianchi team of leader Di Luca are in force near the front.

So yes, Danielson has abandoned, and Savoldelli is looking at a new scenario for this race. We wish Tom the best and a quick resolution to his physical difficulty.

1533 CEST - The Lampre boys also have a line of men near the front for Simoni and Cunego. They certainly are not out of this Giro, despite the poor showing by their GC men in yesterday's ITT. Karpets showing his colors in the front lines as well. His wife is in the last month of her pregnancy, so that probably makes him fly right now...

T-Mobile's Korff is back in the cars getting some drinks for his boys. And a Liquigas rider seems attached to the team car... hmmm... that could cost him a penalty tonight.

As was discussed in the Daily Peloton forums yesterday, apparently (so the Italian media says) Zabriskie had a wind advantage in Sunday's time trial. A few years back, Verbrugghe set that prologue record with the aid of wind that faded by the time the other big names went, I remember. He still was flying, though.

1540 CEST - The weather is nice in Italy, again some 27 degrees centigrade. This area is the area of Marco Pantani, he in his younger years was a member of the cycling club in Ravenna.

Krauss looks through his blue-lensed Rudy Project glasses that match his Blue Jersey for the Intergiro leader. Don't match the light blue of his Gerolsteiner shorts, though...

The Italian TV slows down for a slow motion shot of Di Luca flipping his water bottle and taking a drink, all in slow motion... like some sort of romantic vignette from the Baywatch school of cinematography. His blond hair flowing from under his helmet, his Pink Jersey rippling in the breeze...

1544 CEST - About 55 km to go for the leaders. The gap is down to 2' 14" for the two leaders. The peloton looks pretty complete, so it will likely be a sprinter's delight at the finish. If the course is as flat as the profile looks, that is.

Massimo Codol (Fassa Bortolo) and Nick Gates (Davitamon-Lotto) set the pace on the front of the peloton, so McEwen and Petacchi are already starting their square-off for the finish today. Gates nowadays lives in Belgium; he shares a house with Henk Vogels.

50km left. Fassa and Davitamon are all over the front (mainly Fassa, though). Lampre, CSC, and Liquigas are still keeping their GC trains near the front though. And Bettini has a chat with Rosa Di Luca.

The blue duo in the lead is heading for the intermediate, it seems to be a chance they can battle out them points amongst themselves. Only about 14 more kilometers to that Intergiro point.

According to the Italian TV graphic, Krauss has a heartrate of 160 right now, which is 82% of his max. So he's pushing hard, but he's comfortable for now. The scoop on Krauss: a very, very young one with thighs like, let's say, cannonballs.

1558 CEST - 40km left. Savoldelli is near the front of the peloton, being guarded by his Disco boys. He'll certainly miss Danielson in the mountains.

Cipollini has said that he believes Di Luca can make the podium in Milano. (This is contrary to what Rosa Di Luca believes himself...that he will do less the last week of the Giro.)

1601 CEST - Fassa and Davitamon are still driving the peloton. Credit Agricole have several riders near the front. They still have their sprinter Kirsipuu, who came in 2nd a few stages back. Dean, who was leading out Kirsipuu in the sprints but is a good sprinter in his own right, went out of the race after breaking his elbow.

Di Luca used to be considered a GC threat for the Giro in his younger days, but that has faded a bit as his reputation has become that of an explosive one day rider. But still, he's going very, very well right now, so those of us who have been fans of his for quite some time are hoping those early GC aspirations might now be fulfilled.

And there is a precedent for explosive, one-day specialists becoming Grand Tour winners (*cough* Lance *cough*).

1607 CEST - The gap is still at 2' 00" as the two leaders, Krauss and Christensen, near the Intergiro. Christensen took the mountains points uncontested... will he return the favor to Krauss at the Intergiro?

Krauss is in front... and yes, Christensen doesn't contest it. Krauss will extend his hold on the Blue Jersey.

Zanini took third at the Intergiro.

1612 CEST - 35km left. Zabel (T-Mobile) mugs for the camera, sticking his face into the shot. Zabel has been quiet in the sprints so far, but maybe he will start to come to the fore as the race becomes longer and more difficult.

The peloton is getting a bit strung out. Looks like the gas is on already. The gap is falling all the time. Credit Agricole and Davitamon now have a few boys on the front helping Fassa Bortolo. The CA boys must be liking Kirsipuu's chances today.

Lots of orange near the back... Euskaltel and a couple of the Panaria riders clearly don't care for such a high tempo on the flats. They are waiting for the mountains. Julio Perez, the talented Mexican climber for Panaria, seems to be a permanent fixture at the back of the peloton on stages like this.

Christensen drinks an energy drink, but it's not going to help him stay away. The peloton chases through some pretty, tree-lined roads. Krauss has accomplished his mission for the day, so he won't care if they get caught now.

I've just seen the light on Sven Krauss, I saw him win the next to last stage of the Ster Elektro Toer in 2002, the stage to Verviers. He was a stagiaire in the Gerolsteiner team then, and was immediately contracted after that promising win. He was born on the 6th of January in 1983, is 188 meters and 81 kg (and has legs that could melt the icecaps...). Info:

He is fast at the track as well - in 2002 third at the 4 man relay Europeans, in 2001 second place in the same discipline and third in the Juniors Worlds at the track.

1621 CEST - The gap is down to 1' 17" for the two leaders. Not long now. Credit Agricole still at the point of the peloton doing the damage. Krauss now takes on water from the team car before the team car has to pull over to the side and drop behind the peloton.

The Lampre-Caffita men are still being attentive near the front. I could use one of the latter sponsor's products right about now. Cofidis is also helping drive the chase now. Stuey O'Grady must be feeling friskie.

Krauss is on one of those Specialized bikes, the sweet black ones the Gerolsteiner team rides. My Specialized is made of steel and is vintage 1988... not quite the same thing as the beauty Krauss is riding.

1626 CEST - 25km left. Cofidis on point in the chase. Lampre has a lot of men very near the front. Are they just trying to keep Cunego and Gibo out of trouble? Their train starts at 4th wheel. Interesting.

Krauss now at 84% of his capacity - so says his online live heartrate thingy. The duo passes by banner to honour Pantani. These two men have been on the attack since kilometer 1, so they've been out there for awhile.

Meanwhile in Spain, Phonak wins the team time trial, Disco second and T-Mobile third.

1632 CEST - 20km left. Krauss and Christensen go under the 20km banner, but their gap is now only 24", so it's all over now. Still, they've been off the front for 119km, which ain't bad at all. Krauss has been off the front every day, it seems like. With the catch of the break, the peloton is now flattening near the front as the pace slackens.

Now CSC comes to the front to pick up the slack, driving it and stretching it back out again.

Liberty Seguros seem to be right near the front as well (go figure). Michael "Take Off" Barry is up in the wind for the Disco boys, keeping Savoldelli well positioned.

Oh, now a tight left-hander at about a 90 degree angle, with an immediate switch back to the right. Looks like some tricky roads ahead, so that must be why the GC men have their trains up near the front. Now Cofidis and Credit Agricole come back up to help set the pace and keep it up. The peloton is completely strung out. now gets a leadout train going as well.15 km to go.

Six men working their butts off for Cookie, while Thomas Dekker secures his place at the back of the pack.'s Freddy Bichot is on point bringing the pain.

Now a split in the road causing some riders to get stranded in the wind on the wrong side of a median strip. No fun, that. Sutherland does a bit of field work, looking forward to this year's cyclocross season...He was biking right down the middle of that grass-covered median strip.

1640 CEST - Moreni, the Italian Champion, brings up a new leadout for Quick Step. Fassa is also in the mix again. It's all very fluid at this point. An attack! Trent Wilson of Selle Italia-Colombia has a go.

So is this a resumption of hostilities in the Aussie-Italian War of 2005? Interesting move... he has a decent gap.

The peloton gets him back now, though... just a quick stretch of the legs was all that turned out to be. 10 km to go.

Garzelli is very near the front with his bandaged right knee, as his Liquigas train is eclipsed by again.

1646 CEST - CSC pushes the point of the peloton again as the riders head through an Italian roundabout.

T-Mobile, CSC, and Liquigas near the front. It's Christian Vandevelde pushing the pace for CSC. Fassa is silvertraining Petacchi towards the final chalkline. Now the peloton spreads out across the road for a second. Hard to tell what exactly is going on as they hit 7km left.

Yet another attack, a Sella man - Illiano. The man from Naples tries to disturb the sprinters' ball. Then bunch is getting more and more arrow-shaped, the pace is moving up the last kms of the stage. 6km left. Fassa Bortolo and T-Mobile stretching out the pack right now.

Near to the finish, in about 1 km, there is a difficult roundabout - difficult in a sprint preparation like this...or some thing that comes in handy when one tries to attack and escape. The riders blaze by a Shell station, Lampre now leading the way. Clearly the GC men don't like the idea of this difficulty so near the end.

Sentjens is the man from Rabo, pulling the wagons. Rast is setting the pace. Kessler is in Sentjens' wheel.

The peloton splits around a roundabout. The lead rider in the peloton almost runs over the moto-cameraman. 3.5 km to go - at 1900 meters a stiff turn to the left. T-Mobile brings Zabel to the front lines, together with Korff.

Pollack places himself ahead of Zabel. Can the silver train finally deliver Petacchi to the line? McEwen may to far behind to try for his third win. 2 km to go.

They are drilling it up the right side of the road... the pace is really scorching. Cooke is behind Zabel, Murn is next to McEwen. Kirsipuu is elbowing his way in there as well. Still three Fassas ahead of Petacchi.

Last straight line. There they come. Whoa, they make it through a tight turn okay. Last km, two Fassas leading Alessandro. Velo, the last one, the sprint not at full speed yet. Leadout right down the middle, then up the left barriers to try to deliver Petacchi. Mcewen comes from nowhere, tried to go via the barriers. Petacchi drives it down the middle, it looks like Grillo was up there too. Petacchi takes it by a bike length!

Mrs. Petacchi smiles her head off - finally her hubby wins a stage in his home country race. Clerc was third.

Bettini managed to get 2nd, putting himself squarely in the rrace for the Points Jersey! That's a great finish for Bettini, in a finish that was for the straight-up sprint demons.

Alessandra di Stefano from RAI television is putting her microphone under Alessandro's nose - beautiful Alessandra-Alessandro duo dance.

Petacchi: "We did a great race today with the team, Baldato pulled all day. Yes, this win surely is kinda liberating for us."

McEwen: "I was way too far behind. I did lose contact with Vogels. Once we got started really, my best strengths were gone. I was not good enough today to beat Petacchi. Everyone was bringing their men to the front. There was a bit of sidewind in the last parts, what made it much more difficult. Tomorrow a rest day, I will try to get some good rest and be ready for the next stages."

McEwen had Petacchi's wheel, but couldn't close in the final 200 meters. Bettini came around McEwen along the right-hand barriers to nip him on the line for 2nd. It looks like maybe Cadamuro (Domina Vacanze) was up there too in the mix, as was Galvez.

So it was 1. Petacchi, 2. Bettini, 3. Clerc, 4. McEwen, 5. Zabel, 6. Grillo, 7. Galvez, 8. Forster. So Phonak's Clerc in 3rd is a great finish for the Swiss rider.

No change at the top of the GC. Di Luca will still be pinking it Wednesday. Today's win was the 18th this season for Petacchi. And he proposed to his wife Laura Chiara at the Via Roma, after Milan-San he wins again, at the...Via Roma.

Di Luca seems to not be able to open the bottle of Spumante - he tries and tries. He had no problem yesterday, but today they've given him a difficult one. He holds up the stuffed Esta The Doll thingie in victory, along with roses.

Di Luca gets another try to open the spumante bottle when he receives yet another leader's jersey.

Petacchi was clocked at 67.16 kp/h in the sprint at the finish. Di Luca holds a slim lead for the points: he has 92 points, while both McEwen and Bettini have 91. Both Di Luca and Bettini could be long-term threats for that jersey at this point.

Gil holds onto the Green Jersey. Krauss gets another maglia azzurra, the Intergiro jersey.

Brief Stage Results

1. Petacchi
2. Bettini
3. Clerc
4. McEwen
5. Zabel
6. Grillo
7. Galvez
8. Förster
9. Moletta
10. Cadamuro
11. Kirsipuu
12. De Jongh
13. Cooke
14. White

Tomorrow is a rest day for the peloton, so the race resumes on Wednesday. Thanks for joining us today, and we will see you then!


1 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 3:15:32
2 Bettini Paolo Ita Qst m.t.
3 Clerc Aurélien Sui Pho m.t.
4 McEwen Robbie Aus Dvl m.t.
5 Zabel Erik Ger Tmo m.t.
6 Grillo Paride Ita Pan m.t.
7 Galvez Lopez Isaac Esp Iba m.t.
8 Forster Robert Ger Gst m.t.
9 Moletta Andrea Ita Gst m.t.
10 Cadamuro Simone Ita Dom m.t.
11 Kirsipuu Jaan Est C.a m.t.
12 De Jongh Steven Ned Rab m.t.
13 O'Grady Stuart Aus Cof m.t.
14 White Matthew Aus Cof m.t.
15 Cooke Baden Aus Fdj m.t.
16 Murn Uros Slo Pho m.t.
17 Bileka Volodymyr Ukr Dsc m.t.
18 Dacruz Carlos Fra Fdj m.t.
19 Martias Rony Fra Btl m.t.
20 Pozzato Filippo Ita Qst m.t.
21 Ventoso Alberdi Francisco J. Esp Sdv m.t.
22 Jegou Lilian Fra Fdj m.t.
23 Savoldelli Paolo Ita Dsc m.t.
24 Escobar Roure Sergio Esp Iba m.t.
25 Di Biase Moreno Ita Clm m.t.
26 Vogels Henk Aus Dvl m.t.
27 Ziegler Thomas Ger Gst m.t.
28 Sentjens Roy Bel Rab m.t.
29 Cunego Damiano Ita Lam m.t.
30 Lancaster Brett Aus Pan m.t.
31 Mori Manuele Ita Sdv m.t.
32 Scarponi Michele Ita Lst m.t.
33 Leukemans Bjoern Bel Dvl m.t.
34 Renshaw Mark Aus Fdj m.t.
35 Cruz Antonio Usa Dsc m.t.
36 Schnyder Philippe Sui Clm m.t.
37 Cioni Dario David Ita Liq m.t.
38 Lorenzetto Mirco Ita Dom m.t.
39 Brandt Christophe Bel Dvl m.t.
40 Celestino Mirko Ita Dom m.t.
41 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas m.t.
42 Bernaudeau Giovanni Fra Btl m.t.
43 Tonti Andrea Ita Lam m.t.
44 Sella Emanuele Ita Pan m.t.
45 Garzelli Stefano Ita Liq m.t.
46 Halgand Patrice Fra C.a m.t.
47 Baranowski Dariusz Pol Lst m.t.
48 Renier Franck Fra Btl m.t.
49 Velo Marco Ita Fas m.t.
50 Lombardi Giovanni Ita Csc m.t.
51 Basso Ivan Ita Csc m.t.
52 Barry Michael Can Dsc m.t.
53 Zubeldia Agirre Haimar Esp Eus m.t.
54 Noe' Andrea Ita Liq m.t.
55 Claude Mathieu Fra Btl m.t.
56 Sanchez Gonzalez Samuel Esp Eus m.t.
57 Gates Nick Aus Dvl m.t.
58 Tiralongo Paolo Ita Pan m.t.
59 Vila Errandonea Francisco J Esp Lam m.t.
60 Belli Wladimir Ita Dom m.t.
61 Fothen Markus Ger Gst m.t.
62 Caucchioli Pietro Ita C.a m.t.
63 Stangelj Gorazd Slo Lam m.t.
64 Schaffrath Jan Ger Tmo m.t.
65 Etxebarria Arana Unai Ven Eus m.t.
66 Schnider Daniel Sui Pho m.t.
67 Reynes Mimo Vicente Esp Iba m.t.
68 Petrov Evgeni Rus Lam m.t.
69 Simoni Gilberto Ita Lam m.t.
70 Fofonov Dmitriy Kaz Cof m.t.
71 Di Luca Danilo Ita Liq m.t.
72 Atienza Urendez Daniel Esp Cof m.t.
73 Montgomery Sven Sui Gst m.t.
74 Joachim Benoit Lux Dsc m.t.
75 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Dom m.t.
76 Vanotti Alessandro Ita Dom m.t.
77 Kolobnev Alexandr Rus Rab m.t.
78 Miholjevic Vladimir Cro Liq m.t.
79 Mazzanti Luca Ita Pan m.t.
80 Strauss Marcel Sui Gst m.t.
81 Ordowski Volker Ger Gst m.t.
82 Valjavec Tadej Slo Pho m.t.
83 Garate Juan Manuel Esp Sdv m.t.
84 Monnerais Cyrille Fra Fdj m.t.
85 Le Mevel Christophe Fra C.a m.t.
86 Marichal Thierry Bel Cof m.t.
87 Hruska Jan Cze Lst m.t.
88 Sabaliauskas Marius Ltu Lam m.t.
89 Navas Chica David Esp Iba m.t.
90 Eltink Theo Ned Rab m.t.
91 Werner Christian Ger Tmo m.t.
92 Van Huffel Wim Bel Dvl m.t.
93 Gonzalez Jimenez Aitor Esp Eus m.t.
94 Andrle Rene' Cze Lst m.t.
95 Caruso Giampaolo Ita Lst m.t.
96 Engels Addy Ned Qst m.t.
97 Milesi Marco Ita Liq m.t.
98 Ardila Cano Mauricio Alberto Col Dvl m.t.
99 Lefevre Laurent Fra Btl m.t.
100 Zaugg Oliver Sui Sdv m.t.
101 Bonnaire Olivier Fra Btl m.t.
102 Luttenberger Peter Aut Csc m.t.
103 Casar Sandy Fra Fdj m.t.
104 Wilson Matthew Aus Fdj m.t.
105 Trentin Guido Ita Cof m.t.
106 Laiseka Jaio Roberto Esp Eus m.t.
107 Osa Eizaguirre Unai Esp Iba m.t.
108 Bramati Davide Ita Qst m.t.
109 Codol Massimo Ita Fas m.t.
110 Verdugo Marcotegui Gorka Esp Eus m.t.
111 Niermann Grischa Ger Rab m.t.
112 Szmyd Sylvester Pol Lam m.t.
113 Fornaciari Paolo Ita Lam m.t.
114 Veneberg Thorwald Ned Rab m.t.
115 Sacchi Fabio Ita Fas m.t.
116 Talabardon Yannick Fra C.a m.t.
117 Zampieri Steve Sui Pho m.t.
118 Andriotto Dario Ita Liq m.t.
119 Wilson Trent Aus Clm m.t.
120 Wiggins Bradley Gbr C.a m.t.
121 Tschopp Johann Sui Pho m.t.
122 Gustov Volodymir Ukr Fas m.t.
123 Rast Gregory Sui Pho m.t.
124 Kessler Matthias Ger Tmo m.t.
125 Karpets Vladimir Rus Iba m.t.
126 Ramirez Abeja Javier Esp Lst m.t.
127 Ivanov Ruslan Mda Dom m.t.
128 Beneteau Walter Fra Btl m.t.
129 Schleck Frank Lux Csc m.t.
130 Gutierrez Cataluna Ignacio Esp Pho m.t.
131 Illiano Raffaele Ita Clm m.t.
132 Urweider Sascha Sui Pho m.t.
133 Zanini Stefano Ita Qst m.t.
134 Nardello Daniele Ita Tmo m.t.
135 Nuyens Nick Bel Qst m.t.
136 Anton Hernandez Igor Esp Eus m.t.
137 Moreni Cristian Ita Qst m.t.
138 Bertagnolli Leonardo Ita Cof m.t.
139 Rujano Guillen Jose' Ven Clm m.t.
140 Pozzovivo Domenico Ita Pan m.t.
141 Wegelius Charles Gbr Liq m.t.
142 Kern Christophe Fra Btl m.t.
143 Pinotti Marco Ita Sdv m.t.
144 Bichot Freddy Fra Fdj m.t.
145 Scarselli Leonardo Ita Clm m.t.
146 Blaudzun Michael Den Csc m.t.
147 Peron Andrea Ita Csc m.t.
148 Parra Ivan Col Clm m.t.
149 Garrido Lima Jose' Antonio Esp Qst m.t.
150 Tauler Llull Antonio Esp Iba m.t.
151 Vandborg Brian Den Csc m.t.
152 Padrnos Pavel Cze Dsc m.t.
153 Laverde Jimenez Luis Felipe Col Pan m.t.
154 Perez Cuapio Julio Alberto Mex Pan m.t.
155 Vasseur Cedric Fra Cof m.t.
156 Mccartney Jason Usa Dsc m.t.
157 Rodriguez Oliver Joaquin Esp Sdv m.t.
158 Bellotti Francesco Ita C.a m.t.
159 Gomez Gomez Angel Esp Sdv m.t.
160 Cobo Acebo Juan Jose Esp Sdv m.t.
161 Hoj Frank Den Gst m.t.
162 Carrasco Gamiz Jose Luis Esp Iba m.t.
163 Beloki Dorronsoro Joseba Esp Lst m.t.
164 Christensen Mads Den Qst m.t.
165 Lobato Elvira Ruben Esp Sdv m.t.
166 Horrach Rippoll Joan Esp Iba m.t.
167 Sutherland Rory Aus Rab m.t.
168 Fertonani Marco Ita Dom m.t.
169 Krauss Sven Ger Gst m.t.
170 Rasmussen Michael Den Rab m.t.
171 Dekker Thomas Ned Rab m.t.
172 Korff Andre' Ger Tmo 0:33
173 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fas m.t.
174 Ongarato Alberto Ita Fas m.t.
175 Baumann Eric Ger Tmo 0:41
176 Pollack Olaf Ger Tmo m.t.
177 Vandevelde Christian Usa Csc 0:46
178 Gil Perez Koldo Esp Lst 1:09
179 Zabriskie David Usa Csc 1:39
180 Schmitz Bram Ned Tmo 1:43
181 Baldato Fabio Ita Fas 1:50
182 Muravyev Dmitriy Kaz C.a 9:18
183 Vierhouten Aart Ned Dvl 14:41
184 Hesjedal Ryder Can Dsc m.t.
185 Van Hout Russel Aus Clm m.t.
DNF Danielson Tom Usa Dsc

General Classification after Stage 9

1 Di Luca Danilo Ita Liq 39:22:19
2 Basso Ivan Ita Csc 0:09
3 Savoldelli Paolo Ita Dsc 0:35
4 Cunego Damiano Ita Lam 1:15
5 Cioni Dario David Ita Liq 1:27
6 Garzelli Stefano Ita Liq 1:35
7 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas 1:38
8 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Dom 1:39
9 Fothen Markus Ger Gst 2:10
10 Simoni Gilberto Ita Lam 2:11
11 Karpets Vladimir Rus Iba 2:24
12 Bettini Paolo Ita Qst 2:25
13 Scarponi Michele Ita Lst 2:28
14 Sella Emanuele Ita Pan 3:09
15 Garate Juan Manuel Esp Sdv 3:18
16 Celestino Mirko Ita Dom 3:21
17 Lefevre Laurent Fra Btl 3:24
18 Noe' Andrea Ita Liq 3:37
19 Brandt Christophe Bel Dvl 3:44
20 Gonzalez Jimenez Aitor Esp Eus 3:48
21 Belli Wladimir Ita Dom 3:57
22 Moreni Cristian Ita Qst 3:59
23 Montgomery Sven Sui Gst 4:13
24 Zubeldia Agirre Haimar Esp Eus 4:22
25 Ardila Cano Mauricio Alberto Col Dvl 4:30
26 Petrov Evgeni Rus Lam 4:35
27 Caruso Giampaolo Ita Lst 4:49
28 Kessler Matthias Ger Tmo 4:59
29 Baranowski Dariusz Pol Lst 5:08
30 Laverde Jimenez Luis Felipe Col Pan 5:10
31 Caucchioli Pietro Ita C.a 5:10
32 Kolobnev Alexandr Rus Rab 5:11
33 Atienza Urendez Daniel Esp Cof 5:15
34 Valjavec Tadej Slo Pho 5:38
35 Sanchez Gonzalez Samuel Esp Eus 5:38
36 Mazzanti Luca Ita Pan 5:44
37 Casar Sandy Fra Fdj 5:48
38 Halgand Patrice Fra C.a 5:55
39 Trentin Guido Ita Cof 6:02
40 Rujano Guillen Jose' Ven Clm 6:04
41 Zampieri Steve Sui Pho 6:26
42 Fertonani Marco Ita Dom 6:39
43 Hruska Jan Cze Lst 6:56
44 Tonti Andrea Ita Lam 7:04
45 Eltink Theo Ned Rab 7:06
46 Van Huffel Wim Bel Dvl 7:26
47 Vila Errandonea Francisco J Esp Lam 7:58
48 Horrach Rippoll Joan Esp Iba 8:17
49 Osa Eizaguirre Unai Esp Iba 8:20
50 Tiralongo Paolo Ita Pan 8:29
51 Miholjevic Vladimir Cro Liq 8:35
52 Laiseka Jaio Roberto Esp Eus 8:49
53 Tschopp Johann Sui Pho 9:22
54 Mori Manuele Ita Sdv 9:39
55 Carrasco Gamiz Jose Luis Esp Iba 10:34
56 Bileka Volodymyr Ukr Dsc 10:43
57 Pozzovivo Domenico Ita Pan 11:00
58 Niermann Grischa Ger Rab 11:02
59 Zaugg Oliver Sui Sdv 11:22
60 Le Mevel Christophe Fra C.a 11:29
61 Stangelj Gorazd Slo Lam 13:06
62 Engels Addy Ned Qst 13:23
63 Bertagnolli Leonardo Ita Cof 13:34
64 Pinotti Marco Ita Sdv 13:52
65 Zabel Erik Ger Tmo 13:57
66 Padrnos Pavel Cze Dsc 14:48
67 Luttenberger Peter Aut Csc 16:49
68 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 17:04
69 Schleck Frank Lux Csc 17:21
70 Sacchi Fabio Ita Fas 17:21
71 Werner Christian Ger Tmo 17:44
72 Gil Perez Koldo Esp Lst 18:09
73 Illiano Raffaele Ita Clm 18:25
74 Velo Marco Ita Fas 18:36
75 Szmyd Sylvester Pol Lam 18:50
76 Bellotti Francesco Ita C.a 19:55
77 Strauss Marcel Sui Gst 21:05
78 Barry Michael Can Dsc 21:19
79 Wegelius Charles Gbr Liq 21:31
80 Parra Ivan Col Clm 22:28
81 Blaudzun Michael Den Csc 22:46
82 Verdugo Marcotegui Gorka Esp Eus 22:53
83 Kern Christophe Fra Btl 23:10
84 Pozzato Filippo Ita Qst 24:11
85 Lombardi Giovanni Ita Csc 24:47
86 Lancaster Brett Aus Pan 24:58
87 O'Grady Stuart Aus Cof 25:04
88 Monnerais Cyrille Fra Fdj 25:21
89 Ventoso Alberdi Francisco J. Esp Sdv 25:54
90 Schaffrath Jan Ger Tmo 26:22
91 Ivanov Ruslan Mda Dom 26:25
92 McEwen Robbie Aus Dvl 27:21
93 Ziegler Thomas Ger Gst 27:24
94 Lobato Elvira Ruben Esp Sdv 27:46
95 Lorenzetto Mirco Ita Dom 28:01
96 Fofonov Dmitriy Kaz Cof 28:55
97 Peron Andrea Ita Csc 29:11
98 Anton Hernandez Igor Esp Eus 29:27
99 Cobo Acebo Juan Jose Esp Sdv 29:51
100 Vasseur Cedric Fra Cof 30:10
101 Jegou Lilian Fra Fdj 30:11
102 Vandevelde Christian Usa Csc 30:13
103 Sabaliauskas Marius Ltu Lam 30:26
104 Murn Uros Slo Pho 31:32
105 Ongarato Alberto Ita Fas 31:57
106 Zanini Stefano Ita Qst 32:01
107 Bonnaire Olivier Fra Btl 32:02
108 Moletta Andrea Ita Gst 32:33
109 White Matthew Aus Cof 32:40
110 Dacruz Carlos Fra Fdj 32:52
111 Gustov Volodymir Ukr Fas 33:04
112 Talabardon Yannick Fra C.a 33:07
113 Beneteau Walter Fra Btl 33:35
114 De Jongh Steven Ned Rab 34:02
115 Dekker Thomas Ned Rab 34:10
116 Ramirez Abeja Javier Esp Lst 34:11
117 Reynes Mimo Vicente Esp Iba 34:45
118 Nuyens Nick Bel Qst 35:11
119 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fas 36:07
120 Ordowski Volker Ger Gst 36:08
121 Wiggins Bradley Gbr C.a 36:30
122 Gomez Gomez Angel Esp Sdv 36:46
123 Scarselli Leonardo Ita Clm 37:01
124 Muravyev Dmitriy Kaz C.a 37:20
125 Joachim Benoit Lux Dsc 37:23
126 Rodriguez Oliver Joaquin Esp Sdv 37:37
127 Perez Cuapio Julio Alberto Mex Pan 38:00
128 Navas Chica David Esp Iba 38:13
129 Codol Massimo Ita Fas 38:37
130 Veneberg Thorwald Ned Rab 38:40
131 Tauler Llull Antonio Esp Iba 38:47
132 Rast Gregory Sui Pho 38:58
133 Leukemans Bjoern Bel Dvl 39:05
134 Rasmussen Michael Den Rab 40:05
135 Andriotto Dario Ita Liq 40:34
136 Baldato Fabio Ita Fas 40:37
137 Schmitz Bram Ned Tmo 41:06
138 Escobar Roure Sergio Esp Iba 41:15
139 Nardello Daniele Ita Tmo 41:24
140 Schnider Daniel Sui Pho 42:10
141 Cooke Baden Aus Fdj 42:31
142 Marichal Thierry Bel Cof 42:48
143 Galvez Lopez Isaac Esp Iba 42:48
144 Milesi Marco Ita Liq 43:04
145 Andrle Rene' Cze Lst 43:42
146 Beloki Dorronsoro Joseba Esp Lst 43:42
147 Vanotti Alessandro Ita Dom 43:45
148 Renier Franck Fra Btl 43:52
149 Gates Nick Aus Dvl 43:57
150 Vogels Henk Aus Dvl 44:10
151 Bramati Davide Ita Qst 44:14
152 Zabriskie David Usa Csc 45:17
153 Korff Andre' Ger Tmo 45:32
154 Sutherland Rory Aus Rab 45:46
155 Martias Rony Fra Btl 45:50
156 Forster Robert Ger Gst 46:03
157 Cadamuro Simone Ita Dom 46:14
158 Cruz Antonio Usa Dsc 46:23
159 Bichot Freddy Fra Fdj 48:50
160 Bernaudeau Giovanni Fra Btl 49:13
161 Pollack Olaf Ger Tmo 49:19
162 Gutierrez Cataluna Ignacio Esp Pho 49:22
163 Kirsipuu Jaan Est C.a 49:23
164 Grillo Paride Ita Pan 49:54
165 Renshaw Mark Aus Fdj 50:33
166 Sentjens Roy Bel Rab 51:10
167 Wilson Matthew Aus Fdj 52:29
168 McCartney Jason Usa Dsc 52:40
169 Krauss Sven Ger Gst 52:48
170 Baumann Eric Ger Tmo 52:52
171 Urweider Sascha Sui Pho 53:58
172 Vandborg Brian Den Csc 54:06
173 Hesjedal Ryder Can Dsc 54:16
174 Christensen Mads Den Qst 54:37
175 Etxebarria Arana Unai Ven Eus 54:45
176 Garrido Lima Jose' Antonio Esp Qst 57:42
177 Schnyder Philippe Sui Clm 58:20
178 Wilson Trent Aus Clm 58:48
179 Clerc Aurélien Sui Pho 59:06
180 Fornaciari Paolo Ita Lam 1:01:29
181 Di Biase Moreno Ita Clm 1:02:04
182 Hoj Frank Den Gst 1:03:13
183 Claude Mathieu Fra Btl 1:08:10
184 Vierhouten Aart Ned Dvl 1:08:55
185 Van Hout Russel Aus Clm 1:27:16

Points Classification after Stage 9 (Maglia Ciclamino)

1 Di Luca Danilo Ita Liq 92
2 Mcewen Robbie Aus Dvl 91
3 Bettini Paolo Ita Qst 91
4 Cunego Damiano Ita Lam 62
5 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 59
6 Savoldelli Paolo Ita Dsc 52
7 Celestino Mirko Ita Dom 48
8 Galvez Lopez Isaac Esp Iba 43
9 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas 42
10 Mazzanti Luca Ita Pan 40
11 Basso Ivan Ita Csc 36
12 Garzelli Stefano Ita Liq 35
13 Krauss Sven Ger Gst 33
14 Zabel Erik Ger Tmo 33
15 Zabriskie David Usa Csc 31
16 Cooke Baden Aus Fdj 27
17 O'grady Stuart Aus Cof 26
18 Kirsipuu Jaan Est C.a 26
19 Gil Perez Koldo Esp Lst 25
20 Cioni Dario David Ita Liq 25
21 Ardila Cano Mauricio Alberto Col Dvl 25
22 Ventoso Alberdi Francisco J. Esp Sdv 25
23 Grillo Paride Ita Pan 25
24 Forster Robert Ger Gst 24
25 Bileka Volodymyr Ukr Dsc 21

Mountains Classification after Stage 9 (Maglia Verde)

1 Gil Perez Koldo Esp Lst 21
2 Rujano Guillen Jose' Ven Clm 16
3 Veneberg Thorwald Ned Rab 7
4 Fertonani Marco Ita Dom 6
5 Cioni Dario David Ita Liq 5
6 Ivanov Ruslan Mda Dom 5
7 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fas 5
8 Halgand Patrice Fra C.a 4
9 Zampieri Steve Sui Pho 4
10 Van Huffel Wim Bel Dvl 4
11 Illiano Raffaele Ita Clm 3
12 Cobo Acebo Juan Jose Esp Sdv 3
13 Christensen Mads Den Qst 3
14 Garzelli Stefano Ita Liq 3
15 Moletta Andrea Ita Gst 3
16 Krauss Sven Ger Gst 3
17 Basso Ivan Ita Csc 2
18 Eltink Theo Ned Rab 2
19 Parra Ivan Col Clm 2
20 Scarselli Leonardo Ita Clm 2
21 Rodriguez Oliver Joaquin Esp Sdv 2
22 Di Luca Danilo Ita Liq 1
23 Miholjevic Vladimir Cro Liq 1
24 Muravyev Dmitriy Kaz C.a 1
25 Schmitz Bram Ned Tmo 1

Intergiro Classification after Stage 9 (Maglia Azzurra)

1 Krauss Sven Ger Gst 21:01:01
2 Bettini Paolo Ita Qst 0:46
3 Zanini Stefano Ita Qst 0:50
4 Savoldelli Paolo Ita Dsc 1:24
5 Baranowski Dariusz Pol Lst 1:28
6 Schmitz Bram Ned Tmo 1:33
7 Pinotti Marco Ita Sdv 1:40
8 Gomez Gomez Angel Esp Sdv 1:40
9 Van Hout Russel Aus Clm 1:40
10 Zabriskie David Usa Csc 1:41
11 Basso Ivan Ita Csc 1:41
12 Christensen Mads Den Qst 1:46
13 Strauss Marcel Sui Gst 1:46
14 Vasseur Cedric Fra Cof 1:46
15 Di Biase Moreno Ita Clm 1:48
16 Miholjevic Vladimir Cro Liq 1:52
17 Schnyder Philippe Sui Clm 1:52
18 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 1:52
19 Veneberg Thorwald Ned Rab 1:52
20 Di Luca Danilo Ita Liq 1:54
21 Van Huffel Wim Bel Dvl 1:56
22 Ventoso Alberdi Francisco J. Esp Sdv 1:56
23 Brandt Christophe Bel Dvl 1:56
24 Scarselli Leonardo Ita Clm 1:56
25 Ardila Cano Mauricio Alberto Col Dvl 1:56

Trofeo Fast Team

1 Liquigas - Bianchi 118:06:51
2 Domina Vacanze 2:13
3 Lampre - Caffita 2:31
4 Liberty Seguros - Wurth Team 2:58
5 Discovery Channel - Pro Cycling Team 5:49
6 Ceramica Panaria - Navigare 7:06
7 Davitamon - Lotto 8:13
8 Euskaltel - Euskadi 8:33
9 Illes Balears - Caisse D'epargne 8:48
10 Quickstep - Innergetic 9:28
11 Saunier Duval - Prodir 9:59
12 Rabobank 12:05
13 Gerolsteiner 12:14
14 Credit Agricole 12:38
15 Team CSC 13:09
16 Phonak Hearing System 14:30
17 Cofidis - Le Credit Par Telephone 14:50
18 T-Mobile Team 24:12
19 Fassa Bortolo 27:03
20 Selle Italia - Colombia 32:08
21 Bouygues Telecom 40:15
22 Française Des Jeux 43:40

Trofeo Super Team

1 Liquigas - Bianchi 195
2 Davitamon - Lotto 178
3 Domina Vacanze 130
4 Quickstep - Innergetic 129
5 Fassa Bortolo 118
6 Lampre - Caffita 107
7 Discovery Channel - Pro Cycling Team 101
8 Credit Agricole 97
9 Ceramica Panaria - Navigare 93
10 Gerolsteiner 91
11 T-Mobile Team 87
12 Illes Balears - Caisse D'epargne 77
13 Liberty Seguros - Wurth Team 77
14 Saunier Duval - Prodir 68
15 Française Des Jeux 62
16 Team CSC 57
17 Phonak Hearing System 57
18 Cofidis - Le Credit Par Telephone 55
19 Rabobank 52
20 Bouygues Telecom 40
21 Selle Italia - Colombia 15
22 Euskaltel - Euskadi 4

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