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Tick's Blick 11 May 2005
By Tick
Date: 5/11/2005
Tick's Blick 11 May 2005

Poor Alessandro Pettachi, he hasn't yet won one single Giro stage! These first stages are the sprinter's stages, and what happens? People named Bettini and Di Luca win them! Didn't anyone tell them that Alessandro is supposed to be winning these stages? A sprinter, and not a spring classics specialist! And when a sprinter wins, who is it? McEwen! The "wrong" sprinter!

Poor Alessandro! He really doesn't now how to take this all. It's just not right! This Giro was supposed to be simply a continuation of the crowning of Alexander the Great, the successor of Mario the Lion King. Well, Alessandro came up with the obvious answer: the other sprinters are jealous because he wins so much and are conspiring against him.

That the other sprinters want to win is pretty obvious, isn't it? Otherwise they certainly wouldn't be the world-class athletes that they are. But conspiring against him? As competitive as these fellows are, it is pretty darn hard to believe that they would work together like that.

Poor Alessandro, he ended up sounding like a little six-year old whose kindergarten friends have thrown sand on him in the sand box. "Mommy, mommy, they don't let me win the game all the time any more, it's not fair.." It's called whining, and it's not very attractive.

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