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Pantani - The Future
By Podofdonny
Date: 5/29/2002
Pantani - The Future

Pantani considers starting his own team

The 32 year old Italian, Marco Pantani, the day after leaving the Giro, announced his intention to continue in the sport and to do it with a new team for next season.

"I am going to work to buld a new team with a new patron. The tifosí still believe in me. Cycling has given me everything and I have a debt to this sport," emphasized the climber, whose last remarkable victory goes back to the stage of Courchevel, in the Tour of France of year 2000.

"Il Piratá" is at odds to explain what happened during this edition of the Giro. "I do not understand what was wrong with me in this Giro. I had trained for this race, more than for the others. My tests indicated that all as well and I had good form." he said in his hotel, near Corvara, after abandoning the race.

"Maybe I should also get some pyschological testing. You need your space in this sport and I wasn't in the situation to have that while training," admitted Pantani.

The winner of Giro of the 98, never really seemed to recover from his expulsion from the same race a year later and recognised that the next weeks will be "difficult." "My team is not invited to the Tour of France because I am no longer competitive. On the other hand, due to my absence and poor form, The Mercatone Uno cycle racing team is going to retire from the sport." He added.

At a time when cycling needs sponsers, it is good to know that the man from Cesenático is prepared to try and give something back to the sport that has given him so much.

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