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Jeanson leads Redlands...
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 3/13/2002
Jeanson leads Redlands...
**This release is intended for the internal distribution of the Saturn Cycling Team sponsors. It, therefore, may tend to focus on the Saturn Cycling Team members and/or team sponsors. ** Contact: Giana Roberge at or (262) 549-6801, Ext. 46 ******************************************************************** Jeanson Wins Hill Climb at Redlands Bicycle Classic Saturn Women have three in top five The Redlands Bicycle Classic kicked off in Riverside, California today with a five kilometer hill climb prologue. Held on a technical, uphill course on city streets with a vertical ascent of 397 meters, the course is a good indicator of who is on form and ready to claim the Yellow Leader's Jersey. Topping her time of nearly thirty seconds her course breaking record last year, Genevieve Jeanson set a standard that even the men would have to work hard to beat. Proving she will again be the rider to watch, the defending 2001 Redlands Champion, Jeanson, finished thirty seconds ahead of Saturn's Judith Arndt. Arndt currently leads the UCI Rankings as the number one rider in the world and is certain to give Jeanson a fight for the Leader's Jersey. Saturn's Lyne Bessette was third followed by Petra Rossner in fourth. Tomorrow's Highlands Circuit race will be a fast and challenging race, which compliments the Saturn Team's strength as a tactical and cohesive team. Women's Results: 1. Genevieve Jeanson - Rona - 9:25 2. Judith Arndt - Saturn Cycling Team - 10:06 3. Lyne Bessette - Saturn Cycling Team - 10:18 4. Petra Rossner - Saturn Cycling Team - 10:22 5. Sue Palmer Komar - Talgo - 10:23

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