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Joseba Beloki - looking forward to the Giro
By Podofdonny
Date: 4/9/2005
Joseba Beloki - looking forward to the Giro

Courtesy Liberty Seguros

Joseba Beloki – ready for the Giro and the Tour

Joseba Beloki, after aslow start to the season is looking forward to a fresh start to the 2005 campaign that should see him ride the Tour de Romandie, the Giro d’Italia and his big goal of the season the Tour de France.

After pulling out of the Tyrrhenian-Adriatic a victim of an infection and allergies he is back on track and looking forward to the season with enthusiasm.

Talking on the Liberty Seguros website , Beloki discusses his role in the Giro “to work for Scarponi and also because I believe that it may be good preparation for the Tour, but I’ll have to do well” .However Beloki is aware that he hasn’t “ridden on good form for almost two years” but interestingly thinks that the mental recuperation from his crash has been equal if not harder than the physical one.

How do you feel after the disappointment in the Tyrrhenian-Adriatic?

I feel good now. I have been training as normal for the last fifteen days and with no symptoms of any illness. I have some important work to do from now on, although I am still waiting for the results of the tests that I underwent in Madrid.

Do you feel fully recovered?

Yes. There was a moment when it looked a little bleak, after a year and a half of not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But now, in the run-up to Romandie and the Giro, I am glad that all the bad things happened at the start of the season.

Are you behind in your preparation?

No, I have more than enough time. According to my calculations, there is no problem, because even the year I came in second in the Tour de France, at this time of year I hadn’t even started. It was roundabout now when I started. This time, however, I would like to be on form when I get to Romandie so as not to get overtired, although I will notice the fact that I haven’t ridden on good form for almost two years.

Hasn’t this long, almost blank period left you rather “burned out”?

In all sports what kills you is not just the age, but your head, psychological exhaustion. I can safely say that I am not burned out. The orthopaedic recovery from the fall on the tour has been perfect and I feel like new, looking forward to competition.

For the first time in your career you’re going to the Giro, does that worry you?

No, it doesn’t scare me because I have been in the biggest race four times, the Tour. I’m going to the Giro to work for Scarponi and also because I believe that it may be good preparation for the Tour, but I’ll have to do well.

How do you see Scarponi as a candidate for the maglia rosa?

The biggest handicap to winning this Giro is that you are up against Simoni and Cunego, but Scarponi is on the next step, and he will be there with great enthusiasm because he knows he functions well there.

At what point are you in your training?

I still haven’t started with intense work, I’ve got to do it gradually. I am now working on long passes and I have to do a couple of intense training sessions in the Pyrenees for three or four days to work mountain routes. Next week I will go for the first time and then, before starting the Romandie race. For the moment I have done six-hour training sessions and I’ve felt perfectly okay.

Courtesy Liberty Seguros

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