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96th Milano-Sanremo Live Coverage
By Staff
Date: 3/19/2005
96th Milano-Sanremo Live Coverage

Full startlist available in the "Latest Team News" link at the bottom of the page. Please remember to press the F5 button to refresh the page and get the latest updates from the race.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the 96th edition of one of the World's most ancient and best-known classics, the Milano-Sanremo (Milan-San Remo). Which is also the first one-day event in the history of the UCI Pro Tour, that kicked off less than two weeks ago in France with the Paris-Nice stage race. Riders from all 20 teams with a Pro Tour license, as well as the Acqua & Sapone-Adria Mobil, Team LPR, Naturino-Sapore di Mare, Panaria-Navigare and Valsir-Team Barloword wild-card getters, were at the startline at Via della Chiesa Rossa in Italy's second largest city Milan this morning at 0930 AM. Many of those starters are expected to cross the finishing line at Via Roma, in the Ligurian Riviera dei Fiori (Flower's Riviera) seaside town of Sanremo, between 4 and 5 PM local time, after a journey of 294 kilometres that features the "traditional" difficulties Passo del Turchino, Cipressa and Poggio, as well as the three consecutive Capi (Mele, Cervo and Berta) coming with 45-50 km. to go.

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According to several pundits, the red hot favourite to win this race is also the most recent winner of the event, Spain's Oscar Freire Gˇmez, a man that, besides knowing what to win at Sanremo is about, showed an impressive condition in the past days as he took three stages and the overall at the recent Tirreno-Adriatico. The so-called "Race of the Two Seas" turned into a "Race of the two Sprinters", as it saw also another man climb the podium thrice as stage winner: Alessandro Petacchi added three winning sprints - in the race opener and the last two legs - to his already sensational early season tally, that reached 12 victories. No doubts that "AleJet" can be regarded as Freire's most dangerous rival, even though there's many other top riders that could legitmately aim for the line honors, from Tom Boonen and Mario Cipollini to Erik Zabel, Stuart O'Grady, Danilo Hondo, Allan Davis and - why not? - Alejandro Valverde, winner of the Paris-Nice closing leg, just to name a few.

Neither Robbie McEwen nor George Hincapie will be aiming for the honors instead, as neither the Australian sprinting sensation nor the U.S. winner of the past Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne were at the startline today: 195 riders were (Team LPR's Ivan Fanelli of Italy was the third registered rider who had to skip the event), and the action got started under sunny skies at Milan - whereas the latest reports talk of clouds above the finishing line at Sanremo, in the morning hours at least. The temperature? Some 20░C; sure riders wouldn't complain that much about it!

1100 CET - Regardless of some small breakaway attempts - mainly courtesy of Lampre-Caffitta - the peloton stayed together for the first 33 km. of racing, winding through the flat roads of the Lombard provinces of Milan and Pavia, and covering 42.785 km. in the first sixty minutes.

A rider of America's best-known cycling team in front of Erik Zabel
as the peloton winds through the Pavia area at 10:15 AM.
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Then, as the end of the first hour was nearing, five riders made the first significant move of the race: Jimmy Casper (Fra - Cofidis), I˝aki Isasi Flores (Spa - Euskaltel-Euskadi), Daniele Righi (Ita - Lampre-Caffita); Mauro Santambrogio (Ita - Team LPR) and Filippo Simeoni (Ita - Naturino-Sapore di Mare) attacked and quickly opened a gap of more than six minutes over the bunch by km. 50. When in the town of Casteggio, they were leading the pack by 06'15", with the all-Italian (and all-Neapolitan) duo of Antonio Buccerio (Acqua & Sapone-Adria Mobil) and Antonio Salomone (Barloword-Valsir, the former theology student who chose the bike over priesthood) in between, trailing the leaders by 04'20".

Same place. Same time. Mario Cipollini and his new outfit
in the middle of the pack. Click for larger Image.

1120 CET - The gap increased exponentially, though not unexpectedly, in the following kilometres, with Jimmy Casper, I˝aki Isasi, Daniele Righi, Filippo Simeoni and young Mauro Santambrogio leading Bucciero and Salomone by 05'30" after 55 km., and the bunch no less than 11'15" adrift.

1140 CET - The pace set by the five frontrunners is quite high, at least compared to the one set by the (now) "lazy" peloton: with the average speed hovering at 40.2 kph Casper, Isasi, Righi, Santambrogio and Simeoni have an advantage of 04'52" over Bucciero and Salomone, but no less than 16'15" over the bunch after 62 km. And by the time they hit the city of Tortona in the Alessandria province of Piedmont (some 75 km. into the race) the gap ballooned to 05'40" and 17'40" respectively.

While many of you certainly know a lot about the likes of Casper and Simeoni, the least-known member of the leading quintet is arguably Mauro Santambrogio, a very young (born on the 7th of October, 1984) and talented rider, already at his second season in the pro cycling ranks despite his young age. A season whose start couldn't have been better, as the man from the Como province of Lombardy opened his account as a professional rider a couple weeks ago, when he won the Giro del Lago Maggiore "GP Knorr" ahead of teammate Danilo Napolitano. A brief report and the main results of that race are available in our Young Guns Weekly Review #3, while a picture of Santambrogio (and Napolitano) crossing the line and a couple more photos of the guy can be found in this page. And if that wasn't enough, and you are a statistic-addict, you can find some data and numbers concerning Mauro Santambrogio's 2004 performances here.

1215 CET - As the race hits the hamlet of Pozzolo Formigaro, after 92 km. of racing and with 202 km. to go - but just 50 km. away from the first difficulty of the day, the Passo del Turchino, France's Jimmy Casper, Spain's I˝aki Isasi Flores, and the italian trio of Daniele Righi, Mauro Santambrogio and Filippo Simeoni extended their lead over Bucciero and Salomone to 06'40", while the peloton apparently had enough of losing time to the leaders, and finally started to cut the gap down. Though very slightly for the moment, as the bunch remains a good 16'50" behind the five escapees.

1230 CET - As the five-strong breakaway group reached the town of Basaluzzo (still in the Alessandria province of Piedmont, but close to the Ligurian border) the number of kilometres covered became a three-digit one. And after such 100-km. ride, the Fab Five Casper, Righi, Santambrogio, Simeoni and Isasi brought their lead over the Neapolitan duo Bucciero and Salomone to 09'15", while their advantage over the peloton stays the same: 16 minutes and 50 seconds.

1310 CET - At the following time check (Ovada, km. 118/176k to go) almost at the foot of the Turchino climb, Jimmy Casper, Daniele Righi, Mauro Santambrogio, Filippo Simeoni and Isasi Flores extended their lead to the two Antonios (Bucciero and Salomone) to 10'53", with the peloton 16'08" back.

1330 CET - 135 km/161k to go: Riders just entered Ligurian territory on the Passo del Turchino slopes. At the first feeding zone (Campo Ligure) Jimmy Casper, Daniele Righi, Mauro Santambrogio, Filippo Simeoni and "orange Warrior" I˝aki Isasi were leading Bucciero and Salomone by 13'05", with the peloton a further two minutes behind: after failing to join the leaders, the two Neapolitans are going to be pulled back into the bunch soon.

1340 CET - At the summit of Passo del Turchino (km. 143/151k. to go), 532m above sea level, the five fuggitivi held onto a lead of 13'45" over the bunch, who just brought back Antonio Bucciero and Antonio Salomone. After four hours of racing, the average speed has gone down to 38.534 km/h.

1355 CET - The race entered its second half. Tackling the descent into the Ligurian coastline the peloton, with Freire's, Petacchi's and Allan Davis' teammates obviously driving the chase, cut the gap to Casper, Isasi, Righi, Simeoni and Santambrogio down to a dozen minutes. The leading quintet finally met the sea at Genova Voltri and is currently passing through the seaside resort of Arenzano in the Genoa province.

Lampre's Daniele Righi. The 1976-born Tuscan
is one of the five men in the breakaway
Photo courtesy

1415 CET - The race made its way to the Savona province, and will continue along the Ligurian coast for the next 100 km. before hitting the Cipressa (with the three aforementioned Capi as previous difficulties). At the 169 km. point (Piani di Invrea), with 125k to go, the gap is still hovering at 12'-12'30"

1435 CET - By the time Jimmy Casper, Mauro Santambrogio, Daniele Righi, Inaki Isasi and Filippo Simeoni reached Savona (185 km/109k to go) their advantage slightly increased again: the leading quintet is currently 13'20" clear of the bunch. The Cofidis's Frenchman briefly lost contact in the previous kilometres, but immediately regained the wheels of the four other escapees. The average speed after five hours is 39.233 km/h.

1450 CET - It's Danilo Hondo's Gerolsteiner teammates driving the chase as the race hits the km. 190 mark at Vado Ligure. Efforts from the Waterboys apparently bore fruit as the advantage of Cofidis' Casper, Naturino's Simeoni, Team LPR's Santambrogio, Lampre's Righi and Euskaltel's Flores shrank to 11 minutes and 15 seconds.

1500 CET - The peloton is now very serious about the chase, and their hard-riding attitude had an impact on the gap, down to much less than 10 minutes (actually 08'38") by km. 200.

By the way - It's not about the men only. The roads of Liguria and the finish line at Sanremo's Via Roma were the "crime scene" also of the Primavera Rosa Women's race, third leg of World Cup. The contest was won by Germany's Trixi Worrack who made her winning move in the very last part of the event. Britain's Nicole Cooke won the sprint for second place, while third place finisher Oenone Wood of Australia held onto the lead in the World Cup overall. Luisa Tamanini was Italy's top finisher, but didn't get higher than ninth.

1505 CET - As the race hit the town of Finale Ligure (km. 209 km./85k to go) the gap was down to 05'40". With the Rabo-boys, Fassas and both Hondo's and Allan Davis' teammates chasing hard, the breakaway looks doomed to failure.

1510 CET - Righi, Isasi, Simeoni, Casper and Santambrogio continue to work well together under the cloudy skies of Liguria, with 221 km. already in their legs (178 of which in the break) and 73 to go. But the gap continues to come down.

1515 CET - The five leaders reached the second feed zone at Ceriale (70k to go), their advantage is down to less than five minutes. Slightly misty now, with a few spots of rain on the escapees.

1518 CET - The five leaders traversing the bridge over the Centa river at Albenga. The gap is down to no more than 02'25". Expect the peloton to regroup in a dozen km. or so. Liberty Seguros and Liquigas Bianchi now at the front of the peloton - forcing the pace. The gap falls to two minutes.

1523 CET - The race is getting close to the town of Andora (not to be confused with the Principality of Andorra of Tour of Spain fame), hometown of Acqua & Sapone's talented Mirko Celestino, who's racing on his home roads, and even celebrating his birthday today. And is there a better gift than winning the race? Not an easy task for sure, but he promised he'll have a go on the Poggio descent, if possible.

1525 CET - The race is on the second ascent, Capo Mele the first of the three "Capi". Boys from close to all the sprinter's teams are seen at the front of the peloton. The five escapees head up the coastal road - the sea to their left, the rolling coastal road which will eventually take them to Sanremo - still Liquigas leading the peloton.

It is Magnus Backstedt in the lime green and celeste driving the peloton along for three Liquigas contenders, Cipo, Pellizotti and Di Luca - they have a very strong squad today.

1526 CET - 59k from the line, and Casper (the one struggling the most) Righi (the best climber in the quintet), Santambrogio, Isasi and Simeoni have a slender lead of 01'15". But the bunch is on their heels.

1532 CET - 55k to go, and the chasing peloton can see the five escapees while riding along the seafront. The gap hovers at 01'10" anyway. Two yellow-clad boys from Saunier Duval pick up the pace for the peloton, Freire, looking very comfortable in his ProTour jersey. The escapees looking tired now, no surprise there after their big day out at the front of the race.

1534 CET - The team cars following the five leaders have been stopped. A sign the the gap has gone down to under a minute. 36'' seconds the gap.

1537 CET - Andrea Tafi attacks the bunch! The legendary "Warrior" immediately caught Jimmy Casper, who got dropped as soon as the road started tilting upwards, and is on the way to gain the wheels of the four other escapees. The bunch is just a dozen seconds behind anyway. 50 km to go.

1540 CET - The race comes to Mirko Celestino's Andora (and NOT Andorra) and is on the way to the second "Capo", the Capo Cervo ascent. The peloton are in no mood to let Andrea get away and they pull him back - and now the escapees. So 50 km to go and the race all back together.

Their adventure outside the bunch is over. But kudos to Jimmy Casper, Filippo Simeoni, Inaki Isasi, Mauro Santambrogio and Daniele Righi, capable of staying away for more than 210 km. It is Cofidis now leading the peloton.

1542 CET - While climbing Capo Cervo (gradients from 2.5 to 5%), Jimmy Casper is having a hard time staying in the bunch. The Frenchman is unlikely to finish the race today. Cedric Vasseur for Cofidis is at the front of the peloton as the roads head upwards.

Cofidis' work up front is arguably a sign of the fact that Stuey's legs are good today, and the man is aiming high. And the pace they are setting is causing more than a few riders to struggle to keep up.

Freire and Cipollini side by side, safe in the bunch.

1547 CET - The peloton entered the Imperia province (containing the town of Sanremo). Some 45k to go.

1550 CET - Time to climb the third "Capo", the Capo Berta ascent.

Paolo Bettini acting like a perfect domestique: he's driving his team leader Tom Boonen to the front of the bunch! Still Vasseur forcing a wicked the road is uphill again: it's the Capo Berta!

1551 CET - Another Naturinoman on the attack: it's Valerio Agnoli - one of the youngest riders in the race. He gets a small gap. The climber joked before the start his ambition was to finish.

The 1985-born athlete (actually the youngest gun in the pack) gained up to 100m on the Capo Berta before being reeled in. He got some TV exposure and compliments, anyway.

Mazzanti and the Panaria team forcing the pace now. Four Panarias at the front as the peloton has left the third "Capo" behind and moved into the town of Oneglia. Sella is the third in line for Panaria.

1558 CET - Serguei Ivanov and a dozen more riders got dropped on the Capo Berta. A sign that the distance is taking its toll on the riders' legs. And the orange of Panaria are swamped by Fassa, who come to the front. MARIO CIPOLLINI MOVES UP FRONT! CRASH!!

About 10 riders were involved in the pile-up. Among them are Cristian Moreni and Leif Hoste, as well as Bernhard Eisel, Marco Milesi and T-Mobile's Schleck. The peloton will be split.

Discovery's Hoste and Italy's reigning National Road Champion Moreni were the ones that apparently suffered the worst consequences. Meanwhile, the chase to get back onto the peloton for those held up begins. And among "those held up" apparently is also Alejandro Valverde. 30 km to go.

Rabobank at the head of the peloton.

1605 CET - The "Valverde group," containing some 30 riders, is trailing the main bunch by about 20", as the Cipressa climb is nearing, making things harder for the Spaniard and the other chasers.

1606 CET - Attack by Acqua & Sapone's Simone Masciarelli. The man in red gained a few metres as the Cipressa climb began. Fassa Bortolo countered his move with Kim Kirchen forcing the pace. Kirchen following Ascani, who leads.

Peloton regrouped again on the Cipressa; Petacchi, Pellizotti, Vinokourov and other big names are in the front places.

1610 CET- A new attack! Courtesy of Panariaman Luca Mazzanti. Bettini well placed, while the Valverde group is 40" down. See ya in 2006, Alejandro! Mazzanti's move has been quickly chased down; gruppo compatto again.

Wait, wait. It's not Valverde. Sorry for the mistake: Alejandro Valverde was NOT involved in the pile-up, and still is firmly in the front bunch. Casagrande now attacks.

But the strung out peloton follows the move by the Naturino-Sapore di Mare Tuscan. Casagrande has strung the peloton out and Tiralongo attacks. The two get a small advantage.

Paolo Tiralongo is a Sicilian rider, and got several good results so far this season, while Casagrande is at his third race of the season only. The two have been caught by the bunch anyway, brought back by the Liberty Seguros boys, while Lampre's Commesso and Domina Vacanze's Ludewig got dropped.

Sella attacks! The Panaria boys are really making a race of it! It's their third straight attack, but came at the wrong time, just at the end of the Cipressa ascent, and was immediately nullified. 20km to go, and the Cipressa was covered in a record time of some 09'30".

1617 CET - the descent of the Cipressa as birthday boy Celestino attacks! Just like he did twelve months ago, Mirko makes his move on a descent he perfectly knows. Less than 20k to go.

Two Fassas are up to the task, and don't allow Mirko to gain any advantage, while Paolo Bettini is currently in fifth place. Bettini up near the front, Zabel is also descending well with Boonen just behind. The peloton has left the downhill behind, AND PAOLO BETTINI IS THE NEXT ONE TO ATTACK!

Il Grillo was joined by a Credit Agricole rider, but the peloton is on their heels. The CA man is Kazakh Andrey Kashechkin.

1622 CET - The two men inspire Fassa to start the chase in earnest, so it's two men in the break, and the Fassa-led peloton driving the chase. The peloton down to about 45 riders, 16'' the gap. Mario Cipollini stayed with the best ones on the Cipressa, while FAST FREDDY Rodriguez got dropped.

1626 CET - 15 km to go. Needless to say, Oscar Freire is also in the main bunch - Valverde and Cipo, Hondo, all there. Fast Freddy back in the peloton with all the best ones.

Petito leading for Fassa, but the leading two men now have 26''! Seven Fassa men chasing down!

Bettini and Kashechkin charging for home - the Tuscan knight riding his gold (as the medal he won at Athens) bike is giving Petacchi and his whole team a VERY hard time, as the Poggio is nearing! GAP UP TO 30" - now Rabobank take up the chase.

Just a dozen km. to go, with Bettini and Kashechkin taking turns up front. Quickstep - perfect tactics - Bettini in the lead, Boonen getting towed. Valverde up near the front of the peloton.

1629 CEST - In the meantime, also Salvatore Commeso regained the main bunch that contains, among others, FDJ's spinters Philippe Gilbert and Baden Cooke. 10 km to go, the gap down to 23''.

And just 100m or so to the start of the Poggio! The Poggio has started, while the gap is down to 20" only.

And the peloton is flying! Gap down to 15". 9km to go, and the Italian and the Kazakh (teammates at Quick Step in 2003) held a slender lead of some 100m only. The Fassa train will surely catch the escapees. Spain's Angel Vicioso attacks! He goes straight by the two leaders.

The Catalan is on a solo lead now! Halfway through the Poggio, while Cipo is riding in the middle of the pack. Vicioso mistook a turn and almost hit the tarmac, but managed to stay on his bike. Paolo Tiralongo again! The Sicilian attacked and joined Vicioso. Panaria on the attack again, 7 km to go and the race is back together. But just for while: Vinokourov attacks. And so do Rebellin and Pellizotti.

With Kirchen countering their move at 700m from the top of the climb. Rebellin and Pellizotti putting the pressure on. 6km to go. Pellizotti leads the descent, and more and more skirmishes in the last part of the Poggio, while McGee and Fast Freddy (again) lost contact.

Cipo still there. The race should come back together. There are 6 leaders with about 5 seconds.

4 km to go - and one of the leaders is Celestino, still making the most out of his downhill skills. Also Rebellin, Pellizotti, Kirchen.

Alejandro Valverde is also part of the sextet that put a few seconds into the bunch on the Poggio descent. 3km to go.

1640 CEST - Pellizotti leads the front sextet.

2 km to go - No more downhill riding, It's SANREMO CITY NOW! And the peloton back together.

Brochard attacks! He didn't go far anyway. It's Fassa back at the front. Time for the bunch sprint of some 40 riders - Freire is there, Guido Trenti leading out Boonen ... 400M, 250M ... 100M ... PETACCHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IS THE WINNER!


Danilo Hondo was second and Thor Hushovd third, O'Grady snatched fourth, while Oscar Freire had to settle with fifth place only today. Tom Boonen finished 8th, while Mario Cipollini simply wasn't a factor in the sprint.

Petacchi is now screaming and thanking his teammates, Fabio Sacchi in particular, who gave him a great leadout, as usual. The man has silenced the critics who thought he may not have the legs over 300 kilometres - it is his 12th win of the season.

Though this is also a team victory, as the Fassa were ALWAYS up to the task, when it was all about catching the five escapees, when it was all about chasing down all late moves (Kim Kirchen did a helluva job in this sense) and when it was all about giving Petacchi a great leadout in the final straight.

All you aficionados - has any rider had this many wins as early as Milan-Sanremo?

And bravo Thor! It's great to see him on the podium.

Results - Top 15 places (provisional)

1. Alessandro Petacchi (ITA/Fassa Bortolo) 294 km in 7:11:39 (40,866 km/h)
2. Danilo Hondo (GER) s.t.
3. Thor Hushovd (NOR) s.t.
4. Stuart O'Grady (AUS) s.t.
5. Oscar Freire (SPA) s.t.
6. Philippe Gilbert (BEL) s.t.
7. Ruggero Marzoli (ITA) s.t.
8. Tom Boonen (BEL) s.t.
9. Franco Pellizotti (ITA) s.t.
10. Manuele Mori (ITA) s.t.
11. Vicente Reynes (SPA) s.t.
12. Josu Silloniz (SPA) s.t.
13. Laurent Brochard (FRA) s.t.
14. Erik Zabel (GER) s.t.
15. Allan Davis (AUS) s.t.

Full results to come right here - thanks for joining us today!

Full Results

1 Petacchi Alessandro Fassa Bortolo 7:11'39
2 Hondo Danilo Gerolsteiner m.t.
3 Hushovd Thor Credit Agricole m.t.
4 O'Grady Stuart Cofidis m.t.
5 Freire Gomez Oscar Rabobank m.t.
6 Gilbert Philippe Franšaise Des Jeux m.t.
7 Marzoli Ruggero Acqua&Sapone-Adria Mobil m.t.
8 Boonen Tom Quickstep m.t.
9 Pellizotti Franco Liquigas - Bianchi m.t.
10 Mori Manuele Saunier Duval - Prodir m.t.
11 Reynes Mimo Vicente Illes Balears m.t.
12 Silloniz Aresti Josu Euskaltel - Euskadi m.t.
13 Brochard Laurent Bouygues Telecom m.t.
14 Zabel Erik T-Mobile Team m.t.
15 Davis Allan Liberty Seguros Wurth m.t.
16 Van Bon Leon Davitamon - Lotto m.t.
17 Celestino Mirko Domina Vacanze m.t.
18 Klier Andreas T-Mobile Team m.t.
19 Guidi Fabrizio Phonak Hearing System m.t.
20 Edo Angel Saunier Duval - Prodir m.t.
21 Hammond Roger Discovery Channel m.t.
22 Geslin Anthony Bouygues Telecom m.t.
23 Arvesen Kurt-Asle Team Csc m.t.
24 Wrolich Peter Gerolsteiner m.t.
25 Sella Emanuele Ceramiche Panaria-Nav. m.t.
26 Gusev Vladimir Team Csc m.t.
27 Di Luca Danilo Liquigas - Bianchi m.t.
28 Bennati Daniele Lampre - Caffita m.t.
29 Merckx Axel Davitamon - Lotto m.t.
30 Rebellin Davide Gerolsteiner m.t.
31 Schleck Frank Team Csc m.t.
32 Mazzanti Luca Ceramiche Panaria-Nav. m.t.
33 Valverde Belmonte Alejandro Illes Balears m.t.
34 Vinokourov Alexandre T-Mobile Team m.t.
35 Wesemann Steffen T-Mobile Team m.t.
36 Cipollini Mario Liquigas - Bianchi m.t.
37 Casagrande Francesco Naturino-Sapore Di Mare m.t.
38 Figueras Giuliano Lampre - Caffita m.t.
39 Colombo Gabriele Naturino-Sapore Di Mare m.t.
40 Kirchen Kim Fassa Bortolo 5
41 Dekker Erik Rabobank 6
42 Bettini Paolo Quickstep 7
43 Sacchi Fabio Fassa Bortolo 9
44 Velo Marco Fassa Bortolo m.t.
45 Le Mevel Christophe Credit Agricole m.t.
46 Jalabert Nicolas Phonak Hearing System m.t.
47 Pereiro Sio Oscar Phonak Hearing System m.t.
48 Rodriguez Fred Davitamon - Lotto m.t.
49 Kessler Matthias T-Mobile Team m.t.
50 Kashechkin Andrey Credit Agricole m.t.
51 Caruso Giampaolo Liberty Seguros Wurth m.t.
52 Ballan Alessandro Lampre - Caffita 12
53 Herrero Llorente David Euskaltel - Euskadi 38
54 Horrillo Munoz Pedro Rabobank m.t.
55 Tankink Bram Quickstep m.t.
56 Guesdon FrÚdÚric Franšaise Des Jeux m.t.
57 Tiralongo Paolo Ceramiche Panaria-Nav. m.t.
58 Ventoso Alberdi Francisco J. Saunier Duval - Prodir m.t.
59 Commesso Salvatore Lampre - Caffita 1'05
60 Devolder Stijn Discovery Channel m.t.
61 Tosatto Matteo Fassa Bortolo m.t.
62 Aldag Rolf T-Mobile Team m.t.
63 Vicioso Arcos Angel Liberty Seguros Wurth m.t.
64 Hinault SÚbastien Credit Agricole m.t.
65 Mcgee Bradley Franšaise Des Jeux m.t.
66 Trenti Guido Quickstep m.t.
67 Jaksche Joerg Liberty Seguros Wurth m.t.
68 Lombardi Giovanni Team Csc m.t.
69 Aerts Mario Davitamon - Lotto m.t.
70 Mugerli Matej Liquigas - Bianchi m.t.
71 Den Bakker Maarten Rabobank m.t.
72 Aggiano Elio Team L.P.R. m.t.
73 Voeckler Thomas Bouygues Telecom 4'15
74 Ludewig Joerg Domina Vacanze m.t.
75 Rast GrÚgory Phonak Hearing System m.t.
76 Palumbo Giuseppe Acqua&Sapone-Adria Mobil m.t.
77 Mikhailov Guennadi Discovery Channel m.t.
78 Vansevenant Wim Davitamon - Lotto m.t.
79 Petito Roberto Fassa Bortolo m.t.
80 Baldato Fabio Fassa Bortolo m.t.
81 Hamburger Bo Acqua&Sapone-Adria Mobil m.t.
82 Lopez Garcia David Euskaltel - Euskadi m.t.
83 Boven Jan Rabobank m.t.
84 White Matthew Cofidis m.t.
85 Van Summeren Johan Davitamon - Lotto m.t.
86 Ascani Luca Naturino-Sapore Di Mare m.t.
87 Bodrogi Laszlo Credit Agricole 7'13
88 Wiggins Bradley Credit Agricole m.t.
89 Barry Michael Discovery Channel m.t.
90 Roulston Hayden Discovery Channel m.t.
91 Cooke Baden Franšaise Des Jeux m.t.
92 Bongiorno Guillermo Ruben Ceramiche Panaria-Nav. m.t.
93 Vasseur CÚdric Cofidis m.t.
94 Auger Ludovic Franšaise Des Jeux m.t.
95 Mattan Nico Davitamon - Lotto m.t.
96 Dean Julian Credit Agricole m.t.
97 Iglinskiy Maxim Domina Vacanze m.t.
98 Allegrini Mirko Ceramiche Panaria-Nav. m.t.
99 Wegmann Fabian Gerolsteiner m.t.
100 Cortinovis Alessandro Domina Vacanze m.t.
101 Grabsch Bert Phonak Hearing System m.t.
102 Horrach Rippoll Joan Illes Balears m.t.
103 Fagnini Gian Matteo Naturino-Sapore Di Mare m.t.
104 Renier Franck Bouygues Telecom m.t.
105 Andriotto Dario Liquigas - Bianchi m.t.
106 Carrara Matteo Barloworld - Valsir m.t.
107 Zberg Marcus Gerolsteiner m.t.
108 Landaluze Intxaurraga Inigo Euskaltel - Euskadi m.t.
109 Moletta Andrea Gerolsteiner m.t.
110 Contrini Daniele Team L.P.R. m.t.
111 Golcer Jure Acqua&Sapone-Adria Mobil m.t.
112 Agnoli Valerio Naturino-Sapore Di Mare m.t.
113 Kroon Karsten Rabobank m.t.
114 Haselbacher RenÚ Gerolsteiner m.t.
115 Konyshev Dmitri Team L.P.R. m.t.
116 Clerc AurÚlien Phonak Hearing System 10'28
117 Pinotti Marco Saunier Duval - Prodir m.t.
118 Marinangeli Sergio Naturino-Sapore Di Mare m.t.
119 Breschel Matti Team Csc m.t.
120 Zaballa Gutierrez Constantin Saunier Duval - Prodir m.t.
121 Renshaw Mark Franšaise Des Jeux m.t.
122 Galletti Alessio Naturino-Sapore Di Mare m.t.
123 Bramati Davide Quickstep m.t.
124 Barredo Llamazales Carlos Liberty Seguros Wurth 12'30
125 Casper Jimmy Cofidis m.t.
126 Arrieta Lujambio JosÚ Luis Illes Balears 13'40
127 Pradera Rodriguez Mikel Illes Balears m.t.
128 Galdos Alonso Aitor Ceramiche Panaria-Nav. m.t.
129 Arreitunandia Pedro Barloworld - Valsir m.t.
130 Balducci Gabriele Acqua&Sapone-Adria Mobil m.t.
131 Masciarelli Simone Acqua&Sapone-Adria Mobil m.t.
132 Wauters Marc Rabobank m.t.
133 Scarponi Michele Liberty Seguros Wurth m.t.
134 Quinziato Manuel Saunier Duval - Prodir m.t.
135 Voigt Jens Team Csc m.t.
136 George David Barloworld - Valsir m.t.
137 Bortolami Gianluca Lampre - Caffita m.t.
138 Gerosa Mauro Liquigas - Bianchi m.t.
139 Ravaioli Ivan Saunier Duval - Prodir m.t.
140 Hary Maryan Bouygues Telecom m.t.
141 Matveyev Sergiy Ceramiche Panaria-Nav. m.t.
142 Longo Borghini Paolo Barloworld - Valsir m.t.
143 De Paoli Daniele Team L.P.R. m.t.
144 Hulsmans Kevin Quickstep m.t.
145 Cadamuro Simone Domina Vacanze 18'00
146 Serri Eddy Barloworld - Valsir m.t.
147 Fornaciari Paolo Lampre - Caffita m.t.
148 Bonomi GiosuŔ Lampre - Caffita m.t.
149 Ivanov Serguei T-Mobile Team m.t.
150 Ivanov Ruslan Domina Vacanze m.t.
151 Gobbi Michele Domina Vacanze m.t.
152 Bucciero Antonio Acqua&Sapone-Adria Mobil m.t.
153 Wilson Matthew Franšaise Des Jeux m.t.
154 Khalilov Mikhaylo Team L.P.R. m.t.
155 Bernaudeau Giovanni Bouygues Telecom m.t.
156 Gonzalez Jimenez Aitor Euskaltel - Euskadi m.t.
157 Laiseka Jaio Roberto Euskaltel - Euskadi m.t.
158 Carrasco Gamiz Jose Luis Illes Balears m.t.
159 Isasi Flores Inaki Euskaltel - Euskadi m.t.
160 Erviti Imanol Illes Balears m.t.
161 Inaudi Nicolas Cofidis m.t.
162 Nuyens Nick Quickstep m.t.
163 Pozzovivo Domenico Ceramiche Panaria-Nav. m.t.
164 Koerts Jans Cofidis m.t.
165 Paulinho Sergio Miguel M. Liberty Seguros Wurth m.t.

Mcewen Robbie Davitamon - Lotto
Hincapie George Discovery Channel
Fanelli Ivan Team L.P.R.

L÷wik Gerben Rabobank
Pospyeyev Kyrylo Acqua&Sapone-Adria Mobil
Degano Enrico Barloworld - Valsir
Salomone Antonio Barloworld - Valsir
Tomi Giulio Barloworld - Valsir
Claude Mathieu Bouygues Telecom
Pineau JÚrome Bouygues Telecom
Bertagnolli Leonardo Cofidis
Coyot Arnaud Cofidis
Muravyev Dmitriy Credit Agricole
Hoste Leif Discovery Channel
Padrnos Pavel Discovery Channel
Honchar Serhiy Domina Vacanze
Ongarato Alberto Fassa Bortolo
Eisel Bernhard Franšaise Des Jeux
Lang Sebastian Gerolsteiner
Osa Eizaguirre Unai Illes Balears
Righi Daniele Lampre - Caffita
Kemps Aaron Liberty Seguros Wurth
Backstedt Magnus Liquigas - Bianchi
Milesi Marco Liquigas - Bianchi
Santambrogio Mauro Team L.P.R.
Simeoni Filippo Naturino-Sapore Di Mare
Elmiger Martin Phonak Hearing System
Hunter Robert Phonak Hearing System
Moreni Cristian Quickstep
Tafi Andrea Saunier Duval - Prodir
Peron Andrea Team Csc
Johansen Allan Team Csc
Schreck Stephan T-Mobile Team

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